Thursday, December 31, 2015


2,000 teens shut down Kentucky mall when they start riot

2,500 deaths from ebola since 2014 (scroll-down)

2,703 Shootings, 440 Deaths So Far This Year In Heavily Gun-Controlled Chicago

5,000 unaccompanied immigrant children were caught illegally crossing the U.S. border with Mexico in October, almost double the number from October 2014

9,000 businesses moved out of anti-business California in the last 7 years

27,295 deadly attacks just since 9/11–– by Islamic terrorist groups who emulate the Prophet and take seriously his injunction to “slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every ambush” (9.5), one of 109 verses––the direct commands of Allah–– that order war against infidels

30,700 people died in the US in 2014 from alcohol abuse

32,658 people killed in 13,370 terrorist attacks in 2014, terrorism deaths quadruple under Obama

47,000 deaths from drug overdoses in US last year (NBC)

150,000 Ground Troops from Obama Russia to wipe out ISIS

60,000 homeless in NYC

Thousands of frantic phone calls to 911 in Washington, D.C., when biker gang begins terrorizing travelers, police do not stop as they have a 'no-chase' policy

Thousands affected by new STD, which shows no initial symptoms

Thousands of foreigners in the US have had their visas pulled over terror suspicions, but Obama administration not tracking

Thousands of years before the next pole shift


Now to the money:

$10,000 penalty to gun owners if they fail to report a lost or stolen firearm within 48 hours

$100,000 families allowed to live in public housing in Philadelphia, many families who make much less forced to wait for years for housing unit

$200,000 pension payments to child rapist Jerry Sandusky even though incarcerated

$250,000 fine if . . . you offend a transgendered woman in New York City

$400,000 in fraudulent payments to TWO employees at the VA, employee receive demotions but get to keep the loot

$470,000 per day for Obama's vacation in Hawaii

$620,000 provided by taxpayers to fund plays about food stamps and gun control activist lesbians

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.

ILLNESSES AND DISEASES STRIKE ITS PEOPLE -- Its people will be threatened and/or afflicted with all kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Deut. 28: 22: The Lord shall smite thee with a consumption, and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish.

Deut. 28: 27: The Lord will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed.

MAY 30: Syphillis Cases Soar 79% In A Year

JUNE 8: Bubonic plague claims life of Colorado teen

JULY 8: Polio-like Virus Paralyzing Children in 34 states

JULY 22: Leprosy cases on the rise in Florida, armadillos believed to be culprit

AUG 7: Legionnaires' outbreak sickens more than 100 in New York City

AUG 13: Chikungunya virus found in Texas

AUG 25: Bubonic plague cases in 2015 higher than usual

AUG 27: Bubonic plague claims life of elderly Utah resident, prairie dog believed to be culprit

SEPT 1: Legionnaires' Kills 4 at Illinois Veterans' Home

SEPT 4: West Nile caused 2,205 cases in 2014, many of them severe

SEPT 4: New tickborne virus caused 65 cases in Minnesota and Wisconsin

SEPT 8: Bubonic plague found in squirrel at Lake Tahoe

SEPT 15: Bubonic plague reported in Michigan resident

SEPT 26: Shigella outbreak reported in Kansas City

OCT 21: Sex-Related Cancer That Afflicted Michael Douglas Skyrocketing

NOV 27: E. coli sickens several in a dozen states, in products from Costco, Starbucks, and Walmart

DEC 2: Chikungunya virus coming out of Mexico

DEC 4: E.coli outbreak in Chipotle restaurants in nine states causes Chipotle stock to plunge

DEC 12: Tuberculosis threatens hundreds of mothers, newborns and employees who may have been exposed by nurse in maternity ward in northern California hospital

DEC 15: Syphilis increased in U.S. in 2014, with 20,000 new cases reported

DEC 21: Flesh-eating leishmaniasis found among Syrian refugees entering US

DEC 21: Lead levels found in children's blood has prompted a state of emergency in Michigan

DEC 22: AIDS may strike more Americans as Obama administration lifts ban on gay men donating blood

DEC 25: Why Are Many Diseases Back, Decades After Being Wiped Out in the U.S.?

