Friday, December 30, 2016


Interesting timing of events, at least for me.

Wednesday evening, a long-time reader of this blog sent me a YouTube on the 10 plagues of Egypt to watch, and I did.

The YouTube proposes that the 10 plagues of Egypt were caused by a 'megaquake,' and the narrator's progression thru the plagues and their connection to an underground gas source is fascinating. He is NOT attempting to explain away the plagues as 'mere' occurrences of nature. Instead, he shows how Jehovah 'manipulated' nature to achieve the plagues, a view with which I happen to agree.

The reader thought the 'megaquake' was interesting because of the possibility of such here in America should Obama decide to divide the land of Israel in his last few days in office, a possibility that suddenly came to life with last Friday's UN resolution and John Kerry's speech on Wednesday, which seemed to lay the groundwork for more 'tough love' with Israel in the coming Paris peace talks on January 15.

The interesting timing part comes from Shirat Devorah.

Shirat Devorah is a website that I go to often but rarely link to (I think maybe 2 or 3 times in the past 8 years). However, last night, when I went to Shirat, Shirat had reposted a post from 2008 that I remember reading back in 2008. In fact, I made a copy of it (on a previous computer that crashed and burned in 2010), and then somehow, forgot about it until the reposting of it last night.

The post, OBAMA AND THE EVIL AT THE END OF DAYS, was written in 2008, BEFORE Obama became President. The post explores the Gematria of Barack Obama's name and its connection not only to the name Ishmael but also to warnings from Jacob and Moses about the evil that will befall the Jewish people at the end of days, evil that will come from a son of Ishmael and in the form of Barack Obama.

The story of Ishmael is found in Genesis 16. He was the son of the Egyptian handmaiden Hagar and Abraham. He and his mother were eventually cast away from Abraham and his wife Sarah.

It might be worth remembering that Obama's father was of the Luo tribe of Kenya. The Luos migrated from Upper Egypt (Sudan) to what is now called Kenya. That ancient connection between Obama and Egypt would seem to add an extra dynamic of literalness to the Shirat Devorah post, which offers that Obama is connected to the half-Egyptian Ishmael thru Gemetria (see note 1 below).

Now to the connection to the 10 plagues.

In the Shirat Devorah post, Obama's name is not only connected to Ishmael's name and evil that will befall the Jews at the end of days, the Gematria of his name is also connected to the 10 plagues of Egypt. The post explains how.

Here is the Shirat Devorah post (see note 2):


Here is the YouTube about 10 plagues of Egypt. (see note 3)


1) Origin and Migration of The Luo -From Egypt, through Sudan, To Kenya

2) In the next few days, I will put Shirat Devorah's post here as note 2.

3) Original site for this YouTube in case YouTube removes it:
The Mega Earthquake, Which Explains The 10 Biblical Plagues of Egypt

Thursday, December 29, 2016


John Kerry Unveils His Plan For A Palestinian State Based Upon 1967 Borders With East Jerusalem As The Capital

Those That Bless Israel Will Be Blessed And Those That Curse Israel Will Be Cursed – So Now America Is Greatly Cursed

A back-stabbing disguised as diplomacy

Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

Cruz: Obama plotting further action against Israel

Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely: John Kerry’s Mideast Plan Is ‘Impossible

Israeli Minister: Countries We’ve Been Helping Prevent Terrorism Within Their Borders Voted Against Us at the UN

Israel’s right to build homes is settled … under international law

Kerry Assails Israeli Settlements, Denies US Involvement in Last Week’s Security Council Resolution in Landmark Speech

Kerry attacks Israeli government, defends UN resolution

Leading US Jewish Groups Slam Kerry’s Speech; AIPAC Calls It ‘Failed Attempt to Defend the Indefensible’

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Sums Up Obama’s Mid-East Policy: ‘Praise Islam, Ignore Christians, Blame Jews’

Netanyahu Responds to Kerry: Israelis Don’t Need to Be Lectured On Importance of Peace by Foreign Leaders

Pushing Back on Israel, Kerry Defends Obama’s UN Vote

Relations Between Obama, Netanyahu Camps Hit Rock Bottom

Team Obama is not done slamming Israel

Transcripts Show Obama Administration Colluding with Palestinians on UN Resolution

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


State Department's website says Kerry's speech will be about 11 a.m. Eastern time this morning.

