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$1 billion: Black Friday sales for 2015 $1 billion less than Black Friday 2014

$1 billion: TSA Behavioral Screening Program Slammed as Ineffective “Junk Science”

$1 billion: Amount Toyota invests in artificial intelligence in the US

$1.5 billion: Amount given in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood over the last 3 years

$1.9 billion: Amount IRS union wants in funding

$2 billion: Amount in taxpayer dollars used to prop up Obamacare co-ops

$2.32 billion: Amount added to national debt EVERYDAY

$3 billion: Amount Obama has pledged to the UN's 'Green Climate Fund'

$3 billion: Amount American taxpayers will give to UN for its regular and peacekeeping budgets, more than what 185 other countries combined are paying

$3.5 billion: Amount federal workers owe in unpaid taxes

$3.9 billion: Amount debt up under John Boehner's spending deals

$4 billion: Minimum amount Obama has given to foreign companies in 'green energy' grants

$5 billion: Amount Post Office lost in FY2015

$5.6 billion: Amount IRS wasted on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits

$25 billion: Amount Fannie Mae could be insolvent

$50 billion: Amount given to Iranians JUST TO SIGN on the dotted line of Obama's nuclear deal

$66 billion: Amount Pentagon has spent rebuilding Afghanistan since 2002

$100 billion: Amount Pelosi-Boehner Medicare deal adds to deficit

$105 billion: Amount Chicago is underfunded for pensions

$125 billion: Oops, amount of improper payments dished out by federal agencies

$130 billion: Amount taxpayers will owe in the next ten years just for Medicare physician payments

$472 billion: Feds set record tax haul in April 2015

$578 billion: Amount national debt climbed in 22 days

$1223.7 billion: Amount of US debt China holds

$1224.4 billion: Amount of US debt Japan holds


$1.3 trillion: Amount taxpayers are on the hook for student loan defaults

$1.88 trillion: Cost of federal regulations in 2014

$2 trillion: Regulatory compliance costs per year

$3.5 trillion: Amount the EPA’s ozone regulations will eliminate in economic output by 2020

$8 trillion: Amount national debt has climbed during Obama's presidency

$10 trillion: the coming loss in paper wealth

$58.7 trillion: total US debt at end of 2014

$210 trillion: Fiscal gap, which is almost 12 times current GDP of $18 trillion; When the Great Recession began in 2007, the federal government's debt totaled about 40 percent of GDP. But that ratio surged to 78 percent of GDP in 2013.

$505 trillion: Amount in interest rate derivatives that could be in jeopardy - Michael Snyder

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On Monday I linked to this post by Michael Snyder:

Turkey: The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base And Where It Has Sold 800 Millions Dollars Of Oil

Today, you really should read this companion story:

Is This What Drudge Was Alluding To in Vague Tweet?)

And here are two more perspectives:

NATO, Turkey And America Playing Russian Roulette - There's No Turning Back Now!


Isn't it interesting this 'same-time' frame warning for Obama's political home town?

Warning: If You Live Anywhere Near Chicago, Brace Yourself For Massive Rioting


While this administration pushes the American people to be envious of the "one percenters" and to covet what they have, the truth is the "one percenters" don't force you to hand over your money to them via taxes, the US government does.

Here is how they spend your tax dollars.

Whether you approve or not is irrelevant.

$1 Million: Dead people CAN get Social Security benefits

$2 Million: So Obama could give some late-night laughs

$5 Million: Pentagon paid NFL for events to honor troops

$6 Million: DNC's debt, and is running up a deficit each month

$8 Million: VA buys then destroys unused solar panels to make room for parking garage

$8 Million: IRS buys office furniture and toys

$8 Million: Yale student protesters claim money needed to reduce racism, or something

$15 Million: Muslim 'Clock Boy' sues Texas school for damages

$16 Million: Amount Bill Clinton has received in taxpayer-funded benefits since leaving WH

$20 Million: Feds teach Guatemalan mothers to know when their babies are hungry

$34 Million: Pentagon built facility in Afghanistan but never used it

$43 Million: Spent on gas station in Afghanistan

$44 Million: Michelle Obama's ‘vacation’ travel expenses
(gg note: Well! Bill Clinton's $16 million since 2000 doesn't look so bad now.)

$100 Million: To address "diversity and racism" at Brown University

$113 Million: Cost for marine terminal for failed offshore windfarm

$134 Million: Customs and Border Patrol estimated costs for 'future influx' of illegal alien children

$142 Million: VA awarded bonuses to troubled offices

$201 Million: HHS needs additional Obamacare navigators

$212 Million: STD group lobbies for federal funding to fight epidemic of syphilis among gay men that has dramatically increased since 2008

$214 Million: Despite Amtrak losses, employees still get bonuses

$348 Million: NRA has best financial year yet

$595 Million: EPA Admits New Biofuel Standard Will Be Costly

??? Millions: Fidel Castro doesn't know the EXACT amount but claims US owes Cuba, like, a lot


Millions of taxpayers seeking assistance from IRS were HUNG UP ON; IRS claims those funds were needed to implement Obamacare

