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Peace process:

Jared Kushner goes to Saudi Arabia on an unannounced trip to push the peace process. He left Wednesday the 25th, returned Saturday the 28th. We've seen this before, have we not? Storms, or some sort of trouble, following a day or two later. Interesting timing, no?

Kushner’s Saudi Trip Linked to Israel-Palestine Peace Mission

"Jared has always been driven to try and solve the Israel-Palestinian dispute,' Mr. Barrack told Politico. "The key to solving that dispute is Egypt. And the key to Egypt is Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia."

OCT 29: Massive dust and sand storm hits Saudi Arabia, Middle East, sending hundreds to hospitals

OCT 29: Strong coastal low pressure system hits Eastern United States, unleashing heavy rain and strong winds Sunday night; storm absorbed remnants of Tropical Storm "Philippe," drawing moisture and energy northward and rapidly intensified as it approached the New York coast, downing trees and power lines, leaving 1.1 million without power

OCT 27: Strong cold front in the northern states brought unseasonably cold temperatures into the Plains and Midwest Thursday into Friday, October 27.

OCT 27: Indictments announced in Mueller investigation with public identification on Monday, Oct 30


Over the edge:

Drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama Library

Girl, 8, Heard a Red Demon, Allegedly Bit Toddler’s Face and Killed Him

Halloween: A Warning to Parents

Human Sacrifice? There’s an App For That

John McTernan: Young Americans are turning to the occult

Millennials leaving traditional Christianity for paganism, Wicca

Naked Man Sightings Explode Across Nation

More Naked Men Gone Wild: Nude Knife Murderer, ESPN Star, Burglars, Flashers, and More

Tucker Carlson interviews witch who targets President Trump with binding spells

Why Witches, Occultists And Satanists Celebrate Halloween And Why You Should Not

Monday, October 30, 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017


American Soldiers Died in Niger Because of Obama

BUZZFEED may have accidentally destroyed the Clintons… Trump dossier gambit backfires badly

China launching 'petroyuan' in two months

Dismantling The Deep State: From JFK to HRC

Experts To Monitor Canary Islands After Hundreds Of Earthquakes Recorded

FBI Used Clinton Campaign's Steele Dossier to Get FISA Warrant on Trump Campaign

Gowdy suspicious of FBI's Use of Trump Dossier

Hillary Clinton Lied, Paid For "Trump Dossier"

IRS finally apologizes to conservatives for targeting them, pays $3.5 million settlement

JFK Files being 'carefully released'

Koskinen won't be reappointed!

Leon Panetta: Congress Must Probe DNC Links to Dossier

Madagascar Hospitals On High Alert: "No One Is Safe" From The Black Plague
9 countries now threatened by Madagascar's bubonic plague outbreak

Nolte: Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians to Rig Election Against Trump

Obama Used Hillary’s Dossier to Spy on Trump

Pence to visit Israel, Egypt in December

Qatar's Increased Ties to Iran Threaten U.S. Security

“Russian Dossier” Did Not Begin With GOP it Began With Clinton, The DNC and the FBI

'Smoking gun' email claimed found in Eric Holder DOJ scandal

Tucker Carlson exposes Russia story the rest of MSM missed

Uranium One deal now under House investigation

Venezuela is sitting on edge of default; fails to make $237 million bond coupon payment, unpaid bills up to $587 million just for the month

Washington insider claims President Trump has been asking about Seth Rich's murder

x-FBI Informant In Clinton-Era Russian Bribery Scandal Cleared To Testify

Yellowstone: 4 moderate quakes, something changed

Zimbabwe: Parents of children at Baptist school claim Satanism behind mysterious disease causing children's legs to swell, anguish and falling into a trance

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Since today is Hillary Clinton's birthday, and Patriot Retort posted HRC's 'Happy Birthday to me' tweet from last year, and I have been bookmarking some of these doozies, I thought why not make a post.

Hillary Clinton:

Hillary tweets that haven't aged well
(How about 'Happy Birthday to this future President felon')

And this ouch!:

Hillary Clinton Explains The Way To Stop Terrorism Is To "Understand" Other Cultures & Their Food
(She's not hinting Ambassador Stevens should have eaten more couscous and Bazin, is she?)

The Obamas:

Michelle Obama insults women for not voting for Hillary in 2016
(Except for 2008, of course.)

Nancy Pelosi tweets her disgust with the economic policies of 'Bush 44'
('Obama 44' not sure how to take that.)

Money and politics:

Jon Ossoff spends $40 million on lost election in Georgia, then complains about money in politics
(One almost feels sorry for him; after all, only $9 million was spent for the Trump dossier.)

War on hurricane survivors:

In Florida, you can’t use your own solar panels after a hurricane

Within hours after Irma left Florida, county agents already writing citations and warnings for debris-damaged yards that had not been cleaned up


War on homeless:

California Department of Transportation builds wall in San Jose to prevent homeless people from returning to their campsite
(Wait, what?)

