Friday, November 2, 2018


Nancy Pelosi: There Will Be ‘Collateral Damage’ to Those Who Disagree with Us

Nancy Pelosi already declaring victory for Dems, liberals in midterm elections

Nancy Pelosi Just Declared Herself The Next Speaker Of The House (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi suggests Democrats should win the House so nobody gets hurt

Nashville abortion clinic closes after 30 years, 73,000 dead babies

Native Americans Now Targeting Statues for Destruction

Natural Gas Sets The Stage For Armed Conflict In The East Mediterranean

NBC News proves yet again why the fake news media is the true ENEMY of the People

NBC's Chuck Todd blames distrust of media on 'conservative echo chamber,' not 'fact'

Nebraska's Medicaid Expansion Is a Dangerous Fraud. Its Advocates Know It

Neil Armstrong Landed on the Moon and Planted an [REDACTED] Flag

Never Trumpers Suffer Yet Another Utter Humiliation

New emails show Hillary-FBI-DOJ coordination

New Jersey High School Suspends Students For Going To Gun Range Outside Of School Hours

New Jersey sees 10th pediatric death from viral outbreak at facility

New Rules for Men

News Media heal thyself

Newt Gingrich Nails Comey

NFL Players Arrested Every 7 Days on Average

Nike Endorses Police Brutality, Torture of Afro-Cubans in Embracing Fidel Castro Fan Colin Kaepernick

Nike: The Social Justice Slave Labor Shoe That Hates America

New shoe from Nike’s Kaepernick Collection

Nike’s ad featuring Colin Kaepernick talking about “sacrificing everything” taken apart with one photo

Nike Commercial: Trump Version - Carpedonktum video

No we’re not scared; we’re loving every minute of this

"Nobody needs to know." Beto busted in Texas by Veritas (scroll down)

North Dakota Democrats Buy Ads Discouraging Hunters From Voting

'Not in Vein' Documentary Says Strong Southern Border is Crucial to End Opioid Crisis

Notion of a political elite is exactly why Trump won

Now we know what Strzok meant in that 'insurance policy' text to Page

NPC meme triggers Twitter; Twitter responds with hammer

NRA: Companies severing ties with us are punishing law-abiding Patriots

NRA Mocks David Hogg For Employing ‘Armed Security’ During Protest At Its Headquarters

NRA Protester Says It’s Wrong to Shoot Home Intruders

NRA Sees A Huge Surge in Membership

NRA to Congressional Gun Controllers: The American People Will Never Give Up Their Guns

NSA Has Been Tracking Bitcoin Users Since 2013, New Snowden Documents Reveal

Number of Arabic Speakers in America Has Nearly Doubled Since 2000

NY Has a Habit of Releasing The Worst Felons From Prison

NY Judge sets strange discrimination precedent; rules Trump supporters can be discriminated against for their political beliefs (language alert)

NYC bans Styrofoam

NYC is America's Dirtiest Metropolis



Largest Steam Boat Eruption for 2018, 25th, Deleted Data Proof, Oct.31, 2018

USGS Updated Caldera Threat; Yellowstone, Wyoming; Valles, New Mexico; and Long Valley, California