Tuesday, May 31, 2016


American Farmland Values Plunge Most In 30 Years

Benghazi 4

Create a Collapse Supply List Based on the Things They Are Out of in Venezuela

Drug dealers get amnesty

Ex-CEO of McDonald’s: $15 Minimum Wage ‘To Cause Job Loss … Like You’re Not Going to Believe’

Feds Order Colleges To Stop Checking Criminal/School Discipline History Of Prospective Employees Because It ‘Discriminates Against Minorities’

Google Doodle For Memorial Day…If You Can Find It

Hell - Why Do So Many Preachers In America Refuse To Talk About it?

Indiana University to sue state so it can continue experimenting on aborted babies’ body parts

Japanese prime minister publicly shames Obama over the 'despicable' murder of an Okinawa woman by US Marine amid mounting anger at American servicemen

Kerry overstates warming trend, says climate expert

Largest U.S. water reservoir at record low due to drought

Member Of Congress: It’s Easy ‘To Manipulate A Nation Of Naive, Self-Absorbed Sheep’

Negative rates are taxes in sheep's clothing

Obama not sure he smoked pot

Portland Public Schools Ban Material That Could Undermine Global Warming Hoax

Qiam missile launch highlights Third Underground Missile Site in Iran

Re-animation of the dead

Susan Rice: Too Many Whites On National Security Team Putting America At Risk

Tech Giants Vow to Tackle Online Hate Speech Within 24 Hours

Unemployment Claims Spike Again As We Get More Scientific Evidence The Middle Class Is Shrinking

Valerie Jarrett Credits Obama With Ending Two Wars

Why Our Children Should Hate Us - The Lance Simmens Article Banned By The Huffington Post

X-treme tornado in Kansas moves railroad tracks

Your city on socialism

Zoo in Russia names their black goat 'Obama'

Monday, May 30, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016


President Obama has stated at Hiroshima:

“Not Bound… To Repeat The Mistakes Of The Past, We Shall Not Repeat The Evil”

Alternative headlines:

Obama tells those who would plan future attacks against Americans: Do what you want to Americans. If I can't talk you into stopping your attacks, if my mere presence isn't enough to halt you, then there's nothing more I will do to stop you because to stop you from killing Americans is 'evil.'


Obama rebukes America's 'Greatest Generation' as 'evil' for stopping WW2


Watching June 3:

Summit to advance peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians scheduled in Paris, France, for JUNE 3

Bro. Brian on Israel and the French peace initiative

Another Israel news update from Bro. Brian

Earthquake and Volcano warnings:

40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable

Forget Cascadia and San Andreas: A Hayward fault megaquake could cause 'greatest natural disaster ever to hit the US', warn experts

Yellowstone Volcano Report Drumbeats, More Quakes

Economic warnings:

Fed is on verge of making massive mistake warns Saxobank's Jakobsen

We're in the eye of a global financial hurricane

Paul Craig Roberts warns world financial system is on fire

Legend makes terrifying prediction, warns the biggest bubbles that would clearly bring down the financial system is the bond market

Warning signs are everywhere

De-Dollarization Accelerates As Russia Nears Launch Of Ruble-Priced Oil Trading Platform

De-Petrodollar-ization Esclates - China Imports Record Amount Of Russian Oil In April

FLASHBACK: Obama boasts in Britain, 'I saved the world economy as President'

War warnings:

John McTernan: Threat from Russian and Chinese warplanes mounts

John McTernan: Nato risks a nuclear war with Russia ‘within a year’, senior general warns

Russia, West closer to conflict says US defense official, 'Russians have shifted from competition ... to confrontation'

China’s blunt warning to America: ‘We’re ready for repeat of Korean War or Vietnam if U.S. military stirs up any conflict in South China Sea’

China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US

The Relationship Between The United States And China Is Officially Going Down The Tubes

Retired Air Force General: Obama ‘Unilaterally Disarmed America’, Russia And China Are Humiliating Us

Thursday, May 26, 2016


FEB 29: Pollinator species worldwide driven toward extinction, UN body warns

MARCH 17: 100s of crows fall dead from the sky in Springfield, Michigan

MARCH 26: It's not just fish dying along the Florida's east coast lagoon's: More than 40,000 acres of seagrass dead and the entire population of oysters along with hundreds of thousand of dead fish

APRIL 5: Massive animal die-offs around the world in April 2016

APRIL 18: 1,000 TONS of sardines wash up in Araucania Chile

APRIL 19: 3,000 tonnes of dead and rotting sardines have washed up on the banks of river Queule Chile: Sardines in some areas one meter deep

APRIL 26: 3 housecats in Wyoming test positive for plague

MAY 4: Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches

MAY 6: 50,000 tonnes of dead salmon and sardines along with millions of dead clams off the coast of Chile as a result of red tides caused by El Niño

MAY 7: Marine die-offs accelerate across the globe -- and no one seems to know why

MAY 10: 10,000 Red-necked Phalaropes killed by major hailstorm in Utah

MAY 12: 1000s of dead swordfish cover paradise Lopes Mendes beach, Brazil

MAY 12: 1000s of tuna crab die on Imperial Beach, California

MAY 13: Birds, crabs, prawns and seals now washing up dead where 50,000 tonnes of fish washed up in Chile last month

MAY 13: 300 snow geese asphixiated in Idaho

MAY 13: 1000s of dead jellyfish wash ashore in Chile

MAY 18: Alarm over very sick animals washing ashore in Alaska — Fish bleeding from face, bloody entrails coming out of body — “We are very much aware of the possibility of radiation from Fukushima affecting ocean life”

MAY 21: Half-million hatchery trout destroyed in Montana

MAY 25: Worst fish kill in 20 years for West Palm Beach

MAY 26: Hundreds of dead fish washing up in Gulport Mississippi with "holes in them, leaking black stuff"



FEB 9: Five star hotels 'infested' with BED BUGS after major surge in blood-sucking insects across New York City

FEB 27: ‘Super lice’ outbreak hits 25 states

MARCH 21: 17-year cicadas to swarm eastern US this spring

MAY 16: Thousands of "killer bees'' attack San Francisco residents over the weekend

MAY 19: Nile crocodiles slither into South Florida

MAY 22: Mosquitoes With Zika Virus Could Hit U.S. in Next Month

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Part 1 here.

