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For today’s post I wish to respond to feedback from several readers of this blog expressing mostly dismay about the video I linked to in last Friday’s post that included a segment with Jim Bakker.

Yes, I am fully aware who Jim Bakker is. Most Christians in the 1980s watched his life fall apart very publicly after he was involved in a sex scandal and dishonest accounting practices with his television ‘ministry,’ the PTL Club. After a trial, Bakker was sentenced to 45 years in prison but served about 5.

Back in August of 2014, I had listened to one of Lyn Leahz’s videos that another blog had linked to. In that particular video, there was no clip of Jim Bakker, or I might not have continued listening anymore. Until that time I had never heard of Lyn Leahz, but I liked what she had to say.

One afternoon while resting with my eyes shut (because of a headache) I decided I wanted to listened to something rather than do nothing, so I decided to listen to Lyn Leahz, so picked a video at random and listened. She had included a clip of 2 men talking about David Wilkerson, which immediately got my attention.

The men were saying that David Wilkerson had been a true prophet of God, and read several passages from Wilkerson’s book, Racing Toward Judgment. Then one of the men said that after hearing David Wilkerson he had had to repent at Wilkerson’s preaching because when David Wilkerson preached against prosperity preachers, ‘he had been preaching against me.’

I popped my eyes open and thought, “Who is this?” I didn’t recognize the man at all. He continued speaking saying that Wilkerson had been right and he had been wrong and that when he was in prison he had actually read the Bible all the way thru and was heartbroken to learn that he had been so wrong.

I thought, “Who was in prison? Who is this guy?”

After a minute or so, I got my answer, Jim Bakker’s name popped up.

I was in shock.

Wait, what?

After that day I listened to several more Lyn Leahz videos and in a few of those she did include clips from Bakker.

I went to the entry at wikipedia on Jim Bakker.


Bakker has renounced his past teachings on prosperity theology, saying they were wrong. In his 1996 book, I Was Wrong, he admitted that the first time he actually read the Bible all the way through was while he was in prison, and that it made him realize he had taken certain passages out of context — passages which he had used as "proof texts" to back up his prosperity teachings. He wrote:

The more I studied the Bible, however, I had to admit that the prosperity message did not line up with the tenor of Scripture. My heart was crushed to think that I led so many people astray. I was appalled that I could have been so wrong, and I was deeply grateful that God had not struck me dead as a false prophet![17]

Based on what I had personally heard him say and his public “no excuses, I was wrong” confession and repentance and his reverance of David Wilkerson to the point of claiming that Wilkerson was a true prophet and that we should heed Wilkerson’s warnings, I chose to change my perspective of Jim Bakker.

We each have to decide whether someone’s confession of repentance is genuine or not. Like it or not, we have our own standards about repentance, standards which sometimes exceed those of the Bible for the Word tells us very simply in 1 John 1:9:

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

That verse is either right or it’s wrong. We sure don’t mind when it’s applied to our sins . . . but it seems not so much when it is applied to someone else’s.

David Wilkerson had a heart for the members of New York City’s teen gangs. One of those members was Nicky Cruz, a young man who had become the ‘warlord’ of the brutal Mau Mau gang, a gang known for violence. Cruz, himself, claims he stabbed about 16 people while with the Mau Maus.

My point is this: most of us who have become born-again Christians came to Jesus Christ while on a dirty road of Satan's, whether we realized it at the time or not that Satan was nudging us along. Our path happened to cross in front of the old-rugged cross at some point. I don’t believe Satan gets to choose for that not to happen, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Satan is never apprised of when or where that encounter will happen. I suspect that if Satan lives in dread of anything it would be that. And most of us, when walking in sin, leaves damage in our wake. In Bakker’s instance, it was damaged checkbooks, damaged trust and damaged faith, in Cruz’s instance it was damaged and physically scarred bodies.

I would never excuse what Bakker did. For years, because of what he did, I never gave him another chance, but after my ‘random’ encounter with him last August and then listening to him on several subsequent YouTubes, I had to ask myself if perhaps I had been unfair to Bakker all these years. He had said he was wrong. He admitted he had been a false prophet. He returned to televangelism but now sells survival food to make a living, he doesn’t ask for ‘seed’ money so that God ‘can bless you with a miracle.’ He renounced prosperity teaching and admitted it does not line up with Scripture. He claims David Wilkerson as a true prophet and that we should heed Wilkerson’s warnings of the future. (Have you thought what David Wilkerson would think of such an admission from a former prosperity preacher?)

