Friday, May 30, 2014


ABORTION: Planned Parenthood Tells Women God Is Fine With Having An Abortion

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: Deformities get worse with each generation — TV: “Truly horrifying… it doesn’t really even look like a butterfly anymore

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: Professor: Just 1% of usual number of baby California pelicans; “Nearly complete failure to breed”; Only 20 newborns in area where 10,000 expected — Expert: ‘Flabbergasted’ by what’s happening in Malibu, “I’ve never seen anything like that”

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: Hundreds of thousands of dead fish washed ashore near Kemah, Galvestone Bay, Texas

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: TV: “Like a horror show” at Los Angeles-area beach — Unusual number of marine animals suddenly getting sick and dying — “I wonder if something’s in the water” killing them — They “hobble and fall over, it’s heartbreaking”

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: Bacon Prices To Soar Even More: The Pig Diarrhea Virus Is Back For Round Two

DAY'S WAGES FOR LOAF OF BREAD: World Bank sounds alarm on rising global food prices

ILLNESSES: CDC: Measles cases in USA hit 20-year high

ILLNESS: Two more workers die from MERS in Saudi Arabia


NEW MEXICO NUCLEAR FACILITY: Time bombs may be ticking . . .

OBAMA: Plague of Lone Gunmen in the Age of Obama?

OBAMA: Hmmmm, when you say this "bumper sticker" outloud, it sounds like, "Like, Abbas" (H/T Romeo Echo)

PLAYTIME IS OVER, Donna Wasson (H/T Steve Coerper's Homework Page)

RACE-BASED JUSTICE: Obama administration proposes race-based legal system in Hawaii

RELIGION OF PEACE: Death row mother and the baby she gave birth to while IN SHACKLES. Now she faces 100 lashes before being hanged for marrying a US Christian

RELIGION OF PEACE: Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by her own family

RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: Benham Brothers Vow to Stand Up to Intolerant Bullies

RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: Breaking News on Tim Tebow!

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Anomaly, C(lie)mate, Spaceweather


VA SCANDAL: Democrat downplays; says deaths occur from medical mistakes all the time

VA SCANDAL: Boston Globe, LA Times Declare Obama Incompetent

WEST POINT SPEECH: Emptiness at West Point, Charles Krauthammer

WEST POINT SPEECH: Obama's West Point Speech signals a presidency in deep trouble

WEST POINT SPEECH: The Psychology of Surrender

Thursday, May 29, 2014


While watching this FOX News clip, notice at the 5:06 mark that President Obama DOES NOT return the salute of each graduate as each one salutes him. If I am not mistaken, this was a distinct sign of disrespect from President Obama to the graduates -- I am pretty sure he is supposed to return their salutes. Was it because of their "icy" reception?

And it bothers me that President Obama said, again, in this speech, that his policies have decimated "core" Al-Qaeda, and that America won't face another 9/11. That's a pretty audacious boast considering Benghazi. Obama bragged at his Convention that because of him, Al-Qaeda was on the run, but only a few days later they killed 4 Americans, and nearly 2 years later, no one has been held accountable for that. In fact, Obama recently said Benghazi wasn't "serious."

Oh, dear!

Obama Earns Icy Reception At West Point

Krauthammer: Obama’s West Point speech was 'literally pointless'

Romney: 'Sad Day' When President Has to Say US Isn't Weak

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Another "double plague" has come upon this President. As noted throughout the DOUBLE PLAGUES series, President Obama has found himself face-to-face on several occasions with events that have happened to previous U.S. Presidents also happening upon his watch. The most recent "double plague" was the Fort Hood shooting, although instead of it happening to a previous President, it had already happened once before, during his first administration. In fact, President Obama said during his remarks on the shooting, "We've been here before."

Over the weekend, President Obama made a "surprise" trip to see U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Perhaps because his administration is being accused of callousness, indifference and wanton disregard toward providing healthcare to returning U.S. veterans that President Obama thought this might be a good time to go shoot a picture or two with the troops.

