Monday, March 16, 2015


Might this be important? When reading this article, Op-Ed: The fallacy of Obama’s Iran policy, I noticed this bit of information (emphasis mine):

Obama’s appeasement to Iran is especially highlighted in how much the Obama administration has bent to Iranian demands without getting much in return. . . . A report in Free Bacon asserted that in return, Iran would receive sanctions relief, international legitimacy, and assurances that there would be no military action taken against them. There would be no limitations on their intercontinental ballistic missiles programs, their support for international terrorism, their enrichment of plutonium, and their widespread human rights violations . . .

Reading this I asked myself, does Obama's 'assurances of no military action against Iran' extend to Israel? If so, what happens if Israel decides to strike?

And . . . why no limitations on Iran's ICBMs?

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FRIDAY, MARCH 20: There is a possibility of a nuclear deal being agreed between the P5 + 1 nations and Iran next Friday, 20th March. This may be the precursor for energy stocks to recouple to downside and for spending cuts to spread from capex to dividends for majors.



As the State Department has been coming against Israel . . .

'New Israel Fund' received more than $1 million from US State Dept

we are learning three things.

1. That former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is getting mired down in an email scandal that doesn't look so good.

When it comes to the Clintons, perjury is merely an inconvenient speed bump on their five decade road to absolute power

Krauthammer: It's not over for Hillary; she either committed a felony or perjury

Now it's a full-blown document destruction scandal

And it looks like, according to the New York Post, that the White House very much wanted the news about her private email server to be known.

NY Post: Valerie Jarrett leaked Hillary's private email use to press -- to avenge for the 2014 midterm losses!

Apparently there is more gloating than sympathy from Hillary's former boss.

Obama mocks Hillary over email scandal

Actually, not surprised by that report.

2. We are learning that that 'email avoidance syndrome' wasn't limited to just Hillary in the State Department.

Inspector General Announces ILLEGAL Discovery About Obama’s State Dept; apparently only 61,000 emails of over one billion created were actually archived


And 3. The current Secretary of State John Kerry's home state of Massachusetts keeps making astonishing weather news.

Giant chunks of ice wash ashore on beaches in Cape Cod

Boston Breaks Seasonal Snowfall Record with 108.6 Inches

John Kerry’s Train Wreck Time As Secretary Of State Summed Up Perfectly In Two Sunday Headlines