Millions of new Obamacare enrollees needed to prevent program from collapsing

Millions of Americans have no choice but to line up at food banks

Millions of U.S. Children on Food Stamps in 2014

Millions of US jobs could be lost to robots in the next few decades

Millions of spiders are currently infesting a neighborhood in Memphis

Millions of dead fish found near the tiny Sanibel Island south west Florida

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Thirty-Two Days to Economic Doom; the "Black Swan Event" everyone fears

We Mathematically Have The Largest Financial Hurricane Of All Time Coming And Will Be A Direct Hit Worldwide

DoubleLine's Gundlach Warns "These Markets Are Falling Apart"

Global Trade (Still) In Freefall: Imports Collapse At Largest Three US Ports

Four US Firms With $4.8 Billion In Debt Warned This Week They May Default Any Minute

If The Economy Is Fine, Why Are So Many Hedge Funds, Energy Companies And Large Retailers Imploding? - Michael Snyder

The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse - Michael Snyder

The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low - Michael Snyder

Here Is The Complete Scenario In Which The Fed Hikes Rates, Starts A Recession, And Launches QE4

Gov’t Officially Steals More Than Thieves: “Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014″

US govt. admits Social Security going bankrupt; warns public should be given 'adequate time to prepare' for the collapse

Congress proposes chilling resolution on Social Security

The Debt Is Infinity: By The Time There Is $60 Trillion In Existence, The Debt Will Be Some Multiple Of That Number

Mega Merger of Botox and Viagra Makers Sets Off Alarm in US Treasury

Sprott Unleashed: “Everything is a Lie… They’ve Got To Pretend There Is An Economic Recovery Happening”

Oil May Plunge to $20, Signalling Economic Disaster: “The Numbers Are Dreadful And Unprecedented”

Watching Greece, Puerto Rico, South America:

"Social Explosion" Begins In Greece As Massive Street Protests Bring Economy To A Fresh Halt

Puerto Rico Bond Yields Hit Record Highs, Jack Lew was wrong again (now 450bps 'riskier' than Greece)

Stagflation Ahead: Goldman Is "Unreservedly Disappointed" With Latin America

Microsoft Just Gave Brazilian Consumers A Stunning Inflationary Wake Up Call

Oil Slides On Venezuela Warning, Soaring Dollar

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Since I couldn't get this posted on Friday, here you go:

After Paris, Obama’s Abandonment of Leadership

"Bunch of killers with good social media," Obama sniffs at suggestion that ISIS isn't JV

Cheney: Obama to Blame for Rise of ISIS

Discrimination: 2,098 Syrian Muslim Refugees Allowed Into America, Only 53 Christians

Enemy is within the gates and he sits in the Oval Office

France's war against the Jews - Caroline Glick

GOP rhetoric 'potent recruiting tool' for ISIS claims Obama

How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks' - Bill Whittle

Incredible shrinking President

Just Hours After Obama Taunts GOP With ‘Widows’ Female Suicide Bomber Explodes In Paris

Kiss the Devil: Paris and the Devil's Song

Leaflets dropped to ISIS from US warning fuel truck drivers to scatter

M and M candies explain Syrian refugee crisis

No joke: Biden says ISIS does not pose 'an existential threat' to the US

Obama wants to defeat America, not ISIS

Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened And All Hell Is Breaking Loose - Michael Snyder

Question from CNN's Jim Acosta on ISIS really irritates Obama

Russia Explains To Clueless US Public Why Obama Can't Defeat ISIS

Sunnis are Obama's preferred Muslims to enter US, why he loves them and hates Christians

Turkey: The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base And Where It Has Sold 800 Millions Dollars Of Oil - Michael Snyder

US Centcom Accused Of Lying To President, Congress, Public About Airstrikes, Ground Fight

Vetting form for Obama administration

Why Hillary and Obama Prefer Islam to Christianity

X-CIA director Woolsey says Obama 'piddling around' with weak ISIS air strikes

Yes, that's how we feel

Zoo footage shows penguins in escape attempt
(gg note: Thought I would close with some humor.)

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In the meantime, here is the latest from Jason A:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


"'American leadership,' is not some notion I'm interested in pursuing"

'Boink' - Obama's military strategy against ISIS (cartoon)

CIA initially trained ISIS terrorists in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government, now control parts of Syria and Iraq

D.C. in crosshairs of ISIS

Eyes to see - cindy by the sea

French reporter to Obama: "Isn't it time to change your ISIS strategy?"

Geller: Obama’s Version of America Is the ‘Shameful’ One

Hollande is making Obama look like a fool

'I Shudder to Think What ISIS Looks Like Uncontained'

July 2015: ISIS Terrorist Threatens to ‘Fill the Streets of Paris With Dead Bodies’

Kevin McCullough: How Obama contained ISIS

Legacies . . . (cartoon)

McTernan: As France Has Done to Israel

Nuke could be smuggled into US through Mexican border claims ISIS

Obama sticks to his unloaded guns, won't send troops to the Middle East, says Paris attack was a 'setback'

Parallels: The Roman Empire, The European Union, And Mass Migration

Quran and the Siege of Paris (David Wood)

Reporter left visibly angry and 'seething' after Obama's responses to Q and A on ISIS

State Department poised to exclude Christians as victims of ISIS genocide

Thousands of Syrian refugees to be resettled in the US to be increased

Un-American to not accept Muslims, Obama lectures Americans on what values they should have

'Vetting' Syrian refugees, the shocking source used

Why Islam is a religion of war

X-Gitmo Inmate Transitions Into ISIS Recruiter in Afghanistan

Yezidis facing genocide at hands of ISIS butchers

Zerohedge: How the world views Obama's ISIS strategy (cartoon)

Monday, November 16, 2015


My heart goes out to the victims of the terror attack in Paris. The attacks were absolutely horrific to watch unfold on Friday.