Not a first.

6 Times Obama Used the Troops for Photo Ops

The troops did not have an option on the photo op, but apparently the Afghan president did have an option, and he refused.

Karzai refuses to meet with Obama during US president's trip to Afghanistan

Remember, Obama is the guy who promised that the world would like the U.S. a whole lot more once he was in office.

During this same trip, somehow or another, in a way that this lapdog media will NEVER investigate, the name of the lead CIA agent in Afghanistan was not leaked but GIVEN to the press. A reporter from the Washington Post was the first to check with Obama's press team and ask, "Uhhhhh, are we supposed to have this name?"


Reporter on White House’s CIA Leak: ‘I Drew It to Their Attention Before They Had Noticed’

During the Bush administration, the name of a CIA agent (Valerie Plame) who sat at a desk in the U.S. was leaked to the press and the MEDIA hounded the Bush administration until someone paid for that horrible deed.

We’ll Just Call Him “Scooter” Obama From Now On

No one seriously believes this media will hold anyone accountable. Never mind that unlike Plame, this faux pas has put peoples lives at risk.

White House Blunder Puts Whole CIA Unit in Peril

Why is that?

Perhaps these four cartoons help explain.

cartoon 1

cartoon 2

cartoon 3

cartoon 4

Meanwhile, Victor Davis Hanson examines why main stream media continually gives Obama a pass on so much.

Lord Obama

Interesting Hanson's title, "Lord Obama." I've written numerous times in the past on Hanuman, the monkey god that President Obama carries in his pocket as a charm. Obama was given a 2-foot idol of the same monkey god while on the campaign trail in 2008, just prior to the Democrats' convention. The plate on the Hanuman idol is inscribed to "Shri Barack Obama," which means "Lord Barack Obama."

While Obama was in Afghanistan, he announced the pullout of more U.S. troops from that region. Obama desperately wants to be remembered as the President who ended two wars.

Here is Charles Krauthammer's take.

Krauthammer: Obama's Afghanistan Announcement 'An Act of Personal Narcissism'

A wounded vet was a little more blunt than Krauthammer in an open letter he wrote to President Obama on Memorial Day.

Triple Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage Blasts Obama in Powerful Memorial Day Letter: You were Raised to Hate America

Friday, May 23, 2014


DOLLAR COLLAPSE: China Halts US Dollar Transactions With Afghan Banks

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Who Needs The United States? Not Russia And China

DROUGHT: California Drought Threatens Food Supply of All Americans; Collapsing Aquifer Sinking the Land

MARINE TRAFFIC MAP: Watch the world's ships sail Earth's oceans in REAL TIME: Interactive map reveals crowded routes taken by planet's vessels

RUSSIA: Hot On The Heels Of Its China Breakthrough, Russia Set To Build Eight Nuclear Power Plants In Iran

SOYLENT GREEN ALERT!: Alarmist Paul Ehrlich Predicts Need to ‘Eat the Bodies of Your Dead’

(FLASHBACK: Charlton Heston and Soylent Green)


SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Meteors tonight, solar wind impact


Tremendous flooding has been going on in Bosnia and the Balkans. We haven't heard much about it here although it has been mentioned on the Weather Channel some. Interestingly, some church leaders are claiming that the flooding is probably the result of Conchita Wurst winning the Eurovision contest. Conchita Wurst is the transgendered male who performs as the "bearded lady," and sang about rising like a phoenix in the contest.

Conchita Wurst caused Balkan floods after Eurovision win, say church leaders

Scrawnytobrawny's newest YouTube also addresses Conchita Wurst's win at Eurovision. Let me give a heads up and fair warning: There is some brief sexually explicit descriptions and images (from I, Pet Goat II) used in the explanation of Wurst's win, so be aware.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


China and Russia are being linked together more and more in the news of late. Here's more:

China and Russia Agree to Contain the United States

Dumitru Duduman addressed this several times before he died.



