Tuesday, January 31, 2017



2-mile long crack found in Arizona desert raising chance of earthquake hitting southern California to 75%

Enormous 44-kilometre-long crack appears in Antarctica's Brunt ice shelf forcing British research team to leave

4-inch global sea-water rise expected as 10% of the Larson C ice shelve prepares to break away


7.3 SSE of Tabiauan, Philippines is the third major quake of 2017

8.4 magnitude earthquake (reduced to a mag 7.9) rocks Papua New Guinea! It's the biggest quake of the year so far

Absolutely astonishing growth of major earthquakes in just one hundred years

Deepest Quake in Recorded History has Struck/Magma Layer

Quake swarm at Brawley Seismic Zone at California-Mexico border doesn’t stop and gets scientists’ attention

Mystery booms:

Mysterious "booms" and a large glowing ball in the western sky have San Diego residents worried

Mystery booms compilation for 2016


Federal government issues a disaster declaration for Alaska's pink salmon fishery but the true amount of dying marine and bird life in the area recently is astonishing

Japan's largest coral reef is now 90% bleached


17 volcanoes are currently erupting around the world

Energetic earthquake swarm detected at Takawangha volcano (Alaska) – Alert levels risen – No historical eruptions known

Hawaii Volcanoes had the most spectacular New Year’s Eve show

It’s the second biggest volcano in Europe and Northern Africa! Activity on Mount Etna Volcano, Sicily, Italy

Mount Paektu in North Korea showing signs of activity


Deadliest US tornado outbreak since 1969 exceeds entire 2016 death toll in two days

Major storm hits California and Nevada, significant flooding expected

Major winter storm Jupiter hits central US with ice

Powerful storms batter California and Pacific Northwest

Friday, January 27, 2017


It's been a busy one, you gotta give him that.

A Major Prophetic Sign Appeared The Moment Donald Trump Stepped To The Inauguration Platform

Sultan Knish: Day 1


Dow Has Hit 20,000 At The Same Time The National Debt Is Reaching $20 Trillion

Foreigners Are Dumping U.S. Debt At A Record Pace And Our $20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised To Become A Major Crisis

Trump's first week (cartoon)

Union Workers Display Big Pro-Trump Banner in Philadelphia

Executive actions:

Trump Signs 3 Executive Orders: Withdraws From TPP, Freezes Federal Hiring, Limits Overseas Abortion Funding

Trump Signs Executive Actions to Jumpstart Border Wall Construction


Trump puts Obama's parting $221M gift to Palestinians on hold

‘Trump has already sent embassy architects to Jerusalem’


March for Life chief on Trump’s support: ‘We have never seen anything like this’

Mike Pence to become the first Vice President to speak at March for Life

ABC Omits from Transcript Trump Shutting Down Muir on March for Life

Sanctuary cities:

Trump orders weekly publication of crimes committed by illegals in sanctuary cities

Trump orders government agencies to identify funds that the government can cut to sanctuary cities

Florida Mayor Orders End to Sanctuary City Policy

The border:

Mexican standoff

United Nations:

Congressman introduces bill to withdraw the U.S. from the United Nations

Voter fraud:

President Trump Promises 'Major Investigation' into VOTER FRAUD

Report: ‘Substantial Evidence’ Over a Million Illegal Aliens Voted in 2016

Heritage: Need evidence of voter fraud? We got it

Catherine Engelbrecht: “Voter Fraud is Institutionalized” Here’s How

Thursday, January 26, 2017


These are only a few links. Unfortunately, there are more.

ABC News caught red-handed deceptively editing comment in order to make Trump look bad and has now apologized

Clinton News Network Reporter on Trump: 'Maybe He Didn't Win'

Deadspin mocks Ted Cruz's body then tells him to ‘Eat Sh*t’ when he responds with humor

DisruptJ20 Anarchists torched limousine thinking it had to belong to a Trump supporter, only it was a Muslim immigrant's Limo, costing him $70,000 in damages and his livelihood

Gold Star families trying to attend a pro-Trump event were pushed and spat on by rioting Democrats

If the Democratic Party, in the persons of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had not been spewing contempt these many years, Donald Trump would not be in the White House today

Leftist comedians aim malicious tweets at Trump's son

Leftist male punches female conservative reporter in the face at women's march in Vancouver, then tells her it's because she's part of the problem

Leftists target L. L. Bean for boycott because one of it's 50 co-owners supports Trump

LGBT mob chases down and corners Pat McCrory for signing bathroom bill that protects women and children in public restrooms

Madonna claims she wants to 'blow up' the White House now that Trump is President