I think it is interesting to note how, since President Obama's debut on OUT magazine, several events have made him look ridiculous and even foolish.

First, the most obvious, the Paris attacks.

Multiple news sources all day Saturday noted that just a few hours BEFORE the Paris terror attack, President Obama said that ISIS was 'contained.' A few hours AFTER the Paris attack, the White House was trying to 'clarify' that remark.

White House Defends Obama Claim That ISIS ‘Contained’: He Meant ‘Geographically’ In Iraq And Syria

Only the Mizzou protesters are going to believe that. Speaking of which . . .

Mizzou protesters angry Paris attacks stole their spotlight

One can only shake their head in disbelief at them.

And at this . . .

U.S. Embassy In Paris Turns Away Americans During Terrorist Attacks

and even more so at this:

Obama releases 5 more Gitmo detainees upon the world in wake of Paris terror attacks

And while Dr. James White is not wanting to say anything right now about the Paris attacks, he was pretty prescient just TWO DAYS BEFORE the attack.

Here is what Michael Snyder has to say about the attacks . . . :

Widespread Terrorism Is Just Part Of The Perfect Storm That Is Now Descending On The Western World

and the New York Post:

The Jihadis Master Plan to Break Us

We may want to heed their words as ISIS has promised they are not thru.

Report: ISIS: “American Blood Is The Best And We Will Taste It Soon”

On Oct 29, All News Pipeline asked this question:

Is ISIS Preparing Massive Slaughter? Hundreds of young men go missing from refugee camps

However, neither Paris attacks or ISIS promises will stop President Obama's 'I-know-what's-best-for-America' agenda from being implemented.

Obama recommits to taking more Syrian refugees

Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Being Resettled By Obama Could End Up In 48 Out Of 50 U.S. States

Maps Of Mosques, Refugees And Terrorism Paint A Disturbing Picture

Obama's attitude may be because he isn't looking.

Top placed US intelligence insider calls out Obama administration for turning blind eye toward ISIS rise


Next, Putin.

Am I the only one who thinks it should have been Putin running after Obama for the photo op? Didn't think so.

Putin laughs off Obama at G20 summit

Obama: Putin’s not challenging my leadership in Syria, and besides, I’m ‘leading on climate change’

22 Times Obama Admin Declared Climate Change a Greater Threat than Terrorism


Then, Iran.

Ummmm . . . Iran is doing what Israel said Iran would do.

Iran No Longer Dismantling Centrifuges In Two Uranium Enrichment Plants; hardliners complained that the deactivation of centrifuges contradicted the directives of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

And while they are feeling feisty, they want Obama to squirm a little bit. Publicly. (Hint: US means Obama.)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Today Demands US ‘Apologize’ For Past Behavior

Given his past practice with his 'apology tour,' this is probably doable for him.


I've written before about my perspective on watching dates, but here it is again.

We are in the last days, and we have been told to watch for certain events. I think living here in Oklahoma has done more to help me understand watching than any other place I've lived in the US (which includes seven other states).

Here in Oklahoma, our local meteorologists are pretty good at letting us know when weather conditions are setting up for trouble. Does that mean we will get severe weather outbreaks? Yes and no.

Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. There are times when the torcon (tornado conditions) is at a 6, and we can get ONE long track tornado that is half mile wide and wipes out just a barn and 4 cows. Other times, it can be at 3, and we will have 20 small ones in one night that seem to be everywhere.

This past May we had one night where we had to run for the storm cellar 3 times! Tornadoes were that close. We could see debris flying thru the air from the next road over as we were running. It was crazy. Our neighbor's horses were trying to jump their fencing.

All that to say, watching has never equaled 'coming to pass.' It just means pay attention. That is why I have no problem with those who advise to pay attention on certain days.

I think it is dangerous to label anyone who is a watcher as a 'false prophet' if a watch date comes and goes without incident.

This nation deserves judgment. We have killed 50 million babies. That alone warrants judgment. Wrath is deserved. And all the mocking and scorn from Bible deniers won't change that.

Here is a thought I've been having concerning dates that have come and gone: they seem to be 'winnowing' out those who are looking for an excuse to not look for Jesus' return.

What I mean is this: those who understand watching, those who are watchmen, will continue to watch regardless of whether or not a particular event happened on a particular day or not. We understand, like meteorologists, that the conditions were setting up for trouble.

This past week, when I posted about severe weather setting up from Houston to Chicago on Weds, we were told here, 60% chance of rain and some severe weather was possible. We did not get a single drop of rain, not one hailstone. However, we had winds that roared at close to 60 mph for most of the day. I have downed tree limbs, overturned yard stuff, toppled planters, and because we are at the top of a hill, I watched my car shaking back and forth so hard in the wind I would not have been surprised if by the end of the day it had been laying on its side in the driveway. What a mess! We were told it might be windy. So even professional forecasters with ginormous computers can't get it right sometimes.