War on free speech:

200 ACLU staffers sign open letter condemning free speech
(I have no words.)

War on history:

Harvard tweets US created with Treaty of Paris in 1783
(Which, of course, is news to Benjamin Franklin.)

War on common sense:

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize goes to . . . Black Lives Matter (no, seriously)
(Something started really going wrong with that organization somewhere back around 2009.)

War on men:

Australian feminist/author asks publicly: Have you killed any men today? If not, why not?
(Ummm . . . because it's wrong?)

Transgender activist smears straight men as bigots if not attracted to transgendered women
(Uhhh . . . because it's gross!)

War on the Trumps:

Kathy Griffin holds up severed head of Donald Trump then weeps that he's trying to ruin her life
(Sorry, I don't see it.)

Children's author mocks Barron Trump's pain at seeing Kathy Griffin holding his dad's severed head
(Yes, children's author.)

Newsweek Writer Decries the Trump Women's 'Come Hither' High Heels
(Had we elected Hillary, this wouldn't have been an issue. Ever.
Come to think it, it wasn't an issue for Michelle O. either. )

War on babies:

Alyssa Milano angered that illegal immigrant woman unable to attain abortion, calls it 'war on women and children'
(Honey, abortion IS war on children. They are slaughtered and dismembered for no other reason than an agenda.)

Nancy Pelosi claims GOP 'dishonor God' with their healthcare bill
Nancy Pelosi claims Trump dishonors 'grandchildren' with pullout of Paris climate agreement
(I almost hate to point this out, but . . . the biggest supporter of abortion in Congress needs to learn that abortion dishonors God AND kills grandchildren. You need to be quiet. And repent. Both of you.)

Planned Parenthood tweets that they want children 'raised without the fear of violence'
(Dear God, please utterly destroy this murderous abomination off the face of the earth!)


Mother Stabs Her Newborn to Death Because She Thought a Baby Would “Harm” Her Career
(And murder wouldn't? What kind of job does she have?)

And last, but not least, Harvey Weinstein:

Added bonus -- they call out Hillary and Michelle O, too!

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H/T to Steve Coerper for sending this awesome '40 Something' link as an update to yesterday's post:

289 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign

I have been marking a few other links about good news on the pro-life front. This seems as good a time as any to post.

Ben Shapiro destroys case for abortion after rape

Clarence Thomas Tears Apart SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Eric Metaxas debunks PP's abortion-less rebranding

Half of All New Mexico Planned Parenthood Clinics to Close

Harvard legal journal just shattered arguments for legal abortion

I aborted 1200 babies. Then my 6-year-old daughter was hit, and killed.

Late-term abortion clinic to close in Maryland

March for Life awesome time-lapse video shows massive crowd

March for Life chief on Trump’s support: ‘We have never seen anything like this’

March for Life: Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway speeches

Mike Pence First Vice President to Address March for Life
(Whereas Joe Biden first VP to marry two men)

New Technology Could Let Women Terminate Pregnancy Without Killing the Baby

One Charge in Houston dismissed against pro-life investigator David Daleiden

Pro-life counselors have come away with a major victory in their effort to save the lives of unborn babies in Pennsylvania's capital

Texas permanently bans taxpayer funding of abortion

Trump appoints pro-life leader to top Health and Human Services spot

Trump didn’t just re-enact old ban on funding International Planned Parenthood – It’s now much stronger

Trump Signs Resolution Overturning Obama Planned Parenthood State Funding Mandate

Trump WH expands pro-life policy

I have never used this blog for activism, but wouldn't it be nice if President Trump got a million thank-you notes for his pro-life policies?


Perhaps on your birthday would be a good day to send such a note?

And this:

Adopted Girl to Nancy Pelosi: 'Abortion Is Not the Answer for Unplanned Pregnancy'

I agree. 35 years ago, I was asked to abort my baby. I was unmarried, unwanted, abandoned and seemed the unlikeliest of all teens to be a mother, but, nevertheless, I chose life. You know how God blessed my decision? He brought a man into my life who has loved me and cared for me and cared for my son as though he were his own. I have two children who love me and are really good to me -- I will not die alone and lonely. I know right there that I have much more than some have. I am loved by two wonderful grandchildren who love their 'Mimi'! I love their hugs! I love their homemade cards! I love their faces! And I have peace within because my heart is whole. I can assure you that had I caved and gotten an abortion, at some point I would have killed myself because I would not have been able to live with the guilt.

So I have to say my testimony from my own personal experience is that I have no regrets that I chose life! Because life has been returned to me in abundance.

And this:

Adopted man thanks his mother for not aborting him in emotional video

My own son once thanked me for choosing life . . . before an entire synagogue. How humbling that is!

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. --John 10:10

Choose life! that you may have it more abundantly!

