Friday, November 30, 2018


Obama-Appointed Judge Bars US From Enforcing Trump Asylum Rule

Obama-Trump Transition, cartoon by Ben Garrison

Obama Campaign Hired Fusion GPS in 2012 to Dig up Dirt on Romney and Donors

Obama's 'Experts' and Trump's Instincts

Obama's Wiretaps

Obesity epidemic at new high, costs $150B a year, hurts military recruiting

Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training To 50 Teachers; Forced To Cap At 300 After Huge Response

Old TV Broadcast That Warns Of The End Of Civilization In 2040 Found As The Elite Warn Earth’s Landscape “Set to Undergo Major Transformation”

On CNN — Ohio voters praise Trump: ‘Better than I ever would have dreamed’

On Solid Rock Resources

On the Supreme Court, Democrats finally get their just deserts 31 years later

One thing Megan McCain and the networks forgot to do was to thank President Trump for (scroll down to image)

Oops, NBC News Does It Again

Operation Backfire: The Social Media Edition

Opioids Are Responsible For 20% Of Millennial Deaths, "Crisis Will Impact US For Generations

Oprah's Magazine Promotes 'Shout Your Abortion' Movement

Oregon: large number of dead and dying seabirds wash ashore on Oregon beaches

Orwell Predicted Cameras Would Watch Us in Our Homes; He Never Imagined We’d Gladly Buy and Install Them Ourselves

Otto Warmbier And The Left's Dehumanizing Culture Of Hate

Our Crippling Fear of the Truth - Pat Condell

Out like a light: Researchers ID brain's 'sleep switch'

Outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo now world's second largest ever with 379 confirmed cases and another 47 probable

Own the Libs - Dan Bongino



Yellowstone Steamboat Geyster Ties Record For Eruptions!