16 ‘Pro-LGBT’ Businesses That Operate in Countries With Poor Human Rights Records

16 straight months of economists struggling in an unprecedented way to understand and model the economy as effectively as in the past; they have continually overestimated economic activity

17 Democratic attorney generals go after climate-change deniers

17 terrorists released from Gitmo, BUT 2 Oregon ranchers ordered to serve 5 YEARS for controlled burn on their ranch that got out of control and went onto Federal land (gg note: BTW, NO ONE from EPA held accountable for toxic mine spill in the Animas River in August 2015)

18 miles, most Americans live near mom

18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of the first Earth Day in 1970

19 Facts That Prove Things In America Are Worse Than They Were Six Months Ago

21 major quakes kill 1,000 in April

25 bags of stinky, soggy U.S. mail pulled out of sewer in Northeast D.C.

25 news stories that show how dangerous Target's bathroom policy is for women and children

26 workers affected by radioactive vapors at Hanford nuclear site in Washington state

30 years after Chernobyl, Here's What We Are Still Not Being Told

40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable

41 powerful storms of 2015

43 Senators Tell Court Obama Trying to Change Law ‘by Extra-Constitutional Assertion’ of Power

43 terror organizations in 18 countries support ISIS

57 Public Schools Allowing Planned Parenthood to Have Secret Consultations With Students

58 Federal convicts, including 18 with life sentences, have their sentenced commuted by Obama

60 Hours A Week At 3 Part-Time Jobs And Still Living Paycheck To Paycheck

80 students in Peru, suffer 'mass demonic possession' from black figure terrorizing their school

81 Muslim-Americans Associated with Terror in 2015, Highest Total Since 9/11

100 most spiritually influential people of 2016

120 People Shot In Chicago in First 10 Days Of 2016

126 cops were killed in 2014, the same year Michael Brown was shot and killed. Can you name any of them?

150 top scientists considers creating synthetic human genome within a decade as experts warn technology could lead to an 'arms race'

163 Hedge Funds Are Long AAPL Stock

175 Countries Sign Farcical Climate Change Agreement

207 Members of Congress File Brief Supporting Religious Liberty of Little Sisters of the Poor

263 years for ex-Oklahoma police officer for rapes, sexual assault

292 Union Pacific Engines Are Sitting In The Arizona Desert Doing Nothing

300 cybersecurity incidents at healthcare.gov

400 trained ISIS fighters believe sent into Europe to conduct future terror attacks

500 jobs cut at UC Berkeley after $15 minimum wage hike

Monday, May 23, 2016


Why post news numbers? Two reasons.

First, when a nation is under judgment, its people struggle. I've noted before in the introductory paragraph to my NATION UNDER JUDGMENT posts that when a nation is under judgment its food sources are destroyed, its animals and livestock are stricken with illnesses and there are die-offs, homes and public buildings are destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do, they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. It is expensive to rebuild, repair and replace.

When a nation is under judgment, the curses of Deuteronomy 28 come upon that nation. The foreigner will be given special privileges, employment is hard to find as businesses struggle, the nation's military will struggle, homes and families fall apart.

Second, in ancient Egypt, the Hebrews struggled to make bricks for the Pharaoh's grandiose building projects. In America today, we are not asked to make bricks, but we are compelled to pay taxes and those taxes are used by President Obama to fund the projects he wants, and in some instances as part of what he wants to be remembered for, such as his Iran nuclear deal, his Paris climate treaty, his bringing thousands of Muslim refugees into this country, and for his social agenda, such as Planned Parenthood. And now our very tax agency, the IRS, is used to COMPEL people to pay for President Obama's 'signature' legacy, Obamacare, whether they want his Obamacare or not. In fact, people are FINED for not accepting it. And while every U.S. President has had his 'pet' projects, not only has President Obama been compared to more than one ancient Pharaoh, he is the President who has doubled our already enormous debt to fund his enormous ideologies.

Many of the numbers below are reflections of the reasons noted above.

1 in 5 American Families, Nobody Has A Job

3 Devastating Signs that ObamaCare is Close to Complete Collapse!

4 basic rules on how not to get shot

4 of Obama’s Claims About Guns

5 biggest ever recorded earthquakes to strike planet Earth

5 Financial Explosions Coming!

5 Prominent Watchmen Issue Exceedingly Ominous Warnings

5 reef islands have disappeared from the Pacific's Solomon Islands

5 Warning Signs of Stroke

6 U.S. oil companies unlikely to survive the year

7 straight years of high suicide rates for U.S. military vets

8 Financial Problems Next President Faces

8 major terror attacks in March

8 MINUTES is all it needs to destroy Israel boasts Iranian commander

8 Triggers For A New Financial Crisis

9 Gitmo terrorists released to Saudi Arabia

9 meals from anarchy

10 Civilizations or Nations That Collapsed From Drought

10 countries most likely to follow Greece and Venezuela into default

10 Stunning Parallels Between The United States And Nazi Germany

11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Rapidly Deteriorating Even As The Stock Market Soars

11 straight months of record background checks for retail gun sales in the U.S.

