Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Why post news numbers? Two reasons.

First, when a nation is under judgment, its people struggle. I've noted before in the introductory paragraph to my NATION UNDER JUDGMENT posts that when a nation is under judgment its food sources are destroyed, its animals and livestock are stricken with illnesses and there are die-offs, homes and public buildings are destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do, they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. It is expensive to rebuild, repair and replace.

When a nation is under judgment, the curses of Deuteronomy 28 come upon that nation. The foreigner will be given special privileges, employment is hard to find as businesses struggle, the nation's military will struggle, homes and families fall apart.

Second, in ancient Egypt, the Hebrews struggled to make bricks for the Pharaoh's grandiose building projects. In America today, we are not asked to make bricks, but we are compelled to pay taxes and those taxes are used by President Obama to fund the projects he wants, and in some instances as part of what he wants to be remembered for, such as his Iran nuclear deal, his Paris climate treaty, his bringing thousands of Muslim refugees into this country, and for his social agenda, such as Planned Parenthood. And now our very tax agency, the IRS, is used to COMPEL people to pay for President Obama's 'signature' legacy, Obamacare, whether they want his Obamacare or not. In fact, people are FINED for not accepting it. And while every U.S. President has had his 'pet' projects, not only has President Obama been compared to more than one ancient Pharaoh, he is the President who has doubled our already enormous debt to fund his enormous ideologies.

Many of the numbers below are reflections of the reasons noted above.

1,250 jobs cut by Freightliner due to a reduction in orders for their trucks

1,400 manufacturing jobs abandon Indiana for Mexico

1,694 military deaths under President Obama, and his allies in media have failed to report a single one

3,000 millionaires fled Chicago in 2015

3,348 women tell Supreme Court about harm from abortion: It’s The ‘Daily Equivalent of 9/11’

3,681 murders charged to ex-Auschwitz medic

3,700 U.S. "Boots On The Ground" In Iraq

4,000 fired at BP

8,000 jobs cut by Boeing to compete with Airbus

11,000 jobs created in December 2015, not the Obama administration's reported 292,000

16,000 WalMart employees lose jobs when 269 stores close

20,000 jobs lost by world's fourth-largest oilfield services supplier

23,144 ways America created terrorists in 2015

28,000 ebola deaths in 2015

30,000 cattle killed in Texas blizzard

31,000 Islamic State Women Pregnant with Jihadi Babies

46,000 criminals turned out onto the streets by President Obama

46,000 drug traffickers in the federal pen approved for early release by President Obama
(Obama Regime Tells Landlords They Can’t Refuse Renting To Criminals Because That Could Be ‘Racist’ )

80,000 rockets from Iran to Hezbollah

95,000 illegal immigrant children flood US schools

100,000 more Muslim refugees promises Obama

260,000 military vets stripped of their gun rights

260,000 robots now working in U.S. factories

448,000 American jobs lost as consequence of Obamatrade

605,000 illegal aliens granted driver's licenses in California, which means they can drive legally across the entire vast United States, without being fined or facing fear of having their vehicle impounded


Now to the money:

$1,000 per month to Paying Criminals "Not To Kill"

$1,177 penalty for failing to buy Obamacare

$13,000 fine for couple who refused to host gay marriage in New York

$15,000 per couple to eat with President Obama at Hollywood fundraiser

$49,000 for air condition for Obama's town hall in Jamaica

$78,741 for Michelle Obama for transportation in Japan

$84,000 by EPA to study churches that preach climate change

$100,000 by EPA to study bedbugs in Alaska

$150,000 by Feds to study 'Mindful Eating Intervention' for Third-graders

$200,131 by Feds to get Hispanic workers to quit smoking

$238,500 in taxpayer money for creation of video game app to encourage condom use for gay men

$242,000 by Michelle Obama for hotels for 2 nights in Cambodia

$410,265 by Feds to study if first time for gay men is satisfying

$538,528 by VP Biden for hotel rooms for one night in Mexico City

$780,000 by Feds to see if college students can become addicted to pizza