Tuesday, June 24, 2014


When a nation is under judgment, it's foreign policy is mocked; major errors occur. There are blindsides and serious mistakes and missteps.

We've been over this ground before.

The last few days have been incredible. We are seeing that principle played out over and over and over and over and over again and again and again with this administration. I try to keep my finger on the pulse on this but so much mocking has happened the last few days in the area of foreign policy that it's like trying to count the beats of a tachycardia patient.

Here is a sampling:

John Kerry "Shocked And Humiliated" On First Day Of Middle-East Tour

John Kerry implementing Obama's foreign policy

NYT/CBS Poll: 58 Percent Disapprove of Obama's Foreign Policy

Feinstein: Rise of ISIS in Iraq a Surprise to US Intel

Feinstein says there are plots to kill Americans, and we are on the verge of something big

If you ain’t Muslim, you ain’t Shiite

Speaking of mocking -- want to know what Obama looks like when he has nothing but contempt for non-Democrat Americans? Then take a good look at IRS chief Koskinen as he mocks members of Congress with his answers to their questions.

House Republicans slam IRS commissioner

Here is something else President Obama can be "proud" of during his "pride" month. And if you are wondering why the economy is still struggling, the fact that these two are in the same title might be a clue. God does NOT bless murderers or those who encourage murder.

In the last five years under this president more babies have been aborted than jobs have been created

And this:

Guess Who Is Propping Up The US Housing Market

FLASHBACK: ". . . not a single brick be laid, not a single house be built. . . "



ALASKA: 7.9 hits Alaska's Aleutian Islands, 6.9 hits Kermadec Islands

ALASKA: Alaskan earthquake detected on monitors at giant Louisiana sinkhole

ALASKA: Tsunami warning issued after strong earthquake strikes Aleutian islands

AMERICA: Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

BENGHAZI: Benghazi Book: Ambassador Stevens’ Petitions for More Security Rejected by Hillary

BENGHAZI: Clinton inadvertently admits she may have violated law over Benghazi

DROUGHT: Drought has Sierra, Nevada forests ready to burn

EBOLA: West African death toll from Ebola Virus is 528

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: The Market Has Never Been More Fearful Of An Extreme Event

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: It Takes Mark Cuban Less Than 90 Seconds to Outline His Dire Prediction About the Student Loan Crisis

INSECT INVASION: The venomous ‘rocket ant’ with jaws like a beartrap that is invading the US

LGBT: June is GILBERT month for the U.S. Army

MYSTERY DEFORMITY: TV: 8 times more babies than usual born without brain near U.S. nuclear site; Much higher rate than anywhere else in country — “It’s scary the cause is such a mystery” — CNN: Experts speak out over failure of officials to conduct proper investigation — “The lamest excuse I’ve ever heard”

NEW MEXICO NUCLEAR SITE: “Very likely” multiple nuclear waste drums exploded, risk of more occurring; It was clearly something major… signs of fire at container holding over 500 billion Bq of Plutonium and Americium — Nuclear Engineer: “This is a huge dirty bomb”

OBAMA: Illustrating how rules are for "other" people

OBAMACARE: How it works

OCCULT: Three American friends hospitalised after becoming 'possessed' following Ouija board game in Mexican village

PRAISE REPORT!!! Sudanese mother sentenced to hang for 'converting to Christianity' has been freed!

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Big quakes, El Nino is arriving

Monday, June 23, 2014


As President Obama has heated up his actions during his proclaimed Gay Pride month, so has the Benghazi and IRS scandals.

For instance, we learned over the weekend that Hilary Clinton didn't REALLY think it was a YouTube video that was behind the Benghazi attack (despite her MANY public claims otherwise), it's just that when Hilary was presented with the "hard choice" of standing up to President Obama with the truth or submit to Obama's insistence that she present the American people with a deception, well . . . guess some things weren't so hard after all.

Clinton bristled at Benghazi deception

Rep Brady to Koskinen: “This is the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in history.”

Interesting that ISIS has really come to the forefront during Obama's Pride Month, proving to be a huge black eye for him though he speaks of confronting ISIS in a strange metaphor, as though ISIS militants were some game pieces and it is beneath him to engage in such confrontations.

'The US can't play whack-a-mole with extremists': Obama says

Woodward: Generals Were on their Knees Begging Obama to Keep Some Troops in Iraq

Official flag of foreign policy

This blog has noted before that it seems that whenever the Obama administration engages in talks with Iran, then Obama's birth certificate comes up in the news again, in some way.

June 18, World Powers begin drafting nuclear deal

June 20, Dem Rep: Accusation IRS Intentionally Lost Lerner Emails Equivalent to Birtherism

The Presbyterian Church was in the news twice this week. First, they voted to allow homosexual 'marriages.' Second, they voted to divest from Israel.

Strange how often those two actions often go hand in hand -- once a denomination votes to do one thing they also vote to do the other.

And speaking of heating up, how about Hawaii, that state that is so special to President Obama?

World's largest active volcano shows signs of life in Hawaii



ALASKA: Volcanoes are waking up in the Aleutian islands, most activity seen in 26 years

ANIMALS: Great White Shark numbers surging off East Coast

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: Scientists link MILLIONS of starfish dying off in the Pacific Ocean to warming of the waters


BRO. BRIAN: Bro. Brian’s thoughts for June 21, 2014

DISNEY: School features 4-year-olds pole dancing to Disney tunes

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: How a country dies, ZeroHedge

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: 10 Economic Truths Not Understood by Liberals

EVIL: Evil will find a way

FUKUSHIMA: Farmers: Fukushima radiation causing mystery disease — Many animals have developed spots all over their bodies — What if this starts to afffect people? It must be examined — Gov’t can’t identify problem

FUKUSHIMA: Fukushima responsible for “largest-ever” amount of radioactive pollution… “We did something terrible” — Scientist: Nuclear fuel “still melting down… there’s melting happening in the cores”

GDW: Slow-motion fracking earthquakes, Alaska's flurry of volcanic eruptions, Minnesota flooding, piglet virus

GITMO 5: From LL101:

IRAQ: The Curse of ISIS (not the Egyptian goddess!)

IRAQ: John Kerry's "Iran" Solution For Iraq (In 1 Cartoon)

IRAQ: Judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death, executed by ISIS

ISRAEL: Perfect red heifer to be sent to Israel to purify coming Third Jewish Temple (H/T Steve Coerper's Homework Page)

ISRAEL: Jews Leaving France in Droves, Heading to Israel

JOHN McTERNAN: Iran Supreme Leader: The Shiite Islamic Messiah Is Coming To Free The World

LGBT: Activist claims Obama "has been the best president for transgender rights, and nobody else is in second place"

LGBT: Obama expands government benefits for gay couples

LGBT: Kerry says he's working hard to have LGBT ambassadors represent the U.S.

