Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Adam Schiff blames CA wildfires on climate change and Trump

Alyssa Milano Blames Russians For Ohio Loss

Bette Midler blames climate deniers for . . . summer

Chuck Todd Blames Fox News For Press Distrust

Colin Kaepernick blames President Trump for his lack of work

Education Week magazine blames Trump for hate in schools

Hillary Clinton blames Breitbart News for Democrats' 'disadvantage' with media

Hillary Clinton blames Bernie Sanders for her 2016 loss

Hillary Clinton blames the media for her 2016 loss

Hillary blames everybody and everything except herself for her 2016 loss -- here's the complete list
(gg: Except it's never a complete list. Just when you think she can't possibly find anyone else to blame, well . . . she does.)

Jerry Brown blames climate-deniers for California wildfires

Leftists Blame ‘White Women’ for Red State Midterm Losses

NYT blames Speaker Paul Ryan for Democrats’ House Win

NYT’s Columnist Blames Trump for Non-Existent Cholera Outbreak in Puerto Rico

Reuters Editor Blames Trump for Annapolis Newsroom Shooting: ‘Blood on Your Hands’

Stevie Wonder Blames Global Warming for Aretha Franklin’s Cancer

Vogue blames 'unsisterly' white, Conservative women for Democrat losses

Washington Post's obituary blames Charles Krauthammer for Iraq War

White woman Chelsea Handler blames white, Conservative women for voting for Conservative Cuban Cruz instead of white Democrat Beto

Yale Study Blames Global Warming, Not Cell Phones, For Spike In Car Accident Deaths