DEC 27: Winter Vomiting Virus Explodes in California

Monday, December 28, 2015


The Rate Hike Stock Market Crash Has Thrown Gasoline Onto An Already Raging Global Financial Inferno - Michael Snyder

Federal Reserve Rate Hike At ‘Precisely The Wrong Time’ – Faber

David Stockman Warns "Dread The Fed!" - Sell The Bonds, Sell The Stocks, Sell The House

The Fed's Rate Hike (cartoon)

Dear Janet, explain this: as Yellen proclaimed "all clear" the FSI was screaming "Danger" even louder than it did in September - when The Fed folded

The world didn’t completely fall apart in 2015, but it is undeniable that an immense amount of damage was done to the U.S. economy, 58 facts about the US economy from 2015 that are almost too crazy to believe - Michael Snyder

'Betrayal': U.S. economy reeling from 2 disasters of 2015

Suicide, Crime, Unemployment And Poverty All Soar As The Economic Crisis In Alberta Accelerates; the nightmare that is currently unfolding up in Canada will soon be coming to the United States - Michael Snyder

Sorry, America is now broke

The Fed Has Created A "Monster" And Just Made A "Dangerous Mistake," Stephen Roach Warns

What Silicon Valley’s Orgy Of Christmas Party Excess Says About America

The Dollar Shortage Has Arrived: Africa Runs Out Of Dollars

Watching Puerto Rico, Mexico and South America:

White House calls for 'common sense steps' to help Puerto Rico (Reuters)

In Largest Ever Muni Restructuring, Puerto Rico Power Authority Strikes Deal With Creditors, Insurers

Spain’s Biggest Bankruptcy Ever Hits Banks, Mexico, Brazil

Prepare For Peso Plunge: Argentina Lifts Currency Controls

Argentinians Are Now Poorer Than Citizens Of Equatorial Guinea After Massive Devaluation

Hyperinflated Venezuelans Face Holiday Without Lights, Food, or Hope

Thursday, December 24, 2015


John McTernan: 8 Ways to Identify Apostasy

'Fairy tale': Many pastors don't believe Jesus born of virgin

Hillsong Church Rendition Of ‘Silent Night’ Features Roaring 20’s Flappers In Nightclub Setting

“Thinking of giving Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling to friends and family for Christmas? – ‘Merry Christmas’ from Sarah Young’s False Christ!”

Jesus Calling Presents a “New Age” False Christ

Oprah's latest attempt to introduce New Age spirituality to evangelical church

Wesleyan Church now going down contemplative, emergent church path

Are Christian Leaders Leading the Church Down the Broad Road of Delusion?

The Ultimate Reconciliation of All: What the Bible Says

Atheists claim Bible calls for the killing of non-believers

Pastor Tony Smith And The False Doctrine Of The Black Hebrew Roots Movement

The Left's Muslim Replacement Theology for Jews, Muslims are the new Jews; time to get rid of the old Jews

Rick Warren’s Dangerous Ecumenical Pathway to Rome And How One Interview Revealed So Much

Rick Warren Teaching The Storehouse Tithing Heresy To Christians, When you get to the end of Rick Warren's video and he is telling his congregation that "people won't be in Heaven because you didn't tithe 10%

Pope Francis Hopes for Global and Transformational Agreement on Climate Change

Pope Francis preaches cult climate religion

Pope Francis Issues Decree That Jews Should Not Be Told About Salvation In Jesus Christ

Wiesenthal Center Applauds Vatican’s New Position That, Contrary To The New Testament, JEWS DO NOT NEED TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST FOR SALVATION

Pope Francis Declares No One Can Claim They Are Saved

Pope: Fundamentalism 'Disease of All Religions'

Pope: Christians, Muslims Are 'Brothers'

Pew: Millions Leaving the Christian Faith, Islam Seeing Big Gains

I'm Christian, and I love the Quran

Wheaton College Professor Will Wear Hijab During Her Advent Worship Because Allah is the Same as Her Christian God

Parish Church Strips Out Crosses, Pulpit, Pews For The Comfort of Migrants

Clergyman declares from pulpit that American Christians are un-American to oppose Obama's resettling of thousands of Muslim refugees in America, and that though Americans faced possible harm from these refugees, it is the price we must pay to be Christians

'Star Wars' nativity scenes? In churches? Pastors call on 'The Force' to fill pews this Christmas season

Jedi church says new Star Wars film leading to boom in followers

A New Religion Awakens

Obama claims at lighting of National Christmas Tree that all faiths are based on the values of Jesus

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Another insurance co-op collapses; Arizona's Meritus Health Partners to close Dec. 31, leaving thousands without coverage

Benghazi relatives are all liars, according to Hillary

Coldplay to Feature Obama Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ on New Album

DISCRIMINATION to refer to a transgender woman by a MALE PRONOUN in NYC

El Nino and arctic oscillation

First Amendment Was Never Meant to Unleash a Christian-Hating Secular Terror Upon America