Man bites off roommate's ear in fit of rage for being a Trump supporter

Meryl Streep rages at Donald Trump in Golden Globes in arrogant and hypocritical speech

Michael Moore insults female supporters of Trump by claiming they are supporters of Trump because they're victims of 'internalized misogyny'

Senior Secret Service agent says on Facebook that out of loyalty to Hillary Clinton she wouldn't take a bullet for Donald Trump

Soros's Women’s March of Hate; the Left’s rage unleashed on the streets of Washington

The Anti-Semite Who Organized the 'Women's March on Washington,' And the half-million lemmings who showed up in “solidarity"

Woman who tortured, killed man was featured speaker at Women’s March

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


A long-time reader of this blog sent this screen capture to me yesterday from a FB post he saw. It's too good not to repost.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


The End Of The Obama World Order -- Michael Snyder

After 8 long years, one thing we know for sure about President Obama is that he is a mocker.

And a hypocrite.

And, on occasion, given to lying.

Remember these moments?

(BTW, this is just a 'smidge' of instances.)


Obama: Every life is precious

Obama most pro-abortion President in US history


SEPT 2012: Benghazi was caused by an Internet video

Later: Claimed he called it a terrorist attack the day after

Birth certificate:

APRIL 2011: President Obama mocks Donald Trump at White House Correspondents' Dinner for questioning his birth certificate

FLASHBACK 1991: At University of Chicago Law School, bio write-up for Obama claimed he was born in Kenya; Obama never disputed or had retracted

FLASHBACK 2008: Clinton campaign took this and ran with it


FEB 2009: Obama's first speech to Congress -- We can't pass on to our children a debt they can't pay

AUG 2016: Obama's Parting Gift: $20 Trillion In Public Debt And A Rising Budget Deficit


JUNE 2013: Obama claims 'no one is listening to your phone calls or reading your emails'

OCT 2016: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources


'If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor'?

Obamacare Website No Longer Addresses ‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’

(BTW, we lost our doctor of nearly 20 years because of Obamacare, so no, you can't keep your doctor.)

When he signed his 'legacy' bill Obamacare, he mocked asteroids and earthquakes.


And he mocked famine.


Study: California Drought Worst in 1200 Years

San Diego forced to recycle SEWAGE into drinking water due to devastating drought

Numerous links on California's and the West's horrible drought

Barack Lightyear!


2008: His election would mark the moment 'when the rise of the oceans would begin to slow . . . '

2016: Obama sounds the alarm -- 'rising seas could swallow Statue of Liberty!'


Obama thankful that there have been 'no major scandals' in his administration

Since time is short, I refer you to Michael Snyder's article noted above. Snyder lists a quick summary of scandals that did occur under Barack Obama.


AUG 2012: Chemical weapons in Syria would be crossing a red line for Obama.

2013: Claims he didn't set a red line for Syria and chemical weapons.


Obama sees origins of Trump's rise in Sarah Palin (Politico)

Wrong! Obama was actually the origin of Trump's rise.

Eric Trump: Obama’s Iran Deal Drove My Father to Run for President


2008: Obama promises no vacations while president

DEC 2016: 8 years of Obama vacations cost $85 million


MAY 15: Rebuking Trump, Obama Tells Rutgers Graduates That Walls Won’t Solve Ills

JAN 2017 UPDATE: Obama having wall built around his new D.C. home

FLASHBACK 2013: Obama has WW2 memorials barricaded from public in retaliation for government shutdown

Need more?

25 Obama Whoppers for the Media to Chew On

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Since Jason A made this video about Donald Trump, I thought I would clean out my file of bookmarked articles about Trump.

5 Conspiracy theories that were proven to be true because Donald Trump ran for President

10 Ways That Donald Trump Could Try To Reverse The Curse That Obama Has Put On America

11 Numbers That Connect The Year 2017, Israel And Donald Trump

Anarchists Plan To Target Balls, Events And Trump Supporters All Over D.C. During Inauguration Week

Dilbert Creator Adams Exposes The Real Bully Party

Donald Trump Repeatedly Warned Anthony Weiner Was a National Security Risk

Donald Trump Was Born Exactly 700 Days Before Israel Became A Nation

Donald Trump Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old On His First Full Day In Office

GASP!!! Trump obeyed the law?!? Crucify him!

Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration

Piers Morgan: It doesn’t matter what names the mainstream media call Trump – he says exactly what most Americans think, especially when it comes to Islamic terror

This is why they fear Trump

Trump Family Has 50-Year History of Donating to Jewish, Israeli Causes

Trump's Jews and Obama's Jews

Welcome To One of The Most Pivotal Weeks In Modern American History

Will There Be War On The Streets Of Washington D.C. During The Inauguration On Friday?

