Thursday, November 29, 2018


3% of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA from Ancestor Who Rounded Up Cherokees for ‘Trail of Tears’

8.9% plunge in new home sales unexpected; fears of bursting housing bubble rattle investors

9% "Amusement Tax" now charged to Chicago PlayStation users every time they want to play online leaves players furious

23% of Americans find more meaning in life from money than they do from faith (only 20% claim to find meaning in faith)

34% increase in US suicide rate since 2000

36% of abortions are of black babies although blacks are only 13.4% of the population
(gg: Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton and Cecil Richardson disappointed number not more.)

37.8% in Generation That Starts Turning 21 Next Year Was Born to Unwed Moms

40% of U.S. Births Occur Outside of Marriage

40% Of Americans Consume Fast Food Every Day; Guess Who Eats The Most?

50% Of College Students Afraid To Disagree With Peers, Professors
(gg: It used to be that college was the place for exchange of ideas and debate, now it has become a place where students must walk lockstep or face harassment and persecution for daring to be an independent thinker. How 'progressives' have utterly destroyed our institutes of higher learning has become a disgrace for our nation.)

50% Of All American Workers Make Less Than $30,533 A Year

51% of ICE agents were Hispanic or Latino at the end of fiscal year 2016 (scroll down to image)

60% Odds Of A Recession In 2 Years, according to JPMorgan

60% collapse in world's vertebrate population since 1970

62% Of All U.S. Jobs Do Not Pay Enough To Support A Middle Class Life

70% of Americans believe media is peddling hate and dividing America (scroll down to Media)

83% of seats empty on Clintons' trash Trump tour

84% of Terror Killings in the West caused by radical Muslims

96% of Google Search Results for 'Trump' News Are from Liberal Media Outlets

97.8% of Mass Shootings Since 1950 Occurred in ‘Gun-Free Zones’
(gg: Don't forget -- liberals also made those 'gun-free zones' 'God-free zones.' And they have insured that the killing of children isn't limited just to unborn babies in the womb.)

163% Meat Tax Could Be Coming

2,000% in asylum seekers in the past 10 years

And I've always got to include this face-palming ignorance:

Dem Congressperson (uncertain how person identifies) Denounces Statistics as White Privilege