Good Dinosaur draws criticism from parents for its depiction of death, drug-induced hallucinations and vicious attacks, children left in tears

Humiliation Is Complete: Assad Can Stay, Kerry Concedes After Meeting With Putin

IRS wants charities to collect social security numbers of donors

Jihad declared on Sun by Obama

Koran preferred over Bible by new judge in NYC

LHC may have found two new Higgs Boson particles

Micro-chipping of employees increasing

Noise Ordinance used to Stop Christmas Caroling Outside Abortion Clinic

Obama's former defense secretary Chuck Hagel claims WH tried to 'destroy' him, still has no strategy for Syria

Palin: Congressional GOP Are Abusers And We’re Their Battered Wife

Quietly Passed, The Second Patriot Act

Researchers very worried, have identified a new form of resistance to the very last-ditch antibiotic drug colistin

"Super Moon" on December 25th

Tow, tow, tow your boat! US Navy's newest commissioned ship breaks down after only 3 weeks at sea, and has to be towed back to land

Utah Neighborhood Is Using Decoy Packages to Confuse Thieves This Holiday Season

VA Officials Who Stole Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Get To Keep It

White House Clueless Why Gun Sales Hit Record High

X-tremely violent lifestyle practiced by homosexuals reports CDC

Years ago, This Video Was Parody, Today It’s Obama’s Official Terrorism Policy

Zuckerberg's charity story . . . what's really going on here?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


When headlines remind me of some prophetic warnings that have come from watchmen:

Mountain of Debt:

Planned Parenthood Sent Aborted Fetuses to Landfill

Obama's Mountain of Debt

Daniel at Prayers for the People* saw a vision of rotting flesh mixed with garbage as though it were at a dump.

Behind the man was an immeasurable mountain (it looked like it was made of mud, rotting flesh, and garbage found at the dump) representing the wages of gross iniquity. The volume and weight of this mountain could not be scaled, nor comprehended by the mind of man.

The Vision - The Trigger


Poison coming upon America:

Fukushima radiation is spreading to North America

Record levels of Fukushima radiation detected off West Coast — Massive plume stretches for more than 1,000 miles — Reuters: Contamination is spreading off U.S. shores

Official data shows U.S. hit with huge spike of ‘most dangerous’ radiation from Fukushima — Levels far exceeded federal regulatory limits — Alpha particles nearly 1,000 times normal; Includes plutonium

Millions of Americans in path of Fukushima radiation just off the North American

A. A. Allen saw a skull and crossbones symbolizing poison rising 'far to the northwest, just out over Alaska'.

Then as I watched, another amazing thing was taking place. Far to the northwest, just out over Alaska, a huge, black cloud was arising. As it rose, it was as black as night. It seemed to be in the shape of a man's head. As it continued to arise, I observed two light spots in the black cloud. It rose further, and a gaping hole appeared. I could see that the black cloud was taking the shape of a skull, for now the huge, white, gaping mouth was plainly visible. Finally, the head was complete. Then the shoulders began to appear; and on either side, long, black arms. It seemed that what I saw was the entire North American continent, spread out like a map upon a table with this terrible skeleton-formed cloud arising from behind the table. It rose steadily until the form was visible down to the waist. At the waist the skeleton seemed to bend toward the United States . . .

Vision to Evangelist A.A. Allen in the 1950s


War with China:

US Flies B-52 Bomber Near China Sandcastles: "Get Away From Our Islands!"

John Kerry Tells Beijing to Stop ‘Problematic Actions’ in South China Sea

US Plans to Sell Destroyers to Taiwan Despite Chinese Protest

Dumitru Duduman saw the Russians and Chinese align together to bring down the US. When the US went to war with China over the Taiwan, the Russians would strike the US.

The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one. "I will give you the land with all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack them from behind. . . .

Then, the man spoke again, "When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning. . . . "

. . . Without a doubt, together, we can destroy America."

China and Russia Strike


Anger from Russia:

Putin Blasts Interventionist US Foreign Policy, Calls Forcible Regime Change "Intolerable," claims Russia is 'not afraid to step in'

Duduman saw the Russians speak against the US's role in Europe.

The president of Russia began to speak insistently, "Why let ourselves be led by the Americans? Why not rule the world ourselves? They have to be kicked out of Europe, too! Then I could do as I please with Europe!"

China and Russia strike


Russia submarine missile strikes:

Russia strikes ISIS targets in Syria from sub in Mediterranean for first time

Henry Gruver saw the Russians attack the US, using subs.

Then I began to see all of these submarines emerging from under the surface. I was surprised at how close they were to our borders! They were in our territorial waters. Then I saw the missiles come out of them. They hit eastern coastal cities of the United States.