Friday, October 20, 2017

10/20 - NEWS UPDATES (link fixed)

'American Pravda' part 3

Bubonic plague outbreak in Madagascar has the rich panicking as the disease hits the cities, a billion travel by air each year in and out off the island; it's always fatal if left untreated; initial patient traveled by cab into big city unaware that he was sick with plague

China Launches Yuan-Ruble Payment System

DHS Warns ISIS, Al Qaeda Are Planning '9/11-Style' Attack

ESO's unprecedented space discovery: Merging neutron stars scatter gold and platinum into space

FBI hid evidence of Russian bribery plot as US uranium signed over to Russia

Globalism: The existential enemy of sovereignty, security and prosperity

Here’s How Trump Has Silently Gutted Obama’s Legacy (linked fixed)

Iran Blasts Trump's "Rants And Whoppers", Says Will "Shred" Deal If US Pulls Out

Judgment by Fire: Peace talks first, then embassy move

Kelly slaps down a Democrat smear-monger

Las Vegas shooting: an in-depth analysis

Market Collapse is Looming, Recession is approaching as liquidity is leaving

NFL is becoming the piggy bank for every leftist cause in America

Obamacare Insurance Subsidies Trump Cancelled Were Outright Illegal; they Should Never Have Existed

Patriot Retort: Unintended consequence of the Weinstein Scandal

Quake at Lincoln, Montana

Russia Goes All In On Arctic Oil Development

Senate Launches Probe Into Russian Nuclear Bribery Case That Netted Clintons Millions

Trump didn't create danger of Presidential dictatorship, he inherited it

Uranium deal story is the BIGGEST treasonous and corruption scandal in the ENTIRE American history and the deafening silence from the deepstate leftwing MSM is PROOF

Vulture Investors Swarm To Houston As Flooded Homes Sell For 40 Cents On The Dollar

W, after eight years of scornful treatment from the Obamas, comes out swinging at Trump
(gg note: Isn't this odd timing considering the Uranium One deal came out in the news as well?)

x-Obama lackey grilled by Tucker Carlson over Uranium One story, 'This is your Russia story'

Yes, Weinstein Accusers Are Brave -- So Were Jones, Willey and Broaddrick

Zuckerberg's influence for Hillary in the 2016 election

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The horrific wildfires in California are finally being contained. An arrest has been made.

ICE Issues Detainer Request For Man Arrested For California Wine Country Fires

Since the accused is an illegal, and considering California just made themselves a 'sanctuary' state, which means illegals (even ones accused of crimes) can hide from Federal authorities in California, I would say the chances are good he will never even go to trial.

Jerry Brown, De León Reach Deal to Make California ‘Sanctuary State’

The death toll from these wildfires is now the worst.

"Nothing More Than Ash And Bone" - NorCal Wildfires Now Deadliest In State's History

Hmmm, Brown's sister, eh?

Jerry Brown and the California wildfires

Here are some other California troubles:

Kamala Harris: 1 in 2 children in California depend on Medicaid

Nearly a dozen Calif. counties had more registered voters than eligible voters in 2016 election

California's sick and dying animals:

OCT 4: More than 2,000 leopard sharks and other species found dead in San Francisco Bay area

JUNE 3: Hundreds of dead sea birds and sea lions wash up dead on beaches in California

JAN 31: Thousands of birds found dead from Avian Cholara in Sacramento


California Renter Apocalypse

Number of homeless people increases in Los Angeles

More than one third of schoolchildren are homeless in shadow of Silicon Valley

North Beach tenant’s rent increased from $1,800 to $8,000 a month

San Francisco Home Prices: "This Is Troubling"

San Francisco Rental Market Shows Signs Of Cracking Under Pressure Of Excess Supply

Minimum wage law:

California’s $15 Minimum Wage Ends Apparel Industry Revival

Minimum wage madness is killing off California's restaurants

UC Berkeley forced to cut 500 jobs after $15 minimum wage hike

The Dire Consequences of California’s $15 Minimum Wage

California cities beg for minimum wage hike waivers


San Diego's Deadly Hepatitis A Outbreak Turns "Statewide Epidemic" As "Outbreak Could Last Years"

Heroin use fuels surge of ER visits among millenials

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance Now Offering Mindfulness

“Christian” Homosexual Singer Vicky Beeching Thanks Contemplative Spirituality For Helping Her “Come Out”

Hillary Clinton's pastor ties her election loss to Jesus' crucifixion

Liberty Counsel warns Northland Community Church in Orlando is hosting heresy

New Report Says Islam Will Surpass Christianity And Become The Largest Religion In The World

Notorious abortionist says he’s doing ‘God’s work'

The Cowardly Defense of Sin: Jen Hatmaker's Rejection of the Bible

The Assemblies of God and Israel

When the church celebrates sex-change surgery

Yoga: How did it conquer the world and what's changed?

After Yoga, Meditation Breaks Into the Mainstream

The Shack:

SHACK THEOLOGY: Universalism, TBN, Oprah, and the New Age

Artist ‘Deeply Regrets’ Designing ‘Shack’ Cover, Says A Loving God Must “Judge”

“The Shack” and a Cat Named Judas

Fourth Letter to Christian Leaders Goes Out – A Warning About “The Shack”

The Shack’s Author William Paul Young on Substitutionary Atonement

Santa Muerte:

And a long time reader of this blog (thx, RT!) let me know about a cult phenomena that has been growing in popularity among Mexicans and that is Santa Muerte, or Holy Dead, which (basically) involves dressing up a skeleton in female clothes as a means to give reverence to the dead.