As a different example, various groups were very interested in 'watching' the meeting that took place between Obama and Netanyahu. This was an important meeting. Two very important leaders met and because they have a history of not really getting along and both are policy makers in their respective home countries, many wanted to 'watch' to hear what they said to each other, and to try and, perhaps more importantly, read the tea leaves on their body language towards each other. The relationship between these two men has been described as 'stormy,' 'on collision course,' and 'volatile.' People (TV talking heads, Congressmen, think tank brains, political writers and even humble bloggers) 'watched' to see these two men interact because their past interactions have proven that there is usually nothing dull about these two men when they meet.  Conditions were setting up for a potential storm.

Again, another example: 'watching' the interaction between Obama and Putin at the G20. Putin is another man that President Obama cannot stand, and while he is often civil when speaking with Putin, Obama can be counted on to say something ugly once he is away from Putin. Interestingly enough, Obama pushed the video of him meeting with Putin so people could 'watch' him (Obama) looking all 'tough' and 'serious' while talking with Putin about Syria (see previous post).

And on a much lesser scale, a few scientists and amateur astronomers 'watched' a piece of incoming unknown space junk on Friday the 13th because no one knew where it would land, or how much of it would burn up in the atmosphere before terrestrial contact, or even if it could be identified before it was destroyed. To not watch would have been taking chances.

No one criticizes those who watch such events (meetings between Obama and other heads of states) if the meetings don't produce fireworks. No one criticizes meteorologists who advise watching the skies because their computers are showing dangerous weather conditions (tornadoes, blizzards, flooding, heat waves) setting up, and the weather fizzled out. (At least no one should.)

Having said all that, I would advise that there be a difference between setting a watch date and setting a date. If you believe you see certain events lining up on certain days and you want to tell people why you are watching that particular day and what you think might happen, then I'm okay with that. If others are persuaded by your arguments or observations and want to watch with you, I'm okay with that as well.

I know that quite a few people were watching November 11 believing a major event could happen. Though nothing specific happened on November 11, I think it terribly interesting that less than 48 hours after, on November 13, France had a major terrorist attack that has been called their '9/11.' When you have about 500 dead or wounded, people running for their lives, air travel shut down, and martial law enacted, that is pretty significant.

What I am not okay with is being dogmatic and pushing people to 'be ready because it's gonna happen.' There is a certain level of arrogance in this kind of insistence that is not healthy for the 'pusher' or certainly not for the 'pushee.'

At the end of the day, we are to watch because that is what Jesus told us to do. The day will come. Very few will be prepared.

Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning: --Mark 13:35

Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. --I Thessalonians 5:6

Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. --Proverbs 8:34

Friday, November 13, 2015


Appalachia's bitter, crushing poverty is a preview of what is coming to the rest of the country - Michael Snyder

Blue whale carcass washes up on the Oregon Coast, the first in more than a century, emaciated, blubber layer only 4 inches thick rather than the usual 12 inches; blue whales are largest animals on earth

China warns US "Get Away From Our Islands!" after Obama has B52 fly close

Did Russia Just "Gently" Threaten The USA? Claims Obama has refused every single Russian offer to negotiate about the US anti-missile system in Europe

Extreme radiation on California beach leads nuclear inspectors to abandon duties; radioactive waste threatens locals, environment

Freight transportation is a gauge into how well the real economy is doing. And it just keeps getting worse

'Gay' rape report claiming that male-on-male sexual assaults in the military may be higher than Pentagon was reporting has been forced to be retracted

Hamtramck, Michigan's new Muslim majority city council member issues warning: non-Muslims move or else

ISIS' beheader Jihadi John "evaporated" in US airstrikes

Jeremiah Wright: Jesus was Palestinian

Keystone Pipeline Killed: Obama afraid approval would hurt his legacy of trying to lead on environmental causes

Legislator Discovers New Ties Between University of Missouri and Planned Parenthood

Macy's sounds holiday alarm; retailers brace for heavy discounting

Nurse with Ebola meningitis released from isolation

Obama held hostage to his own Iran deal; Iran using threat of abandoning deal as leverage to prevent retaliation against rogue actions

Planned Parenthood President Defends Selling Aborted Baby Parts: Quit “Shaming” Us

Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Physicists Reveal Superposition of Ordered Events

Rapidly Rising Cost Of Living Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class In America - Michael Snyder

Stephen Hawking: There is no God and the theory of evolution better explains the origin of life - Michael Snyder

Ted Koppel Is Buying Freeze-Dried Food For The Day When A Cyberattack Takes Out The Power Grid - Michael Snyder

US and Russia are headed for a showdown, Obama thinks he can threaten the existence of Russia, without Russia defending herself

VA opens first transgender clinic for military veterans in Cleveland

White People Make Too Many Mistakes” – Black Coalition Seeks To Overthrow the Constitution

Xtraterrestrials could be living on planet and using something like solar panels claims British professor

‘Yale snowflakes’: who made these monsters?

Zombie plants come back to life after being frozen under a glacier for 400 years

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I wrote on Monday about the upcoming meeting between Obama and Netanyahu, and I noted several unusual events that occurred in the few days leading up to the meeting as well as anticipated events (severe weather warnings were already out for today). It has now been about 48 hours later, so here are some updates.