I Saw the Russians Attack the United States



QE Infinity Calls Continue: "QE4 Will Be Their Next Move"

In the following YouTube fictional scenario, the announcement of QE4 outrages Beijing, and heralds the fall of the US dollar. (Several elements of this 'fictional scenario' have already been eerily prescient.)

The Day the Dollar Died


Hillary Clinton and hint of perjury:

Emails Between Hillary Clinton and Petraeus Discovered, Contradicting Her Sworn Statement

FLASHBACK: While Hillary Clinton was in Egypt in July of 2012, Egyptian men threw dirty shoes at her and chanted 'Monica, Monica.'

. . . the chanting taunt of “Monica, Monica” -- because Monica is a sign, a sign of ruin. Monica is about secret sexual indiscretion and marital infidelity and lying and perjury and scandal and impeachment and disbarment . . .

RFB: The Sign of Monica


*Daniel at Prayers for the People: For those new to the blog, Daniel is my son.

Monday, December 21, 2015


0 Christians among the 132 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since Paris Attacks

1 person murdered every 17 hours in Chicago

2 Sentenced to Life in 'Fast and Furious' Border Agent Murder

3 sexually transmitted diseases are increasing . . . fast

4 Harbingers Of Stock Market Doom That Foreshadowed The 2008 Crash Are Flashing Red Again

5 US states spared from mass shootings in 2015

5 Hillary scandals media is missing

7 Times the War on Christmas Reared Its Ugly Head in 2015

7 spectacular weather events and what causes them

10 ticking timebombs: Obama's real legacy

10 Latest Elections Show Christmastime Front-Runner Usually Wins — Will Trump?

13 holistic doctors now dead

16 Times Obama Promised No "Boots On The Ground" In Syria

18 Numbers That Scream That A Crippling Global Recession Has Arrived

20 Super Wealthy Individuals Have More Money Than The Poorest 152 Million Americans Combined

21 Facts About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Will Blow Your Mind

21 Signs That Americans Are The Unhappiest People In The Entire World

25 mile march mentioned in awesome tweet

32 people can now contribute DNA to a child in 'multiplex parenting'

32 civilizations have collapsed before us

34 Christian Syrian refugees admitted to US in 4 years

50 top megachurches in America

52 kids and grandkids from ONE welfare mom

95 drug offenders and thugs have sentences commuted by Obama

100 plus articles retracted by two scientific journals this year

Friday, December 18, 2015


When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.

HOME OWNERSHIP SUFFERS -- People struggle to put a roof over their heads; they try to have a home but are thwarted.

Deut. 28: 30: Thou shalt betroth a wife, and another man shall lie with her: . . .

Social Media Obsession Costing Some People Their Marriage (CBS)

Shock report: Only 16% of Baltimore teens raised with married parents

Over 40% of babies born in America are born to unmarried parents

FYI Orders Spouse-Swap Series ‘The Seven Year Switch'; couples 'bored' with their current marriage will 'get the chance to shack up with a stranger for two weeks in an “experimental marriage' (and yes, even sleep with that stranger)

After The Fed Crushed The Middle Class, It Is Targeting The American Family

20 price increases that are breaking America's middle class families

. . . thou shalt build an house, and thou shalt not dwell therein: thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not gather the grapes thereof.

MARCH 2015, 20-YEAR LOW: Traditionally, owning a home has been a sign that you belong to the middle class; now, the rate of homeownership in the United States has fallen to a 20 year low

BY JULY 2015, 48 YEAR LOW: Homeownership Drops To 48 Year Low; Median Asking Rent Soars To All Time High

The Mystery Of The "Missing Inflation" Solved, And Why The US Housing Crisis Is About To Get Much Worse

The Mystery Of The "Missing" Inflation Solved: Record Number Of US Renters Can't Afford Housing

88,000 apply for 55 apartments in Manhattan

$500 a month to rent a crawlspace in San Fran . . . or $600 a month to sleep in shipping container . . . or $1.2 million for run down shack

All households created during this recovery are renters

Repossessions spike 66% as foreclosure crisis lingers (CNBC)

The Fed's Spectacular Failure To Stimulate Housing

QE Will "Permanently Impair Living Standards For Generations To Come"

Millennials Have No Hope Of Buying A Home In These 13 US Cities

When housing becomes unaffordable for the young

America's Housing Problem: Buying And Renting Are Both Unaffordable

The CPI simply does not do a good job at tracking the true cost of housing for Americans and that is one reason why we are dealing with a major housing crisis

Government Using Subprime Mortgages To Pump Housing Recovery - Taxpayers Will Pay Again

At this point there is no scenario that turns out positive for the housing market. If the Fed has the guts to raise rates, the housing market will tank because mortgage rates will rise. If the Fed chickens out again, it will be because the economy is clearly in recession and demand for overpriced homes will plummet as unemployment rises. Home prices have risen so far above fair value at this point, the market is already beginning to topple.