Duduman visions and dreams

Friday, May 16, 2014



As Chuck Hagel is in Israel talking to the Israelis about Iran, the VA scandal is getting a little deeper.

CNN’s John King: WH More Worried About Covering Its A** Than Addressing VA Scandal

Speaking of scandals:

New Poll Indicates Most Americans Believe Obama White House Lied About Benghazi Massacre

Amazing how often President Obama is either called a liar or is believed to lying. Some also see him as a hypocrite.

The Intolerant Hypocrisy of America's 'Tolerant' President

Pope Francis is saying that if you are not in the church (meaning Catholic Church), then you are simply not a Christian.


"Our Christian identity is belonging to a people: the Church. Without this, we are not Christians. We entered the Church through baptism: there we are Christians," Francis said during Mass on Thursday, Vatican Radio reported.

Pope Francis: Without the Church, You Are Not a Christian

Read this news item at FOX News yesterday:

Woman's cancer wiped out ... by measles virus

Remind you of this?

Eerie, right?

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Chuck Hagel arrived in Israel for meetings yesterday and today according to JPost.

Hagel arrives to discuss security

Yet once again, for the what, 10,000th time?, Obama's impending agreement with Iran will be part of the discussion. When you read Abe Greenwald's piece for Commentary Magazine, it's almost a certainty that Obama's plan for Iran won't end well. The man simply doesn't have the Midas touch when it comes to anything.

He's Made it Worse: Obama's Middle East

As Hagel meets with Israel's Defense Minister, there will be another hearing on the Hill today to hear testimony about the emerging scandal concerning the VA, a scandal which alleges that many veterans across the nation were put on secret waiting lists since they could not be seen within the 14-day period as required to do so.

Director Shinseki claims he "welcomes" a White House investigation.

Of course he does!

Name one scandal that this White House has "looked at" that has actually resulted in anything substantial. Eric Holder ain't gonna do squat about a bunch of vets who didn't get seen right away by doctors. The White House sure isn't going to find a "smidgen" of corruption. The delays in vets' getting appointments will be justified in some manner. Carney will snivel something about "the President" and "the right thing" and it will be a bunch of slop like it always is.

Sorry, cynical this a.m.

Speaking of long wait times to be seen by a doctor, Daily Mail Online is reporting that that is apparently what happened to that MERS patient in Florida. Seems he sat for quite a few hours in a Florida emergency room waiting to be seen, and in the meantime came into contact with about 100 patients and their accompanying family members and staff.

Fears that MERS patient has infected hundreds with virus as Orlando hospital claims sufferer spent at least FOUR HOURS in emergency waiting room

Speaking of doctors, an Obamacare insurer now says that customers need to break the "choice" habit, because choice ain't gonna happen under Obamacare. Only under this administration can the matter of "choice" be taken all the way to the Supreme Court as fundamental to the survival of women and yet, in the same breath, frame "choice" as a "bad habit" for consumers who want to "choose" their doctors, "choose" their health care services, and "choose" what their premiums will cost. So do we get this?  "Choice" is ONLY for women, and it is only to decide whether they kill the baby they are carrying or not. "Choice" is NOT for ANYBODY ELSE because only the government, thru the insurance packages it offers you, is allowed to decide what is right for you.

Insurer: Obamacare customers must break "choice" habit

One thing is for sure in southern California -- residents are not getting a choice -- they are having to flee major wildfires that have broken out, including near a military base.

And scientists are noting that the depletion of ground water, particularly in drought-stricken areas, may play a role in increasing the number of earthquakes. The theory is that if there is a lot of groundwater in place, the weight applies pressure to faultlines preventing slippage. But as groundwater is depleted, the weight lifts from faults and earthquakes can result.

Interesting theory. Not helpful to California and Oklahoma as both are undergoing increasing drought and, in Oklahoma's case, increasing earthquakes.