John Kerry Is Working On Another UN Resolution That Would Officially Recognize A Palestinian State

John Kerry to deliver major address on Israel on Wednesday

Kerry Plans Middle East Speech as Israel Retaliates Over UN Snub (Bloomberg)

Israel Cabinet minister calls Kerry speech 'pathetic'

FLASHBACK: Jimmy Carter Urges Barack Obama To Divide The Land Of Israel At The United Nations Before January 20th

More UN backstab aftermath:

Barack Obama’s All-Out Attack On Israel

Dershowitz on Obama: 'He Hurt America So Badly'

Israel doubles down on criticism of Obama administration

Israel says White House 'pushed' for UN rebuke

Kerry's Dec. 23rd statement on the UN resolution (link goes directly to State Department's website)

Obama may have one more very nasty surprise for Israel up his sleeve

Obama's 7 deadliest lame-duck sins

Obama's barbaric UN resolution

Obama's hatred for Israel

Obama's hatred of Israel will rebound

Obama’s “Shameful Betrayal” of Israel

Report: ‘Near-Euphoric’ Palestinian Officials Say UN Resolution Enables Boycott of Settlements, Anti-Israel Lawsuits at International Criminal Court

The Border For Israel That Obama Is About To Demand Will Put the Country in Peril

The Dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016)

State Dept.: U.S. Refused to Defend Israel at UNSC for Israel's Own Good

UN Approves Funding for First Anti-Israeli ‘Settlement’ Blacklist

White House warns Trump: “Only One President at a Time”

Monday, December 26, 2016


Here are some of the articles that appeared over the weekend in the aftermath of President Obama's backstab of Israel at the UN. I am concerned that the resolution that passed was the first of perhaps a 'one, two punch.' I have no proof that even more is to come, but it is what I feel in my gut, so to speak.

While this Egyptian resolution seemed to come out of nowhere, it looks like it may have been in the works for awhile and coordinated behind the scenes with President Obama's team. I've been watching and waiting for the French resolution, so the Egyptian resolution kinda blindsided me. This Egyptian resolution may have laid the groundwork for something more. We'll see.

10 Times That God Has Hit America With A Major Disaster After The U.S. Attempted To Divide The Land Of Israel

A problem from Hell, indeed

An angry Israel summons foreign ambassadors, accuses Obama of conspiring against it

‘Go Choke on a Latke’; Livid Social Media Users Respond to Kerry’s Hanukkah Greeting Issued Shortly After US Failure to Back Israel at UN

Israeli officials: Obama showed his 'true face' by allowing anti-Israel resolution to pass

It's official: Obama is way worse than Jimmy Carter

Krauthammer: Obama ends his 8 years by stabbing Israel in the back

Look What We Just Did to Israel, Judgement Coming!!!
(Thanks ETF for the link to my blog in your post!)

Netanyahu's Chanukah speech blasts Obama, salutes soldiers

Obama joins the jackals

Obama Said to Break With Decades of U.S. Policy to Declare Western Wall ‘Occupied Territory’ at the UN

Obscenity personified: Obama lies, stabs Israel in the back, wishes us a Happy Chanuka

PA President Abbas’ Fatah Faction Posts Bloody Cartoon on Facebook Apparently Thanking UN for Endorsing Terrorism Against Israelis

Palestinian Terrorists Target West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem Following UN Anti-Israel Vote

President Barack Obama Takes a Final Swipe at America's Steady Alliance with Israel

President Obama throws Israel to the wolves

Roseanne Barr: Obama’s Anti-Israel UN Action Like ‘Nazis Who Enacted Anti-Jewish Laws on the Eve of Jewish Holidays’

Samantha Power watched a half million Arabs die -- then slammed Israel

Ted Cruz: No funding for UN until Israel vote reversed

Undoing Obama's Latest Legacy as UN Abstainer-in-Chief

White House blames Netanyahu for anti-Israel UN resolution

Saturday, December 24, 2016


By now, most of you probably know what has happened at the U.N.

Earlier this week, Egypt put forth a resolution concerning Israel's 'settlements.' This resolution was pulled, according to some news sources, because of a phone call made by Donald Trump to Egypt after the Israelis contacted him letting him know that they had gone to President Obama, and President Obama indicated he would not stop the resolution. We don't know what was said in the phone call, but Egypt pulled the resolution.