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Big Bang snafu, storms, space weather

VA SCANDAL: VAs simply cancel MRIs it can't schedule

Friday, June 20, 2014


ANTHRAX: 75 US government scientists possibly exposed to anthrax

BILLY GRAHAM: Rev. Billy Graham: “The End Is Near” for Immoral Americans

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: After 6 Years Of Unprecedented Central Planning, The Economy Is More Fragile Than Ever

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Bonds & Stocks Are Dumping

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Energy Markets Are On The Brink Of Crisis

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Legend Warns Of World Economic Crash & Oil Spike To $250

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Is The Fed Trying To Create A "Bond Run" Panic? Yes... In Its Own Words

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Inflation? Only If You Look At Food, Water, Gas, Electricity And Everything Else

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: "De-Dollarization" Continues - China Starts Direct Trade With UK

FUKUSHIMA: “Hemisphere facing generations of radiologic contamination” from Fukushima — TV: It’s a major humanitarian crisis — NYT: “Nobody really knows” if 100s of tons of plutonium & uranium fuel resolidified — Experts: It’s certain reactor cores ‘moved around’; “Flowed to different part of buildings”?

IRAQ: Isis jihadists 'seize Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons stockpile'

IRAQ: Obama sending Kerry to Middle East, set to dispatch military advisers to Iraq

IRAQ: Did Saddam Have WMDs After All: ISIS Overruns Iraq Chemical Weapons 'Mega-Facility'

IRAQ: Saddam era WMDs captured in Iraq by ISIS

IRAQ: Russia Reignites The Proxy War: Putin Offers "Complete Support" To Iraq Prime Minister Scorned By Obama

IRS SCANDAL: WSJ: IRS scandal ‘worse than Watergate’

LGBT: U.S. cuts aid to Uganda, cancels military exercise over anti-gay law

LGBT: Obama ignores states' laws, expands rights of gay couples anyway

OBAMA: Obama Collapses in Gallup Daily Tracking Poll Over Week's Time

OBAMA: Fox’s Ed Henry: Obama Admin Doesn’t Realize The Trouble They’re In With The American People

OBAMA: The Cynic-in-Chief

OBAMA: Bombshell: Newly Classified Documents Reveal Obama Administration’s Close Ties with Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in Libya and Egypt

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Solar eruption, water mystery

VA SCANDAL: 25 Signs That Veterans Are Being Treated Like Trash Under The Obama Administration

Thursday, June 19, 2014


On Friday the 13th, a Senate Democrat decided to write a bill that formally declares President Obama's primary foreign policy to be the advancement of LGBT issues in EVERY country on the planet. The consequences for not submitting would be the cut-off of U.S. dollars until said nations are properly contrite.

On Wednesday the 18th, new polling shows Obama gets the lowest approval rating EVER, and it is because of how he handles foreign policy issues.

Poll shows Obama hits new low on foreign policy

Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Believe Obama Can't Get the Job Done

Obama's poll slide continues

Poll: Obama Hits Record Lows On Foreign Policy, Competence

WSJ/NBC Poll: Americans Increasingly Losing Faith in Obama

Chuck Todd went so far to say that the poll indicates that this President's presidency is over. Todd adds the further burn that Obama is seen as less competent than the President that Obama frequently depicts as the worst thing that ever happened to America, George W. Bush.

Chuck Todd: “Essentially the public is saying your presidency is over.”

Todd: Polling 'Disaster for the President,' Seen as 'Less Competent' than Bush Post-Katrina

Is Obama's presidency over? I would say not until the bull is out of the China shop.



DIVORCE: The toxic truth about divorce -- it harms children

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Putin Advisor Proposes "Anti-Dollar Alliance" To Halt US Aggression Abroad

FUKUSHIMA: “Lots of people suddenly started having nose bleeds, cats and dogs too, it lasted for some time” after 3/11 — Article: Many who volunteered in Fukushima have died, including 2 students from group of 15 helping to decontaminate

GEOLOGY: 25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources

HARBINGER: Shemittah 2015 - The Year of Release and Coming Judgment For America? (H/T Steve Coerper's Homework Page)

IRAN: World powers begin drafting nuclear agreement with Iran

IRAQ: The Sunni-Shiite divide, explained

IRAQ: Iran warns U.S. against intervention in Iraq

IRAQ: ISIS militants mock Michelle Obama

IRAQ: Why ISIS won't stop with Iraq

IRAQ: U.S. retaliates against Maliki for not meeting Obama's demands

IRS SCANDAL: Judicial Watch Smoking Gun Busts Open IRS Scandal, Again

JOHN McTERNAN: The Time of the End is drawing very close

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Two stories in the news today that touch the U.S. economy and seem to hold some prophetic implications, in my opinion.

First: Iran.

Our TREASURY SECRETARY, Jack Lew, has publicly avowed that Iran's nuclear program will "remain peaceful."

Excerpt from JPost:

While the US will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Wednesday that sanctions will lead to an agreement that will "ensure that Iran's nuclear program is entirely peaceful," a step short of the complete dismantling Israel has urged.

US Treasury Secretary Lew: Iran's nuclear program will remain peaceful

Here we have the U.S.' money man publicly promising that "ain't nothing bad gonna happen with Iran; we got this."

Why Lew?

I don't know, but I do know this: Lew oversees the printing and allocating of U.S. monetary funds, and he just made a significant statement that he absolutely cannot guarantee.

Second: LGBT.

There's a Senate Democrat who has decided that President Obama's 2011 Memorandum regarding LGBT rights is SO BRILLIANT that it should become OFFICIAL U.S. FOREIGN POLICY. This Democrat has proposed a bill (that already has 24 other Democrats signed on) that would state that the U.S. is SO ADAMANT that the promotion of LGBT rights IS SO VITAL that it will become THE MAIN IDENTITY of the U.S. ABROAD, to the extent that any nation that will not recognize and ACCEPT the U.S.' push for LGBT rights in each and every country, each and every institution, in each and every FAMILY, then that nation can expect NO FUNDING from the U.S. To prove this last point, Uganda is being held up as an example of what will happen when a nation does not accept the U.S. position on LGBT individuals.

Excerpt from Breitbart:

The administration has made it clear that LGBT is a red line governments cross at their own peril. The administration has stopped development funding for desperately poor Uganda because of Uganda’s new and, some would say, harsh laws governing homosexual activity. The halted funding included money to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

In Face of Islamist Terror, Senate Bill Makes LGBT U.S. 'Foreign Policy Priority'

Unlike the redline Obama drew didn't draw on Syria, one gets the feeling that he will enforce THIS red line.

Democrats were VERY HAPPY about Obama's executive order noted in yesterday's post. So HAPPY they gave the guy a STANDING O at a "glamorous" $32,000 per plate LGBT fundraiser last night.