WikiLeaks reveals Clinton wanted Trump to win Primary; feared the other GOP contenders

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Circle January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Creation Of A Palestinian State

UPDATE 1/11:

The 70 Nations That Will Meet In Paris On January 15th Are Going To Publicly Commit To Dividing The Land Of Israel

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. --Zechariah 12:3


As winter storm Jupiter slams the central U.S. with ice and snow, winter storm Egon has hit Europe.

Look at the countries impacted in the initial paragraph of this report, they are P5+1 countries, and the storm is happening the day before the 'peace' conference in Paris (emphasis mine).

A powerful cyclone hit Great Britain on Thursday, January 12, 2017 and rapidly strengthened over the English Channel and northern France, bringing hurricane-force winds to the region. Its center then moved over Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany and Poland. This powerful winter storm, named Egon, is expected to continue its NNE track over Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, southeastern Finland and into northwestern Russia by early January 15, 2017 (UTC). At least 3 people have lost their lives by Friday evening.

Violent storm hits Europe, 330 000 homes without power in France

Friday, January 13, 2017


So far so good this morning.

As we keep one eye on the P5+1's Iran nuclear deal and one eye on the upcoming 'peace' conference in Paris, would you like to know some of the disasters (and potential disasters) that have struck those countries involved in these two endeavors?

First this update to yesterday's post:

Nasa detects two space rocks heading towards Earth: A comet and an unknown object

Very bright fireball explodes just over Puerto Rico on Jan 12, 2016

JAN 2017:

California storms: Iconic Pioneer Cabin Tree collapse, insane water levels, huge avalanches, giant sinkholes and record snow

Millions in central U.S. could be affected by ice from winter storm Jupiter

Violent Winter Storm brings Austria to a standstill

Deadly cold leaves more than 20 dead as Icy temperatures hit Europe

33 dead in Europe this weekend as the bitter cold continues:Ten people died of cold in Poland on Sunday

The cold snap in Europe continues as parts of Russia drops to an incredible -53C

Europe in the grip of Arctic outbreak, hurricane-force winds hit Adriatic coast

Europe in deep freeze, over 60 dead as new Arctic blast arrives

The Avian Flu Epidemic: Massive Impact! Catastrophe waiting to happen as the disease explodes in Europe and Asia

Britain battered by another storm! Blizzard conditions more flooding and 100mph winds bring the UK to it's knees again

Life threatening' floods and a NINE FOOT storm surge as the entire East-Coast of Britain is on flood alert

Natural catastrophe losses in 2016 at their highest since 2012

DEC 2016:

Bird flu the silent killer is on the rise with millions of birds killed just in the last few days

Thick toxic smog clouds engulf London and Paris as health bosses issue pollution warnings to millions (The Mirror)

Russian Cargo Ship Headed For International Space Station Burns Up Above Siberia After Loss Of Contact

Paris choked by worst winter pollution in a decade
(gg note: This took place as Paris was getting ready to host another 'peace' conference but then postponed until Jan 15.)

UK set for more flooding next week causing devastation for some during Christmas

NOV 2016:

Dutch kill 190,000 ducks to contain bird flu outbreak

New mud volcsno appears just days after 6.6 rocks central Italy

Emergency investigation as Italian mountain develops huge crack after massive earthquake

Scientists concerned that ancient megavolcano is awakening beneath Italian city

Large and powerful tornado rips through Italy near Rome

OCT 2016:

6.6 earthquake rocks heart of Italy, Vatican shakes, 15,000 homeless

SEPT 2016:

Oklahoma rocked by strongest earthquake on record

AUG 2016:

Heat wave sparks anthrax outbreak in Russia’s northern Yamalo-Nenets region

Anthrax outbreak in Arctic Circle kills 1, sickens 71; reindeer die en masse

18 Major Flood Events Have Hit Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas Since March 2015

JULY 2016:

Warming temperatures release deadly anthrax outbreak in Russia

Thawed Reindeer Corpse May Have Triggered Russian Anthrax Outbreak

It killed 30–60% of Europe's total population: A ten-year old Siberian boy has contracted the bubonic plague

JUNE 2016:

Swollen River Feeds Flooding Near Houston as Residents Flee

Paris Flooding Reaches Highest Peak in Decades, Louvre Closes Down to Protect Art

Paris flooding: Seine is overflowing – Fear of Centennial (100-year) floods
City of Lights flooded: Paris, Seine River rises to highest level seen since 1982

(gg note: Paris flooding took place at the same time as Paris held its 'peace' conference on Israel.)