When a cartoon speaks a thousand words:

7 years of Obama

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Stocks and Bonds warnings:

December 16, 2015—–When The End Of The Bubble Begins

December 14th To 18th: A Week Of Reckoning For Global Stocks If The Fed Hikes Interest Rates? - Michael Snyder

10 Warning Signs The World Will See A Terrifying Collapse In 2016

The Fed's Painted Itself Into The Most Dangerous Corner In History - Why There Will Soon Be A Riot In The Casino

Another High Yield Domino Falls As $900 Million Lucidus Capital Liquidates

The Eerie Echo Of 2007: It Really Is Bear Stearns, All Over Again

When the next crisis hits, it will be five times worse than the Lehman event within the United States in 2008

"Something Disquieting Is Afoot" For U.S. Bond Markets

"Nobody Could Have Possibly Seen This Coming"

It Starts: Junk-Bond Fund Implodes, Investors Stuck, and the Next Crisis hasn't even begun yet

Business warnings:

Wholesale Inventories Sink Q4 GDP Hope, Sales-Ratio Signals Looming Recession

Middle class warnings:

The shrinking middle class: one more sign of America’s economic collapse

Sayonara Middle Class: 22 Stunning Pieces Of Evidence That Show The Middle Class In America Is Dying

Global warnings:

The IMF Just Entered The Cold War, Forgives Ukraine's Debt To Russia

The world economic order is collapsing, and this time there seems to be no way out

The Global Commodity Crash Tells Us That A Major Deflationary Financial Crisis Is Imminent

Plunging Into Difficult Economic Times: “Worst Global Dollar GDP Recession In 50 Years”

Baltic Dry Index Plummets to New All-Time Low – 484 Points!

Away From Dollar: Russia, China to Create Entirely Different Gold Market


This Is What A Financial Crisis Looks Like

25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse

And Watching South America:

"Dark" Days Ahead: Main Power Supplier For Brazil Olympic Games Pulls Out

Brazil Faces Disastrous Downgrade Debacle: Here's What You Need To Know

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I warn you, some of these are real doozies!

Clearly, We Need More Shame And Judgment In Our Society

Barack Obama and the End of Western Civilization
(gg note: This article concludes with an endorsement for a political candidate. Please note, I am not including this article because of McCann's endorsement but because of the listing of the several ways (but not all) that Barack Obama has caused America to sink.)

Everything bad is skyrocketing under Obama

Obama has just begun, why you should worry about his last year in office

100 Facts About The Moral Collapse Of America That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Planned Parenthood: “Imagine A Land Where Abortions And Birth Control Are Free And Plentiful . . . This place exists."

Buying Sex Is a Human Right? Amnesty International Endorses ‘Decriminalization' of Prostitution

Man shows how easy it is for pedophiles to prey on young girls on social media; lure three girls out of their homes as parents watch on in horror

Sex crimes on New York's subways have dramatically surged this past year

STD epidemic is sweeping the US with cases of chlamydia reaching 'record levels' - while gonorrhea and syphilis are also on the rise

America Is Charlie Sheen: The CDC Says There Are 20,000,000 New STD Cases In America Each Year

Dem. Sen. to Obama: Fight for father, adopted son to 'marry'

Pastor: ‘Government As Parent Has Destroyed the Black Family’, Made ‘Black Fatherhood Irrelevant’

Violent Crime Is Surging In Major U.S. Cities And The Economy Is Not Even Crashing Yet

The Two Major Reasons Why America Is Dead On Arrival

The nine dynamics of decay

Americans no longer believe in their institutions

Why Moral Values Matter

Dr. James White on society’s apathy about morality

God's Not Really That Holy, I'm Not Really That Bad
(H/T Steve Coerper' Homework Page)

Swasey's Last Sermon

Monday, December 14, 2015


White House Rejects Netanyahu’s Request for US Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

White House allows Hanukkah celebration to be turned into rant about Black Lives Matter and chants of 'Insa'Allah,' or 'Allah willing'

Paris police discourage lighting of Hanukkah candles in public places for fear of provoking Muslims

Trump is dangerous for Israel

State Dept: Israel SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISED international community is boycotting their products