'Hearts and minds are changing': Obama receives standing ovation as he announces anti-discrimination bill at glamarous LGBT fundraiser

We have two stories involving the money printed by the U.S.: Jack Lew, Secretary Treasury, publicly assures the world, and Israel, that Israel's mortal enemy is not lethal, AND the U.S. is proposing a formal bill to refuse U.S. funds to any nation that does not adopt the President Obama's stance on homosexual issues.

At the SAME TIME as these two stories, we have these stories appearing at Drudge today.

It seems that Americans are going to need more and more of that printed money from the Treasury Dept to buy basic goods, like food and electricity. AND Obamacare is going to cost WAY MORE than we were promised by this President, who said his ACA would not "add one thin dime to the deficit." So while Americans are going to need more money to buy the basics, they will also have to pay for others to have healthcare because that is what subsidies are -- taxpayers paying the premiums for other individuals who the government says doesn't make enough to purchase their affordable health care plans.

Obamacare subsidies push cost of health law above projections

I think some would argue that if the plans are truly affordable then why can't they afford them? Why does the government insist taxpayers help them pay for them?

Price Index for Meats, Poultry, Fish & Eggs Rockets to All-Time High

As we see these news accounts of the costs of basic goods rising, ZeroHedge is reporting that the debt situation here in the U.S. is also worsening, . . .

The United States Of Debt: Total Debt In America Hits A New Record High Of Nearly 60 Trillion Dollars

and, . . .

US Current Account Gap Worst Since Q1 2012; Biggest Miss Since Lehman

And have you been following the GM debacle?

GM recalls another 3.4 million cars for faulty keys

Another recall? What was the first recall?

The article tells us.


GM is already recalling 2.6 million older small cars, mostly in the U.S., for a similar problem where the ignition switch slips out of "run" and causes an engine stall. In that case, the problem is with the mechanics of the switch. In this latest recall, GM says the problem is with the design of the key.

But wait! There's more.

GM also is recalling 166,000 other cars for a series of other problems.

The recalls announced Monday bring to 44 the total number of GM recalls this year, covering 17.73 million vehicles in the U.S. and more than 20 million worldwide. The company has surpassed its old U.S. full-year recall record of 10.75 million vehicles set in 2004.

Remember, in 2009, Obama basically took over GM, so it's nickname now is "Government Motors"?

His car company is now undergoing THE LARGEST recall in its history.

Now, let's look at something interesting in this GM timeline of recalls from Reuters, emphasis mine.


General Motors Co is grappling with a crisis over its 11-year failure to recall cars equipped with faulty ignition switches. The flaw could cause engines to shut off, leading to a sudden loss of power steering and power brakes, and the failure of air bags to deploy in a crash. So far, GM has attributed at least 54 crashes and 13 deaths to switch-related air bag malfunctions. It was only in February of this year that GM finally began recalling 2.6 million Chevrolet Cobalts, Saturn Ions and other older models equipped with the faulty switches.

TIMELINE-General Motors grapples with safety crisis

February, huh?

What ELSE happened with GM in February? Remember this?

February 7: Chevrolet Shows 'The New Love' In Values Commercial For Sochi

Excerpts, emphasis mine:

“#TheNew” ad not-so-subtly sticks it to the Olympic hosts over their anti-gay-activism laws and sets up Chevrolet as an unlikely provocateur in the ongoing uproar over Russian societal discrimination against homosexuals . . . Chevy plans eight new TV spots to air during the Winter Games, including the brand anthem set to broadcast during the Opening Ceremonies on NBC on Friday evening. . . the ad’s depiction of a gay-marriage ceremony would appear to be a first for any General Motors GM -0.66% ad or brand.

Again, we see an instance where a U.S. business or state or local government has promoted LGBT issues and something financial happens to them. Both in February in this instance.

Oh, and the costs for the GM recalls?

GM also raised its expected second-quarter charge for recall expenses to $700 million from an earlier estimate of $400 million. That brings total recall expenses for the year to $2 billion.

$2 billion.

Think gays will buy $2 billion worth of their cars in appreciation for GM's promotion of same-sex marriage?

No, I don't think so either. Especially if they might get KILLED in one of those cars.

Duduman said America would be destroyed because she had become as Sodom and Gomorrah.

1984 Message for America

And so did the Prophet Jeremiah.

The New America – Sodom and Gomorrah

As Breitbart noted, there is A LOT going on in the world right now, including Iraq, so the Senate Democrats' emphasis on Obama's stance on LGBT issues as the most pressing foreign policy stance needed does seem quite displaced. Apparently Obama made some demands of Maliki in Iraq that Maliki refused to submit to.

This Is Not Going As Planned: Iraq Prime Minister Defies US, Accuses Saudi Arabia Of "Genocide"

However, Saudi Arabia is having none of it.

In Escalating War Of Words, Saudi Arabia Fires Back At Iraq, Warns Of Civil War, Opposes Foreign Intervention

Joel Rosenberg is speculating that this conflict in Iraq could be setting the stage for the Muslims' 12th Iman to arrive on the scene. (H/T Steve Coerper's Homework Page)

Chaos in Iraq, Syria setting stage for the Twelfth Imam, says Ayatollah, but more must be done. Iranian leader reveals thoughts on Shia eschatology.

Barry Shaw notes that what is going on Iraq will most likely lead to Jerusalem.

The ISIS Conquest of Iraq leads to Jerusalem

Glenn Beck interviewed a former CIA analyst about ISIS and Iraq.

‘It’ll Put the Globe Into Turmoil’: Former CIA Analyst Buck Sexton Breaks Down the ‘Worst Case Scenario’ in Iraq

This Telegraph article surely has Saddam Hussein smiling from someplace in Hell.

Saddam’s men return to power in city once held by US

By the way, do you realize Isaiah 14:9 mentions that when the "king of Babylon" is cast into Hell, that a bunch of world rulers will be there to see it?

Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.

Barry Roffman ran a Torah code on Obama and Iraq, but surprisingly, it's Kerry's name that comes up instead.

Maliki and Defeat in Iraq

At the conclusion of Monday's post, I noted that scientists have discovered that a vast ocean lies under the Earth's mantle, and this ocean is probably the "fountains" that broke up during the time of Noah's flood. Ppsimmons produced a short YouTube about this find, and includes the interesting information that this ocean LIES UNDER THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES, so it's unclear how far this ocean extends.

Fountains of the Deep? Scientists finally discover biblical truth



NEBRASKA TORDOES: Aerial photos show path of destruction in the wake of two terrifying tornadoes that ravaged a small Nebraska town, killing a five-year-old girl as she was trying to seek shelter

OKLAHOMA EARTHQUAKES: For what it is worth, this morning is the THIRD morning this week alone that I've been woken up by an earthquake.