As I was looking for a couple of the videos I listened to in the last few months where Bakker spoke of him being wrong and Wilkerson being right, Lyn Leahz happened to put up a video on Friday about earthquakes, and in this video, which is primarily about David Wilkerson’s prophecy of a coming great earthquake, she happened to include one of the Bakker segments I was looking for, so will link to her Friday YouTube first.

In the second YouTube I’ve linked to, Bakker is also speaking about being wrong.

You will have to decide for yourself if his repentance is genuine or not.

If we accept Nicky Cruz’s repentance at the preaching of David Wilkerson, shouldn’t we also accept Jim Bakker’s? And if not, if we decide Bakker’s admissions are not good enough, then what more does Bakker need to say or do?

Hebrews 12:6:

For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

As for me, I’ve come to the conclusion that prison and public humiliation appears to have been the ‘chastening’ that the Lord allowed to befall Jim Bakker. Perhaps it is because the Lord saw some good in Bakker and knew this level of discipline would be what it would take to detour him off the road Satan had for him and like the little pilgrim in Pilgrim’s Progress, would bring Bakker thru the ‘wicket’ gate and towards the Promised Land.

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Here is the latest YouTube from Jason A.

On a side note to my readers, several readers of this blog have expressed to me 'dismay' that I linked to a video that included Jim Bakker in Friday's post. I have decided to write a short post about why I did this and it will be posted either tomorrow or as Friday's post. I've been out of pocket for the last few days, so I have a little bit of catching up to do.

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John McTernan: As France has done unto Israel

Report: French President Asked Netahnyahu Not To Attend Anti-Terrorism Rally In Paris, Netanyahu Went Anyway…

CNN: No, Really, French Jihadists Targeting Jewish Shoppers At A Kosher Market Is Not An Anti-Semitic Attack…

Paris attacks are ominous signs for Jews

Obama watched NFL playoffs instead of going to Paris

Conspicuous by his absence

My guess on President Obama's absence: Obama has stated multiple times that the 'U.S. is not at war with radical Islam." Since the march in Paris was a show of unity against 'radical Islam,' President Obama probably did not attend or send any of his top officials to march in solidarity because that would have been an admission that there is 'radical Islam' to stand up against, and he is apparently unwilling to be seen doing such a thing.

Slain Paris Terrorist Claims He Was Working For ISIS In Posthumous Video, Explains Reasons For Attack

When a nation is under judgment, David Wilkerson said one of the signs is that its foreign policy is mocked. I've written about this in previous posts.

Where's Obama? (photo)

Al qaeda is on the run (cartoon)

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, President Obama declares war on 'extremists,' but perhaps you had better see how he is defining the word

Was a slip of the tongue America's undoing?

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Lyn Leahz has posted an interesting YouTube about an event that occurred on the first day of the Shemitah year and some insight from Rabbi Cahn on its connection to Genesis 41 and as a sign to approaching famine.





Prophetic word from Michael Boldea from March of 2010: Three men in a wheat field

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The newest video from Jason A:

Monday, January 5, 2015


2015 is now upon us, so why not start out the new year with David Wilkerson.

One of the big news stories over the weekend was this question: Would the NYPD turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio, again, at the funeral of the second officer assassinated two weeks ago?

At the first funeral, thousands of officers (some estimate at least 10,000) turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio because of remarks he has made during the last two months about police officers, remarks that many have taken as insulting and disparaging.

Because of the police officers’ turning their backs, a memo had been sent just prior to the second funeral asking officers not to repeat this action as it was ‘hurtful’ to the family. Many believed that this was just a pretense and that the real message behind the memo was that de Blasio had been ‘humiliated’ and apparently very angered by the officers’ actions.

Personally, it appears that this feud will not end any time soon as neither side has left a way for the other side to back down and gracefully ‘save face’ at the same time.

Time will tell.