Depletion of Central Valley's groundwater may be causing earthquakes

While some scientists are looking at earthquakes, others are looking at the upcoming hurricane season.

Apparently it's been nine years since a "major" hurricane, which is a Category 3, 4, or 5, has hit the U.S. Despite her fury and drama, Superstorm Sandy in 2012 was a Cat 1.

Hurricane hiatus: Will the USA's luck run out this year?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Noted at Drudge this morning:

CBS News This Morning reports an infected patient left from JEDDAH on May 1 (Orlando Sentinel says April 30). He took four flights: Jeddah to London, London to Boston, Boston to Atlanta, Atlanta to Orlando. While traveling he developed flu-like symptoms. A full week later he was admitted to a hospital in Florida where it was confirmed he had MERS on MAY 10.

The CDC is now posting warnings in airports warning of traveling to Saudi Arabia, noting the symptoms of MERS: fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

MERS has a high mortality rate according to Dr. William Schaffner in a CBS interview. About 1/3 of the people have died from this infection. Concern for possible outbreak has “even reached the President.” CBS showed a clip of Obama’s Jay Carney speaking at the podium stating that the President has been briefed.

Once contracted, it takes 5 to 10 days for symptoms to show up, and there is currently no cure or vaccine for the virus.

Interesting that this MERS case was confirmed the day after Susan Rice left Israel (May 9), where she had been meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran, and a couple of days before Chuck Hagel flew on May 12 to JEDDAH for a meeting on the 13th, to meet with Gulf leaders also about Iran.

If you remember from the movie Contagion, this very scenario is what keeps the CDC up at night-- a passenger carrying a virus on a long flight. This MERS patient took FOUR flights. That’s a lot of co-passengers, especially when you consider he flew into three of the major airports in the world: London, Boston and Atlanta. Orlando Sentinel reports that on the U.S. flights alone, there were about 500 passengers.

Orlando may not be a major airport like the other three, but we must remember it is a major tourist destination, especially for families and young children, because of Disney World. And no, this MERS patient did not go to Disney World, but it is possible that some of the other passengers were headed there.


In keeping with London for a second, John Kerry is there today to meet with the Palestinians’ Abbas, and according to an anonymous source, in an effort to get the peace talks going again. When asked Kerry indicated the talks were not about resuming the peace talks but about the relationship between the U.S. and the Palestinians.


As Kerry is in London, the U.S. is meeting with Iran as part of the P5+1 in Vienna to try and seal a deal on Iran’s nuclear program, a program that Iran has vowed publicly multiple times that it will not pull back one iota from. In fact, they refuse to accept “nuclear apartheid.”


So . . . as Obama continues to poke his finger in God’s eye, Russia’s Putin, not to mention the Iranians, ain’t shy about doin’ the same to ‘bama.

This from ZeroHedge:

Apparently "Moscow is very serious in its intention to stop using the dollar," and "Russia is actively pushing on with plans to put the US dollar in the rearview mirror and replace it with a dollar-free system."

Russia Holds "De-Dollarization Meeting": China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


After reading this by Richard Fernandez at PJMedia,

The Day Obama's Presidency Died

and looking at what Fernandez points out that has happened since that fateful night in Benghazi, I have to ask myself if perhaps the phone call Obama made to Benjamin Netanyahu the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack is more consequential than initially thought?


What was said between these two men? Why did it take an hour (some accounts say nearly 2 hours) to agree that "no snub" took place?

The "snub" being referenced here is that Netanyahu wanted to visit with Obama about the Israelis' red line for Iran's nuclear program while Netanyahu was here in the U.S. to attend the U.N. General Assembly, and Obama said "No." That "no" was immediately picked up by Israeli officials and some in the Israeli press as a "snub" from Obama to Netanyahu. That's the "snub" that was probably discussed by Obama on the phone to Netanyahu while the Benghazi attack was taking place.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Debka is reporting that Chuck Hagel is in Jeddah today to " to attend a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council defense ministers, the first for an American defense chief in six years."