Oklahoma coming to terms with unprecedented surge in earthquakes


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Last night a super cell dropped two really large tornadoes at the same, barely a mile apart from each other, near Pilger, Nebraska.

Here is a look at the meaning of the name.

Pilger surname

Multiple news sources are describing the event as "twin devastation."

Here is the headline from Daily Mail Online:

"It was like God dragged two fingernails across the land."

Unbelievable, stunning photos, video, show twin tornadoes touching down in Nebraska

As this event was going on, various news outlets were also reporting President Obama's decision to put "boots on the ground" in Iraq. After saying there would be no troops going into Iraq, he later in the day informed Congress that he would be sending in 275 troops.

Once more we have a connection between modern-day Babylon (an assessment that David Wilkerson preached in his book The Vision) and ancient Babylon, Baghdad/Iraq.

In yet another instance of what appears to be a "double plague" upon this President, several analysts have noted similarities between the fall of Iraq, and possibly Baghdad, with the fall of Saigon during the Ford administration.

Fall of Iraq, fall of Saigon

As the situation in Iraq is turning even more dire, it is believed that President Obama may be turning to an alliance of some sort with Israel's mortal enemy, Iran, to deal with the Islamic militants that are marching on Baghdad. Debka is noting that as the Israeli government is attempting to retrieve three teenage boys believed kidnapped by Hamas, a terrorist group that is funded by Iran, the U.S. is entering into an "epic cooperation" with Iran.

Epic US-Iran military cooperation in Iraq coincides with Israel’s war on Tehran’s Palestinian ally, Hamas

Iraq's ambassador is warning that this is not going to end well.

Iraq's ambassador to the U.S. warns that 'a thousand' bin Ladens could emerge from 'global tumor' of ISIS unless Obama deals with the 'immediate threat'

The 275 Obama is putting into Iraq are supposed to guard the almost 5,000 staff we have at the embassy. Pretty sure that's not what the ambassador had in mind.

In the meantime, undeterred by the antics of one previous detainee who is putting on quite a show in Iraq, Obama has apparently released a few more jihadists, this time from a U.S. prison in Afghanistan.

US Quietly Moves Detainees Out Of Secretive Afghanistan Prison

John McTernan has noted that whenever the U.S. comes up against Israel (and engaging Israel's sworn foe as an ally would certainly qualify) at the same time as promoting sin, severe judgments occur. We have that as well as President Obama is throwing yet another punch at Biblical values.

King Obama grants even more special rights to homosexuals

President Obama will prevent those groups that have contracts with the Federal government from refusing to hire gays and transgenders. Homosexuals are ecstatic.

This president has done more for the struggle for [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] equality than all previous presidents combined,” said a statement from Anthony Romero, the gay director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

In addition, the Daily Caller is reporting that homosexuals are also going after religious groups, insisting that church organizations that receive any kind of Federal funds to help the poor and provide social services cannot be allowed to refuse to hire LGBT, even if those lifestyles do not line up with the teachings of the religious group.

It is quite clear that to accept Federal funds is a trap -- one must also accept Federal mandates, even if those mandates are contrary to the moral beliefs of religious individuals.

Left Demands Religious Groups Promote Gays, Cross-Dressers

This unilateral action exposes, yet once more, Obama's hypocrisy from when he was a candidate. Courtesy of LL101.

Do you realize his sentence does not need the words "I'm going"?

"We fought a revolution in 1776, so the president couldn't become a monarch, and unilaterally decide I'm going to ignore the law."

As forensic profiler Andrew Hodges has noted before, Obama often "confesses" his real intentions when he's speaking.


Nancy Pelosi threw her own punch as noted in yesterday's post. The bishop she warned not to support traditional marriage gave a reply to her. One comment he noted is very, very truthful. Take a moment to read his response. It is rare to find individuals with such conviction on supporting traditional marriage despite the hate coming from those who oppose traditional families.


It gives me assurance that we share a common disdain for harsh and hateful rhetoric. It must be pointed out, though, that there is plenty of offensive rhetoric which flows in the opposite direction. In fact, for those who support the conjugal understanding of marriage, the attacks have not stopped at rhetoric. Simply for taking a stand for marriage as it has been understood in every human society for millennia, people have lost their jobs, lost their livelihoods, and have suffered other types of retribution, including physical violence.(emphasis mine)

Archbishop Cordileone Responds to Nancy Pelosi's Assault on March for Marriage

Pelosi tried to "shame" the bishop by reminding him, "“While we may disagree on the subject of marriage equality,we do agree that every person is a child of God, possessed of the spark of divinity and worthy of respect.”

Of course, Pelosi would NEVER mean the unborn in her attempted rebuke of the bishop.



ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: “The largest disease outbreak that we know of ever in the oceans” now hitting West Coast — Potential for “global extinction” — “Affects over 20 species… causing catastrophic mortality” — Expert: One of history’s largest wildlife die-offs… signal in ecosystem that something’s not right

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: S. California fishermen ‘skunked… haven’t seen a squid’, usually 10,000+ lbs/day — ‘Complete crashes’ at oyster hatcheries — Sardines, mackerel missing in areas — Pelican sites alarmingly deserted — Record # of sick sea lions — Ultra-rare whales appear after decades — Mammals, birds, fish in odd places

BENGHAZI: A very important whistle blower has come forward, Walid Shoebat

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Etna erupts, Mercury conjunction

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Galactic Cosmic Rays; cloud effect and impending surge

VA SCANDAL: At least 175 VA whistle blowers targeted for retribution

Monday, June 16, 2014


TOP STORIES: Nancy Pelosi warns SF bishop to not march for traditional marriage, and Why aren't any of the biggest law firms in the U.S. defending traditional marriage?

I've asked this before, and I will ask it again -- if it is becoming a source of hostility to stand up for or defend traditional marriage, when does it become a crime to be IN a traditional marriage? If the biggest law firms in the U.S. won't stand up for traditional marriage in court, isn't it fair to assume that they won't stand up for individuals in a court of law should they be "punished" for being in a traditional marriage? Think that is extreme? That it won't come to that? Look at Mark 6 and the beheading of John the Baptist. If John the Baptist could be thrown in prison and then beheaded for telling Herod that he shouldn't have his brother's wife, that his marriage wasn't legitimate in the eyes of God, for it is clear that John was a prophet speaking for God, then what will be the punishment for telling gay couples, or simply believing, that their "marriages" aren't legitimate in the eyes of God? Look at Nancy Pelosi -- she sounds very similar to the sodomites who gathered outside Lot's house and threatened him if he dared interfered with their plans. She is a member of Congress, someone who helps make the laws in this country. And she is warning a member of the Catholic Church, HER church, not to interfere with the plans that homosexuals have for America, which is the end of traditional marriage.  Are you praying about this matter?