Yesterday, from what I read in some sources, New Zealand put the resolution back on the table, and it was voted on around 3 p.m. New York time.

The resolution was a solid 14 votes for, no vetoes, with the U.S. abstaining. Basically, the U.S. did not stop the resolution. And we could have.

This is the worst betrayal of President Obama yet to Israel. What will come of it, I do not know for certain, but a major disaster would not be unheard of.

Daniel at Prayers for the People:

Chanukah : The Past is Present

Michael Snyder:

Obama Betrays Israel At The United Nations – Is America’s Reprieve Now Over?

Harvest Army:

ISRAEL 9th HOUR Mega ALARM! UN and US Collude for 1st RESOLUTION in 36 Years!

Aaron Klein:

Obama Gives Parting Middle Finger to Israel with Anti-Settlement Resolution

One News Now:

Obama didn't heed warning, betrays Israel with U.N.

Bridget Johnson:

UN Ambassador Invokes Reagan While Failing to Protect Israel with Veto

Patriot Retort (language alert, but very valid points and awesome photoshop of Obama):

Couldn’t he just steal the furniture?

Friday, December 23, 2016

12/23 - UN UPDATE

Koenig has linked to the following two articles worth reading about what happened with the resolution at the UN yesterday. Not sure how this will play out overall.

Israel reportedly went to Trump on UN draft after failing to sway Obama

Egypt scuttles UN vote on Israeli settlement after warning from Donald Trump

I couldn't help but wonder if the following somehow played into the mix. Probably not, but interesting timing nonetheless.

Egypt Files Suit Against Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton For Conspiring With Muslim Brotherhood

Times of Israel notes that President Obama had indicated he would not help Israel.

US was planning to abstain from UN anti-settlements vote


This blog has been following events happening in those countries that pushed for President Obama's Iran nuclear deal believing that the blessing and curses of Genesis 12:3 are in play. If nations 'bless' Israel's mortal enemy Iran with cash and seek business opportunities with Iran in hopes of gaining financially, then those nations will suffer economic turmoil, turmoil that costs way more than the any benefit from the hoped-for business opportunities.

For instance, look at these examples:


JUNE 14: Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes

DEC 11: Iran seals deal with Boeing to buy 80 planes worth $16.6B

DEC 13: Iran says Boeing to provide financing for first six planes

DEC 14: Boeing-Iran deal called dangerous; critics concerned that since Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terrorism (which is primarily against Israel), planes acquired from Boeing will be used to ferry supplies to terrorist groups that seek to destroy Israel

So we know that Boeing hopes to gain $16.6 billion in revenue from its sale of 80 planes to Iran. Let's look at these headlines:

The deal was announced JUNE 14. Look at this headline from JULY 27, Chicago Tribune:

Boeing reports first quarterly loss in nearly 7 years

"Charges totaling $3 billion before taxes, led to Boeing's first down quarter since the third quarter of 2009, when it lost $1.6 billion."

This headline from NOV 28, Los Angeles Times:

Boeing illegally given $5.7 billion in tax breaks by Washington State, WTO rules

And these two interesting intersections between Boeing and Donald Trump:

DEC 6: Trump Targets Boeing for 'Out of Control' Air Force One Costs; claims $4 billion for new Air Force One to costly, wants order canceled

DEC 13: Trump Must Stop the Boeing Deal with Iran; planes can be used for military purposes

DEC 13: Boeing faces China's wrath

"Boeing is China's largest single customer. Campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump could prompt the Chinese government to retaliate against Boeing, favoring Airbus for orders instead."

DEC 21: Boeing CEO Meets with Donald Trump: Promises to Deliver a Cheaper Air Force One

DEC 23: Trump pits Boeing against Lockheed Martin



APR 23: Swedish firms to work in Iran’s power sector

" . . . Swedish famous companies ABB and Ericsson, two prestigious firms in energy and electricity, would participate in Iran’s energy projects as transferring technology . . . "

Headline just 10 days earlier:

Sweden sees costs of migration crisis almost quadruple

"Sweden's Finance Minister . . . expects costs related to migration, such as providing accommodation and offering job training, will be close to (€6.1 billion) per year until 2020. The government had previously forecast (€1.6 billion) annually."

