Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Watching China in turmoil:

China Crashes As Flood Of Margin Calls Sparks "Liquidity Crisis", Panic Selling

Chinese Car Sales Suffer Record Drop, Set For Historic Collapse

Blain: "Analysts Are Looking At A Cascade Crisis In China"...

Watching Italy in turmoil:

Will Italy Sink Europe? Former Goldman Chair Warns Brussels Bureaucrats, Rome Is Not Athens

In Unprecedented Step, EU Tells Italy To Resubmit Budget As Conte Says No "Plan B"

Watching the dollar in turmoil:

China and Japan dump US treasuries

Russia And China Prepare To Ditch Dollar In Bilateral Trade

Venezuela Ditches US Dollar, Will Use Euros For International Trade

Watching stock markets in turmoil:

The Dow Has Fallen Nearly 1,500 Points From The Peak Of The Market, And Many Believe This “October Panic” Is Just Beginning . . .

Global Banking Stocks Are Crashing Hard – Just Like They Did In 2008

"Drowning In A Sea Of Red": Global Markets Plunge As European Tech Stocks Crash; Chinese Rout Returns

Watching another Great Depression approach:

The Great Depression II

Media Suddenly Warns Of Recession "By The End Of 2020" That Will Be "Worse Than The Great Depression

“When the bubble bursts, America will experience an economic crisis much greater than the 2008 meltdown or the Great Depression”

Here's Why The Next Recession Will Spiral Into A Depression

Hedge Fund CIO: "Some See Parallels Between Today And The Late-1930s, Which Led To World War II"

Peter Schiff Explains "What Happens Next" In 47 Words

Nomi Prins: 4 Pillars Of Debt In Danger Of Collapse

You Can Kick The Can Down The Road, But Reality Will Catch Up With You Eventually

Watching another angry Democrat mob, this time approaching America:

Migrant Declares That Donald Trump Is ‘The Antichrist’ As ‘The Caravan’ Grows To 14,000 People

The Impending Alien Invasion

That weird silence you get from the Democrats on the Honduras caravan

‘Caravan’ Migrant Army Paints Swastika on American Flag, Burns It in the Street

Approaching migrants say America 'owes' them, demand American jobs

Caravan migrant army attacks Mexican cops, loots Mexican stores (multiple links)

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Tell Democrats: Ignore Migrant Caravan