Irony: Former President Jimmy Carter, who supports boycotting Israeli goods, saved by drug created by Israeli doctors

CNN wipes Israel off the map

CNN anchor suggests on air that Jews should be banned from America

Palestinian Fatah Official Praises Toddler for Wanting to Shoot Israelis

At UN, Israel is blamed for spread of terror across the region


Report: Iran Was Very Close to Nuclear Bomb

IAEA top dog admits: cannot conclude that “all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities”

US fumes at Iran's reported ballistic missile test

The 'other' nuclear story:

Declassified U.S. Government Report on Fukushima: “100% of The Total Spent Fuel Was Released to the Atmosphere from Unit 4”

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster: Increased Radiation Spreads to North America as Full Meltdown in Reactor 2 Feared

Report: “Red Alert! Sharp increase in radiation… at Fukushima” — Levels spike 400,000% under plant

Official data shows U.S. hit with huge spike of ‘most dangerous’ radiation from Fukushima — Levels far exceeded federal regulatory limits — Alpha particles nearly 1,000 times normal; Includes plutonium — Gov’t workers in “fear of radiation”

Record levels of Fukushima radiation detected off West Coast — Massive plume stretches for more than 1,000 miles — Reuters: Contamination is spreading off U.S. shores

Friday, December 11, 2015


In the wake of the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks there have been lots of articles about the ISIS and President Obama's strategy, attitude and lecture speech to the country. Here are some of the articles and posts that I found interesting.

Attkisson’s Scathing Indictment of Obama for Ignoring Terrorism Intel

Bad intelligence, bad strategy to support a bad President

Coming To America ‘Someday’? – The Truth Is That Islamic Terrorists Are Already Here - Michael Snyder

Daily Beast’s Weiss decimates Obama’s ISIS narrative

Everything's Fine Until the Bombs Go Off

Four lame points in Obama's San Bernardino terrorist speech

General Wesley Clark: ISIS Serves Interests Of US Allies Turkey And Saudi Arabia

How Obama thinks about terrorism (The Atlantic)

ISIS Trail of Death

Jewish Christian may have been the primary target of the San Bernardino shooters

Krauthammer: Obama Islamic State Strategy ‘Disengaged or Delusional,’ ‘About To Hit an Iceberg’

Leftist narrative after leftist narrative destroyed in wake of San Bernardino shootings

Muhammad in Medina: from Refugee to Conqueror

'Non-Mooslims' don't need to be bigots' is summation of Obama's speech to nation on San Bernardino terrorist attack

Obama: Seriously, Out of Touch

President Obama's Imaginary World

Quick with an excuse for why I told everybody ISIS was contained when it obviously wasn't, Obama orders Pentagon

Reason Obama ordered oil fields were not to be bombed (gg note: Snyder notes Obama wanted to avoid environmental damage, but truth may be that Obama didn't want to hurt his buddy Erdogan's money supply)

San Bernardino: The Inland Empire And The Bear

Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorstep

US Is "In Cahoots With ISIS," Iraqis Swear: "It Is Not In Doubt"

Victorville California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor screaming, “I would die and kill for Allah”

Why Does Obama Call ISIS 'ISIL'? What's the difference and why is it important?

X-CIA Boss Says US To Blame For "Scourge Without Parallel" ISIS

Youngstown State's iconic rock defaced with ISIS grafitti

Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Fully Support Islam And Muslims, even as ISIS rages


By now, most everyone knows that the New York Daily News slammed God and prayer in the aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Here are some really good responses to their editorial.

The Greatest Lie - cindy by the sea

New York Daily News Mocks Christians Who Offer Prayers For Victims Of Muslim Terror Attack

The 'God Isn't Fixing This' Liberal Media

What the New York Daily News Got Wrong About God, Reality

Thursday, December 10, 2015


When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.


Deut. 28: 43: The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

Importing our own destruction

Obama to states: You don't have power to stop refugees

OBAMA WON’T FIGHT ISIS: But He’ll Go Toe-to-Toe With the States Who Don't Want to Import Terror

Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Being Resettled By Obama Could End Up In 48 Out Of 50 U.S. States

Are there really widows and orphans among the Syrian refugees? Hmmm . . . of the 132 Syrian refugees accepted since Paris attack, 132 of them were . . . male Sunni Muslims

So who’s really using a religious test?

