Tuesday, November 6, 2018


(see clarification at end of post)

The Left hates anyone who supports President Trump. They bully, intimidate, stalk, harass, and physically pummel Trump supporters. And MSM and social media platforms are the worst! They use their public bully pulpits to try and shame Trump supporters and encourage Trump haters.

First of all, I have nothing in common with the Left. I am not a feminist, not a baby killer, not gender-defiant, and not willing to 'boo' God, His word, or Jerusalem. I am not willing to beat anybody for being different than me (for not being 'inclusive,' of course), scream profanities at anyone for having different views, or rampage through the streets destroying other people's property or burning their cars in hissy fits or temper tantrums. That's why I say I have nothing in common with the Left.

Second of all, for their shaming to work, I'd have to care what they think of me, and I don't. They are the biggest reason why I stopped accepting comments on my posts. I have in the past, and while there were some kind, caring and even informative comments, most were vile, filthy, foul-mouthed and even threatening rape and physical violence. Mentally unstable is what these people are, and I don't have the time of day to watch trolls retch their grossness, wipe their mouths and then preen proudly that they've done nothing wrong. And that was back in the days of Obama. Mentally unstable and really deranged is what that behavior is. There is no other way to explain it.

Today is the day to vote in the midterm elections. Vote, if you want to, and vote for whom you want to vote. I look at Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer and that Ocasio-Cortez (whatever her name is) chick, Spartacus, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, and multiple other reprobates and see what these people have done (think Kavanaugh) and what they stand for (see 2nd paragraph above), and I agree with Lindsey Graham -- I hope to God these people never get power.

I read all the time that my vote doesn't count, that these outcomes are pre-determined, and that I'm just a fool for voting. Well, it must matter somehow because both sides pour a lot of money and effort into getting people to vote, which would be weird if it's all just a ruse. Believe what you want on that.

But it's not just defiance against the 'Love Trumps Hate' disconnect that I am voting today for EVERY Republican on my ballot -- it's also for the things President Trump has accomplished, despite TREMENDOUS headwinds, I might add.

I didn't want to vote for Trump in 2016. But when I saw that he had entered the race to become President because of the Iran nuclear deal, and I believed Obama negotiated that deal in bad faith (bad on behalf of the Israelis and probably lied to the American people about aspects of it, you know like if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor), I decided to support Trump. Besides, the fact Comey did NOT charge Hillary for crimes, and thus not hold her accountable, I knew it was up to the American people (at least the ones who cared) to hold her accountable. The best way to do that? Vote for the other guy. And I did. And she lost!!

Awesome! But now what would Trump do?

He has fulfilled MANY of his campaign promises. And he's serious about securing the border. THOUSANDS of men pouring over the border in defiance is an INVASION. They are determined to come, and they are determined we will give them our jobs, our money, our medical services, and in some instances, our women and children. Dems can sugarcoat and poo-poo all they want, but that does not change the fact, 1000s of men are coming. And they've made it plain they don't respect our President. If they are coming with the intent to defy our laws and our President, they are coming to do damage -- at OUR expense. Does America need more lawlessness? Absolutely not!

Honest people do things honestly. Lawless people do things lawlessly.

I am voting for President Trump today because my husband told me to. (Just kidding!) I am voting for President Trump today because I am stuck in some sick alliance with male patriarchy. (Just kidding!) I am voting for President Trump today because I like him. I believe NOTHING fake news CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, and a slew of other has-been 'news' outlets have to say. I don't have any regard for so-called celebrities who keep throwing public tantrums using the 'f' word here and the 'f' word there against President Trump and his supporters, letting Trump supporters know just how 'displeased' and 'put out' they are. So what? I stopped paying to see them in theaters a long time ago. I don't even select them from the cheap Red Box.

My vote in 2016, was in defiance of Hillary. My vote in 2018, is in defiance of all of those yellow-dog journalists and pretentious peacocks. I'm voting in 2018, because I think President Trump is worth it. And I will send him as much help as I can.

Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts GOP Upset


Today's post is a reminder of the contempt that many Leftists have for Trump supporters. Imagine what if these things had been said about Obama supporters.

Rap Sheet: ***639*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

ABC cancels Last Man Standing in retaliation against Trump supporters

Actor Robert Klein attacks Trump supporters after a meal at a steakhouse; screams profanities and insults

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Barack Obama still hates you and he’s not afraid to say it

Barack Obama demonizing Trump and Republican voters coast to coast
(gg: Which is really nothing new.)

