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UPDATE 12/1: Vote has been put off until December, according to The Times of Israel.

EU holds bitter debate over whether to recognize Palestine

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One of the top stories at Koenig's:

The European Parliament plans to hold a vote on Thursday on a resolution to recognize a Palestinian state, following Sweden’s official decision to do so and symbolic votes in Spain, the UK and Ireland.

Israel fears EU Parliament will recognize Palestine

Interesting SAME DAY story:

NATO To Deploy Tanks In Eastern Europe Shortly After VP Of Europarliament Says Ukraine-Russia War Imminent

About those failed nuclear talks with Iran . . .

IRAN MOCKS: ‘Americans Have Very Clearly Surrendered’

Caroline Glick: Iran's No China:

Excerpts from Glick:

Obama’s policy of courting Iran also has three victims: Israel, the Sunni Arab states, and the rest of the world.

Obama’s initiation of the six-power nuclear talks with Iran harms Israel because the talks facilitate Iran’s nuclear program. That is, Obama is enabling Iran to develop the means to attack Israel with nuclear weapons.

Not only is Obama no Nixon, compared to him, Neville Chamberlain looks like a minor, almost insignificant failure.

Kerry Misleads on Extent of Iran’s Cooperation With IAEA

Former envoy: Iran showed no flexibility in nuke talks

About Fukushima . . . :

CDC Official: “Public health emergency in the US” from Fukushima radioactive material — Gov’t wanted to quarantine people contaminated with radiation, but had no authority — Emergency Operations Center activated for first time ever due to nuclear incident

Fukushima fallout on vegetation in South Florida exceeded gov’t notification limit by over 1,000% — Nearly triple the highest level reported anywhere on West Coast

About Ferguson . . . :

Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

Russians use Ferguson protests as opportunity to lecture Obama on human rights

What you call me?!?

About the NWO . . .:

Newest video from Jason A:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The nation has been waiting for days to hear if the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, would vote to indict white police officer Darren Wilson on some sort of charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown. We now know they voted to not indict.

The purpose of this post is NOT to debate their decision. Instead, this post is looking at the TIMING of this decision.

Earlier in the day, we learned that the 'hard' deadline for Iran to make a deal with the United States concerning their nuclear program was NOT met. The Iranians refused to budge in scaling back their program. The U.S. then blinked. Instead of meeting the Iranians' recalcitrance with refusal to continue negotiations and with more sanctions, the Obama administration announced that the Iranians would be given 7 more months to think about things AND at the same time, no more sanctions.

Reports: John Kerry Shouted Down During Nuke Talks

Yep, Obama's foreign policy disasters just continue.

Almost immediately after this report about the failed negotiations with the Iranians, Obama brings Chuck Hagel to the White House so Hagel can make an announcement that he's ready to retire, although Hagel just said last week that he wasn't going anywhere. One can almost imagine that there's an Internet video somewhere of Obama dragging Hagel by his collar across the White House lawn, up the steps, thru the doors, and down the hall to unceremoniously dump him in front of the microphone.

We get it.

The timing of this 'retirement' was probably more about changing the media talk from Obama's failure with Iran to something else, like, you know, really quick.

Hagel's Brief Tenure, Abrupt Exit Unique for Cabinet Member From 'Other Party'

But within hours of Hagel's rather sudden announcement, news came out that the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, would be announcing its decision, and of all times, pretty much late at night.

Wait, what?

Wouldn't a morning announcement have been better???

Most did not know what the Jury's decision would be as it could have gone either way. As soon as the decision was announced that Officer Wilson would not be charged with any crime because the Grand Jury came to the conclusion that Officer Wilson truly felt threatened and acted to save his own life, the already palpable tension in the crowds gathered in Ferguson ratcheted way up.

Within minutes, it was announced that President Obama would be making a statement.

I happened to be watching Megyn Kelly on Fox News when Obama stepped to the podium and began to speak. Then Kelly noted that 'at the same moment President Obama is calling for calm, riots break out in Ferguson.' She said it several times, that it was amazing to see it happening 'at the same moment.'

Daily Mail also noted that at the very moment President Obama is calling for calm, riots break out.

Headline grab:

Television split-screen broadcasts showed dramatic contrast between the president's requests for nonviolent reactions and the fires set on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri

MSNBC Split Screen: Obama Speaks in DC as Riots Erupt in Ferguson

Here is a moment by moment comparison of President Obama calling for calm and the riots breaking out.

Riots break out as President Obama is calling for calm

Protestors came out in Chicago, New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Then we heard that protestors were gathering outside the White House.

Breitbart notes that Obama's off-teleprompter statement didn't really help matters.

Obama on Ferguson: America's Racist, Give Me More Power

What a contrast -- President Obama makes a statement calling for calm and the protestors treat his words as 'blah, blah, blah' and ignore him; in fact, some protestors held him responsible for the mess.