Now to David Wilkerson.

As anyone who has read this blog regularly knows, I often quote David Wilkerson. It is my opinion that he truly did hear from the Lord God, Jehovah, and by the power of the Holy Spirit received an understanding of various events that would come some day.

One of those events is the ‘fall of New York City.’ I’ve written about this prophetic word of his a couple of times on this blog.

One of the smaller details in that particular prophetic word that now seems to carry, perhaps, greater interest is that David Wilkerson referenced police officers in the fall of New York City.

Excerpt from Racing Toward Judgment (1976), Chapter 5, ‘The Punishment of America’ (emphasis in bold, mine):

The Fall of New York City

New York City faces economic and social disaster! The sword of judgment hanging over that city will fall suddenly. Overnight changes will happen -- changes never before known to the American mind. Bankruptcy will happen! A temporary reprieve will falter. Short-range encouraging signs will be swallowed up in lightninglike events that will bring on bankruptcy. America’s queen city will declare bankruptcy.

Trust in your money and down you go! Trust in God and flourish as a tree!
(Proverbs 11:28 LB)

All your greedy businessmen, all your loan sharks -- all will die.
(Zephaniah 1:11 LB)

Shotgun Riders

Unpaid workers will take to the streets. Warehouses will be looted by angry mobs of workers. Trucks will be overturned in the streets. The produce markets will become places of violence and bloodshed. Food suppliers will ride into the city with shotgun riders. A wave of union strikes will add to the confusion.  Newark, New Jersey, and surrounding metropolitan areas will follow into bankruptcy. Police protection will become almost nonexistent. Instead, unemployed members of police associations will join in acts of violence and looting.

Murder in Manhattan

There will be violence everywhere. Unheard-of violence. Unbelievable violence. Unnecessary violence.  Uncontrollable violence. The violence that has been seething beneath the surface for years will explode. No city street will be safe. Teen gangs will once again erupt with unparalled waves of violence. The aftermath of it all is an outbreak of raping, murdering, and burning. God’s judgment will not be recognized or accepted. Men will curse God, and a spirit of lust and greed will overtake millions. An Antichrist spirit will spread like terminal cancer.

And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as dung.(Zephaniah 1:17 KJV)

End of excerpt.

One of the effects that de Blasio’s comments about the police officers that has come about is that many officers are no longer writing tickets or summonses for ‘minor’ offenses. In fact, one article has noted that the rate of writing tickets has fallen off by nearly 90%.

Think about the amount of revenue that writing tickets generates for the city. Now think about the lack of that income coming in.

True, sales taxes and other city fees are substantial in NYC, so the failure to write these tickets are not going to be felt immediately.

But let’s ask ourselves this: could the officers’ refusing to write tickets be seen by the mayor as 'rebellion,' and cause the mayor to ‘retaliate’ against the NYPD by laying off police officers? Could this be why David Wilkerson notes that ‘police protection will become almost nonexistent,’ and that ‘unemployed members of police associations will join in acts of violence and looting’? Let's keep in mind that one police association has suggested that officers sign a petition that if they are killed in the line of duty they do not want de Blasio to attend their funerals.

Is this why David Wilkerson describes the violence that occurs in the aftermath as ‘everywhere,’ ‘unheard-of,’ ‘uncontrollable,’ ‘and unbelievable’ -- the police officers just won’t be there? Is this why David Wilkerson says that violence that has been ‘seething beneath the surface for years’ will explode?

Is it possible we are seeing the threshold of this prophetic word being fulfilled? If the tensions between de Blasio and the NYPD doesn’t settle, and, instead, continues to ratchet upwards, we may very well see the fulfillment of this prophetic word.

And if that happens, what David Wilkerson said about ‘God’s judgment’ will certainly come to pass . . . it ‘will not be recognized or accepted.’

Again, time will tell.

Thousands Of NYC Cops Turn Back On de Blasio Again: "Mayor Has No Respect For Us. Why Should We Respect Him?"

NYPD Boycotts de Blasio: New York City Arrests And Citations Plummet As Cops Stage "Virtual Work Stoppage"

WaPo: Police Nationally Feeling 'Betrayed' by City Hall, White House

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