Debka goes on to say, "This prolonged absence reflected the Obama administration’s military disengagement from Middle East affairs and the political estrangement that ensued between Washington and the region," and that "Disengaging the US military from the Middle East and its troubles leaves Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel free to devote himself to implementing the president’s guidelines for shrinking America’s ground, air and naval forces. The White House brooks no resistance to this goal."

Debka has more to say about not only Hagel's trip to Jeddah, but also President Obama's willingness to let Iran become a nuclear state. Read fast -- they don't keep their articles up long.

Chuck Hagel faces flat resistance to US regional policies in his coming Mid East trip

Hagel then goes to Amman, Jordan, and then to Jerusalem. Here, "He is due to arrive exactly a week after Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice tiptoed out of Israel Friday, May 9. Her two day visit and talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – mainly on the Iranian nuclear issue - ended without any kind of press statement or even a notice of her departure. Hagel, too, can expect to find Jerusalem’s resistance to the Washington’s regional policy on a par with that of Riyadh, the Gulf and Amman."

As Hagel left on his trip to try and convince unbelieving Mid-East leaders into the all-knowing wisdom of President Obama's "I-know-best" perspective, tornadoes broke out in Hagel's home state of Nebraska. has pictures and news of the damage.

Reported Tornadoes Leave Damage in Nebraska and Iowa

Hagel is also in the news because . . . he is "open" to reviewing military policy regarding transgender people serving in the military. He believes that as long as the individual "loves" their country and wants to serve, then there should be a place for them.

Too bad the same can't be said for the Department of Veteran Affairs that he so happens to oversee. Meaning . . . there are military veterans who need medical care but it seems that there is NO PLACE for them in the current system of allotting doctor appointments, so some vets who have already "loved" their country and "served" it are dying without getting any help. Just this past week, as Hagel was preparing for his trip, several high-level government officials called for the director of the VA to step down. On Thursday, May 8th (as Rice was in Israel), the director was subpoenaed to appear before Congress to give an account of what is happening to our vets. Without any sense of guilt or shame that family members are accusing the VA of horrific abdication of responsibility for these vets, the director said, "No"; he saw no reason why he should have to leave. It is a scandal that is happening on Hagel's watch, and as he comes up against Israel on behalf of President Obama and President Obama's agenda for Israel, it is rearing its ugly head.

This blog has noted before that when a nation is under judgment, it's foreign policy will be mocked. This is something that David Wilkerson explained in a sermon of his in 1992.

From my December 18 post:

Wilkerson says that one of the signs that a nation is under judgment is that her foreign policy is in disarray -- that nation will look foolish and incompetent.

And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither the Lord shall lead thee. --Deut. 28:37

This verse indicates that a nation under judgment is talked about by other nations. Fingers are pointed and behavior is whispered about and gossiped about and laughed at. Questions are asked if good judgment is being used or good decorum or evident wisdom.


Secretary of State John Kerry has been repeatedly mocked. I think I've actually lost count of just how many times, nevertheless, a new mocking has occurred. This time it comes from the country that President Obama really wants to be BFFs with -- Iran.

See . . . it seems they seized on a certain word that Kerry used recently and spun it around and used it against the U.S., in an indirect-direct sorta way.

For a refresher on the Kerry usage, just search "John Kerry apartheid cartoon." They are, to use a medical lab acronym -- TNTC (too numerous too count).

Newsmax tells us how the Iranians picked up Kerry's faux pas and ran with it.

Rouhani: Iran Won't Accept 'Nuclear Apartheid'

Though Kerry won't find it terribly fun having his "misspoken" word thrown back at him, especially by the Iranians and in this context, at least it is better than what the North Koreans threw at President Obama.