11 Times The Left Pushed Anti-LGBT Hoaxes

12 Ways Your Tax Dollars Were Squandered In Afghanistan

13 Catastrophic Events Which Could Soon Lead To An American Apocalypse

14 best survival foods to grow

15 Numbers That Show The Ridiculous Obsession Americans Have With Their Phones

15 times Obama talked down America on his trip to Cuba and Argentina

Friday, May 20, 2016


Two posts today, this one and MORE WILKERSON WARNINGS.

On Monday, a gust of wind blew a statue of Benjamin Franklin off its base in Boston.

Wind topples 160-year-old Benjamin Franklin statue on Boston's Freedom Trail on Sunday

Daily Crow took a close look at what happened and gives us some insight, insight that I feel is worth sharing.

The First American Knocked Over

I would like to add the following to his post because the fall of Franklin's statue occurred in Boston, which is John Kerry's home town, AND it occurred as John Kerry was traveling to Egypt to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks with Egypt's president.

Kerry may participate in French-hosted Mideast peace conference opposed by Israel the State Dept indicated on Monday

The statue also fell over at a school, and not just any school, but 'the oldest public school in the nation.' This is occurring at the same time that President Obama is pushing his transgender issue upon the nation's public schools.

Obama’s Threat to Defund Schools Over Trans Bathroom Issue Violates Federal Law

Interestingly, Kerry was in Cairo, Egypt, on Wednesday for discussions with Egypt's president about peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Kerry visits Egypt to discuss peace talks

Egypt's president had just announced support for France's efforts in the peace talks in a speech on Tuesday.

Egypt president backs French proposal for Mideast talks

The JPost article above about Kerry's visit to Egypt also notes:

Sisi’s speech on Tuesday came precisely as France appeared poised to launch an internationalized peace initiative this summer. Israel has opposed this initiative.

Sadly, also in the news, an EgyptAir plane leaving, PARIS, FRANCE, and heading toward, CAIRO, EGYPT, was downed by a possible terrorist attack over the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday.

Wreckage of EgyptAir plane found in Mediterranean

France has announced that the summit it had hoped to host on MAY 30 has been postponed until sometime in the summer since John Kerry is unavailable to attend on May 30.

French president postpones Paris peace conference

I would speculate that President Obama is still seeking a way to wrangle out something he can call a 'peace deal' so that he can spike the ball rather than see the French accomplish what he could not. I suspect that Haman (Obama) still has his grudge match to settle with Mordecai (Netanyahu).

So . . . our timeline in summary:

SUNDAY: Gust of strong wind topples Benjamin Franklin statue on grounds of nation's 'oldest public school'

MONDAY: State Dept announces Kerry most likely to attend France's summit about Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on May 30

TUES: Egypt's President el-Sisi announces support for France's summit on May 30

TUES: France announces postponement of May 30 summit because Kerry will, in fact, be unable to attend

WEDS: Kerry visits with Egypt's president about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

THURS: EgyptAir plane flying from PARIS, FRANCE to CAIRO, EGYPT brought down over Mediterranean Sea by possible terrorist attack


Earthquake warnings continue:

3 earthquakes strike Ridgely, Tennessee in the New Madrid Seismic Zone on May 19, 2016

62 earthquakes rattles Mount Hood Volcano, Oregon in 24 hours

Major Eruption Imminent? Earthquake Swarms Reported At Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier And Mt. St. Helens

Economic tremors continue:

Carl Icahn Is Betting On An Imminent Market Collapse

"Making The Chicken Run" To Escape The Looming Greater Depression

Mark Spitznagel Warns "Biggest Collapse In History" Is Inevitable

Productivity Growth of U.S. Economy Collapses to Record Low

Stan Druckenmiller's Full 'Apocalyptic' Presentation

Total US Debt Is Back To Its Great Depression Peak

Undeniable Evidence That The Real Economy Is Already In Recession Mode

Why Citi Is Worried: "This Is The Tipping Point"

War warnings continue:

China Boosts Jet Drills, Ramping Up Combat Readiness

Chinese Fighter Jets Fly Within 50 Feet Of US Spy Plane Near China

China Furious After US Launches Trade War "Nuke" With 522% Duty

China and Russia to hold first ever joint computer-assisted missile defense exercise – stark warning to U.S.

Russia Hints At Nuclear War After US Deploys Ballistic Missile Shield

Russia unveils its highly destructive 'Son of Satan' missile, capable of wiping out a nation that size of Texas


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

God is going to judge America for its violence, its crimes, . . . its drug abuse . . . --Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, 1985

5 Signs of America's Decaying Society

Amarillo, a city of rampant crime and cracking social fabric, thanks to the heavy influx of refugees sent there by the U.S. State Department

CHICAGO, 1/12: 120 People Shot In First 10 Days Of 2016

CHICAGO, 2/2: Homicide Rate Soars After 51 Killings Just in January

CHICAGO, 4/2: There are 3 killings every 2 days

CHICAGO, 4/11: 857 shooting victims in first 100 days of 2016

CHICAGO, 4/23: 1,000 gunshot victims in shortest time in decades

Crack dealer freed early by Obama murders ex-girlfriend and her two children

Much of the heroin flooding our streets is coming from Mexico

Nearly 50 Georgia correctional officers arrested for drug trafficking

Obama Not Commenting on Police Deaths Shows, at the very least, a Lack of Decency