And from March 31:

"There are no more hotel beds at all." Sweden's tourism industry collapses as resorts become refugee centers."

And from February 20:

Muslim migrants will cost Sweden fourteen times more than the country’s defense budget

JUNE 1: Sweden Calls for Broadening of Bilateral Ties with Iran

"The Swedish foreign minister reiterated that after Tehran and the six world powers (the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany) signed nuclear agreement in July 2015, the time is ripe for Iran and Sweden to expand all-out relations. . . . Iran was Sweden's first trade partner in West Asia and North Africa region in the past."

JUNE 25: Sweden opens trade bureau at its embassy in Tehran to boost its business ties with Iran after implementation of the Iran nuclear deal

OCT 12: Ericsson Shares Plunge 17% After Shocking Profit Warning



July 19, 2015: Germany's Industrial Giants Ready to Reap the Benefits of Iran Deal (Sputnik)

DEC 7: Expert: If Volkswagen Subsidiary Does Business in Iran, Nazi-Founded Company Will Once Again Have Turned to Financial Enrichment Via Genocide

". . . world powers were “bribed” into agreeing to the nuclear deal by the “massive amount of contracts that would be made possible, including with Boeing, Airbus and Skoda, etc.”

MAY 2: Volkswagen to spend up to $8.8 billion on diesel buybacks, fixes

JUNE 28: Volkswagen agrees to $14.6 billion settlement over emissions scandal

NOV 7: Volkswagen's Dieselgate Scandal Just Got Bigger

DEC 19: The Cost of Volkswagen's Diesel Scandal Just Broke $18 Billion

Monday, December 19, 2016


Watching the electoral college vote today.

Here’s What Happens If ‘Faithless’ Electors Try To Overturn Election Results

Watching the upcoming Israeli peace conference:

France postpones Middle East peace conference to January

Interesting same-time event:

Christine Lagarde (France's former finance minister), I.M.F. Chief, Is Found Guilty of Negligence

Lagarde has an interesting connection to the Iran nuclear deal.

IMF set to boost banking ties with Iran, Lagarde seeks to remove barriers on cooperation between international and Iranian banks

Watching our reprieve:

The Real Reason Why America Has Been Given A Reprieve

Watching December 25:

Court-ordered dismantling of Amona to begin December 25; reminds Israelis of the trauma of the forced evacuation of Gush Katif in August 2005

Watching anti-Israel UN resolutions:

Sources: Lame Duck Obama to Allow Anti-Israel UN Efforts

Dershowitz: ICC will go after Israel if controversial settlement bill passes Knesset, claims President Obama would not block anti-settlement resolution proposed by France at UN

Netanyahu slams Hollande for backing ‘shameful’ UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem

Obama Weighs Options for His Final Stab at Israel; In his twilight months in office, Obama seeks to undermine America’s closest ally

Jimmy Carter Urges Barack Obama To Divide The Land Of Israel At The United Nations Before January 20th

Other Israel updates

Obama Administration Denies Jerusalem Is Located in Israel

Secretary Kerry accuses Israeli right of sabotaging peace process

Mahmoud Abbas’ vows 'Jew free' Palestine

Iranian President Rouhani: ‘Jihad Against Tel Aviv Only Recourse for Palestinians’

6 UN resolutions on Israel; ignore Jewish ties to Temple Mount, urge transfer of Golan to Syria

Trump and Israel:

Netanyahu: Looking forward to working with Trump on twin interests of peace, security

David M. Friedman is a Pretty Gutsy Pick for Ambassador to Israel

Gen. (ret.) James Mattis, Trump’s pick to serve as defense secretary, and Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn, whom he has tapped to serve as his national security adviser, were both fired by outgoing President Barack Obama for their opposition to his nuclear diplomacy with Iran

With Trump Presidency Looming, Iranian Officials Vow to Accelerate Nuclear Propulsion, Ballistic Missile Systems

Eye for eye:

President Obama claims Russia interfered with US election.

Remember this?

Congress investigating Obama admin-funded campaign for interfering in Netanyahu's re-election effort

And this?

President Obama's interference in 'Brexit' vote angered many British voters

Friday, December 16, 2016


The global economy, according to many 'fiction peddlers'* is quite stressed. Cracks are appearing across multiple economies and 'legends' are warning to be careful where you step.