Santa Muerte at Wikipedia.

Dan Brown:

Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, has a new book out, Origin, with an edgy new thought -- that our origins are in evolution.

Oh, wait. You know what? We . . . we actually have heard that before.

And you know how most books have a disclaimer in fine print somewhere in the beginning (origin?) along the lines that any person named in the book is just a coincidence to any living (or dead) person? Well, apparently not this time. And Brown went there.

Author Dan Brown Gets Smacked Down by Physicist He Referenced in Novel

And the printing ink isn't even dry yet!

Jason A covers Brown's latest book, and what great timing for this week's posts about apostasy, heresy, and strange teachings.

Friday, October 13, 2017


It's been a long time since I've done a post that explores a current event and its connections with mythology, but since American Satan is opening in theaters tonight, and it is loaded with all sorts of mythological and Biblical references, I thought I would go there.

This movie, ostensibly, is about a young half-American, half-British rock band named 'The Relentless' that moves to LA to make it big in the music industry. They struggle until they meet an 'enigmatic stranger,' a Mr. Capricorn, who then makes their dream a reality.

If the trailer is any indication, then this movie is nothing more than an attempt to make Baal worship look cool.

Hey, if you are going to Hell, you might as well wear black and jack up the amps, right?

Somewhere where it's really hot, I suspect there is an ancient Jezebel who is wishing she had never heard of Baal.

The leader of 'The Relentless' is named Johnny Faust, and the actor is Andy Biersack. Biersack is actually the frontman for the Kiss-knock off heavy metal/Goth band Black Veil Brides.

Black Veil Brides has a song and video titled Fallen Angels, in which the members of the band fall to earth in a meteor storm and then emerge from craters as fallen angels. I first watched this video back in 2011, bookmarked it and let it be.

Until now.

The lyrics are unimaginative but BVB managed to make a 'song' out of them anyway. Perhaps, in the long run, it's the visuals and the background to the song that are more important - they say more than the lyrics do.

More on that in a little bit.

First, let's look at some of the names in this movie.


Faust: Biersack plays Johnny Faust.

Wikipedia's entry on Faust claims that Johann Faust (Johann = John = Johnny thus Johnny Faust) lived from c. 1480 - 1540. He was a man who made a deal with the Devil to obtain worldly pleasures in exchange for his soul.

Hence the expression 'to make a Faustian bargain.'

In the movie trailer, it appears that Johnny Faust does just that.

Denise Richards, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen (who is his own kind of American Satan), plays Biersack's mother, Kat Faust.

Kat can be short for Katherine, a name that can mean 'pure.'

But Kat can also be based on an older Greek name, the name 'Hecate,' who was the goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, tombs, demons and the underworld.

Looking at the other names in this movie as a whole, I think Hecate is the better bet.

Elias: Mark Boone Junior (Sons of Anarchy, and a corrupt police officer in Batman Begins) plays the role simply known as Elias.

Elias is another name for the prophet Elijah.

Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18, during the time of Jezebel. And many believe Elijah will be one of the two witnesses that John describes in Revelation who stands up to the Antichrist.

Cassandra: Tori Black is a hardcore porn actress 'in real life.'

In Greek mythology Cassandra was cursed by Apollo because she refused to sleep with him. Ironic, because it is apparent from the list of movies for Tori Black, there is NO ONE she would refuse to sleep with.

Moving on.

Cassandra was cursed to tell true prophecies but, alas, no one would believe her.

Lily: The American Satan website indicates Lily is part of the band and has the last name 'Mayflower." The name 'Lily' can come from a flower, and perhaps the movie is trying to suggest that with her last name. But 'Lily' is also a variant of 'Lilith,' the name of an ancient night demon.

Interestingly, Lilith is a 'pretty witch' that appears to Johann Faust when he makes his bargain with the Devil. She appears in Goethe's 1808 Faust: The First Part of the Tragedy. She tells Faust that she's been around since the time of 'apples in the Garden.'

Great! Lily is Satan in drag.

(I know, I know, a lot of people out there think that Lilith was actually Adam's 'first' wife, and the Bible forgot to tell us about her. Whatever.)

Gabriel: He is a character that, according to the American Satan website, is an 'ominous messenger' who shows up from time to time to speak to Johnny Faust.

In the Bible, he wasn't ominous. Gabriel told the priest Zacharias that his long-barren wife Elizabeth would soon become pregnant with a son. That son would be John the Baptist and he would walk in the 'spirit and power of Elijah.' Six months later, Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she would soon be pregnant with Jesus and that her cousin Elizabeth was six months pregnant with a son. And Gabriel helped the prophet Daniel to understand visions.