The “deafening silence” from the White House over a rash of police deaths

Illegal alien who MURDERED a POLICEMAN admits he used ‘Sanctuary City’ policies to elude capture

Obama: ‘Simply Locking People Up Doesn’t Make Communities Safer’

Obama Has Commuted Sentences of More Prisoners Than Last 6 Presidents Combined

Since Barack Obama won't explain why drug trafficking and drug addiction have become so widespread in the last 8 years, permit me to do so

‘They cut my son’s head off and they took my son’s head’: Texas father speaks out after son found decapitated

Trey Gowdy: More Illegal Immigrants Convicted of Crimes At Large in the U.S. Than The Population of Pittsburgh

Violent crime increasing in Los Angeles, police urge residents to 'protect themselves' as they may not get there in time to help

What They Won’t Tell You About The Rising Rape Rates Of Female Passengers By Taxi Drivers in New York City

I am including Jason A's YouTube from this week since he covers several crime events.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Multiple businesses, corporations, colleges, universities, judges, government entities -- and all of them led by President Obama, his wife and his VP Joe Biden -- are sending a message loud and clear to those Americans who want some form of morality that conforms to what is taught in the Bible -- that they are not having it. All of these entities, again, led by President Obama his wife and his VP Joe Biden, are letting the peons know that a 'new morality' is being entrenched as part of President Obama's 'fundamental transformation' of America, and there is no room for anyone who wants to be a hold out against the 'new moral order.' If any employee or citizen thinks differently, well then these businesses and corporations, colleges and universities, judges and government agencies intend to flatten any resistance just like the Chinese tank that ran over the protestor in Tianamen Square in 1989. Employees and citizens are no longer allowed to speak out against the 'new moral order,' even in his or her spare time, because all these entities are prepared to fire you from your job or destroy your business.

How fitting then that this administration would choose Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. The slave has replaced the slaveowner. No rebellion against this administration will be allowed, any defiance will be met with force because THEY OWN YOU!

'New Morality' Movement Pushes Big to Silence Christians

Limbaugh: ‘Obliterating Morality Has Been What the Culture War is All About’


Colorado court: Ruling stands that baker can’t cite religion

ESPN fires baseball hero for Facebook post that did not support men in women's public restrooms

Fellowship of Christian Athletes employee banned from Florida public schools for promoting religious beliefs

Franklin Graham blasts NFL for targeting Christians on behalf of LGBT activists

Fired for preaching: Georgia dumps doctor over church sermons

Gay Lawmaker: You May Be Denied Federal Programs for Aiding Religious Freedom

Georgia Gov Vetoes Bill Allowing Clergy To Refuse To Perform Gay Weddings So Atlanta Can Keep The Super Bowl

Harvard students claim they feel anxiety and unsafe around pro-life students and American flags

Harvard Administrators May Have Investigated Students For Being Critical Of Left-Wing Movement

Jesuit University moves to fire conservative professor for backing student who defended traditional marriage

Judge rules Illinois couple to pay $80G fine for refusing gay union at their B and B

LGBT Groups to NCAA: End ties to Christian colleges

Louisiana governor's executive order allows state to punish Christians over gay ‘weddings’: family leader

Military hero canned from his university job for not supporting President Obama's bathroom order

MSU Student Thrown Out of the Masters Program Because of His Christian Beliefs

Political Retaliation in the Age of Obama

University Poster Campaign Tells Christian Students to ‘Check Their Privilege’

White House threatens to withhold funding to those public schools that refuse to allow boys access to girls' restrooms and locker rooms

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Adele praises Beyoncé's black-lives-matter 'Lemonade'; calls her 'Jesus Christ'
(gg note: STRONG and blasphemous language)

Beyoncé is destroying your daughter, not empowering her

Beyonce: Empowering Women Through Sweatshop Labor

Billion-dollar San Francisco startup has to ban rowdy employees from drinking, smoking and having sexual liaisons on its premises

Congressman exposes his porn habit with 'innocent' Facebook post

'Deadpool' is a sign of a sin-sick culture where evil wins over good

Enough is Enough! 7 years under Obama and we don't know which bathroom to use?

Here's Lucifer!

HIV Roulette

Hospice Owners Ordered Nurses to Overdose Patients to Speed Up Their Deaths

Hundreds Inhale at Surreal White House Pot Protest

Madonna, the diva of debauchery: Reaping what she's sown

Obama administration grants $5 million to Planned Parenthood to teach children as young as 5 about condom use and sex positions using stuffed animals

'Once Upon a Time' Reveals Gay Storyline; Creators Say "Love Is Love"

Planned Parenthood wishes mothers a Happy Mother's Day

'Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie star in couples STD, HIV ad, 'everything positive'

Teens from Barack Obama High School livestream a threesome to friends in Health class

Two American gynecologists say that countries that have banned female genitalia mutilations should at least allow female genital ‘nicks’ as a compromise

Utah Passes Resolution Calling Pornography A ‘Public Health Crisis’

Wicca grows in Austin and beyond

You Won’t Get Arrested for Public Boozing (or Urinating) in Manhattan Anymore


People are warning that America has become morally unmoored:

America Doomed To A Fate Worse Than What History’s Lessons Teach

Anne Graham Lotz: God Is Turning Away From America And Leaving Us To Our Sins

Anne Graham Lotz: God Sending 'Wake-Up Calls'--'We're Near Point of No Return, And Judgment Will Fall'

Charlie Daniels: How Much Longer Will a Just God Allow America to Prosper?