Floods apocalypse around the world in June 2016: USA, Mexico, Russia, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania
(gg note: the only P5 entity not named in this headline is the UK)

MAY 2016:

Severe flooding hits Baden-Wuerttemberg, southwestern Germany

Biblical floods in Braunsbach, Germany captured on video

Millions of locusts invade farms and devastate crops in Russia

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Winter storm Jupiter cometh:

Millions of us are under an ice storm warning for the next three days. Since Oklahoma City is on the outer edge of this system, I don't think we will experience the worst of it like people in Kansas will. Our prayers certainly need to be with them. As someone once said, 'winter is a terrible time to have an ice storm.'

With that in mind, if nothing is posted here at the blog by 10 a.m. tomorrow or Monday (or possibly Tuesday), you can assume I am having power issues or Internet issues and will be back as soon as possible.

In the past, when the U.S. has come up against Israel, we have had significant weather events. Since the 'peace' conference is scheduled for Sunday, this certainly appears to be one of those times.

People from Texas to Ohio are bracing for a long-duration ice storm that could turn destructive

Late-week ice storm may threaten dangerous travel, power outages in central US

Major storm hits California and Nevada, significant flooding expected

We are not the only ones facing brutal winter conditions. So is Europe.

JAN 5: Violent Winter Storm brings Austria to a standstill

JAN 7: Europe in the grip of Arctic outbreak, hurricane-force winds hit Adriatic coast

JAN 8: Deadly cold leave more than 20 dead as icy temperatures hit Europe

JAN 9: 33 dead in Europe this weekend as the bitter cold continues: Ten people died of cold in Poland on Sunday

JAN 10: The cold snap in Europe continues as parts of Russia drops to an incredible -53C

JAN 10: Intense cold and icy weather kills 2 in Greece, causes chaos on highways

JAN 11: Europe in deep freeze, over 60 dead as new Arctic blast arrives

Watching Mexico:

While I've been busy watching the upcoming January 15th peace conference, a friend in Mexico (Thank you, Robert!) has let me know that there have been some serious financial turmoil going on there.

JAN 6: It’s Beginning: Economic Micro-Riots Erupt in Mexico

JAN 10: The Mexican Peso is crashing (again) to record lows

JAN 11: Protests In Mexico Push Country To Brink Of Revolution And Nobody's Talking About It

JAN 11: Investors Bolt Mexico as Peso Enters Free Fall (Wall Street Journal)


Watching the heavens:

JAN 3: Two massive fireballs explode over Russia in loud booms

JAN 8: Navy satellite watching comet Honda approaching Earth

JAN 9: Earth was almost hit by an asteroid on Monday, and no one saw it coming

JAN 10: Jumbo asteroid has close shave with Earth

JAN 12: Michael Snyder: Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With The Threat Of A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

Side note: I've long believed David Wilkerson's Urgent Message of March 2009 might involve an approaching asteroid or comet, mainly because his message seems to indicate people all over the world will panic, grocery stores will be emptied in an hour, and he felt led to use the verse from Psalm 11 about 'snares,' which are 'burning coals.' It doesn't help any that the whole world is coming up against Israel on the 15th. I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING WILL HAPPEN; SNARKY EMAILS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. Just sharing a personal belief.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The UN resolution specifically condemns Israel for building 'settlements,' including those for natural growth, which means the Israelis cannot expand housing of any kind, even if babies are born and families need more room.

By the way, that's a requirement NOT put on any other nation in the world.

Only the Israelis.

Let's be even more specific. The nations of the world don't want the Jews spreading out to any other areas, not even in their own land.

Remember this from Daniel Greenfield?

The Little Jewish Village That Makes Obama Boil

Let's take a look at the 'settlements,' or housing situation here in the US.

Bye Bye Middle Class: The Rate Of Homeownership In The United States Has Hit The Lowest Level Ever

US Housing Market In Peril As "Increase In Mortgage Rates Has Shocked Consumers"

The Dramatic Impact Of Surging Rates On Housing And Refis In One Chart

On The Brink Again: “Huge Housing Bailout Coming” As Fannie/Freddie Seek $126 Billion From Taxpayers

Yale’s Shiller Warns Over Another Possible Housing Collapse… Fabian Calvo: This Hyper Bubble Is Not Just Real Estate. It’s Stocks, Government Debt and The Dollar, As Well

Mortgage "Refi Boom" Crashes To Lehman Lows

Manhattan Apartment Prices Collapse Most In Four Years

NYC Homelessness Surges To The "Highest Levels Since The Great Depression"

Chinese Developers Rethink U.S. Real Estate Projects: "I See Danger...U.S. Real Estate Is Peaking"

Three "Red Flags" That US Housing Is Starting To Roll Over

The terrifying signs of a looming housing crisis

People seek driveways to live in cars in to beat high rents, parking, Renting driveways

Homeownership Rate in the U.S. Drops to Lowest Since 1965 (Bloomberg)

American Dream dead in San Francisco? Just 13% of households can afford it


Some of the other nations that have come up against Israel haven't done so well with their housing situation either.