Damien: Drake Bell plays the role of Damien, a name well known as the name of the Antichrist.

It was the 1976 movie The Omen that gave us the name 'Damien' for the Antichrist. Gregory Peck plays an American ambassador to Britain who accepts a different child offered by the hospital's chaplain when his own son was born stillborn to his wife. Through a series of strange events, Peck comes to realize the boy is not what he seems, and though he never seems to quite accept that the boy is the Antichrist spoken of in the Bible, he does believe the boy is some spawn of Satan. Peck is killed by police while he is trying to kill Damien, and the movie closes with a scene from his funeral -- Damien is holding the hand of the President of the United States, and he turns and smiles at the camera as the ending scene implies he will now be in the White House.

That would make him an 'American Satan.'

'Damien' is the French spelling of an older Greek name 'Damon,' a name that means 'to tame.'

Wikipedia notes that while 'Damon' sounds like 'demon,' the two are not etymologically related.

(In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein debacle, Matt Damon would be relieved to know this.)

Damien is also the name of Father Karras, the Jesuit priest/psychologist who exorcises the demon Pazuzu out of Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) in The Exorcist, then kills himself.

BTW, Biersack lists The Exorcist as one of his top favorite horror movies.

Mr. Capricorn: Malcolm McDowell gets to play the Horned Goat god.

Less you doubt the connection, there are several images of Baphomet, the both male and female, or transgendered, demon that has been worshiped since the most ancient of times, in the trailer.

But forget ancient, he's never gone away. Satanic groups are often trying to put up stone images of 'it' on various state capitol grounds, including Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Capricorn is one of the constellations. He is shown as a part goat, part fish creature. Greek mythologies claim Capricorn is actually Pan, who jumped into a river to escape during a battle with the ancient creature Typhon.

Pan is often shown as somewhat man-like, but with legs like a goat and hooves instead of feet and with a face that is both man and goat.

He has long been associated with music and forests and wild orgies and bestiality.

The chaos that can ensue from a Pan get together is where we get our words 'panic' and 'pandemonium.' It is said that he somehow 'scared' the Persian armies at the ancient Battle of Marathon, which is why they fled in 'panic.'

Greek mythology notes that Hermes was the father of Pan, others say Apollo was. However, some scholars are uncertain as to whether Hermes and Apollo were brothers or one and the same. One thing's for sure, where you see one, you often see the other.

It is never clear who Pan's mother was although many agree she was probably a 'wood nymph,' which is a quaint way of saying 'a young maiden in the woods.' Since we know from Genesis 6 that fallen angels 'took' women that they wanted, the 'wood nymph' was probably an unfortunate young woman unable to escape a horrible fate by being 'taken' while in the woods one day.

The worship of Pan is believed to have begun in Arkadia, a place of heavy woods. He was one of the few gods who did not have temples (only two are known to have been associated with him). Instead, he was worshipped in wood settings, or, more often, in caves.

Hence, some of our legends about fairies and caves.

Pan has long been associated with the Celtic Cernunnos. The Hindus associated Pan with their Pashupati. But don't let this fool you into thinking this is the name of a 'god' for it isn't really. It is a word that means 'lord of the animals,' and it is one of their epithets for Shiva.

Yes, the same Shiva that sits outside of CERN.

No, not that Shiva. This Shiva:

THIS Shiva is the Hindu form of Pan.

If you study the two long enough (and I don't mean for years), you see it.

Pan has long held a beloved place in the hearts of our children, courtesy of Disney, when Disney turned the story of Peter Pan into one of their animated movies. If you study Pan and Peter Pan long enough, you see it there, too. And I mean in the original book form, not Disney's retelling.

Oh, did I mention fairies? Anyone hear of Tinker Bell?

In case you need one more connection, the constellation of Capricorn (Pan) is associated with pirate ships. Yep, Captain Hook. Constellation of Words explains if you want to read more.

Pan worship continues today, most notably with Wiccans. He is their Horned God of the forest. New Ager Robert Crombie claims he has met Pan on several occasions.

Now Andy Biersack, as Johnny Faust, can claim the same thing.

To clear up any doubt, the trailer, unfortunately, gives a glimpse of a 'Pan party.'


As noted earlier, Biersack is the front man for Black Veil Brides.

To be a 'black veil bride' is a Catholic thing where a women gives up her life to devote herself to God. The band members felt they were doing something similar by giving up their lives to devote themselves to music. Or something.

From wikipedia:

Fallen Angels" is the third single by the American rock band, Black Veil Brides, and the first single from their second album Set the World on Fire. The song is inspired by the biblical story told in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12, in which Satan and one-third of God's angels rebelled against God, starting a war in Heaven and were therefore cast out of Heaven to the earth, becoming "fallen angels." The story was introduced to Andy Biersack and the Black Veil Brides by their band artist Richard Villa.

Biersack speaking of Villa:

He's very much into biblical stories and he found the whole story of the fallen angels who were the ultimate outcasts. They weren't sent to hell, but they weren't allowed in heaven. They had nowhere to go. They weren't human, either, so they had this lonely existence. They wound up banding together and creating their own gang of sorts. We really liked that and wound up writing a song very much based on how we could equate that to our lives.