US to Accept 85,000 Refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017, Kerry Says

122,395 Iraqis have been admitted to US as refugees since 2008, 90% on welfare

Legal Immigrant Households Account for 75 Percent of Immigrant Welfare Use

Immigrant-headed households had substantially higher welfare use rates than native household than most types of programs in 2012

Obama and Clinton embrace the Cloward-Piven strategy, which is a political plan created in 1966 by two Columbia University sociologists to overload the U.S. public welfare system and replace replace it with a national system of ‘a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty’

More than 350 languages now spoken in America; in the country’s largest cities, English is actually a minority language: A staggering 54 percent of residents in the Los Angeles metropolitan region speak a language other than English at home, as do 51 percent of Miami-area residents, 40 percent of San Francisco, 38 percent of New York, 37 percent of Houston (Asian-American immigrants have more difficulty mastering English than Hispanics, Nov 3, Washington Times)

Obama’s New Immigrant Welcome Guide Offers Welfare In 14 Different Languages

Arabic Is Fastest-Growing Language In USA

Hamtramck City Council in Michigan has done something never before achieved in the 239 years of the American nation. They have elected a Muslim-majority City Council; have no intention of assimilating

698K Native-Born Americans Lost Their Job In August: Why This Suddenly Is The Most Important Jobs Chart

OCT: The US Has Added Three Times More Foreign-Born Workers Than Native-Born Since December 2007

326,000 Native-Born Americans Lost Their Job In November: Why This Remains The Most Important Jobs Chart

680,000 Green Cards Given to Immigrants of Muslim Countries

ISIS Has Radicalized Thousands In The U.S.

Terrorism Deaths Quadruple Under Obama

TSA Investigation Finds 73 Workers on U.S.’s Terrorist Watchlist

Congress: More Than 179,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Roaming Free in U.S.

150 passengers on flight from Mexico allowed to skip customs, leave JFK airport

Elusive crime wave data shows frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminals

The Media's Cover Up of Immigrant Mass Shootings

Pay to Play: White House Nearly Tripled Government Funding of La Raza

AG Lynch: Justice Dept looking to prosecute those who would speak out against Muslims, currently investigating more than 1,000 Americans for speaking out with anti-Muslim views

Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use 'Anti-Muslim' Speech That 'Edges Toward Violence'

Stalinist Attorney General Loretta Lynch: “Violent Talk” Toward Muslims “Will Be Prosecuted”

Former Congressman Unleashes On Loretta Lynch In Rant Against Islam: ‘Go Ahead And Prosecute Me. I Dare You.’

San Bernardino: Another Jihad Attack, Another Cover-Up

Calling Out Islam Terrorism Truthers; blame everything but Islam

Ex-Gitmo Detainees In Uruguay Protest At US Embassy, Want A Monthly Allowance And Housing

No Joke: Feds Rule Puerto Ricans “Disabled” Because They Speak Spanish, Can Now Collect SSDI

Your Tax Dollars Paid For Boston Jihadi Bomber’s Family’s Trip To The U.S

And they remain oblivious to the depth of their own stupidity . . .

It’s almost as if he hates Christians and is secretly a Moslem . . .

Friday, December 4, 2015


David Wilkerson opens his book Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth with these words:

I can say with Amos, "I was no prophet, but a shepherd. And the Lord took me as I followed the flock, and the Lord said to me, Go, prophesy to my people." (Amos 7:14, 15)

It seems to me that in this past year in particular Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, has really been stepping up in his warnings (and encouragements) to those who are following Jesus Christ.

Franklin Graham Slams New York Daily News Anti-Prayer Cover

Muslims Cast 12 Christians Into Sea to Die Because of Islam's Deep 'Hatred' of Christianity

Franklin Graham Just Responded To Paris Attacks With 6 Words No One Else Would Dare Say

Islamic State Guilty of ‘Genocide’ Against Christians

Muslims Kill Christians to Emulate Muhammad

‘Storm of Islam’ is Coming; ‘Persecution’ in USA Because Obama is ‘Very Sympathetic to Islam’

Media, Courts, Obama Administration Flagrantly Mock Christian Values and Beliefs

Obama's Policies 'Against Christ and His Teachings'

Biblical ‘End Times’ Predict ‘Distress of Nations,’ Which ‘Is Certainly the Case Today’

When Nation Rejects Biblical Law the 'End Is Near'

America is 'Morally Crumbling Within ... We Have Turned Our Back on God

‘We're Losing Our Country … The Foundations of This Country Are Collapsing'

FLASHBACK: David Wilkerson's Urgent Message of March 7, 2009:

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (v. 3).

God is judging the raging sins of America and the nations. He is destroying the secular foundations.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Yep, Monday morning's 4.7 earthquake woke me up. The house did not shake too much, but it was just enough to get my attention. Laid awake for awhile, but did not feel any of the several aftershocks that our local noon news said we had.