The meeting:

While Netanyahu and Obama had another bland White House session whose only purpose was to show that they can sit together in the same room without yelling at each other, the passive-aggressive attacks from Obama Inc. didn’t stop.

More earthquake warnings:

Oklahoma now the world's No. 1 earthquake area

More severe weather warnings:

The map for today's severe weather has broadened.

Monday's map:

Today's map:

Veterans Day Severe Weather Outbreak to Threaten 30 Million in Central US

Blizzard Conditions to Unfold From Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Denver on Wednesday

Kate won't make landfall, but will impact East Coast with strong surf

More war warnings:

Second missile fired off California's coast

Russia and China Are Now Creating A Separate Gold Market Away From The Dollar

As Yuan Rivals Dollar, U.S. Launches Ballistic Missiles Over West Coast: “Lit Up California”

Russia to deploy new weapons to counter US missile shield

More economic warnings:

Michael Snyder: We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession

Peter Schiff: "We're teetering on the edge of an official recession . . . It's going to be a horrible Christmas."

And considering David Wilkerson said to keep an eye on a South American country 'going under,' this story is of interest:

Venezuela Default Countdown Begins: After Selling Billions In Gold, Caracas Raids $467 Million In IMF Reserves, doing 'precisely what Greece did in July'

More Judgment warnings:

Franklin Graham: ‘Our Country Is In Trouble …. Without God There’s No Hope’

And this interesting development since the meeting:

Obama on OUT magazine

John McTernan: Obama Becomes First Sitting President to Pose for Cover of LGBT Magazine


4 Americans now held hostage by Iran

5 threatening Russian weapons

6 times deported, illegal alien now involved in deadly hit-and-run

6 US cities now have federalized police forces

6 steps White House is taking to prepare for massive EMP from space weather

9 Things Planned Parenthood Accomplished in 99 Years

10 demands illegal aliens are making in their own 'bill of rights'

11 times Obama golfs with ESPN host who compared tea party to ISIS

24 hours 7 days a week in all 50 states, ISIS' attempts to recruit drug addicts and the mentally ill in America is relentless

40 ISIS websites protected by US tech firm

40 dollars is all ISIS says they would pay for Michelle Obama

50 intelligence analysts say intel on ISIS cooked to fit Obama's 'JV' story

200 children executed by ISIS in mass murder

900 probes by Feds about ISIS operatives

1000s at Tehran rally shout 'Death to America'

1000s of Iranian and Cuban troops arrive in Syria

1000s of illegal aliens ordered deported still here, and Obama administration not keeping track

1000s of thugs ordered free from prison by President Obama

1000s of veterans wait for more than 90 days for medical help from Obama administration

1000s of Medical Studies Presented To FDA Riddled With Fraud

1000s of employees laid off from Chevron

46,471 Drug Overdoses Killed More Americans Than Car Crashes or Guns

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


NOV 10:

MAY 2012:

At White House Correspondents' Dinner, Obama joked about his second term.

In my first term, we ended the war in Iraq; in my second term, I will win the war on Christmas. (Laughter.) In my first term, we repealed the policy known as "don't ask, don't tell" -- (applause) -- wait, though; in my second term, we will replace it with a policy known as, it's raining men. (Laughter.) In my first term, we passed health care reform; in my second term, I guess I'll pass it again. (Applause.)(emphasis mine)

Urban dictionary:

Phrase used to describe a person, group of people or concept as being homosexual. the phrase originates from the song "It's raining men" by "The Weather Girls" . . . a song popular among the gay communities since it was released. often this is used to describe a person as being gay without using some trigger words which may arouse other listeners' suspicions. (emphasis mine)

So . . . he promised us he would 'come out' as gay in his 2nd term.


Last Tuesday I wrote a post titled INTERESTING CONNECTIONS. A comment made to me was that the companies and businesses I listed having economic troubles and being part of the 379 were 'just flukes.'

Let's look at the phrase 'just a fluke' from

But the Shorter Oxford says the first recorded use of "fluke" in the sense "a successful stroke made by accident or chance" is in 1857, and suggests that it derives either from a dialect word meaning "guess/miss in fishing" or is a pun on another meaning of "fluke", viz. "flounder" (the flatfish) - in other words, if you make a fluke, you're just floundering and your success is just due to luck. (emphasis mine)

I am pointing out that the 'connection' that all these businesses have in common is being on the SAME list, which is the list of 379 businesses that pushed for same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court.

If you wish to call them 'flukes' instead of 'connections,' by all means do so.

Want to look at some more 'flukes' found due to 'just luck'? because I've got a BUNCH bookmarked.

Since signing on to the list of 379, here are more companies that have since run into serious financial trouble, or scandals:


NOV 7: A 127-year-old American industry is in danger of disappearing

Alcoa announced that it was halting smelting operations at its Intalco Works (583 employees) and Wenatchee plants (428 employees) in Washington state, its Massena West plant in New York (500 employees) and that it was curtailing alumina refining capacity at its Point Comfort facility in Texas.

American Apparel:

OCT 5: The company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. on October 5, 2015; one of the largest apparel manufacturers in North America, had not made a profit since 2009.