So now we know BVB is all about 'outcast' worship, starting with the fallen angels.

The video depicts the five members of Black Veil Brides falling from outer space and crashing to the earth on comets. Amidst the smoke, they emerge from craters as the fallen angels and begin performing their song. Other meteorites crash into earth, and other 'angels' appear in the ruins, and a crowd gathers around them and, well, now it is party time.

American Satan features a heavy metal singer who became famous singing about the Revelation 12 sign, the part where the dragon's tail sweeps a third of the angels to the ground in a comet shower. Now, that singer will debut in a movie on Friday the 13th, which happens to be the last day of the Revelation 12 sign, about a man who makes a Faustian deal with the god of this world, the Devil, Satan, to make it big in this world.

I am willing to bet that Biersack thought it would be 'cool' to have his movie released on Friday the 13th, and in October, no less! What 'cool' timing!

But did Biersack realize that his movie would be released on the last day of the Revelation 12 sign, on the day that Jupiter finally exits Virgo, and the dragon, Satan, is waiting to be cast to the earth?

You would think he would know this since he has a song about the event, but who knows. Did he look that far down the road when the release date of American Satan was being considered and said, 'Hey, Friday the 13th in October is great, but that date is even better because it's the last day of the Revelation sign, and hey man, we jammed about that in Fallen Angels'?

Your guess is as good as mine.

It may be rather late in this post to bring up this point, but hey, I've had a lot of ground to cover, and I actually took a big chunk out to keep this post from going into overtime, but the title 'American Satan' does not (ostensibly) refer to Andy Biersack.  Rather, in the trailer, the name actually refers to the title of the album The Relentless band members create.

Look at events on these past few Sabbaths:

Sept 22-23: Revelation 12 sign
Sept 24: Suddenly NFL players are kneeling, not in solidarity with Colin Kapaernick and his anti-cop statement, but in defiance to Donald Trump's statement that the players should be standing and respecting the American flag. Many note the difference in how Tim Tebow was treated when kneeling in prayer and Colin Kapaernick was treated in kneeling.

Sept 29-30: Yom Kippur
Oct 1: Massacre at Jason Aldean concert in Vegas.  Curiously, Aldean has his own 'Relentless' song and album of the same name.  The Las Vegas massacre has become the worst mass shooting in American history with 58 dead and nearly 500 injured.

Oct 6-7: Draconid meteor shower
Oct 8: There was no dramatic meteor storm with the Draconids, but wildfires broke out all across northern California, but especially around California's San Francisco Bay area. BP Earth Watch notes that fireballs were reported before the outbreak of fires, although no government officially has stated that fireballs caused these tremendous wildfires. These fires are among the worst in California history.

Oct 13: American Satan debuts, featuring the front man who became famous, at least among the heavy metal/Goth culture, for singing about Revelation 12 sign.

I am not saying American Satan is fulfillment of anything. What I am saying is interesting timing, no? -- that this movie debuts on the last day of the Revelation 12 sign of September 23, and the heavy metal singer who sang about it is in a movie that has the title American Satan.

That's what I am noting. (With a few of my own thoughts included along the way.)

Btw, did Lady Gaga meet her own 'Pan'?

Thursday, October 12, 2017


An End Times Ambiance

Burning Man and the Fall of Mankind

China on pace to dethrone the U.S.

Daily Crow - Harvey To Harvest And Quite A Lot In Between

Equifax breach fallout - your salary history

Fukushima nuclear waste being released into ocean — ‘Surprisingly’ high levels of radiation now detected along Pacific coast and in groundwater far from reactors — Expert: No one expected this — “Alarming example of how radiation has spread”

Gun Control: Another Progressive Power Grab

Hollywood is America's Conscience or Something

It isn’t outrage, Joy; it’s Schadenfreude

Jim Rickards: This is the only Russia story that matters - its war on the dollar

Killing Obamacare by making states follow Obamacare

Little Sisters of the Poor Saved! Trump destroys Obama's birth control mandate


New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump Dossier

One Day After Historic Saudi-Russian Summit, US Suspends Military Exercises With "Arab Allies"

Puerto Rico sent 'a plane loaded with cash'

Quake swarm in Canary Islands now being monitored by five scientists

Red Flag Warning: These California Wildfires Are ‘Among The Most Destructive Fire Events In US History’ And They Are About To Get Even Worse

Shades of Joel Osteen in the Book of Job

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch in the aftermath of Las Vegas shooting: 'I don't trust the FBI'

US Destroyer Carries Out Trump's 4th "Freedom Of Navigation" Operation In South China Sea

VP Pence walks out of 49ers game when players refuse to stand for flag; players angered that he pulled a public stunt in response to their public stunt, claim oppression that Pence didn't stay

What does historic Saudi-Russia meeting mean for Israel?