With that in mind, here are some recent earthquake articles (with a couple of volcano ones thrown in):


NOV 30: 4.7 magnitude quake among seven recorded in Oklahoma on Monday

NOV 30: M4.7 earthquake rattles Oklahoma, largest oil storage facility in North America (Mary Greeley youtube)

NOV 30: Oklahoma's 4.7 on Monday registered at Yellowstone (Mary Greeley youtube)

NOV 29: Experts warn it's only a matter of time before Oklahoma is rocked by 'big one'

NOV 26: Oklahoma Leads The World In Seismic Activity As 2015 Quake Count Tops 5,000

NOV 23: 4.7 quake rattles Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas


DEC 2: Scientists could spark MEGAQUAKE as they drill below Earth's crust for first time

NOV 30: Yellowstone update, magma and shaking

NOV 25: Multiple earthquakes shake the New Madrid Seismic Zone

AUG 25: Scientists study large swarm of more than 5,700 earthquakes in northern Nevada

AUG 12: Tik-Tok: Seismologists say a year-long swarm of 5,610 earthquakes in Nevada linked to volcanic activity

AUG 15: Yellowstone eruption could cause up to 90,000 immediate casualties

AUG 2: Recent Dead Sea Earthquake Ushering In End of Days Prophecy

JULY 20: The Really Big One, An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when. (The New Yorker)

JULY 14: Scientists Getting Ready for the Big One in Northwest - John McTernan

JUNE 28: The Most Dangerous Mountain In The United States: What Would Happen If Mt. Rainier Erupted? - Michael Snyder

JUNE 15: Scientists study strange 4.7 quake that struck Wyoming two years ago

JUNE 15: Scientists study unusual (and very rare) earthquake swarm that struck Alabama in November 2014

JUNE 10: World may see a bigger number of large earthquakes, says Singapore professor

MAY 29: New study finds major faults offshore in southern California could trigger large earthquakes, tsunamis (Science and Technology)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015


$1 billion: Black Friday sales for 2015 $1 billion less than Black Friday 2014

$1 billion: TSA Behavioral Screening Program Slammed as Ineffective “Junk Science”

$1 billion: Amount Toyota invests in artificial intelligence in the US

$1.5 billion: Amount given in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood over the last 3 years

$1.9 billion: Amount IRS union wants in funding

$2 billion: Amount in taxpayer dollars used to prop up Obamacare co-ops

$2.32 billion: Amount added to national debt EVERYDAY

$3 billion: Amount Obama has pledged to the UN's 'Green Climate Fund'

$3 billion: Amount American taxpayers will give to UN for its regular and peacekeeping budgets, more than what 185 other countries combined are paying

$3.5 billion: Amount federal workers owe in unpaid taxes

$3.9 billion: Amount debt up under John Boehner's spending deals

$4 billion: Minimum amount Obama has given to foreign companies in 'green energy' grants

$5 billion: Amount Post Office lost in FY2015

$5.6 billion: Amount IRS wasted on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits

$25 billion: Amount Fannie Mae could be insolvent

$50 billion: Amount given to Iranians JUST TO SIGN on the dotted line of Obama's nuclear deal

$66 billion: Amount Pentagon has spent rebuilding Afghanistan since 2002

$100 billion: Amount Pelosi-Boehner Medicare deal adds to deficit

$105 billion: Amount Chicago is underfunded for pensions

$125 billion: Oops, amount of improper payments dished out by federal agencies

$130 billion: Amount taxpayers will owe in the next ten years just for Medicare physician payments

$472 billion: Feds set record tax haul in April 2015

$578 billion: Amount national debt climbed in 22 days

$1223.7 billion: Amount of US debt China holds

$1224.4 billion: Amount of US debt Japan holds


$1.3 trillion: Amount taxpayers are on the hook for student loan defaults

$1.88 trillion: Cost of federal regulations in 2014

$2 trillion: Regulatory compliance costs per year

$3.5 trillion: Amount the EPA’s ozone regulations will eliminate in economic output by 2020

$8 trillion: Amount national debt has climbed during Obama's presidency

$10 trillion: the coming loss in paper wealth

$58.7 trillion: total US debt at end of 2014

$210 trillion: Fiscal gap, which is almost 12 times current GDP of $18 trillion; When the Great Recession began in 2007, the federal government's debt totaled about 40 percent of GDP. But that ratio surged to 78 percent of GDP in 2013.

$505 trillion: Amount in interest rate derivatives that could be in jeopardy - Michael Snyder