The North Koreans have called President Obama a "wicked black monkey," and compared him to a ". . . monkey with a red bum, irrationally eating everything. Africa's national zoo will be the perfect place for Obama to live, licking breadcrumbs thrown by visitors.'"

Ok, that's harsh!

And the White House is said to be "furious."


I do not agree with President Obama's policies on hardly anything, especially his aggressive pro-abortion views, and I think there is no way he is a Christian as the Bible defines a Christian, but I think attacking people for the way they look or for the color of their skin is completely off limits.  I've never done that here on this blog, and I don't intend to go there.

But I want to point out something from the North Koreans' "screed" (as Drudge phrased it):

Remember, way back what now seems like 200 years ago, back, in 2008, President Obama showed us the contents of his pockets while on the campaign trail? One of the little charms in there set the Hindu world "achatter" as it seems that the little monkey charm with four arms was none other than "Lord Hanuman."

That little pocket charm has not been President Obama's only encounter with "Lord Hanuman" -- I have written extensively about President Obama and his connection to Hanuman in several posts.


So . . . how interesting it is to see President Obama mocked so severely in such a personal way -- by being compared to the VERY CREATURE he carries as a pocket charm, the creature that is worshiped by millions as a god, and ironically enough, as the "god of crises."

Yep . . . Hanuman is the one you are supposed to pray to when you are wading out in the deep stuff.

I've also reminded readers in several posts that Diane Reidy, a pastor's wife, took to the floor of the House last October and declared, "God will not be mocked." I noted that at the time, our government was voting to reopen after having been shutdown in a showdown over Obamacare. At THE SAME TIME, it had been revealed that President Obama had been involved in phone calls with Iran.


Now, as Susan Rice went to Israel last week to try and armtwist Benjamin Netanyahu into accepting President Obama's impending agreement with Iran or at least don't strike Iran (because it would "scuttle" his entire efforts to get a deal, any deal, with them), one of the most severest mockings of our President ever reported came from North Korea.

And let's take note that these vicious remarks from the North Koreans were actually made while Obama was visiting South Korea about two weeks prior, but were only revealed last week, while Susan Rice was in Israel.

And, curiously enough, the wording they used saying that Obama should be living in a "zoo," "licking breadcrumbs thrown by visitors" is strange because of the image it invokes -- that of President Obama behind bars.  We have seen President Obama in such a context before, courteous of President Obama himself.  Twice now, he has tweeted "selfies" of himself in a prison setting -- first during his South African visit, and second when Nelson Mandela died.


So . . . John Kerry uses a terribly offensive racial slur against Israel (Caroline Glick called it "anti-Semitic") while speaking in an official capacity as Secretary of State, barely a week or so later, a terribly offensive racial tirade is ranted against President Obama.

I personally think that this is one of those "as is done unto Israel . . . ."

'Wicked black monkey': White House furious over North Korea's racist Obama slur in inexplicable rant from rogue state's mouthpiece

By the way, some questioned if a poem that President Obama wrote about "apes" while in college and published in Occidental College's magazine, Feast, was anti-Semitic. So . . . curious that President Obama is described as something he once wrote about.

Did Obama Write Anti-Semitic Poetry?

Friday, May 9, 2014



Part 8e of this series.


At least Pharah was consistent. He had consistently underestimated the Hebrews’ God of slaves, Jehovah. And Egypt was in utter ruin as a consequence.

Like the plague of lice and the plague of boils that followed the murrain upon the cattle and livestock of Egypt, the ninth plague came without any announcement to Pharaoh.

And the Lord said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even darkness which may be felt. And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven; and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days: --Exodus 10: 21, 22

Many scholars and researchers argue that this darkness was a “haboob,” something our own southwest here in the U.S. has experienced from time to time. Some claim it was a “khamsin,” or a dust storm brought by the west wind as Egypt has certainly experienced these numerous times over the centuries.