x-Transgender: It's insane to ignore mental illness

Yellowstone capable of much greater devastating super eruption than previously thought


Wednesday, October 11, 2017


A lot of us are watching the worst wildfires in California history:

17 dead, 150 missing, 2,000 structures destroyed

Michael Pento is watching something dire out there on the global economic horizon:

Massive Global Defaults Coming, Crazy Stock Market Will Crash

Ditrianum is watching for a possible magnitude 6 or 7 earthquake in the next day or so:

Possible ~M7 October 11-12, 2017

Seismologists are watching the Canary Islands:

La Palma experiences 40 tremors in 48 hours active volcano

WHO is watching as plague has now spread from Madagascar to nearby Seychelles:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) pneumonic plague, or lung-based plague, is the most virulent form and can trigger severe epidemics through person-to-person contact via droplets in the air, as well as flea bites from infected mammals. The incubation period can be as short as 24 hours.

Alarming development with plague in Madagascar

The Mirror in the UK is watching North Korea:

North Korea threaten World War 3 with terrifying PLAGUE, ANTHRAX and SMALLPOX weapons

And what is going on here? Watching Saudi Arabia make a shift toward Russia:

Is this the geopolitical shift of the century?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Daily Crow is noting the interesting timing between the fierce outbreak of California's wildfires and the enactment of two laws on his 'Daily Updates' page:

Michael Snyder: Another Major Disaster Hits The U.S. – A Massive ‘Firestorm’ Is Burning Tens Of Thousands Of Acres In Northern California

Zerohedge: 10 Dead, 1000s Displaced After Wildfires Engulf Napa, Sonoma And 6 Other California Counties

FLASHBACK, FEB 2017: California's mega-drought leaves millions of dead trees

New Bill Would Imprison Healthcare Workers For Using Incorrect Pronouns With Patients

No Longer a Felony to Deliberately Spread HIV in California

Here are some other California liberal laws:

California governor signs minimum wage hike, admits it doesn't make economic sense

California Just Legalized Child Prostitution

Californian Senator Richard Pan pushing to outlaw parental rights in all medical decisions

With Obamacare in jeopardy, California considers going it alone with ‘single-payer’ system which would cover everybody, including illegal aliens; costs of this one program would exceed entire state income

CA bans state employees from traveling to 8 states that it deems as homophobic

California about to pass the ‘Medical Pedophiles Protection Act’ to criminalize journalists for posting videos that document medical abuse of children, seniors and surgical patients

Shoplifting Runs Rampant In California After Rule Changes

California bill threatens existence of faith-driven colleges

California Passes Massive New Climate Change Carbon Tax, Regulations

School districts sending hundreds of CA kids home from school due to new vaccination law

School districts notifying parents that homeschooling is not lawful in California

CA law now allows registered sex offenders in classrooms

Dem. Assemblyman Pushes Bill to Guarantee Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Attackers Strike

California Adds LGBT History To Curriculum, Starting In Second Grade

California Schools Approve Teaching Students: ‘It’s Okay To Break The Law, Police Are Evil’

California has highest income tax rates in the nation, ranked worst for businesses for 12 straight years, and seeks to regulate cow farts

Two of California’s most dangerous cities targeting pro-life centers

New bill punishes anyone who makes an undercover film about abortion subject to one year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Criminalizing Journalists Who Distribute Recordings of Abortion Providers

California’s Physician-Assisted Suicide Law Goes Into Effect

Monday, October 9, 2017


Here are some strange Leftist rules about what one cannot do on a college campus.

Thou shalt not . . . . .

be white and straight

or deny the rumor your white boyfriend beat you up

Thou shalt not look . . .

at someone who 'pees' differently than you in the same restroom with you

Thou shalt not use the words . . .

'man'. . .

'flair' or 'brilliance'


'gendered' or 'brotherhood'

or fancy 'grammar' words

Thou shalt not teach . . .

free speech

or independence from a welfare check

Thou shalt not listen to . . .

Ann Coulter

or Ben Shapiro

or Heather MacDonald

or Robert Spencer

or Mike Pence

Thou shalt not be . . .



or Jewish

Thou shalt not be pro . . .


Mike Pence

'God Bless America'



Thou shalt not be . . .


or anti Hamas

Thou shalt not be . . .

'intolerant' of others

Oh, and thou shalt not sell . . .

sombreros or ponchos

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Amazon Will Host ‘Most Sensitive’ U.S. Defense Data

Bodyguard gives harrowing account of Benghazi attack

China Is Worried The World Is At Risk Of Seeing An Economic Apocalypse

De-Dollarisation - China and Russia's Plan From Petroyuan To Gold, parts 1 and 2

ExxonMobile dethroned as world's top energy company

Fukushima operator given green light to restart nuclear reactors

Google and Target among corporations backing LGBT ‘civil rights’ bill

How Obama enabled the rise of Iran in Syria and why Israel is taking action

Interpol admits Palestine as a full member despite vociferous objections from Israel and the U.S.