Franklin Graham: America Is ‘On The Verge of Total Moral And Spiritual Collapse – Unless God Intervenes’

Herbert London: Crumbling of Western Culture

Michael Snyder: 12 Signs That A Cloud Of Insanity Has Descended On The Land

Phil Robertson: 'Depravity' Is 'Mainstream,' 'We...Parade Our Perversion'

Rashad Jennings: ‘The Moral Landscape of This World Is Quickly Declining’

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Obliterating Morality Has Been What the Culture War is All About’

The Fall of America -- Why the U.S. Will Not Likely Survive the Next Century

What Will Happen to America if It Drifts Away From God? Christian Leaders Answer

Tuesday, May 17, 2016



Easy abortion . . . Will contribute to a revolution of immorality which will finally end in a baptism of filth so widespread that the human mind will be unable to take it all in. --The Vision, 1973

Dr. James White on #shoutyourabortion Twitter hashtag; it is judgment

America Is Done: Only 29 Percent Of Americans Want To Cut Off Funding For Planned Parenthood - Michael Snyder

Stone Cold Proof That America Deserves Judgment - Michael Snyder

America off the cliff: the land of evil and abomination

‘Thank God for Abortion Providers;’ Episcopal and Methodist Clergy Bless Abortion Clinic

Madalyn Murray O'Hair's Son: We ‘Sacrifice Babies to Moloch Today' and 'Call It Family Planning'



A growing number of priests will be involved in sexual affairs and will leave the priesthood. Others will continue in the priesthood but will carry on secret affairs. An ever-increasing number of Protestant ministers are going to ‘fall’ into sexual sin, much of it carried on secretly. . . . I have had a curtain pulled back and, as it were, a vision of what is happening secretly to thousands of ministers and very devout people. Beneath all the piety and behind all the false fronts are secret affairs being carried on, hidden from the eyes of men. Among them some of the most devout and well-known. Some very ’religious’ men and women are cheating and indulging in secret sex sins. --The Vision, 1973

Ashley Madison Scandal Fallout: 400 Pastors Resigned Last Sunday

Florida megachurch pastor resigns after admitting to adultery, watching porn

Three Megachurch Pastors Resign over Adultery in Orlando

Coral Ridge Elders Knew of Tullian Tchividjian’s Affair With Married Woman, Advised Him to Keep Secret, Source Alleges


There are only two forces that hold back homosexuals from giving themselves over completely to their sin, and they are rejection by society and the repudiation and teachings of the church. When society no longer rejects their sin as abnormal and fully accepts them and encourages them in their abnormality, and when the church no longer preaches against it as sin and consoles them in their sexual activities -- there no longer exist any hindering forces. The floodgates are open, and homosexuals are encourages to continue in their sin. In my vision I’ve seen these two roadblocks being swept away. When that which hinders is taken away, chaos will follow. (emphasis mine) --The Vision, 1973

Rick Warren and Elton John hold hands in Congress, joke about kissing each other

US Episcopal Church Approves Same-Sex Marriage; Replaces Terms 'Man and Woman' With 'Couples'

Lutheran Church Wedding Policy To Include Same-Sex Couples

Presbyterian Church to recognize same-sex marriage

United Methodist Church approves of gay marriage, ok for same-sex weddings in churches

Emerging Church Leader Tony Campolo Comes Out of Closet in Support of ‘Full Acceptance’ of Homosexuality in Church

Rev. Graham: Obama’s Gay Activism ‘Opened Wide’ the ‘Floodgates of Acceptance’ of ‘Sexual Immorality’

Monday, May 16, 2016


Amerigeddon: Are You Ready For The Chaos That Will Ensue When The Power Grid Is Brought Down?

Big Brother Arrives In Public Schools - Biometric Scanners Track Students Every Move

Campus Hate Crime Hoax Epidemic

DOJ Decides It Wouldn’t Call People ‘Felons’ Or ‘Convicts’ Because It Hurts Their Feelings

Earth Changes In 2016? How To Get Prepared For The Coming Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions

Feds Promote Rainbow Badges for Teachers, Staff at Public Schools to Identify as LGBT ‘Allies’

Gargantuanism cases increasing near Fukushima

Heroin flooding the United States IS COMING from South America and Mexico

Inhofe: AGs Using Extreme Tactic To Silence Global Warming Skeptics

Judge rules Obama White House showed ‘bad faith’ in global-warming case

Kerry overstates warming trend, says climate expert

Left’s Plan to Cut Loose a Million Prisoners

Minimum wage catastrophe is coming

New York lawmakers introduce assisted suicide bill

Of course Obama is going to Hiroshima

Planet Nine may or may not exist – the evidence for its existence is incomplete

QUIZ: In an interview with the British weekly “The Economist,” U.S. President Barack Obama dismissed Russia as a country that “doesn’t make anything.” But is that really true? Take this quiz and find out.

Rent to criminals -- or else; Obama's threat to the nation's housing providers

Stories Of Despair From The Forgotten People That The U.S. Economy Has Left Behind

The devil comes to Oklahoma

Unhappy America: Will The United States Collapse Due To An Internal Societal Meltdown?

Virginia's Massive Voter Drive for Felons

Washington Post Accuses Stingy Americans Of Ruining Obama's Recovery

Xtraterrestrial cloud: Anybody got sucked up into this mothership supercell in Oklahoma on Friday the 13th?