As of September 2015, American Apparel was trying hard to avoid bankruptcy as it scrambled to raise money to pay down US $ 15.4 million debt due in October, 2015. It was struggling to find funds as it prepared to report a torrid set of financial results in the coming weeks.

The clothes retailer warned investors in August 2015 that it won’t have enough cash to “sustain operations for the next twelve months” which raises “substantial doubt that we may be able to continue as a going concern”. The firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 5, 2015.


NOV 10: Apple Cuts Component Orders By 10% Due To Weak iPhone 6s Demand: Credit Suisse

"iPhone supply chain orders have weakened recently. In our view, the continued weak supply chain news could weigh on Apple shares for the next few weeks/quarters."

Deutsche Bank:

OCT 7: The First Crack: Deutsche Bank Preannounces Massive Loss, May Cut Dividend

Oct 29: Deutsche Bank Reports Massive Loss, Will Cut 35,000 Jobs, Exit 10 Countries In Sweeping Overhaul

NOV 6: Deutsche Bank: "This Is Yet Another Sign Showing How Broken The Financial Market Is Around The World"

Direct TV:

AUG 14: Direct TV and Dish Network hit hard by cord-cutting in Q2 2015 (International Business Times)

. . . for the three months ended June 30. The report estimates that the pay-TV industry lost a collective 625,000 subscribers in the second quarter, with the direct broadcast satellite, or DBS, sector accounting for almost half of the losses


NOV 10: Unicorns Dropping Like Flies: First Dropbox; Then Square; Now Fidelity Cuts Snapchat Valuation By 25%

First it was Dropbox. Two weeks ago we reported that one of the numerous "unicorns" prancing around Silicon Valley was about to have a very rude wake up call when Dropbox was warned by its investment bankers that it would be unable to go public at a valuation anywhere near close to what its last private round . . . (emphasis mine)

FLASHBACK: Silicon Valley Led the Effort for Same Sex Marriage


NOV 10: Facebook, McDonald's and Amazon Among 11 Companies to Face EU Tax Grilling (Bloomberg)

These three companies are on the list of 379 as well as: Apple, Barclays, Coca-Cola, Disney, HSBC Holdings, Starbucks, and Wal-mart.

Amazon . . . said in a U.S. filing that its taxes could increase in case of a negative decision by the EU in its case.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings (and Marriott International):

NOV 3: Hilton is the latest hotel suspected of blocking customers’ personal Wi-Fi

It always seemed improbable that Marriott was the only one. Last year the hotel chain paid $600,000 to America’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to settle a complaint that it had blocked customers’ personal wireless modems and hotspots at “at least one” of its hotels, forcing customers to sign up for expensive in-house internet access instead. Now Hilton has found itself in hot water over the same charge.


NOV 10: JPMorgan Among Victims of Vast Criminal Hacking Enterprise (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. was among the targets of the biggest theft of customer data from U.S. financial institutions in history, prosecutors said . . .

New England Patriots:

MARCH 5: Patriots Among 379 Companies to Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage

MAY 11: Tom Brady will be suspended by Roger Goodell for role in Deflategate

Tom Brady will be the highest-profile player ever suspended in the 96-year history of the NFL.

NOV 6: Now PATRIOTS Under Microscope For Winning 19 Of Last 25 Coin Flips… Probability 0.0073%


NOV 10: Trump Suggests Boycotting Starbucks Over Red Cups Controversy

Mr Trump told his audience last night: “Did you read about Starbucks? No more Merry Christmas on Starbucks. Maybe we should boycott Starbucks."

(gg note: This is not about what I think of Christmas or Donald Trump, but that this is a controversy that keeps getting bigger, and because of Donald Trump's following, Starbucks probably has a PR nightmare forming on their hands. The article notes that the British are not happy about this, which indicates a controversy that is not contained within the US but threatens to spread globally. Probably not what Starbucks wanted.)

Too-big-to-fail banks:

In last week's post, noted JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, State Street Corp, and Morgan Stanley had been placed on downgrade watch by S and P, and that these banks were all on the list of 379. I found this from Michael Snyder bookmarked in my April file.

APR 13: The Six Too Big To Fail Banks In The U.S. Have 278 TRILLION Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

NOV 10: US Banks Are Not "Sound", Fed Report Finds

Monday, November 9, 2015


President Obama will be meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington today.

The headlines I've been reading the last several days indicate that no one really expects these two men to have, as President Obama has snarked in the past, a 'kumbaya' moment. The sad thing is, given Obama's history of meanness, this expectation is not unexpected.

Showdown at the OK Corral; Why Obama has no intention of letting bygones be bygones in his upcoming meeting with Netanyahu --Caroline Glick

Netanyahu, Obama Poised for First Talks Since Iran Deal

No good news in the Mid East for Obama or Netanyahu when they meet Monday

Bad tidings await Netanyahu on US trip

Obama, Netanyahu Look to Mend Fractured Relationship

3 Blood Moons: Obama to Broker Peace Treaty between Israel and Palestine?

However, The Telegraph is reporting the following:

White House gives up on Israeli-Palestinian two state solution peace deal

Does anyone really believe this?

Given President Obama's LONG history of insisting on his way on ANYTHING he wants, I cannot bring myself to believe that he would allow Benjamin Netanyahu to thwart his lust for this elusive feather in his cap concerning his all-important legacy. Obama is simply not going to let an unimportant nobody like Netanyahu 'cheat' him out of getting his way.