Interesting that this story is coming in the news at this time, a reminder of what occurred during the worldwide judgment of Noah's time, when the "fountains of the deep" were broken up (Genesis 7):

Vast ocean lays under Earth's mantle; may be wellspring for world's oceans.


BENGAHZI: Why it matters, Bill Whittle

EL NINO: El Nino is coming: Here's what to expect

FUKUSHIMA: “Horses became weak and died, one by one, from an unknown cause” at farm in Fukushima — Farmer: “There is something seriously wrong going on… This country is going mad, I‘m sure something grave is going to happen” — 14 out of 15 newborn horses died last year

IRAQ: An Islamic state is born, John McTernan

IRAQ: Iraq insurgents take Saddam's home town in lightning advance

IRAQ: Lines In The Sand – The 5 Key Maps Of The Middle East Crisis – From Chicago to Washington, Nineveh and beyond

IRAQ: Cartoon round-up

ISRAEL: Are Israel and the U.S. on a Collision Course?

ISRAEL: Hamas declares intifada against Israel

JUNE 22: Will it be a day that lives in infamy?

OBAMACARE: Courtesy of LL101:

RUSSIA: Russia cuts off natural gas supplies to Ukraine

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Significant papers, space weather

V838 MONOCEROTIS: Scientists Baffled by Explosion of Distant Star

Thursday, June 12, 2014


ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: Disease explosion in West Coast sea stars — “Extinction event” is pretty close — “Epidemic of historic magnitude… threatens to decimate entire population” of species in Oregon — Sudden 50-fold increase in recent weeks — Entire ecosystem could be disrupted — “We have no clue”

BENGHAZI: Air Force Major (Ret.) comes foward -- it was a terrorist attack, and the attackers used State Dept cell phones captured during the attack to call higher ups

CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION: Union Reportedly Wants Air Force Employees Removed Over ‘Duck Dynasty’ Support

COMET SIDING SPRING: Approaching Mars Oct. 19, 2014

GITMO 5: Pragmatism, Obama and the Bergdahl swap, Caroline Glick

IRAQ: Blood-soaked militant group advancing in Iraq grew out of al Qaeda, but surpasses al Qaeda in brutality; formidable army of 12,000 rule by beheading, amputation and crucifixion

IRAQ: Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's home town, falls to extremist warlord who is more 'virulent and violent than bin Laden'

ISRAEL: Obama's US ambassador raises the LGBT flag over US embassy in Israel (H/T Steve Coerper)

ISRAEL: 12 ways the US administration has failed its ally Israel

ISRAEL: Brian McLaren's beliefs concerning the Church, the Palestinians and the Israelis

LGBT: Danish churches MUST host gay weddings

MYSTERIOUS ILLNESS: Strange illness triggers psychotic and violent behavior; causes child to "flop" on the floor and yell "uncontrollably"

OBAMA: Popularity plunges to new lows, "No longer likeable enough"

OBAMACARE: New report shows that number of uninsured WILL INCREASE beyond pre-Obamacare levels in the next few years as patients will no longer be able to afford premiums

RUSSIA: Russian bombers fly within 50 miles of California coast

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: Newsmax disputes the claim that there have been 74 school shootings

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Huge gamma burst, major storms, space weather

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I continue to be amazed when "things happen" within 24-48 hours (or, sometimes, on the SAME day) of some world leader involving himself (herself) with peace talks and Jerusalem. It's happened multiple times to U.S. Presidents and their officials. Now, Pope Francis seems to be no exception.

This from Daily Mail Online:

Sixth paragraph in the article:

The Vatican said:'Following a very historic and full weekend, the Holy Father has chosen to rest on Monday afternoon and today Tuesday.' His condition is 'not serious' the Holy See said.

Pope Francis cancels prayers due to illness

Also . . . this article from June 10. Once more the issue of predatory priests in the Catholic Church was in the news when the stunning contents of a deposition in a Minnesota case from last month became public.

Archbishop quizzed in sexual abuse lawsuit claims he didn't know it was illegal for priests to have sex with children in the 1980s

President Obama's "Gay Pride" month isn't turning out so well for him. There has been a LOT of bad news. Look at all these stories.


Do you realize that yesterday's Oregon school shooting has been the 74th school shooting since the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook shooting?

School Shootings in America Since Sandy Hook


Barack Obama boasted at the Democrats' 2012 Convention that "Osama bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is on the run." Yep, he said that. Looks like they all ran to Mosul, Iraq, because that's where a whole bunch of them showed up, and "tens of thousands" Iraqi soldiers "turned tail and ran" from the "ferocious al Qaeda fighters" (according to debka) and took the abandoned U.S. military hardware, including a Black Hawk helicopter (according to ZeroHedge). The Iraqi government is handing out weaponry to the CITIZENS in an effort to get them to fight back, and in the meantime has sent an "urgent" appeal to President Obama for help so that Baghdad does not fall. Debka outlines six reasons why the loss of Mosul to al Qaeda has dire consequences.

After Mosul, Al Qaeda seizes 38,000 sq. km of Iraqi territory, division-size armored vehicle fleet

Al Qaeda Militants Capture US Black Hawk Helicopters In Iraq


Reuven Rivlin elected Israeli president: Benjamin Netanyahu’s bitter enemy to replace Shimon Peres after ugly contest for influential post

Unfortunately for Obama and Kerry, the new guy "ain't" pro-Palestinian state. In fact, he outright opposes it. That should make for some interesting talks between Israel and the U.S.


The rumblings are getting louder, on both sides of the world, that Israel wants the U.S.' support when it comes to Iran, but realizes it may have to "go it alone." Israel striking Iran is, without a doubt, one of the top 5 nightmares of this administration.

From JPost: US is Israel's 'irreplaceable' ally, but Israel may have to stand alone again

From Breaking Israel News: Israel Will Use “Force” Against Iran

From Daily Caller: Israel Strike Against Iran ‘Could Happen In A Matter Of Months’


President Obama insists on funding the terrorist organization, Hamas, despite their call for the destruction of Israel

Shockingly, Obama Will Fund Hamas-Aligned PA Regime

As he does so, he finds himself with his own "terrorist" problem back here at home -- his release of the Gitmo 5, five Taliban terrorists he exchanged for Bowe Bergdahl.

Polling shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans, especially military veterans, do NOT support the President on this exchange, and are, in fact, ANGRY about the exchange.

Two-Thirds Of Americans Do Not Back Obama's Decision On Bergdahl

FLASHBACK: Israeli citizens ANGRY that U.S. government forced Israel to release terrorists in order to seduce Abbas into peace talks


Though President Obama wants to frame the trade in terms of "leaving no soldier behind," Americans are stubbornly resisting his efforts and are concentrating, instead, on the price he paid for Bergdahl -- the release of 5 hardened terrorists that most likely will return to the fight.