Could it be because, in part, of President Obama's lifting of economic sanctions off Israel's mortal enemy and allowing them to be flooded with cash from around the world?

Many critics of President Obama's Iran nuclear deal accuse Iran of being the leading sponsor of terrorism against Israel. Since Obama's deal allows for the lifting of economic sanctions off Iran, those critics assert that Iran, now flush with cash, will not only spend the money to speed up its nuclear program, but fund even more terrorism.

Iran is well known for paying cash rewards to the families of Palestinians who attack Israeli soldiers and citizens, and in some instances, Americans.

How US Taxpayers Funded the Murder of an Iraq Vet in Israel

Flush with Obama cash, Iran awards financial grants to families of Palestinian terrorists

Iran used Obama's ransom payments to purchase missiles with 'Death to Tel Aviv' on them

Report: $37.4 Million of Cash US Transferred to Iran Went to Terrorist Groups

US Paid Iran Another $1.3 Billion In Cash In Form Of Swiss Francs, Euros And Other Currencies

From Bad to Worse: Obama’s Ransom Payment to Iran is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Zumwalt: Obama Used ‘Fake News’ to Sell the Iran Nuclear Deal

This next article is interesting because of its mention of 'Euro banks' in its headline . . .

Obama administration, Euro banks and NY Fed laundered cash to Iran

because Euro banks have certainly been in the news.

Don't Look Now But The Most Systemically Dangerous Bank In The World Is Tumbling Again

Major Dollar Shortage Exposed In Europe As Deutsche Bank Contagion Spreads

Italian banks crash despite 'all clear' from EU stress test

Monte Paschi "Scrambles" With Last Minute Capital Increase To Avoid Nationalization

Bank of England Asks UK Banks To Detail Their Exposure To Deutsche And Italian Banks

Deutsche Bank CEO Warns Employees "Europe Is Endangered" After Italy Vote

JPMorgan, HSBC, Credit Agricole "Bank Cartel" Fined $521 Million For Euribor Rigging

Portugal Bond Yields Hover Near Brexit Highs As Bank Bosses Quit Ahead Of Bailout

Tesco Bank Halts Online Payments After Cash Taken Out Of 20,000 Accounts

Martin Armstrong: European banks looking to tax withdrawals from ATMs in effort to prevent bank runs

$31 million hacked from Russian banks

Panama Papers reveals “how a global industry led by major banks . . . secretly manages the estates of politicians, Fifa officials, fraudsters and drug smugglers, celebrities and professional athletes"

If Genesis 12:3 is true, and this writer believes it is, then the lifting of sanctions from Iran's economy was a curse for Israel because Iran is going to use its new flush of cash from around the world to advance its plans of destruction against Israel. It will use that cash to reward the families of terrorists in Israel who kill Israelis, it will use that cash to buy needed supplies and support materiel for the 'medical' centrifuges that are spinning away, and it will use that cash to buy the missiles ultimately needed to deliver the resulting 'medical' materiel to Israel.

Here are more warnings on the global economy:

2007 All Over Again - Stock Valuations Enter "Crash" Territory

Alan Greenspan: Global Economy Running Toward 'State of Disaster'

Are We Being Set Up For A Crash? Stocks Hit A Level Only Seen During The Bubbles Of 1929, 2000 And 2007

Brexit, Euro, Pound and Stocks—See Why Europe is “Churning” and What’s Next

China Dumps Treasuries: Foreign Central Banks Liquidate A Record $403 Billion In US Paper

Dangerous bubbles in plain sight

Economic Collapse Is Erupting All Over The Planet As Global Leaders Begin To Panic

"Europe Will Devalue Or Dissolve..."

European Financial System is ‘Nearing a Grand Catastrophe’; 12 Signs Of A Major Global Economic Crisis Is Happening In Front Of Us

If Everything is so Bullish, Why Are Bank Insiders Dumping Their Shares at Record Pace?