Yellow fever: World on brink of global emergency over deadly outbreak, academics warn

Zimmerman Auctioning Off Gun Used To Kill Trayvon MArtin

Friday, May 13, 2016


Former White House Adviser: Thanks to Israel, the US ‘Dodged a Bullet in Syria’

Hammer Blows: The Left, Israel, Obama - An Interview with David Horowitz

Hillary’s Advisor’s Son Praises Massacre of Jews by Hamas

Iran tests missile capable of reaching Israel

Iran Shows Off Third Underground Missile Site

Iranian Commander Assures Hamas Tehran Will Never Cease Fighting Against Israel; Says Nuclear Deal Changed Nothing

Israeli Company Helped FBI Break Into Terrorist's iPhone

Is Obama planning his revenge on Netanyahu?

Obama’s Final Solution for the Jewish State

Obama Aide: Iran Deal Built on Lie

Obama’s Master of Deceit on the Iran Nuke Deal

Obama’s next gift to Iran means breaking another promise to America

Russia wants share in Israeli gas

Sanders slams Israeli occupation, ‘disproportionate’ use of force

Thousands in Israel Could Lose Jobs With New Obama Demand Attached to Military Aid Package, Industrial Official Warns

Trump: Israel should reimburse us just like other countries who can defend themselves

US, Germany: Golan Heights not part of Israel

US State Department Webpage Erases Israel

Why Israelis Are Worried About Donald Trump

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: UN Names Israel As World’s Top Human Rights Violator

Democrats push State Department to investigate alleged human rights violations by Israel


About those knife attacks in Israel:

Knife attacks in Israel have been increasing. Yes, if you 'google' 'Obama, knife attacks, Israel,' or 'Kerry, knife attacks, Israel' you will see condemnation from us about the knife attacks by Palestinians upon Israelis. But that is the 'surface' story. There's a little bit more to it than that.

These next two articles that I am linking to show us while the Obama administration publicly condemns these knife attacks they are refusing to address that the families of those who commit these knife attacks are paid handsomely by the Palestinian Authority, and they are being paid with funds provided not only by the US government, but also by Iran, who is giving those who attack Israelis money obtained when the US, and other nations, lifted economic sanctions on them in January.

Obama, Terror and ISIS: Israel Knows What Obama Ignores

In this second article written by Daniel Greenfield, he notes that even though a US war veteran was killed by Palestinians, VP Joe Biden STILL gave a check to the PA knowing the families of the those who killed our US war vet would be awarded money for doing so. Further, Greenfield notes that even though Biden kept Netanyahu waiting for 90 minutes back in 2010 when Netanyahu and his wife had invited Biden to their home for dinner, Biden DID NOT keep the PA waiting for 'one second' after the killing of our vet.

Greenfield How US Taxpayers Funded the Murder of an Iraq Vet in Israel

As the US has turned a blind eye to the funding of those who are attacking Israelis with knives, we are seeing an increase in knife attacks here in the US and in some European countries that lifted economic sanctions.

I don't want to be misleading here -- there have always been random knife attacks in NYC, that is not what is unusual. What is notable is that the POLICE are saying there are increasing attacks, and they don't know why. It has increased to the point Mayor de Blasio has had the NYPD come up with a plan to address the increase. Now . . . what the police can actually do stop random events is anyone's guess, but at least de Blasio looks like he's trying to do something, right?

These are only a sample of the headlines. There are multiple more that I have not linked to.

FEB 1: Man's face slashed by random stranger on No. 3 train

FEB 25: Man slashed on subway train at 57th street

MARCH 18: Stabbing Surge Stumps NYC Police, Sows Fear Among Residents

MARCH 21: de Blasio announced new NYPD plan to fight wave of knife stabbings, slashings

APRIL 9: Orthodox Jewish Man Slashed in New York Subway Station

MAY 9: GERMANY Deadly TRAIN Stabbing TRAGEDY 1 dead, several injured (Harvest Army claimed a prophetic word concerning Germany and train tragedy on April 22)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976


God help those men in high places who pretend to be righteous but whose fear of God is not according to truth. They claim to be children of the Most High God, yet they show themselves to be liars. They are ashamed of their God. They appease the wicked and exalt the haters of God. They call on God in public, but in the secret chambers of their hearts they fall before the idols of power and fame: This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me (Mark 7:6). --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Obama: Those who say I'm not a Christian don't know me.

Obama Administration Doubles Down on Forcing Religious Groups to Accept Abortion Drug ‘Accommodation’

Michelle Obama: Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Law Defies 'Progress'

Michele Obama’s War On Religious Freedom

Obama's Ed Dept. 'outing' Christian colleges

Obama administration will go down as most anti-Christian administration in history

Franklin Graham: Sin Is Openly Celebrated By The Highest Office In Our Land’

Franklin Graham: Obama's Policies 'Against Christ and His Teachings'

Franklin Graham: Media, Courts, Obama Administration Flagrantly Mock Christian Values and Beliefs

Franklin Graham: Obama Promotes Abortion, Homosexuality – He Is ‘Taking a Stand Against God’


The rioting and demonstrating, the looting and unrest of the sixties are now history. But the riots are not over. Another wave is coming. This time I see Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans deeply involved. The coming economic confusion will ignite another round of demonstrations, riots, and civil disorder. . . . I am convinced that the worst is yet to come. --The Vision, 1973

‘Make America Mexico Again’: We Warned You About America-Hating Mobs

Hispanic protestor threatens violence if Trump elected president

Black activist threatens riots if Donald Trump elected president

Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’

Trump Rallies Reveal Increased Tensions Among Americans As This Nation Plunges Toward Civil Unrest