Barry Roffman ran a Torah code on Obama's release of the terrorists and came up with an interesting matrix.

Bergdahl and Obama impeachment


Roffman's analysis notes that if the Republicans win the Senate in the midterms, and can overcome fear of being labeled racists, they might launch a serious effort to impeach President Obama. Eric Cantor's unexpected loss to a Tea Party candidate last night is sending shockwaves all thru the political landscape. Cantor was NOT expected to lose, but lose he did, and with DOUBLE DIGITS.

With this loss, other candidates who are facing Tea Party candidates may have to look twice at where they are at. Cantor's loss does not mean that every candidate who is facing a Tea Party candidate will lose, but it does mean that their races may be closer than expected. Cantor did not see this coming. In fact, he had proclaimed the Tea Party dead just a few months ago. His ungracious concession speech and utter lack of political decorum indicates just how badly he did not see this blindside.

The Tea Party may have formed because of President Obama's huge spending on bailouts as soon as he got into office, but it gained legs, and strength, when President Obama introduced his Obamacare reforms. Several candidates who supported Obamacare lost their seats in the 2010 midterm elections, primarily because of Tea Party efforts. Many of the Tea Party groups are at the focus of the IRS scandal -- that their applications were held up to extra scrutiny and delays because they openly oppose many of President Obama's policies. President Obama, rather than frame their concerns as legitimate issues from concerned citizens, has openly and derisively dismissed them, and has even used the derogatory term "teabaggers" to describe them. Make no mistake -- President Obama hates this particular group of American citizens and has declared a silent war on them. Silent because the main stream media won't comment on his hostile actions against these Americans  If President Obama quietly dreads the thought of Republicans taking the Senate in the mid-term, one can only imagine his utter contempt should the Republicans gain because of wins by Tea Party candidates.  The Cantor loss may be the opening salvo.

Cantor loss bad omen


Another Housing Red Light: Furniture Spending Negative For The First Time Since 2012

FLASHBACK: Obama demands "not a single brick be laid, not a single house be built" in Jerusalem


The purpose of this topic's inclusion in this post is NOT to debate whether America should house these children or not. Rather, I want to point out one very hypocritical aspect of this topic with regard to this President and his Democratic party. They are attempting to frame anybody who opposes having all these abandoned children come to the U.S. as "uncaring," "unfeeling," and even "un-American." Yet their HYPOCRISY is stunning! This is the party that fervently and adamantly pushes ABORTION, the MURDER of unborn babies and yet scorns those who don't embrace these children. These very same children the Democratic Party would gladly have helped the mothers abort, and justified!, had they but had the opportunity to do so.


Russia is setting up a strategic foothold in Nicaragua

Is a prophetic word beginning to take shape so it can come to pass?

Remember what Dumitru Duduman said in his 1984 "Message to America"?


He said, "Remember this, Dumitru. The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America. When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety - from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico,,.." (He told me two other countries, but I didn't remember what they were.) "...they will bomb the nuclear warehouses. When they explode, America will burn!" (emphasis mine)

Duduman's 1984 Message for America

Keeping with Duduman for a moment -- I find it interesting that in the article about predatory priests noted at the first of this post that the deposition came from MINNESOTA. Duduman also mentioned Minnesota in one of his prophetic words.


A voice said to me, "Watch where the Russians penetrate America."

I saw these words being written: Alaska; Minnesota; Florida. (emphasis mine)

China and Russia, April 1996

Bad news crams the first few days of Obama's Gay Pride month on multiple fronts. As John McTernan has noted that when we come against Israel AND it coincides with a national sin, severe judgments occur. So it seems with President Obama. He is facing crises all around him. It makes me wonder how that little monkey god charm in his pocket is working out for him; after all, "Lord" Hanuman is supposed to be the god of managing crises.

Jesus, in Matthew 24, noted that in the last days there would be notable turmoil in the world, not only in nature, but also in the affairs and actions of mankind. There would be "wars" and "rumors of wars," "nation against nation," "famines, pestilences, earthquakes" in various places. There would be men passing themselves off as "the Messiah," and there would be false prophets.

In what I believe are the last days, we are not to turn away from seeing the events in the news no matter how depressing and overwhelming they can be at times, but rather we are to obey as Jesus admonished us to, "Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come." He gave us the signs of the last days and said we are to "Watch." I Peter 4:7 says that we are to "watch unto prayer."

Friday, June 6, 2014


On Sunday, June 8, Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian "leader" Abbas will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican to "pray for peace."

FLASHBACK: Pope Francis’ peace doves attacked at Vatican

June 8, 2014: Huge 'Beast' Asteroid to Fly By Earth; no chance of hitting

June 8, 2009: President Obama insults Benjamin Netanyahu during phone call; strong storm downs Linden Tree on White House lawn shortly thereafter.


Thursday, June 5, 2014


A good guess is that many of us had not heard of this particular phrase in Isaiah until Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explained its meaning in his book The Harbinger.

The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars --Isaiah 9:10.

Rabbi Cahn revealed in his book how this ancient biblical prophecy was in play on 9/11, when the Twin Towers came crashing down. Several top government U.S. officials quoted this verse as a verse of defiance in the aftermath of the terrorist attack upon American citizens. Those officials included Tom Daschle, John Edwards, John Kerry, Rudolph Guilianni, and later, Barack Obama.

Interestingly enough, so far all but two, John Kerry and Barack Obama, subsequently lost their positions in government (1). Now, 9/11 is back in the news as it was revealed over the weekend that President Obama, without consulting Congress, released the "Dream Team" of the Taliban from Guantanamo Bay. The Taliban's home country is Afghanistan, and our military is in Afghanistan to root out the Taliban and capture or kill them because of their 9/11 attack. A lot of time, money, and effort, not to mention soldiers' lives, went into securing these Taliban members; nonetheless, President Obama has released them back into the wild with assurances that he knows best how to monitor them.


As Bergdahl was being released on Friday, on Saturday, 5/31, a story appeared at Koenig's that I not only bookmarked but took a screen print of because I felt it might be a "harbinger" of perhaps another 9/11.

Read the very last sentence carefully.

"At the meeting, which took place at the Prime Minister's Bureau, Netanyahu reportedly told the mayors he was "the defender of the settlements," adding that the (sic) he had resisted earlier Obama administration demands that "not a single brick be laid, not a single house be built." (emphasis mine)

Think about that.

President Obama demanded that "NOT A SINGLE BRICK BE LAID, NOT A SINGLE HOUSE BE BUILT." As we do unto Israel, it is done unto us. If we don't want bricks being used to build homes in Israel, then our own housing market will suffer here. Perhaps we are already seeing the "cause and effect" beginning to play out as this article appeared June 4.