Barbra Streisand: ‘Doesn’t matter’ if I offend Trump supporters with my music

‘Big Bang Theory’ Flashes Sick Prayer on Screen for Split Sec., Asks God To Smite Trump Supporters

Bitter Hillary trashes Trump voters, calls them 'backwards'

BOKHARI: Everywhere We Look, Elites Demonize, Delegitimize, and Censor Ordinary People — Elections Are the Way to Fight Back

California Democrat Refers to Middle America as ‘Podunk USA’

Candace Owens: Paris Dennard Faces ‘Public Lynching’ for Supporting Trump

Cheesecake Factory Workers Verbally Abuse Black Man In MAGA Hat

CNN/Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis States That Trump Voters Are “Asses,” Bunch of Idiots

CNN smears Trump supporters as white supremacists

Comedy Writer: “If You Support Trump You Should Have Your Children Taken Away”

Donny Deutsch: Trump Supporters ‘Are Like Nazis’

Emmy Nominee Would Kick Trump, Supporters ‘Off the Planet, Out of the Galaxy’

English Bishop tries to shame Christians who support Trump; says not showing Christian behavior
(gg: Doesn't say ONE word about supporters who have been attacked and beaten.)

Enraged by Trump Bumper Sticker, Massachusetts Woman Rams into Man's Car

Florida professor says Texas deserved death and destruction from Hurricane Harvey for supporting Trump

FBI Employee On Clinton Case: Trump Supporters Are ‘Poor, Uneducated, Lazy POS’

Fresno State professor calls farmers who supporter Trump ‘F-ing Stupid’

Frustrated That They Can't Lay a Glove on Trump, Media Savages Trump Voters

Google Execs Caught On Video Bashing Trump Supporters After 2016 Election, claim supporters motivated by “fear,” “xenophobia,” and “hatred”

Hillary says red states that supported Trump less sophisticated, less diverse

Hillary: Trump ‘Has Been Racist, He’s Been Sexist, He’s Been Islamophobic’— Base ‘Responding’ to ‘Prejudices’

Hillary tells Mumbai that Trump supporters don't want black people getting rights, or women getting jobs

Howard Dean says if you want racists, vote Republican

In ‘Impeachment’ Talk, Washington Establishment Declares War on Trump Voters

It isn’t Trump they hate; they hate us

Jim Carrey calls Trump supporters 'zombies'; says that would want to see Trump eat a baby

Joe Biden: Trump Supporters Are ‘Virulent,’ ‘Dregs of Society’
(gg: Trying really hard to outdo Hillary's 'deplorables' comment.)

Judd Apatow: Trump Is ‘Kidnapping Kids to Excite His Base’

Late-Night Host Seth Meyers Flips Off Trump Supporters, Tells Them to 'Go Away', doesn't want them to watch his show

Leftists send hate emails to Pittsburgh rabbi whose synagogue was attacked by angered anti-Semite (and Democratic activist) for not rejecting visit from President Trump

Liberal Pundit Bill Press: Donald Trump’s Base “Wacko Racist,” “Rednecks”

Liberals to Trump-Supporting Tangier Island ‘We Hope You Drown’

Mariah Carey: "I honestly want every single trump supporter dead. If you support trump I want you 6 feet in the ground."

MSNBC Guest Glaude: I ‘Overestimated White People’ — Didn’t Think They Would Elect ‘Moral Monster’ Trump

MSNBC's Joan Walsh: Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Brown People

Nancy Pelosi: When Republicans Voted For Trump, It Was Like ‘Any Mammal Will Do’

New ‘Star Trek’ Episodes to Make Klingons Into Trump Supporters

NYT columnist Bret Stephens: POTUS Supporters ‘Idiots’ and Bigots, Should ‘Admire’ Elites

NYT ignores over 500 violent attacks on Trump supporters

On House Floor Dem Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Says “Every Racist In America Voted For Donald Trump”…

Punk band lead singer attacks and severely beats Trump-supporting fan during live show

Ralph Peters: Trump Supporters Are ‘Couch Potato Anarchists’

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC): Trump supporters are “ignoble voters"

Rick Wilson: Trump’s Base Wants ‘Anybody Who’s Darker than a Latte Deported’

‘Scandal’ Star Joshua Malina Melts Down: Trump Supporters ‘Homophobic, Antisemitic, Misogynistic, Transphobic’

Schmidt: 40 Precent of Americans Have ‘Surrendered Their Intellectual Sovereignty’ to Trump

Teacher Prays That Only ‘Trumptards’ Were Killed In Las Vegas Terrorist Attack

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University Of Michigan President Insults Trump Supporters In Emails

WaPo reporter thinks Trump supporters too stupid to understand Russia investigation

Zuckerberg Shut Down Trump-Supporting Facebook Employee Group


Clarification: As a long-time reader (Romeo Echo) of this blog pointed out to me this morning, I'm not actually voting for Trump -- I'm voting to support Trump. True. As many have said though, Trump may not be on the ballot, but Trump is on the ballot. Romeo also noted that I failed to mention in paragraph 2 that I also wouldn't put on a pink p***y hat and call myself a nasty woman. I know, right? Thanks to my readers of the many years (now 9) that I've been blogging.