Economic setbacks and confusion will catch many unprepared for the consequences. Suicide will follow. There will not be a repetition of scenes so familiar during the Great Depression when businessmen committed suicide by jumping from windows. Nor will they be putting guns to their heads and pulling the triggers. The new method will be suicide by overdoses from sleeping pills and other chemical sedatives. --The Vision, 1973

How the state of the economy is literally killing people

The Great Recession that began in 2007 appears to have taken more than a financial toll; new research suggests that the economic downturn could be linked with more than 10,000 suicides (CBS)

U.S. suicide rate rising precipitously (TIME)

Multiple bankers found dead from suicide


Believe me when I tell you the time is not far off that you will pick up your local newspaper and read sordid accounts of innocent children being attacked by wild homosexual mobs in parks and on city streets. --The Vision, 1973

Muslim Men Molest German Boy at Swimming Pool

Greek Migrant Camp Chaos: ‘Weird Things Happen Here… Young Children Are Raped In Bathrooms’

Pakistani 8-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped for a Week, Then Strangled

Three-year-old boy gang raped by refugees at Norwegian shelter

Swedish Prime Minister says “Muslim migrants are not to blame for Muslim migrant sexual assaults on women and children and Muslim migrant terror attacks”


There will be a sudden rush to buy farms, ranches, and homes in the country. Thousands will attempt to flee from cities . . . there will be a growing urge to 'get away from it all' -- and much money will be invested in land and acreage in rural areas by people who have secret dreams of . . . becoming self-supporting. The Vision, 1973

What is Coming? Elite Feverishly Building Survival Bunkers: "Fear Of Uprising From The 99%"

Going Underground: All over the world, underground bunkers and high-security homes are suddenly en vogue

Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips


Monday, May 9, 2016



Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976


Appliance inventories will pile up, and sales will fall off dramatically. --The Vision, 1973

Air Freight Volumes Across Largest Global Market Tumble 15% In First Quarter

For Caterpillar, The Depression Just Turned Three: CAT Hasn't Had A Sales Increase In 36 Consecutive Months

Since 2014 The US Has Added 450,000 Waiters And Bartenders, And No Manufacturing Workers

These 9 Charts Explain The Global Economic Slowdown (And Why Central Banks Can't Fix It)


The auto industry is going to be hurt badly. --The Vision, 1973

About Those Record Auto Sales . . .

The Volkswagen Car "Buy Back" Just Unleashed Havoc On The U.S. Car Market


I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nation's major and most popular corporations. --The Vision, 1973

The Next Employment Crisis Is Here: Job Cuts At U.S. Companies Jump 35 Percent In April

Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It’s 2008 All Over Again

Halliburton Fires One Third Of Global Staff: "What We Are Experiencing Today Is Unsustainable"

SunEdison files for bankruptcy

Top U.S. coal company Peabody Energy files for bankruptcy (CNN)

No Energy Recovery In Sight: Freeport Fires 25% Of Its Oil And Gas Workers

A Wave Of Shale Bankruptcies Has Just Been Unleashed

Did The Canary Of New York's Luxury Housing Market Just Die: Real Estate Developer Files For Bankruptcy


The entire nation will tremble with economic and social upheaval. . . . Pensioners will suffer the most. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1973

Asset Recycling – Robbing Pensions to Cover Govt. Costs

CalPERS Could Get Hands on Billions in Private-Sector Retirement Funds (California Political Review)

Druckenmiller Warns, America's Aging Population Is A "Massive, Massive Problem"

Pensions At Risk: Is Your Retirement In The Crosshairs?

"This is going to be a national crisis," -- One of the largest US pension funds set to cut retiree benefits

UPS Braces For $3.8 Billion Charge As Treasury's Pension Benefit Decision Looms


The President of the United States will make one, and possibly two, national radio and TV appearances to reassure the nation that all is well, and that the best of economic times is just ahead. It will not work. People will distrust these statements, and their fears will lead to a revolution at the polls. -- The Vision, 1973

MAY 6: President Obama to make statement on the state of the economy


Having proclaimed his greatest achievement during his presidency as "saving the world from another Great Depression," we wonder what President Obama will have to say today when he discusses the economy. Following the decline in corporate profits, a manufacturing sector in recession, an auto industry which is shuttering production, minimum wage state job losses rising, and an equity market that is unable to make new highs, what cynical, skeptical, "fiction-peddlers" will he blame today's dismal jobs data on? President Barack Obama will deliver a statement "on the economy and new steps to strengthen financial transparency and combat money laundering, corruption, and tax evasion," the White House said. (emphasis mine)


Saturday, May 7, 2016


Dearest readers -- After posting on Friday I received a heart-breaking phone call that one of my dearest friends of 30 years had been killed by a drunk driver on Thursday. He had been a dedicated Church of God pastor for about 35 years. He leaves behind two daughters and several grandchildren. Please remember them in your prayers as our Father brings them to your heart. The 28-year-old man who killed my friend was not seriously injured but needs prayer for salvation.

Posting may be hit and miss this week between the funeral and, to be honest, I need a little bit of time to process what has happened. I know Anthony was ready to go be with the Lord, but along with numerous others, I didn't get to say good-bye. When he got up Thursday morning to go to work, he did not know that that was his last morning here on this earth. We truly do not know when it is our time to go.

Here is the link to Pastor Anthony's church in Tennessee:

Word of Life Church of God

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. --James 4:14

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: --Isaiah 55:6

But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. --John 20:31

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. --Acts 4:12

Friday, May 6, 2016



Rumblings, tremors and turmoil are everywhere and increasing . . .