Ferguson Protesters’ Angry Message to Obama, Democrats: ‘This Is Obama’s Katrina, and He Ain’t Doing S**t!

The reference to Katrina is interesting as I have written on Katrina several times before and its connection to judgment.

ON THE SAME DAY that Obama allows Israel's mortal enemies, the Iranians, MORE time to do what we all know (except President Obama that is) the Iranians are going to do -- use the bonus time to advance their nuclear program -- Obama has to use prime time to address a MAJOR social situation here in the United States.

Just as President Obama was forced by the Iranians to accept a major defeat for his foreign policy for the Middle East, ON THE SAME DAY President Obama is ALSO forced to accept a major defeat for his administration here at home.

When President Obama was Candidate Obama in 2008, he gave everyone the impression that if he were elected he was the one man (and probably the only man) who could 'heal' the nation of its racial divide. Since his election, most of us know that's been anything but the case. ON THE SAME DAY as his inability to convince the Iranians to scale back their nuclear program, Obama is forced to watch Ferguson break out in riots and burning.

We can hope, and pray, that the riots in Ferguson will burn itself out in a day or two and nothing more will come of it, and the riots won't spread to other cities.

In addition to Obama's major foreign policy disaster with Iran, this SAME DAY news also occurred, and it also involves something 'nuclear.'

‘Special Alert’ issued for major dam upstream of US nuclear plants — Muddy seepage coming up near foundation — Cause of sinkhole and ‘mysterious’ discharges unknown after weeks of analysis — Newspaper: “Hopefully, it isn’t catastrophic”

Because President Obama has emboldened Israel's mortal enemies, the Iranians, he has cursed Israel. Genesis 12:3 tells us in one sentence that whoever 'curses Israel' will, likewise, be cursed. Because President Obama has cursed Israel, he is cursed, and that means that almost anything he sets his hand to do will NOT turn out the way he thinks it will. He may have thought that by November 24, 2014, his foreign policy on Iran would be vindicated, but, instead, November 24, 2014, turned out to be a day in which the Iranians held him up to scorn and ridicule. They played him, and he and John Kerry are trying to put a good face on the 7-month extension, but . . . we need to look away and give them a moment while they get some tissues and wipe that 'stuff' off their faces.

And as a side note, I'm not holding my breath for a deal in July. Considering that the Iranians and Russians have become close allies over the past few years and BOTH nations are under sanctions issued by President Obama, I would not doubt one bit if the two countries are conspiring behind Obama's back to ruin any chance for a US-Iran deal as both countries, both of which regularly mock Obama, and John Kerry, and hold them up to ridicule, know how much reaching a deal with the Iranians matters to Obama as vindication for his foreign policy. To see Obama fail to achieve this prize might just be sweet revenge for the two rogue nations. And to keep moving the deadline back is to watch Obama futilely keep jumping at but never grasping the fruit on the tree.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Reports are the U.S. has given Iran more time to build a nuclear weapon failed to reach an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program by its 'hard' deadline of today, November 24.

Talks are now extended for another 7 months.


Iran Will Negotiate Until It Becomes a Nuclear Power

In the days leading up to these 'deadline' talks, the northeastern U.S. has experienced one of the most severe snowstorms on record. Houses are buried, and in some cases collapsing, under several feet of snow. Now, as Thanksgiving approaches on Thursday, the same area is expecting warm rain, which could melt all that snow and cause serious flooding.

Residents prepare for flooding evacuations

It appears that Iran isn't the only foreign policy failure for President Obama. We are now learning (but not from the ever-adoring mainstream media sources) that Obama managed to insult our allies down under while in Australia for the G20, and they are actually considering filing a formal complaint.

Major blowback from Obama's insult to Australia at the G20 in Brisbane

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Lyn Leahz has posted a youtube about some of the events that will happen before the coming of the Lord.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


David Wilkerson wrote in his book The Vision (1974), in Chapter 1, paragraphs two and three, this:

Not only is the American dollar headed for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada, and all other nations shortly thereafter.

It is not really a depression I see coming -- but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in America and around the world. Countries that now control huge amounts of Western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also. Arab countries will especially be hurt.

With Wilkerson's words in mind, it is, therefore, interesting to see the following article at The Economic Collapse Blog has this headline:

3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?

Read it for yourself and see what appears to be Wilkerson's words coming to pass before our eyes.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Jason A already has another video.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Newest video from Jason A.

Monday, November 10, 2014


H/T to Interesting Items for posting the latest from fidockave213/seventhvial213:

Friday, November 7, 2014


As President Obama comes up against Israel by engaging with her mortal enemy Iran on Monday, November 10 . . .

U.S. to meet with Iran in Oman over its nuclear program

weather forecasters here in the United States are telling us to prepare for a pretty bad cold outbreak -- we've got a polar vortex on the way. The actual first day of winter isn't for another 40-something days, but this storm (the remnants of a super typhoon) intends to ignore that date and bring temperatures about 10-30 degrees below normal across much of the U.S. east of the Rockies.