Not gonna happen.

As Obama prepares to meet with (more likely confront) Netanyahu, this blog has often in the past looked at other events taking place, or within 48 hours of such meetings. Just in the past few days leading up to this meeting, there have been several really interesting events. In the past we have noted primarily storms or political events, and there's been that, but even more.


Earthquake warnings:

For starters, the earth has been rattling. We've really been shaking here in Oklahoma.

Series of earthquakes rattle Oklahoma

All the earthquakes throughout the Pacific and along the West Coast caught Michael Snyder's attention.

Violent Shaking Along The Ring Of Fire Continues A Progression Of Disasters That Began In September

Mary Greeley reported that there has been an earthquake swarm as well as magma intrusion and some uplift at Yellowstone. She notes that the underground magma plume seems to be moving toward the north.

Yellowstone Supervolcano Report: Earthquake: Swarm, GPS Uplift Plots MT

Personally, I'm not sure what I think of the YouTuber dutchsince, but will go ahead and include the link to his post from yesterday.

11/08/2015 — West Pacific Earthquake progression across multiple hundred miles — Major Unrest Activity

And the earthquake swarm in San Ramon, California, has not settled yet. (Since this post at Extinction Protocol, the swarm is up to nearly 600 quakes.)

Scientists mystified by ever-rising San Francisco Bay area seismic swarm – 450 quakes in two weeks

We probably should also keep in mind that Michael Snyder, on November 1, noted that a dangerous volcano has been stirring to life. With all the activity we've been seeing along the 'ring of fire' in the last few days, we might want to keep his observations on the radar, so to speak.

One Of The Most Dangerous Volcanoes In North America Is Roaring To Life


Severe weather warnings:

As noted above, when Obama has pushed the two-state solution on Israel in the past, we've seen severe weather. This time is no exception.

Tropical Depression 12 has become Tropical Storm Kate near the Bahamas

While Kate is not expected to make landfall anywhere in the US, it is interesting to note that Kate's name is a form of Katrina. Behind the indicates the name could mean "of the two," or "torture." In the "Katharina" form, it means "pure."

Unlike Kate, though, severe weather is threatening the US mainland, Obama's home town of Chicago is under the gun on Wednesday for bad weather, including the possibility of tornadoes.

Severe Weather to Target Houston to Chicago on Veterans Day


War Warnings:

As if this weren't enough, there was quite a bit of drama off California's coast Saturday night. Michael Snyder also wrote about that event.

Why Did The U.S. Launch A Nuclear Missile That Would Be Visible From L.A. Without Any Warning?

As did a few others:

Was the Trident Missile Launch a Precursor to WW III or Civil War?

Was Massive, Mysterious Explosion In California Desert Tied To Mysterious Light In California Sky On Same Saturday Night?

Thermonuclear missile launch near Los Angeles is final sign of World War III on the precipice... US, China and Russia all escalating covert attacks in run up to global war

Photographer Captures Amazing Time-Lapse Video Of Trident Ballistic Missile Launch

Should we couple that uneasy event with these recent warnings?

China Warning Goes Out 'Prepare For The Worst'

It's On: Obama Sends Destroyer To Chinese Islands, China Vows Military Response

With US Warships En Route To Islands, China Asks: "What On Earth Makes Them Think We Will Tolerate This?"

China Warns U.S. It Risks Sparking A War If It Doesn't Stop "Provocative Acts"

Michael Snyder just looked at this situation a few days ago:

‘Mentally Unstable’ Obama Looking To Start A War With China?

And Russia isn't helping:

Legendary US Army Commander Says Russia Would “Annihilate” US In Head-To-Head Battle

FLASHBACK: Dumitru Duduman, April 1996: "When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning."


Economic warnings:

And, wait, there's more!  There is terrible economic news just ahead of this meeting. Again, Snyder is on top of this story as well.

Former Reagan Administration Official Warns That Financial Disaster Is Dead Ahead

"US Debt Is 3 Times More Than You Think" Warns Former Chief US Accountant

162 Days Later, The Treasury Finally Updates The Total US Debt Number, And It Is...

Eric Sprott – US IS Broke and By Far the Biggest Issue, There Has to be a Collapse Way Bigger Than 2008


Judgment warnings:
< Rev. Graham: Biblical ‘End Times’ Predict ‘Distress of Nations,’ Which ‘Is Certainly the Case Today’ given events in the Middle East, Israel, Russia, China, Europe and in Washington, D.C.

