Tuesday, November 27, 2018


As you can see in the timeline below, incidents and events are happening every 2-3 weeks (or so) involving Russia in some way.

NOV 26: Russia Blocks Passage in Kerch Strait

NOV 26: Ukraine Imposes Martial Law After Clashes With Russian Coastguard

NOV 26: 'The Saker' Fears "Very Real Possibility" Of Ukraine Full-Scale War With Russia

OCT 28: Russia And China Are Apparently Both Under The Impression That War With The United States Is Coming

OCT 27: Russian Diplomat: "Yes, Russia Is Preparing For War, I Can Confirm It"

OCT 19: Russia Has Dramatically Boosted Spending On Its Nuclear Weapons

NOV 16: National Defense Strategy Commission: US Could Lose Wars With Russia, China

OCT 21: Gorbachev Slams Trump’s "Narrow-Minded" Move To Quit INF As A Clear "Mistake"

OCT 20: Trump To Pull U.S. Out Of 1987 Nuclear Weapons Treaty With Russia

OCT 16: Russian Submarines Carry Out Mock Nuclear Strike Against "Enemies"

OCT 10: The Perfect Storm Bringing China And Russia Together

SEPT 11: Russia launches largest military drill since Cold War

AUG 31: Russia to Hold Mediterranean Drills as Syria Tensions Rise

AUG 25: US Accused Russia Of Weaponizing Space Due To "Abnormal Behavior" Of "Mysterious" Satellite

AUG 23: Chinese Troops Join Russia’s Biggest Military Exercise Since the Cold War

AUG 23: Russia And China Are Developing Impressive New Weapons Systems In Preparation For Looming War

AUG 1: Watch Russian Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile Destroy Mock Enemy Vessel

JULY 26: Russia Unveils 20-Ton Sixth Generation Drone Fighter

JULY 18: Russia Reveals New Russian Anti-Satellite Warfare Plane

JULY 10: Satellite Images Reveal Russia Is Preparing For War In Kaliningrad

MAY 23: Russia Releases Footage Of Sub Test Firing Barrage Of 4 Nuclear ICBMs

MAY 12: NORAD Confirms Russian Strategic Bombers Intercepted Off Alaskan Coast