From Dummelow:

It is not said how the darkness was produced, but in all probability it had a natural basis, like the other plagues. It resembles the darkness caused by the khamsin, a S. or SW. wind, excessively hot and charged with fine dust, which blows about the time of the vernal equinox. The darkness is often local, covering a belt or strip of the country. The unusually dense gloom would excite the superstitious fears of the Egyptians, who worshipped the sun-god Ra. (1)

However, some rabbinical scholars disagree, stating that the darkness was a “supernatural” darkness because this particular darkness COULD BE FELT. They further indicate that there were SUPERNATURAL VOICES in the darkness that caused terror to those who could hear mutterings and whisperings.

I believe it can be argued that since the Egyptians were given no warning that this was coming it is probably safe to assume they had no knowledge of how long it would last, and three days in the dark would seem interminable as it would be extremely difficult to note time. It doesn’t seem all that improbable that such an uncertain time of darkness could even bring on madness to some individuals.

Verse 23 indicates that the darkness must have been more than just an intense khamsin, for we learn that the Egyptians could not see even one another and that all of them just “stayed put” for three days.

They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days: but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.

They didn’t move about. They weren’t sure where family members or companions were. Why didn’t they use candles or light of some kind? After all, the Hebrews had “light in their dwellings.”

Rabbinical scholars tell us that the darkness was like a thick fog and that there were vapors so heavy that a candle could not stay lit.

From Henry:

It was a total darkness. We have reason to think, not only that the lights of heaven were clouded, but that all their fires and candles were put out by the damps or clammy vapours which were the cause of this darkness; for it is said (v.23), They saw not one another. . . .

[. . . ]

That it was darkness which might be felt (v. 21), felt in its causes their fingers’ ends (so thick were the fogs), felt in its effects, some thing, by their eyes, which were pricked with pain, and made the more sore by their rubbing them. Great pain is spoken of as the effect of that darkness, Rev. 16:10, which alludes to this. . . .

[. . . ]

The cloud of locusts, which had darkened the land (v. 15) was nothing to this. The tradition of the Jews is that in this darkness they were terrified by the apparitions of evil spirits, or rather by dreadful sounds and murmurs which they made, or (which is no less frightful) by the horrors of their own consciences; and this is the plague which some think is intended (for, otherwise, it is not mentioned at all there) Ps. 78: 49, He poured upon them the fierceness of His anger, by sending evil angels among them; for to those to whom the devil has been a deceiver he will, at length, be a terror. . . .

[. . . ]

It continued three days, six nights (says bishop Hall) in one; so long they were imprisoned by those chains of darkness, and the most lightsome palaces were perfect dungeons. No man rose from his place, v. 23. They were all confined to their houses; and such a terror seized them that few of them had the courage to go from the chair to the bed, or from the bed to the chair. Thus were they silent in darkness, I Sam 2:9. . . .

[. . . ]

Pharaoh and his people had rebelled against the light of God’s word, which Moses spoke to them; justly therefore are they punished with darkness, for they loved it and chose it rather. . . .

[. . . ]

The children of Israel, at the same time, had light in their dwellings (v. 23), not only in the land of Goshen, where most of them dwelt, but in the habitations of those who were dispersed among the Egyptians; for that some of them were thus dispersed appears from the distinction afterwards appointed to be put on their door-posts (Ex. 12). . . . (2)

Henry’s comments are rich with insights, this one of which I would like to address further.

Pharaoh and his people had rebelled against the light of God’s word, which Moses spoke to them; justly therefore are they punished with darkness, for they loved it and chose it rather.

Rebellion against the light of God’s word is just as fierce today as it was in this Pharaoh’s ancient Egypt. Since it is impossible to deter the Holy and Just Word of God then audiences today must seek to deter the messenger who would dare repeat the light of God’s Word. They must ban such heart-disturbing, conscience troubling, sin-defying speech from all television programs or public speeches. If the messenger won’t listen to “reason” by accepting arguments that the speech is offensive, then the messenger must be bullied into giving an apology and then forced to retreat. The messenger must lose his job or means of income until sufficiently repentant. The messenger must be shamed with tweets and overwhelmed with Facebook insults until he, or she, shuts up. The goal of such ganging up is as much to discourage others (usually thru fear) from agreeing to the message as it is to shut up the messenger.