John McTernan: Birth Pangs

Kneeling for a self-deceiving lie

Lawmakers Set Sights on Obama Unmasking Scandal

Major questions before the Supreme Court this fall (L.A. Times)

Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Rights

Obama funneled millions to destroy Trump; “Wall Street might be shocked to learn it is helping bankroll the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ movement that’s aggressively fighting policies it favors – including corporate tax cuts and the repeal of Obama-era banking and health-care regulations”

Prophetic parallels between America and Nineveh

Quake swarm at Yellowstone now longest on record (Newsweek)

Russia military accuses U.S. of supporting ISIS in Syria
Russia does not exclude possibility of war with NATO

September 2017: The most devastating month in recent history! A look back at the devastation of 30 days which changed millions of lives forever!

Taking a knee and killing the golden goose

Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

Vegas Gunman Was Prescribed Drugs That Can Lead To Violent Behavior

What Parades in Pyongyang Ends Up in Tehran

x-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich: Obama wiretapping of Manafort 'egregious' abuse of power

Year To Remember: 5777 Brought Historic Signs, Warnings, And Judgments

Zika: Single mutation tied to Zika's ability to cause microcephaly, GBS

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


'Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki' is ISIS' name for Stephen Paddock

Bill Koenig interviewed on ‘Eye to Eye’

Clarence Thomas Finally Included in African American Museum

David Daleiden, attorneys, fined $200,000 over undercover Planned Parenthood videos (Washington Times)

Erdogan says Turkey no longer needs EU membership

Franklin Graham: We Have Judges Who Hate God

Gowdy on Vegas Shooting: ‘Difficult to Believe That a Single Person Could Have Done This Without Detection’

Hugh Hefner's true legacy: Mainstreaming the sexual objectification of women

Inuit elders inform NASA 'sky has changed,' and permafrost is thawing at alarming rate

John McCain kills GOP's last attempt to overturn Obamacare

Kal Penn is an idiot

Lebron James' attack on Trump

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder, defends Israel at U.N.

Netanyahu declares Iran has no fiercer enemy than Israel

Obama's Watergate

Putin is the new master of the Middle East

QB signed before Kapaernick enrages Twitter

Rhodes or Rice leaked the fake news story that Obama lectured Mark Zuckerberg about Russia

Stephen Craig Paddock is now the worst mass shooter in U.S. history

Tom Cotton argues that President Trump should not recertify Obama's Iran nuclear deal when he reports to Congress mid-October

'Uncle Tom' and the 'N-Word' Which term is more destructive today?

Valerie Plame outs herself as an anti-Semite

Wasserman Schultz scandal isn't going away

x-NSA employee stuffed classified report into her pantyhose

Yellen not feelin' the love from Trump's inner circle to remain Fed chairwoman

Zuckerberg colluded with Hillary Clinton campaign

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


It has been so difficult to watch this story unfold. More and more it looks like these concert goers were targeted because they were likely to be Trump supporters. The absolute glee on the Left at watching so many die because they think Trump supporters or Conservatives 'deserved it' is appalling. Frankly, that is wicked. The Left will do whatever it takes to makes sure a killer on Death Row is not executed but will fight tooth and nail to make sure an unborn baby is slaughtered in the womb and will dance on Twitter like Palestinians in the streets if a Christian or Conservative or Trump supporter is killed. I cannot believe what I am seeing. I just cannot believe what I am seeing.

"Act of pure evil" claims Trump; leads moment of silence for the victims

BP Earthwatch's take on Vegas

CNN White House Correspondent: Country Music Fans ‘Are Likely Trump Supporters’

Democrats Take a “Knee” Over Las Vegas Victims

Father of Vegas Mass Killer Was a ‘Psychopath’ on FBI Most Wanted List

Good question about the FBI

Iraq War Veteran Played a Crucial Role in Helping Police Locate Las Vegas Gunman

J. R. Salzman tweets: ‘I want every Trump supporter dead’ in aftermath of Vegas shooting

Kimmel on Vegas: Republicans ‘Should Be Praying for God to Forgive Them’
(GG note:  Ignores it wasn't a Republican who did the shooting.)

Left Is Using The Las Vegas Massacre To Wage All-Out War Against The NRA

Mariah Carey tweets: "I want every Trump supporter dead . . . I want you 6 feet under" (scroll down in article)

Michael Snyder, Part 1: Was Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Craig Paddock An Anti-Trump Activist With Ties To Antifa?

Michael Snyder, Part 2: Was The Las Vegas Shooting A Preview Of The Violent Chaos That Antifa Plans To Unleash Starting On November 4th?

People are celebrating the death of Trump supporters in Vegas

Senior Legal VP at CBS, Hayley Geftman-Gold, Fired For Callous Las Vegas Victim Statement

Teacher prays on Twitter that 'only Trumptards' were killed by Vegas shooter

Vegas Atrocity As Political Opportunity; In a rotten country, the victims got what they deserved - according to the Left

“You’re all going to die tonight”: Who was the strange woman at the Vegas concert before the shooting started?