Jim Rogers Warns of Economic Collapse Worse than 2008

Legend Warns The Coming Crisis Will Be Totally Devastating For The World Economy And Humanity

Major Economic Warning Sign: The Euro Is Heading For Parity With The U.S. Dollar
(gg note: Snyder points out that Italy is the world's 8th largest economy, Greece is the world's 44th largest, and so if Italian banks start to fail we have a much bigger problem on our hands than when we were concerned about Greece's economy)

Mexico Bracing for Massive Default That Could Set Off Global Debt Bomb

"Obama Set Up The Next President For A Major Recession"... And A Giant Crash Is Coming

The Last 3 Times This Happened, The World Was Gripped By Financial Crisis

Trump About To Preside Over New Global Financial Crisis: "Not His Fault, Merely His Misfortune"

Victor Sperandeo warns ‘A Thousand Lehmans’ Event Is Going To Plunge The World Into Total Chaos


*If You Don't Agree With Obama You Are "Peddling Fiction"

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


America - The Helpless 'Superpower'

Americans' Trust In Mass Media Plunges To Record Low

AT and T partners with govt to spy on Americans

Bees are now an endangered species in America

Creepy Clown Sightings Sweep The Nation As The Threats Of Violence Become Even More Chilling

Desperately Poor Teens In America’s Impoverished Inner Cities Are Trading Sex For Food

Diversity will be the death of America, yes, literally

Dumb American Youth

FBI Crime Report Reveals Massive Surge In Murder Rates In Several Large U.S. Cities

Incoming College Students Think America Invented Slavery

Muslim Refugee Terror is Changing America

Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House

Obamacare is Rapidly Becoming the Poster Child for American Inequality

Officials Admit Radioactive Fish Off U.S. West Coast Have "Disturbing Fingerprint Of Fukushima"

Police departments across America are having trouble filling positions

Record 2016 Snowfall in North American Cities Matches Maunder Minimum Cooling Areas

Tent Cities Full Of Homeless People Are Booming In Cities All Over America As Poverty Spikes

The Silent War Against America’s Image

Thousands upon thousands of dead fish washing up around the US due to red tide

War On The Homeless: Cities All Over America Are Passing Laws Making It Illegal To Feed And Shelter Those In Need

What It Feels Like To Be Homeless For The Holidays In America

Monday, December 12, 2016


$1 million lawsuit against Catholic school for not allowing same-sex date at dance

$1 million to Black Lives Matter by Kellogg Company

$1.1 million Federal grant to goat cheese producers

$1.2 million by Vanderbilt to remove word "Confederate" from dorm name

$2 million Federal grant for ‘Developing an Eastern Broccoli Industry’

$4.5 million in damages from 'peaceful protesters' in Charlotte following shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

$5 million by Angela Merkel to the Clinton Foundation during our election

$7.2 million from World Vision to Hamas

$7.5 Million Federal grant for implantable biotracker for super soldiers monitoring

$10 million funneled from John Kerry's State Department to his own daughter's foundation

$10.8 million by EPA for teacher training on 'Environmental Education'

$20 million to be spent by Target to build single-stall bathrooms

$29 million spent by Obama administration to register new immigrants likely to vote Democrat

$30 million invested by Planned Parenthood to elect Hillary Clinton

$33 million ordered by state of New Jersey to upgrade elementary school for immigrants despite measure rejected TWICE by voters

$37.4 Million of Cash US Transferred to Iran Went to Terrorist Groups

$40 million in home sales for Benghazi 13 unprecedented

$45 million loss in three states by Silicon Valley-backed Obamacare insurance startup

$60 million fine on Deutsche Bank to settle U.S. gold price-fixing case

$60 million paid by US to combat Ebola in Africa was illegally dispensed claims Judicial Watch

$100 million every hour of every day - how much National Debt has increased under President Obama

$150 million by Department of Defense on luxury villas for department staffers in Afghanistan

$167 million by taxpayers to house and feed illegals for just ONE MONTH

$300 million lost each year under Obamacare by America's third largest health insurer

$400 million airlifted to Iran as prisoners freed NOT ransom claims Obama

$408 million by VA on solar panels since 2010, some of which have never been operational

$500 million from Obama tapping taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood

$550 million lawsuit against Black Lives Matter by family of slain Dallas police officer

$770 million from Obama tapping taxpayer funds to renovate mosques overseas

Friday, December 9, 2016

P5+1 - ITALY

Italy's Renzi has resigned. There have been multiple warnings from those who are watching Italy's economy that if Renzi's government was voted out of power, several banks would be in immediate jeopardy. December 6 it began. Italy announced its intention to nationalize Italy's third largest bank.