Franklin Graham: When Nation Rejects Biblical Law the 'End Is Near'

Friday, November 6, 2015


Ancient 'Colossus of Rhodes,' toppled by earthquake in 226 B.C., now subject of multinational team to rebuild

Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030 - Michael Snyder

CDC scientists admits destroying evidence linking vaccines to autism

Death penalty should only be for whites is suggested by Hillary Clinton while speaking in New Hampshire

Earthquakes in Oklahoma are becoming a national security risk

Fukushima waste now found off ALL WEST US coastlines:  Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, with highest radiation just miles from SAN FRANCISCO

"Gay" rape in military underreported by Pentagon (Washington Times)

High school girls forced to undress next to naked boys who think they're girls, according to new Fed rules

Insurance co-ops across America are collapsing because of Obamacare, and now there is fraud

Jihadis associated with ISIS likely took down that Russian jet by planting a bomb on board say US officials

Kuroshio ocean current, which travels from Japan to the western coast of Mexico, the US and Canada and back again, conspicuously absent from recent NASA video; current suspected of bringing Caesium-137 from Fukushima

Liberals Explain How Stay-at-Home Parents Cheat the Almighty State Out of Taxes

Man who can handle CNBC but not Putin wonders how Republicans will handle Putin if they can’t handle CNBC

"No thug left behind," Obama to issue executive order directing federal employers to no longer ask applicants if they have a criminal past

Ozone hole at South Pole getting wider claims UN climate agency

Pumpkins contribute to climate change, according to Dept of Energy

Quinnipiac University poll graphics totally screwed up by MSNBC (How many errors can you spot? Hint: apparently Hispanics all look alike.)

Russian military showing capabilities no-one expected

Social Experimentation is Degrading Our Military Readiness warns General

TPP: "It's worse than we thought"

Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions could be underway at Fukushima; Tellerium-132 detected over 100 miles from plant

Verizon Begins Scanning and Censoring Customer Emails

What causes supervolcanoes to explode? Yellowstone's massive magma chamber tracked by supercomputers

Xtraterrestrial evangelists, Great Deception Begins This December As Network TV “Prepares The World” For Arrival Of Aliens

Yellen cannot raise rates; derivatives would blow up around the world, banks would close their doors

"Zombie" beaten to death by friend who had been 'binge-watching' 'The Walking Dead"

Thursday, November 5, 2015


World Net Daily has another article by forensic profiler Andrew G. Hodges on President Obama, this time taking a look at what Obama is 'really saying' when speaking of his Iran deal.

Obama's rage fueling Iran deal, forensic profiler says; 'Staggering image reveals plans to threaten world by changing nuclear bomb climate'

Hodges notes in this article, "He warns us he’s slipping mentally – his judgment impaired."

On October 28, Michael Snyder also wondered if Obama is mentally slipping.

‘Mentally Unstable’ Obama Looking To Start A War With China?

These two men are not the first to question Obama's mental stability. Here are 8 others who have connected Obama's name to words associated with madness.

OCT 2015: Unnamed EU diplomat says his government thinks Obama is mentally ill

MAY 2015: Ben Carson Defends Comments Comparing Obama to 'Psychopath'

SEPT 2014: Ralph Peters: 'Psychological Problem' Makes Obama Indecisive

APRIL 2014: Is Obama a psychopath?

DEC 2013: The Schizophrenia of Barack Obama

FEB 2013: Bob Woodward: Obama is showing a kind of madness I haven't seen in a long time

AUG 2012: A Shrink Asks: What’s Wrong With Obama?

APRIL 2010: French leader Sarkozy slams Obama, warns he might be insane

And there's this comparison of Obama:

to this iconic image from the AMC TV series Mad Men:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015



NOV 2015: The Unhackable iPhone Has Been Compromised: ‘Intelligence Agencies Can Intercept Calls, Messages, and Access Data’

JUNE 2015: Silicon Valley Led the Effort for Same Sex Marriage


Oct 13-27: San Ramon, California, experiences swarm of 400+ earthquakes, four times the previous swarm of 2003

Oct 9: California Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill that forces pregnancy centers to promote abortions

Interesting to note that the name Ramon is a form of Raymond. Look at this from Behind the Name website:

From the Germanic name Raginmund, composed of the elements ragin "advice" and mund "protector". The Normans introduced this name to England in the form Reimund. It was borne by several medieval (mostly Spanish) saints, including Saint Raymond Nonnatus, the patron of midwives and expectant mothers, and Saint Raymond of Peñafort, the patron of canonists. (emphasis mine)


OCT 2015: The blogger who brought down Chicago Public Schools chief

(Note that the blogger wrote her findings on her blog first in JULY 2013.)

FEB 2013: New sex ed policy adopted by the Chicago Board of Education in February to begin this school year, sex-ed to begin in kindergarten and promote gay lifestyle


AUG 2015: Legionnaires' disease: GSK's North Carolina plant closed after bacteria found in cooling tower

JUNE 2015: GSK one of the 379 companies to push for same-sex marriage


OCT 31: Emergency officials advised trick-or-treaters in the Houston area to beware of flooded streets after storms dumped up to 8 inches of rain (Hickory Record)

OCT 16: First "Greater Church of Lucifer" will open later this month in a Houston suburb, just in time for Halloween


OCT 2015: McDonald’s has fallen on hard times, significant number of franchises are currently insolvent or seriously in the red

JUNE 2015: McDonald's among 154 companies calling for same-sex marriage in Australia (The Guardian)

Too-big-to-fail banks:


JUNE 2015: All banks listed in the link above were part of the 379 companies that signed onto Supreme Court brief arguing for same-sex marriage


OCT 2015: Wal-Mart’s Worst Stock Crash In 27 Years Is Another Sign That The Economy Is Rapidly Falling Apart - Michael Snyder

JUNE 2015: Same-sex marriage: How Walmart became one of the biggest corporate supporters (Fortune magazine)