Friday, September 5, 2014


From fidockave213:



Lesions being reported in over 50 percent of salmon in Pacific Northwest

Experts: Scary problems on California coast — There may be “no food anywhere” along Pacific except in isolated areas — “It’s like crime scene investigation” in ocean — ‘Certainly’ Fukushima is one of stresses to sea life — Dolphins, whales more likely to be bathed in radiation

“Surge in marine mammal strandings” on US West Coast — Scientists: “This is very weird”; “My biggest fear is if this… is everywhere” along coast — Whales, dolphins, sea lions, birds recently washing up in large numbers — Many thousands likely dead — Violent seizures shown on news

“Very Sick, Emaciated”: Killer whales dying along Pacific coast — Population at lowest level in decades — Steep decline began after 2011 — No babies born in past 2 years — Alarming changes in behavior observed; Social structure is ‘splintering’

‘Zombie’ starfish found along Pacific coast — Experts: “Much spookier than in past” — Babies “die so quickly… they just disappear” — Change in seawater could have activated deadly pathogen — Worries about creation of ‘superbug’ — Serious ecosystem changes now appearing

U.S. government releases predators against its own people

Deadly pig virus confirmed at Utah hog farm


MSNBC warns: Benghazi scandal to return with 'vengeance'

Benghazi truth coming out, upcoming revelations contradict Obama administration narrative of events


Government To Regulate Groundwater For 1st Time As California Drought Becomes "Race To The Bottom"

Scariest California drought map yet


Leading Keynesian Economist Uses the 'D' Word

The Seven-Year Cycle of Economic crashes everyone is talking about


Fukushima forecast used by gov’t shows nuclear waste crossing ocean in single massive cluster — “Maximum concentration propagates eastward in Pacific toward U.S.” — Highest levels worldwide remain along coast of N. America through 2026 (VIDEO) (GG Note: Interesting graphic.)


Rare virus might be causing central Ohio kids’ respiratory illnesses


U.S. 'angry' that Israel did not notify them of land appropriation; U.S. considering how to punish

Obama Regime May Take Further Action To Punish Israel For Expropriating Land In West Bank

Obama admin slams Israel over claim of West Bank land


From LL101 -- Cheeseburger, hold the fickle

Obama using contractors as guinea pigs for social experiments

Lesbian couple want surrogate to abort baby since it has Down's syndrome

Federal judge actually upholds Louisiana traditional marriage law

Typos haunt San Francisco's new LGBT monument


Libya May Be Focus Of Major Rift Between US And Regional Allies

Obama's Miserable Failure

The Collapse of the Obama's Foreign Policy

Past greats who understood Islam

Boko Haran in Africa seeking to emulate ISIS and form own caliphate

White House not including key Republicans on upcoming ISIS briefing


'The Russian bear is encountering the Obama kitty cat

The chart Obama doesn't want Merkel to see

Russian General demands preemptive strike doctrine against NATO