Half of Americans can’t afford their house

In addition in this instance, the Taliban "Dream Team" story was occurring at the SAME TIME, and it SPECIFICALLY involves "bricks falling down," a phrase associated with terrorist attack and judgment.

With the Bergdahl-Taliban trade, there is this sense of betrayal. Some members of Congress, including a handful of Democrats, believe President Obama should have notified them of his decision to trade 5 notorious terrorists for Bergdahl. The White House countered that there wasn't enough time. However, the fact that there was enough time to get Bergdahl's parents to the White House so they could stand in the Rose Garden with the President seems to belie the White House's claim to some degree.

Some of those who lost friends and loved ones, (I've noted on this blog every 9/11 the person I knew we lost on 9/11), surely feel a sense of betrayal that the bloody terrorists responsible for the sudden, horrible deaths of their loved ones have been turned loose with only the assurance that the President "knows what's best." And I am sure that some of the families of soldiers who died trying to obtain these five probably feel a sense of betrayal as well.

It would not be all that dissimilar if President Obama had released John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Green River Killer, and the Night Stalker without notifying the families and without consulting law enforcement and then condescendingly reminded us he has a pen and a phone and he knows what he's doing.

The victims' families might beg to differ.

As the Americans who still care about this country and are not blind supporters of this liberal President have had to stop the last few days and try to make sense of what President Obama just did to this country, Israel is having to do the same. Lost in the headlines swirling around Bergdahl was a report from Yahoo News that President Obama has decided to recognize the unity government recently formed between the Palestinians and Hamas despite earlier assurances that Obama would not recognize Hamas.

Israel decries US 'knife in back' over Palestinian govt.

Interesting title considering President Obama's frequent boast that he "has Israel's back."

Look at the very first sentence in the article:

Washington's support for a new Palestinian government backed by Israel's Islamist foe Hamas, has left the Jewish state feeling betrayed, triggering a new crisis with its closest ally.

We have the words "betrayed," and "triggering" and the implication of further straining.

In Collapse, Destruction, Our Back Against Israel, Daniel at Prayers for the People wrote in 2009, that he believed that the ties between the U.S. and Israel would be strained to the breaking point because of Israel feeling betrayed by the U.S. Israel would then do something without permission of the U.S. and Obama's response would be the "trigger for America's fall."

Israel 'deeply disappointed' with US

Obama Finally Earns that 2008 Hamas Endorsement

Could the "something without permission" be Israel striking Iran to take out its nuclear program? (see Note 2)

Israel's response to President Obama embracing Hamas? They WILL put up bricks.

Israel okays 1,500 West Bank homes in response to Palestinian unity

The U.S. has already condemned the Israeli government for these building permits, and adds that they would have condemned this whether there had been a unity government between the Palestinians and Hamas or not.

As this White House begins celebrating its annual "Gay Pride" month as it has done every year since 2009, President Obama has brought the U.S. to a point where America is mocked abroad generally and himself specifically. Remember, when a nation is under judgment, it's foreign policy will be mocked because it is a disaster.

Amateur Hour

How Obama Lost His Mojo

When a President goes rogue

Homeland Bound: Obama’s Ego Creates Another Scandal

Chinese general: U.S. foreign policy has ‘erectile dysfunction’

And this particularly scathing article about Obama, calling him a "marshmallow" and a "pygmy" compared to previous Presidents, includes this:

This week, however, at the D-Day Commemoration, America’s representative will be a man who has disappointed his nation and its allies as have few presidents in modern times.

Another shabby day for the marshmallow President: As his Taliban hostage swap sours, why Obama is a pygmy compared with the wartime leader Roosevelt, says MAX HASTINGS

John McTernan has mentioned often at his Website   this past year to watch the month of June. God may very well cause harsh judgments to fall upon President Obama and this nation because this is the month that President Obama is most proud of leading this nation away from the morals God established, and because Obama continues to stick his finger in God's eye concerning Israel and Jerusalem. McTernan touches upon that very subject, yet again, in his post for today.


Through my study and watching the terrible disasters hitting America, I noticed that when touching Israel coincides with another national sin such as promoting homosexuality, a very severe disaster hit America. The events have now just coincided. Obama declared June as national homosexual month and he also recognized the unity of a Palestinian government with Hamas.

US defends ties with Palestinian unity government with Hamas

So far, June has begun in that very manner -- President Obama thought he was going to be hailed quite the hero for bringing home a POW; instead, he has angered quite a few people, on BOTH sides of the aisle, with his deal with the devil. And at the start of Gay Pride month, on June 2, yet another effigy of Obama was found hanging in a public place, this time off a bridge in Missouri.

Mannequin in Obama mask hung from Missouri bridge

And with all this Bergdahl-Taliban drama going on, hardly anyone noticed the tremendous hailstorm that occurred in a derecho in Nebraska that destroyed thousands of cars.

Nebraska storm: Here's what happens when baseball-sized hail strikes (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS mentions the storm in his YouTube for today.

And on the SAME DAY as Obama's Bergdahl-Taliban trade went into action, little mention was made of this court case:

Z-Street Wins Ruling Against IRS – Was Targeted By Obama Officials Because of It’s Pro-Israel Views

This ruling is significant because it forces the IRS to disclose "procedures it used to target the pro-Israel group." In addition, the ruling will impact Tea Party groups who have grievances against the IRS because, "this case may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of the IRS’s politically prejudicial policies. If an IRS agent can reject or stall a pro-Israel group’s application on the grounds that “these cases are being sent to a special unit in the D.C. office to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies,” then no group, no matter what its political orientation or cause is safe from being subjected to a political litmus test designed by any administration of either political party."

As Obama's Gay Pride month begins, so does a new front in the IRS scandal, albeit under the radar of the Bergdahl-Taliban drama.


Note 1:

Daschle was nominated by Obama in 2009 to be his Health and Human Services Secretary, but because of tax issues, had to withdraw. That's how we got Kathleen Sebelius.

John Edwards was hoping to receive the Democratic nomination to become President, but a sex scandal ruined not only his nomination, but his marriage.

Kerry, also hoping to become the Democrat's nominee for President, lost out on that opportunity as well. Now, he is Obama's Secretary of State but is frequently mocked and ridiculed though he seems oblivious to that for the most part.

Guilianni tried to become the Republican nominee for President in 2008, but lost to John McCain.

Note 2:

That's long been a fear of this President and his team -- that Israel would precisely do just that. And it may not be out of the question as it was reported yesterday that Iran isn't so interested now in meeting the July 20 deadline Obama wants, claiming that Western powers are asking too much of the Iranians, AND no one in Iran seriously believes the President Obama has ANY military option on the table.