Italian Government Prepares To Nationalize Monte Paschi

Italy is not one of the P5+1. However, when the P5+1 sought to negotiate with Iran, it was Federica Mogherini of Italy who coordinated a team (primarily of women) to sit down at the table with Iran and get Barack Obama his legacy deal.

According to POLITICO (emphasis mine):

Federica Mogherini, the EU’s chief diplomat, was front-and-center as European and American political leaders congratulated each other over a historic nuclear agreement with Iran.

The Women Behind the Iran Nuclear Deal (POLITICO)

The P5+1 entities have publicly explained that one of the key reasons for engaging with Iran is what they see as tremendous economic opportunities by engaging in Iran's economy and raw resources. Italy has been no different.

APRIL 15: Italy bolsters trade, economic partnership with Iran

Curiously, in October, President Obama chose to host for his final state dinner Italy's Renzi who has been praised for his strong engagement with Iran.

From CNS (emphasis mine):

Italy and the United States have a long and warm relationship, but for his final state dinner guest, President Obama chose a leader that has also gone further than any other in the West to embrace a regime in Iran that still views America as enemy number one.

Obama’s State Dinner Guest is Iran’s New Best Friend in Europe

Italy's economy has been in the news several times lately.

APRIL 15: IMF says Italy is the weakest link in the EU

AUG 1: Italian Banks Crash Despite 'All Clear' From EU Stress Tests

OCT 25: Monte Paschi Plunges As Much As 39% On Debt-For-Equity Fears After Surging In Past Week

OCT 25: Monte Paschi halted, limit down after falling 23% in Milan

OCT 26: Bank of England Asks UK Banks To Detail Their Exposure To Deutsche And Italian Banks

DEC 7: Italy Threatens ECB With Blackmail; Demands More Time For Monte Paschi Rescue

Just like the key P5+1 players, Italy has not only experienced economic and political turmoil since the signing of the Iran nuclear deal, but also similar problems with Muslim migrants bringing rape and sexual assaults, terror attacks and terror threats, crime and misbehavior as well as cultural impacts. These are the new links since I posted about a month ago.


Woman 'gang-raped in refugee camp ordered to stay SILENT by no-borders activists' (Express UK)

Terror attacks and terror threats:

JULY 14: Jihadi Reactions To Nice Terror Attack: 'We Want Paris Before Rome'

OCT 23: Muslims Stage Massive Protest, Chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Outside Rome’s Coliseum

OCT 25: The Muslim prayer at Rome's Coliseum was a declaration of war

The migrant flow is not stopping.

Thousands More Migrants Arrive in Italy Over Weekend

Italy breaks immigration record for 2016

And the migrants are impacting Italy's already strained economy.

Italian taxpayers billed record 700 million euros for immigrant costs

Pope Francis has not only turned a blind eye to the crimes these Muslims are committing, he's openly inferring that any who complain are not really Christians.

Pope Francis Says ‘a Christian Lets Everybody Come’

Which leaves some begging this question:

Has the Pope abandoned Europe to Islam?

One might even wonder if the Pope has abandoned the babies.

Italian pro-abort senator: Pope is ‘going in the right direction,’ calls for persecution of pro-life doctors

Curiously, as the inflow of Muslim migrants has hit an all-time high, the birth of Italian babies is hitting an all-time low.

Italian birthrate continues to plummet

However, prostitution has not.

Italy Migrant Crisis: ‘Thousands of Nigerian Women’ Forced into Prostitution

Even nature seems to be in turmoil.

OCT 31: 6.6 magnitude earthquake, most powerful in three decades, rocks Italy's center

NOV 1: Italy’s earthquakes leave 15,000 homeless, ‘soul of the country’ damaged

NOV 5: New mud volcano forms in Italy after recent earthquakes

NOV 6: Emergency investigation as Italian mountain develops huge crack after massive earthquake

NOV 6: Volcano on Rome's doorstep is slowly awakening

NOV 6: Large and powerful tornado rips through Italy near Rome

Nature events always have an economic cost.

And this, also, will most likely have an impact of some kind (at least it's always used as a reason why gas prices need to go higher):

Massive Fire Engulfs One Of Italy's Largest Oil Refineries

FLASHBACK: Bull of Nimrod, Palmyra temple reborn in Rome after ISIS destruction, thanks to 3D printing

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Could A Radical Israel Basher Soon Head The Democratic Party?

