Thursday, November 1, 2018


One of the curses of Deuteronomy 28, for a nation that has no use for God, is that foreigners will come in, and be given preference.

The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. --Deuteronomy 28:43

9 Times Paul Ryan Put American Workers Last, Foreigners First

51% of Immigrants [Legal and Illegal] Use Welfare Compared to 30% of Citizens

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Announces $33 Million in Scholarships for 1000 Illegal Immigrants

Angel Mom Mendoza: ‘I Blame All Our Politicians’ for ‘Working Tirelessly’ for Illegal Aliens Instead of Americans

Annual cost of detaining illegal alien exceeds average American income

California rewards foreigners coming over the border illegally with drivers licenses, Medicaid, college scholarships, and oodles of other benefits, and are protected from being arrested, detained or deported, and all at California taxpayers' expense

Cardinal Cupich claims ‘It Would Be a Horrible Injustice’ Not to Give Amnesty to DACA Illegal Aliens at Americans’ Expense

Chuck Schumer's shutdown put illegals over Americans

Delta and United Airlines offer free airline tickets to illegal aliens who were separated at the border

Federal government gives $2 billion to businesses that hire aliens over Americans

Federal ‘OPT’ Program Rewards Companies For Hiring 330,000 Foreign College Grads in 2016

Guess Who Pays Medical Bills for Illegal Alien Who Broke Both Legs Climbing Over Wall

IBM Laid Off 20K Older Americans, Sought to Import 37K Foreigners to take US jobs

ICE: 14,000 detained illegal aliens getting free health care at 21 facilities in 10 states

Laid Off American Workers Get Their Day in Court Against Outsourcing Firm Accused of Favoring Foreigners

Larry Elder: ‘Porous Borders Are Allowing Illegal Aliens to Take Jobs’ from Minorities

University of Chicago gives BLM activist and LGBT activist illegal alien full-ride scholarship

We’re a Sovereign Nation not a Halfway House


. . . he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail. --Deuteronomy 28:44

Foreigners affect U.S. culture:

Anchor Baby Population in U.S. Exceeds One Year of American Births

Caravan migrants different, more violent, than previous migrant groups -U.S. military

DACA Amnesty Chain Migration Would Exceed Four Years of U.S. Births

Dearbornistan, Michigan has NO GO zones

Illegal Alien Births of Anchor Babies Cost U.S. Taxpayers $2.4B Every Year

Illegal Aliens are a Domestic Violence Threat

Ingraham: Dems Want Illegal Immigration to Change Demographics, Replace White Conservatives

Minority babies outnumber whites among US infants

More Illegal Aliens Giving Birth to Anchor Babies in Los Angeles than Total U.S. Births in 14 States

More Federal Money for Somali Refugees in Maine

Foreign Nationals Outnumber Americans in High-Paying, White-Collar Silicon Valley Jobs

Record 64.7 Million U.S. Residents Speaking Foreign Language at Home

Linda Sarsour: Muslim immigrants must not “assimilate”

Shock report: US paying more for illegal immigrant births than Trump’s wall

U.S. Admitted More Congolese Refugees Than Syrians in 2016

FLASHBACK NOV 2016: Study claims Illegal Aliens Have Affected The Outcome Of US Elections

FLASHBACK: Which politician said what on immigration?