London real estate prices are crashing

A Third Of British Households Are On Brink Of Homelessness

FLASHBACK: Britain votes for UN resolution condemning Israeli 'settlements'


Chinese Real Estate Is ‘Biggest Bubble in History’

Hong Kong Retail Sales Plunge 7.5% YoY, Fall For 14th Consecutive Month

China Real Estate Price BOOM as Economy Sinks Faster Than Titanic!

FLASHBACK: China votes for UN resolution condemning Israeli 'settlements'


Homes for 120,000 migrants in the German capital of Berlin will cost taxpayers a whopping €2.2 billion by 2017

380,000 Homeless in Germany While Govt Builds Downtown Apartments for Migrants

FLASHBACK: Germany Says ‘Occupied Territories’ Not Part of Israel


Italy’s earthquakes leave 15,000 homeless, ‘soul of the country’ damaged

FLASHBACK: Italy's Federica Mogherini one of the women behind the Iran nuclear deal negotiations (Politico)


Wealthy Swedes Asked To Give Up Their Country Homes For Migrants

FLASHBACK: Sweden pledges to recognize Palestinian state (Aljazeera)

Friday, January 6, 2017


Tonight's the night, and it's gonna be a big one! As Sabbath begins, Obama and friends will be in party mode.

Star-Studded Guest List Set for Obama’s Final White House Bash

Doesn't it remind you of this?

Belshazzar the king made a great feast to a thousand of his lords, and drank wine before the thousand. --Daniel 5:1

It was Belshazzar's last night as a happy man. Judgment was about to fall, at the hands of those ancient Persians, and he hadn't a clue.

Belshazzar ordered the golden and silver vessels from the Temple in Jerusalem to be brought to his feast so he and his guests could toast the gods of Babylon.

At least President Obama won't be doing that, but given the recent UN move against Jerusalem and his potent levels of narcissism, he'll probably self-toast his outwit, outlast, outplay skills against that chickens**t Benjamin Netanyahu as pretty good.

As Yisrael Medad notes in this next article, forget dividing Jerusalem. If those who heard John Kerry speak last Wednesday really parse his words, it appears Obama's real intent is to take ALL of that Holy City. Read it for yourself.

John Kerry’s True Intentions for Jerusalem

The incoming, primarily dominant Republican Congress, has repudiated John Kerry channeling President Obama's goal.

US House passes motion repudiating UN resolution on Israel

As we all know, the Persians have never gone away, they are still here as the Iranians. One can't help but wonder that since Belshazzar apparently partied without any fear of enemies attacking that perhaps he thought he was on pretty good footing with the Iranians Persians?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


146 major quakes shook our planet in the year 2016, a slightly below average year this century

A mag 6.3 South of Fiji is the first major quake of 2017 as another massive coronal hole opens up stretching more than halfway across the Sun

Bright meteor explodes over the Gulf of Mexico turning night into day

Earth entering debris field from shattered comet 2003 EH1

Enormous Earthquakes Hit Both Sides Of The Pacific And Experts Warn The San Andreas Could ‘Unzip All At Once’

"Everything's dead!" Marine mystery in Canada's Novah Scotia intensifies! Now everything is dying!

First known case of bird flu jumping from cat to human found in New York

January begins with deadly storms, floods and tornadoes hitting the US South

NASA and FEMA Hold Asteroid Strike Drill in L.A.

NASA says MASSIVE earthquake is '99.9 per cent' likely to rock LA (Express)

Quakes near Mount St. Helens mean eruption inevitable U.S. Geological Survey seismologist

Rare, frightening superbug gene discovered on US pig farm

Strong earthquakes hit Nevada - California border region

Swarm of more than 100 earthquakes hits Brawley 30 miles from San Andreas Fault

Tens of thousands of dead starfish wash up along the Dutch coast! "Dead starfish as far as the eye can see!

Tsunami Warning Lifted After 7.7-Magnitude Quake Strikes Off Chile Coast

Unexpected, powerful eruption of Bogoslof volcano, Alaska

White House issues executive order giving broad powers to ‘Global Health Security Agenda’ for infectious disease threats

Worldwide volcanic unrest: 13 different volcanoes are erupting right now