Did the market just flash a Hindenburg Omen?

Did ‘Time’ Mean To Portray Trump With Horns?

Do you know why Conservatives hate Castro?

Is botulism responsible for thousands of birds dying along Lake Michigan?

Is Janet Yellen sabotaging the Trump administration?

Is Obama's world a utopian myth?

Is the 35 Year Bond Bubble Finally Bursting?

Is this the Democrats' real strategy in launching the recounts?

Is Trump Giving Hillary Clinton a Pass?

Is Trump Walking Back His Promise To Pull Out Of The Paris Climate Agreement?

Israeli airstrikes in Syria prelude to Damascus attack?

No Christian persecution in the US?

Now That The Election Is Over, Will Republicans And Democrats Learn How To Love One Another?

Turkey Has Declared War On Syria – Does This Mean That World War 3 Is About To Erupt In The Middle East?

What could you do with 90 million dollars?

What Do Hitler, Alice Bailey, and Replacement Theology Adherents Have in Common?

What Would Happen if the U.S. was Nuked? – Where Would Government Officials and the “Elite” Go in the Event of a Nuclear Attack?

When will the 'Big One' occur?

Who Will Blink First: Iran, or Trump?

Why Do Podesta and His Brother Look So Much Like the Suspect Drawings in the Madeleine McCann Disappearance Case?

Why is Obama lecturing Trump on foreign policy?

Will Trump fire Janet Yellen?

Friday, December 2, 2016


Just continuing to take a look at how some of those entities involved in the Iran nuclear deal are doing.

Because of the massive inflow of Muslims into Europe, many claiming to be refugees from the Syrian war, Europe was already in political turmoil. Like Brexit, Donald Trump's unexpected election has injected even more turmoil.

Populist uprising in the U.S. shocks the world and propels Donald Trump into the presidency

European populists celebrate Trump victory

Farage: 2016 the ‘Year of the Political Revolution’

Chaos Ensues As Europe Splinters In Response To Trump: UK, France, Hungary Snub EU Emergency Meeting

The FT Asks "Is This The Elites' "Marie Antoinette" Moment?"

There are five more dominoes populists want to topple in Europe, Votes due in Italy, Austria, France, Netherlands, Germany

Europe at risk of collapse; France, Germany must lead - French PM

Obama reassures Europe Trump victory was not a rejection of him or his policies by US voters; warns against rise of 'crude populism'

From BREXIT to Trump, Europe reels from a tumultuous year of populist crises and uprisings

Populism takes over the world – elite establishment still baffled and clueless how the world is changing

Good question to ask right about now:

Why Are So Many Among The Elite Building Luxury Bunkers In Preparation For An Imminent ‘Apocalypse’?


Merkel government shocked at Trump victory, calls an “emergency meeting”

Far-right protesters march in Berlin, demand Merkel must go

Conservatives rally grassroots against Angela Merkel


"A World Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes" tweets France ambassador to US in response to Trump victory

Sarkozy goes down in flames on political comeback – France moves closer to the right

France selects her Republican presidential nominee

Trump Haters Worry That His Win Foreshadows a Le Pen Win in France


Eirexit? Could Ireland follow Britain out of the EU?

The turmoil over Brexit has not ended.

Government Must Ask Parliament to Trigger Article 50, High Court Rules

Farage To Lead 100,000 Leave Supporters in March on Supreme Court


Austria’s Norbert Hofer, like Trump, Attracting Disillusioned Working Class Voters

Holland: Time for liberation

Note should be made that the chief negotiator for the Iran nuclear deal was Federica Mogherini . . . of Italy.

'Quitaly': Populists ready to turn Italian politics upside-down

On the heels of BREXIT and Trump wins, Italy becomes the next populist battleground

Italy polls get worse for Renzi as referendum nears

Fears mount of multiple bank failures if Renzi loses

Up to eight Italian banks may fail if Renzi loses referendum

Italy referendum result could send shockwaves through markets and DESTROY Europe

Global Stocks Slide On Italian Bank Worries

How December 4th Could Trigger The "Most Violent Economic Shock In History"


Even China, one of the P5, is having political turmoil

HK political turmoil in 90 seconds, there is an increasing number in Hong Kong who want independence from Beijing