Thursday, November 15, 2018


Rumors of war:


Brink Of War: Troops And Tanks Head To The Gaza Border After Hundreds Of Missiles Rain Down On Israel

Ben Shapiro: Media Will Ignore Rocket Attacks on Israel ‘Until Israel Fights Back’

Caroline Glick: Iran Opens a War Against Israel from Gaza

Winds of War Brewing In Gaza

Jordan Cancels Part of Peace Agreement with Israel

Middle East Braces For Apocalyptic Conflict Between Israel And Hamas As Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman Declares “War Is Inevitable”

Israel Warns It Could Attack Iranian Military Assets In Iraq


Iran Unveils New Domestic-Made Fighter Jet Amid Rising Military Tensions

Iran Preparing Massive Military Exercise To "Demonstrate Ability" To Block Persian Gulf claims Report

Iran increases missile threat to Israel, linking Syria and Iraq

Iranian Ayatollah: ‘We Will Turn Tel Aviv And Haifa To Rubble’

Iran Claims Its Ballistic Missiles Capable of Striking ‘Any Vessel’ from 435 Miles

IRGC Commander Says Netanyahu Will "Flee Into Sea," Should "Practice Swimming"


Rumors of economic turmoil:

11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Slow Down Dramatically

World's Largest Shipper Warns Of Early 2019 Slowdown

Major Markets Are All Flashing Warning Signs

“Red October”: We Just Witnessed The Worst Month For The S andP 500 In 7 Years

Only Twice In History Have Markets Been This Ugly: The 1970s Stagflation And The Global Financial Crisis

Jim Rickards: The United States Is Going Broke

"Things Are Getting Worse": Mall Owners Hand Over The Keys To Lenders Before They Even Default

Global Stocks Plunge Again And A Former Reagan Administration Official Is Warning Of A “40% Crash

Beware Fireworks As Italy's Budget Resubmission Deadline Looms

Russia oil exporters pressuring for crude to be paid for in Euros rather than dollars


Argentina Signs $8.7 Billion Swap Agreement With Beijing To Shore Up Sagging Peso

China's Debt Bomb Is Ready To Explode

Asia Development Bank Warns US-China Trade War Could Trigger 2019 Asia Slowdown

Bank Run In Southwestern Chinese City Could Signal "Impending Financial Crisis"