Get out those hats and scarves.

Polar vortex to hit with a vengeance on Monday

Super Typhoon Nuri likely to blame for upcoming arctic plunge

Meanwhile, we are learning that President Obama wrote a 'secret letter' to Iran's Khamenei trying to coax progress on their nuclear program.

Obama wrote secret letter to Khamenei

Several 'dollar' articles have been in the news:

How The Petrodollar Quietly Died, And Nobody Noticed

It’s Currency War! – And Japan Has Fired The First Shot

National Economic Suicide: The U.S. Trade Deficit With China Just Hit A New Record High

Ron Paul Says: Watch The Petrodollar

Russia may ban circulation of U.S. dollar

The Economy Of The Largest Superpower On The Planet Is Collapsing Right Now

And finally, about that trouncing Obama got the other night . . . here are John McTernan's thoughts:

As America/Obama has done to Israel

and here are Keith Koffler's thoughts:

President Obama’s Press Conference, Translated

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Extinction Protocol Radio has posted their latest broadcast, and once again it is on Ebola.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Last night's mid-term elections appears historic. No need for me to link to any articles -- they are in abundance.

I think a lot of people are believing that the Republican tsunami means the economy will turn around, jobs will be created right and left and Obama's hard left agenda will be reined in real good and tight.


All of that could be true, but I still say look at how Obama treats Israel. He has two years left to do a lot of insulting, a lot of backstabbing and a lot of damage. I still think Israel is the key. Many think I'm wrong.

We shall see.

In the meantime, here is Jason A with his latest compilation of headlines.

Monday, November 3, 2014



Palestinians are meeting with John Kerry in Washington, D.C.

" . . . Jen Psaki announced on Friday that a Palestinian delegation would arrive at the US capital for high-level talks on ways to move forward with the stalled peace talks and the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

The delegation, headed by PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, is expected to meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday."

US administration to unveil peace talks proposal

NOV 10:

U.S. will be meeting again with Iran about its nuclear program in Oman.

Report: Kerry, Zarif to hold nuclear talks in Oman; Meeting between Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif comes ahead of a final round of talks between Iran and world powers in Vienna from around November 17

We learned over the weekend that this "Iran deal" really means a lot to Obama; in fact, it appears he's banking on it being his ticket to why future history will look grandly upon him.

White House sees Iran deal as second term Obamacare

NOV 24:

The day Obama has bookmarked for his date with destiny.

Iran nuclear talks to go into high gear; Kerry, Zarif and Ashton to meet in Oman as November 24 deadline looms

At the same time as this announcement, two other "nuclear" stories were in the news, both at

The first story is from Tennessee:

Sinkhole develops under dam in US — 7 nuclear reactors downstream — Water now seeping out — Gov’t notified of ‘stability issues’, plants begin evaluating potential flood impacts — Official: An ‘uncommon’ occurrence, we’re monitoring it continuously and working around clock — Structure same height as Niagra Falls

The second is from Japan. We are being told NOW what we should have been told THEN about the explosion at Fukushima:

Video: “Purple cloud” seen by engineer after Fukushima explosion… “I took a photo” — Former Prime Minister: Smoke from reactor blast had different color than officials claim; Steel appears to have melted on top of Unit 3; Suggests possible nuclear explosion

And noting things that could go 'nuclear' . . .

OCT 24: In one of the most important speeches ever, ignored by U.S. media, Putin "abruptly changed the rules of the game"

OCT 31: "Troubling Trend" NATO Warns Russian Military Aircraft Incursions Worst Since Cold War

NOV 1: Russia Conducts Full "Nuclear Triad" Drill, Launches Topol-M ICBM

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EBOLA: The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now "Aerostable" And Can Remain On Surfaces For 50 Days

EBOLA: Big Pharma seeks legal immunity for damages from experimental Ebola vaccines

EBOLA: People without symptoms or fever may still spread deadly virus

EBOLA: Tapper: Obama thinks he's the only one with the logical position on Ebola

EBOLA: The story changes again: Ebola now 'aerostable,' can remain active on surfaces up to 50 days

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Most people cannot even imagine that an economic collapse is coming

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Alan Greenspan: QE Failed To Help The Economy, The Unwind Will Be Painful . . .

ISRAEL: Jerusalem Watch, John McTernan

ISRAEL: Obama wants confrontation with Israel

OBAMA: On Eve of Election, Obama Rallies Base with Jew Hatred; the 'real' reason the Netanyahu 'chickenpoo' remark was told to Goldberg

OBAMA: New levels of hypocrisy

OBAMA: Speaks to 1000s of empty seats in a rally meant to inspire Democrats to go vote

SWEDEN: Officially recognizes Palestinian Terror State