The New York Times reported yesterday:

Speaking from a stage decorated with a banner proclaiming “America cannot do a damn thing,” Iran’s supreme leader on Wednesday asserted that the Obama administration had taken the option of military intervention to resolve conflicts off the table.

Iran’s Leader Says Obama Has Removed Military Option, Thomas Erdbrink (Sorry, I refuse to link to the Times.)

As Iran refuses to back off its nuclear program, it was hit with a deadly sandstorm.

Tehran warned of new sandstorm as death toll hits five

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Still working on the post I had hoped to have ready by this a.m. Sorry.

Mad Magazine on Obama and the Bergdahl exchange:


Today is June 4. On June 4, 2009, President Obama was in Cairo, Egypt, giving a speech in which he predicted that his Presidency would be the best thing that ever happened to the Islamic world. (With the Bergdahl trade, he may be right.) Let's flashback to June 4 of last year:

ANOTHER SITS IN HIS PLACE -- FOUR YEARS TO THE DAY OF AN INFAMOUS INSULT (Note: Picture was taken on the 4th, released on the 8th.)

Other events going on right now:

A new Turkish aggression against Syria: Ankara suspends pumping Euphrates’ water (H/T Steve Coerper)

Millions of fish and animals are dying all over our planet

Questions persist about Yellowstone

Lake Powell less than half full, see impacts from space

Six rare monkeys die at Oregon zoo

Over 100 more MERS cases in Saudi Arabia

Dust In The Wind: Dust Bowl Conditions Have Returned To Kansas, Oklahoma And North Texas



Monday, June 2, 2014


What a triumph for President Obama this past weekend, no?

With all of the bad news involving the VA of the past two weeks, Obama "suddenly" had an opportunity this past week to not only secure the release of an American soldier, Bowe  Bergdahl, who was supposedly captured by the Taliban back in 2009, but to also dramatically demonstrate his commitment to U.S. soldiers. Claims are that Bergdahl's health was deteriorating suggesting the need for rapid, as opposed to legal, movement.

Yes -- to seize the golden moment, President Obama had to break the law.

Imagine that!

President Obama approved the release of five particularly bloody and deadly terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Bergdahl.

Congress, a group of lawmakers that the President finds particularly irrelevant, was bypassed entirely. See, Congress has a role in how the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are released, and the President pulled five of the bloodiest terrorists responsible for not only 9/11 but also for the murder of thousands of Shiites from Gitmo to exchange for the Taliban-held Bergdahl.

Not only did President Obama not consider Congress to be relevant to the process, he also didn't think Afghan President Hamid Karzai to be all that important either.   See . . . Karzai wasn't informed either that these particularly dreadful individuals from his country were released.  It would be like President Obama deciding all by himself to release Charles Manson back into the wild without informing either California or the families of victims murdered by Manson's devotees.  The deal Obama wrought says these deadly terrorists are supposed to be in Qatar for the next year; however, do you really think they will "mind" President Obama and stay put?

Yeah, me neither.

In the meantime . . . every American soldier abroad just got a price put on his head. And sad to say, this President doesn't even consider our military soldiers to be "equal" to terrorists, as in a one-to-one trade. No . . . the price, as it stands right now, is one soldier is worth five murderers. How many murderers will have to be put on the table next time? Ask Israel -- the U.S. once pressured them to give up over 100 prisoners. And that was just to seduce Abbas back to peace talks! They got nobody in exchange for that.

Non-military American citizens are probably in the same boat. However, American citizens will NOT be negotiated for, and we all know it.

'Open Season' on Americans Now That Obama Negotiates with Terrorists

I support the military, always have. I am glad to see this soldier home, if he was truly captured by the Taliban. There are a LOT of questions about that -- did he walk away from his base and join them or was he truly captured and why his father would tweet this mysterious sentiment? If he was truly captured then his capture, and subsequent captivity, is one of the strangest for the Taliban. Islamic militants usually execute their captives, gruesomely. In this instance, they housed and fed this soldier AND apparently taught him their language. If the Taliban were holding onto him in hopes of an exchange, there was no reasonable expectation to hope for that as NO U.S. President has ever (at least publicly) negotiated with terrorists.

President Obama changed all that on Saturday.

Chuck Hagel and Susan Rice both defended the negotiations with the Taliban by saying since they went thru Qatar, they didn't actually negotiate with terrorists.

I see.

Isn't that the same as Cousin Lucentio giving money to Cousin Vinny, asking him to buy some meth, and then Lucentio telling the cops that he didn't actually buy it, someone else did?

Yeah, doesn't fly.

There is little the American people can do about this very egregious breaking of the law by this President. It will have to be members of Congress who have to decide just how willing they are to take this very in-your-face put down by the President. If they are NOT relevant on a matter like this, then what matter are they relevant on? And if Obama doesn't consider Congress to be important to his decision-making paradigm, what makes you think you are? After all, members of Congress supposedly are there to REPRESENT YOU as important decisions are being made

Does The US Negotiate With Terrorists?

While we Americans debate this in the news for the next few days, especially on how to justify the President on bypassing Congress, the high-fives are flying all thru Islamic camps, from the Taliban and al-Qaeda to the Nigerian underworld.

Taliban declare 'victory' as Obama lets a mass killer, Bin Laden's friend and an opium drug lord walk free : Fury at release of hardened terrorists for last US POW

This tweet by Bob Sakuta is probably closer to the truth than we realize.

Backlash as Bowe #Bergdahl Swapped for Top Five Taliban Commanders at Guantánamo

In the meantime a scientist is claiming that earthquakes can be predicted, and to make his point, he's naming July 12 as the day to watch here in America.

Author says earthquakes are predictable

(Btw, a 3.9 woke me up early Saturday a.m. when it shook the house and rumbled.)

Suspicious Observers also mentions this scientist's prediction in his post yesterday.

Quake Watch

Keeping with July for a moment, President Obama is hoping to have a deal with Iran by July 20. Since he is no King Midas when it comes to foreign policy deals we will have to see how that works out for him.

President Barack Obama's national security flops just keep coming

Iran, July 20

Let's end today's post on a spot of good news (H/T Steve Coerper): Meriam Ibrahim: Sudan 'to free' death row woman

Let's hope the Sudan government follows thru on this release. And this woman is the example I was thinking of when I wrote above that President Obama will not negotiate for American civilians. This woman, Meriam Ibrahim, has been threatened with public lashing and execution FOR BEING OF THE SAME RELIGIOUS FAITH THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA PUBLICLY CLAIMS, and her life is very much threatened, and yet there has not been one public move by Obama for this woman. Nevertheless, Obama claimed that Bergdahl's life was being threatened, so he had to bypass Congress.

His hypocrisy is simply stunning.

If only he would move as rapidly for our vets WHO ARE ACTUALLY DYING just waiting to be seen by a doctor here in America.

If only.