Monday, July 4, 2016


Why post news numbers? Two reasons.

First, when a nation is under judgment, its people struggle. I've noted before in the introductory paragraph to my NATION UNDER JUDGMENT posts that when a nation is under judgment its food sources are destroyed, its animals and livestock are stricken with illnesses and there are die-offs, homes and public buildings are destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do, they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. It is expensive to rebuild, repair and replace.

When a nation is under judgment, the curses of Deuteronomy 28 come upon that nation. The foreigner will be given special privileges, employment is hard to find as businesses struggle, the nation's military will struggle, homes and families fall apart.

Second, in ancient Egypt, the Hebrews struggled to make bricks for the Pharaoh's grandiose building projects. In America today, we are not asked to make bricks, but we are compelled to pay taxes and those taxes are used by President Obama to fund the projects he wants, and in some instances as part of what he wants to be remembered for, such as his Iran nuclear deal, his Paris climate treaty, his bringing thousands of Muslim refugees into this country, and for his social agenda, such as Planned Parenthood. And now our very tax agency, the IRS, is used to COMPEL people to pay for President Obama's 'signature' legacy, Obamacare, whether they want his Obamacare or not. In fact, people are FINED for not accepting it. And while every U.S. President has had his 'pet' projects, not only has President Obama been compared to more than one ancient Pharaoh, he is the President who has doubled our already enormous debt to fund his enormous ideologies.

Many of the numbers below are reflections of the reasons noted above.

1 percent Russians approve of U.S., Obama, far worse than Bush

2 ‘social justice’ classes required for diploma from UMass-Amherst

3 cartoons why Brits voted for Brexit

3 New Studies claim Earth's Climate Not Warming That Fast

5 charts which show Obamacare isn't working

5 Secret Places Censored On Google Maps: "Military Secrets Blacked Out"

5 signs of dementia and memory loss

5 states now ban therapy for minors with unwanted gay attractions

5 Ways Abortion Industry Is Attacking Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

6 Diseases Return To US as Migration Advocates Celebrate ‘World Refugee Day’

6 Giant Corporations Control The Media, And Americans Consume 10 Hours Of ‘Programming’ A Day

6 Men Who Disguised Themselves as Women to Access Bathrooms

7 dead, 35 wounded in Chicago same weekend as Orlando shooting

7 Years After the Great Recession, Obama’s Economy Is Still Crawling

7 years later for marriage than in the 1950s

7 years of war: Obama becomes the longest war-time president in U.S. history

8 automakers recall over 12M vehicles for Takata air bags

8 Iranian missile launches since nuke deal signed, expert tells US Congress

8 Lessons That We Can Learn From The Epic Economic Meltdown In Venezuela

8 Reasons Why It Is So Hard To Find Someone Decent To Marry

8 times bigger than 2008 subprime crisis

9 Zero Hedge Charts Showing "Obama's Recovery" That Angered The Washington Post

10 terrible months of floods and fires here in the U.S.

11 U.S. military service members have been infected with the Zika virus since January reveals the Pentagon

12 detainees released from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have launched attacks against U.S. or allied forces in Afghanistan, killing about a half-dozen Americans, according to current and former U.S. officials

13 Catastrophic Events Which Could Soon Lead To An American Apocalypse

13 Of 23 Co-Ops Created Under Obamacare Have Failed

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