Experts warn America is 'ready to rumble'

Giant chunks of the Earth’s mantle are falling off and causing quakes across the southeastern US – and more are coming, warn researchers

San Andreas Fault ‘locked, loaded and ready to roll’ with big earthquake, expert says

Scientists Explain Why It Is Inevitable That America Will Be Hit By Absolutely Monstrous Earthquakes

Scientists say CRATON EDGE Earthquakes caused by new UPWELLING magma from the ASTHENOSPHERE

Since March 14, an earthquake swarm began and has continued at Mount St Helens

Yellowstone isn't the 'big one,' Snake River is

The United States is going to experience, in the not-too-distant future, the most tragic earthquake in its history. One day soon this nation will be reeling under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times. It will be coverage of the biggest, most disastrous earthquake in history.

It will cause widespread panic and fear. Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquakes ever. Television networks will suspend all programming and carry all-day coverage.

Another earthquake, possibly in Japan, may precede the one I see coming here. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind about this forth-coming massive earthquake on our continent. I believe it will be many times more severe than the San Francisco earthquake. In fact, I believe it is going to take place where it is least expected. This terrible earthquake may happen in an area that's not known as an earthquake belt. It will be so high on the Richter scale that it will trigger two other major earthquakes. I also believe we are going to see, later, a major earthquake in the Aleutian Islands, which will result in a number of smaller earthquakes and aftershocks all along the west coast of the United States.

Without a doubt, earthquakes are going to strike the United States and other parts of the world with growing intensity. Concern about earthquakes will be uppermost in forthcoming years. News about government scandals, news about war and even economic problems will be completely overshadowed by earthquakes. Within minutes after this quake hits, the whole country will know it, and millions will be stunned and shocked. Thousands will be affected with much loss of life and millions of dollars' worth of damage. Minor earthquakes, aftershocks, and tremors will be recorded almost daily throughout the world. Earthquakes will become the number one cause of fear and consternation.

The earth is actually going to shake, and there will be numerous other earthquakes in various places throughout the world. This is one kind of judgment that cannot be explained by the scientists. It is supernatural intervention into the affairs of men. It is an act of God causing havoc and judgment, calling men to repentance and reverence. It can strike at any time, and there is no way to deter it. Men will just have to stand back in awe and terror as the power of God is demonstrated in the earthquake. --David Wilkerson, The Vision, 1973


Economic turmoil:

As The Price Of Gold Soars, Legend Warns That The World May Now Be Facing Catastrophic Consequences

Dollar Selling Panic Coming-John Williams

Is This The End Of The U.S Dollar? Geopolitical Moves "Obliterate U.S Petrodollar Hegemony"

Most dangerous stock market in history - Michael Pento

One Junk Bond Analyst's Catastrophic Forecast For What Is Coming

There’s a $1 trillion bubble that’s ready to burst

Warning signs

PUERTO RICO, 4/5: Puerto Rico Bonds Plunge After Senate Passes Debt Moratorium Bill

PUERTO RICO, 4/12: Congress Prepares Puerto Rico Bailout as Island Governor Suspends Debt Payments

PUERTO RICO, 5/2: Treasury warns Congress -- bailout Puerto Rico or risk 'chaotic unwinds . . . cascading defaults'

FLASHBACK: Why The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Is Such A Huge Threat To The U.S. Financial System

. . . The economy will totter on the brink of total collapse . . . The entire nation will tremble with economic upheaval . . . --David Wilkerson, Racing Toward Judgment, 1973


World economy::

GREECE: Greek Default Looms In July After EU Rejects Greek Emergency Summit

GREECE: Germany To Greece -- No Debt Relief For You

GREECE: Ticking time bomb -- Greece set to run out of money in May pushing Europe into another crisis

GREECE: Ten billion risks in Greece's summer of discontent

GREECE: Barclays Warns "Grexit" May Return This Summer While Tsipras "Demonizes" IMF

SOUTH AMERICA: How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.

BRAZIL: Brazil Posts Largest Budget Deficit Ever As Rousseff Cries "Coup," Olympic Ad Sales Top $1 Billion

VENEZUELA: This is the end: Venezuela runs out of money to print new money

VENEZUELA: Venezuela Economy Literally Grinds To A Halt As Maduro Orders "Five Day Weekend" For Public Workers

VENEZUELA: We ignore Venezuela's imminent implosion at our peril

David Stockman warns the world economy has stopped growing and is heading into a depression

Nomi Prins issues dire warning about what is going to trigger total global collapse

2016: The End Of The Global Debt Super Cycle

FLASHBACK: Obama boasts in Britain, 'I saved the world economy'

It's about to happen---very soon, one nation, and I'm speaking prophetically--if I've ever heard anything from God in my life, I heard it. Very soon a European or North African or Eastern nation is going to default on its international loan and when that happens, within two weeks, Mexico is going to default. Mexico owes $100 billion ---80% of it to American banks---and here's what is going to happen: about two weeks after the first country goes bankrupt, (we're going to survive that, because most of that (money of the first country) is owed to European banks---German, Swiss and French banks) but a second country is going to go down, probably Argentina or Brazil, and we'll kind of live that down and say: "Well, maybe it's not going to hurt," but two weeks after the first country goes down, Mexico's going to default on $100 billion.

And when the banks open the next day at 9 in the morning, $15 billion an hour is going to be withdrawn from our American banks -they're going to be running our banks---the Arabs---all the Latin American countries, they're going to be running our banks--and before the day is over, the USA is going to have to declare a "bank holiday."

And we're going into six months of the worst hell America has ever seen---there's going to be chaos---not even the National Guard's going to be able to quiet it down---we're going to have to call out the whole U.S. Army. --David Wilkerson, excerpt 1994 sermon