But God has a promise in Isaiah that many Christians have cherished in their hearts as comfort that their efforts will not be in vain.

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. --Isaiah 55:11

The darkness that overwhelmed the Egyptians was as much physical as it was spiritual, and there was precious little about it that was “symbolic.” Many prefer to believe that judgments spoken of in the Bible are primarily symbolic of some greater, almost mystical, spiritual truth. The Egyptians sitting terrified in their darkened abodes were not terrified of something symbolic! In fact, if past experience with Moses and Aaron and the plagues they had called forth were to be any kind of guide, the Egyptians had to surely know that they could not anticipate how this plague would play out. The previous judgments (with the exception of the very first) had been events that had occurred before, but at Moses’ direction had become unprecedented in scope. This darkness would be no different -- it would be unprecedented!

A khamsin, only intensified? Khamsins occur naturally, and if they are all as difficult as this 9th plague, we would certainly hear more often of periods of darkness overcoming Egypt, darkness where many are terrified and gripped in fear, but we don’t. This is the only occasion where we see such a description where, otherwise, would only be descriptions of inconvenience.

From the apochrypha Book of Wisdom, Chapter 17:

1 For great are thy judgments, and cannot be expressed: therefore unnurtured souls have erred.

2 For when unrighteous men thought to oppress the holy nation; they being shut up in their houses, the prisoners of darkness, and fettered with the bonds of a long night, lay [there] exiled from the eternal providence.

3 For while they supposed to lie hid in their secret sins, they were scattered under a dark veil of forgetfulness, being horribly astonished, and troubled with [strange] apparitions.

4 For neither might the corner that held them keep them from fear: but noises [as of waters] falling down sounded about them, and sad visions appeared unto them with heavy countenances.

Lockyer makes this observation:

. . . the God who said, “Let there be light,” can also command darkness to cover any part of the earth. Goshen was not robbed of light. In many parts of the Bible, “darkness” is presented as one of God’s agents (Joshua 24:7, Ex 20:21, Is 50: 3-6). He who can create darkness can also hide in it (Mt 27: 45). (3)

As the frightened Egyptians sat in darkened corners in astonishment and fear, the Israelites had light in their dwellings.

They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days: but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings. --Exodus 10:23

Henry makes this observation:

The Israelites had light, and could have fled while darkness was so thick upon the Egyptians, but they did not. God intended to bring them out “With a high hand, and not by stealth, not in haste, Is lii.12)” (4)

After the three days of darkness, Pharaoh called for Moses. He does not feign repentance. He does not denounce himself as wicked. He does not ask Moses to entreat for him, nor does he ask him, yet again, who all Moses would take with him if he consents to let the Israelites go. Instead, he tells him, “Go . . . “

What a contrast to his arrogant and haughty demeanor when speaking to Moses on their first encounter, when he claimed that he did not know who the God of the Hebrews was. One can almost sense the disgust as we read verse 24: “Go you, serve the Lord . . .”

On previous occasions, Pharaoh had added a caveat to his permission, and this time was no exception.

Go ye, serve the Lord; only let your flocks and your herds be stayed:

Once more Pharaoh cannot bring himself to let the people and their possessions leave. He is still trying to find a “grand bargain” by which Moses will compromise. He is still probing for the chink in Moses’ armor.

But with Pharaoh, there was always a catch, and all Moses had to do was wait for it.

“. . . let your flocks and your herds be stayed

Then, before Moses can respond, Pharaoh allows one more concession, the VERY concession that he had deemed “evil” in just the prior plague, the plague of locusts -- Pharaoh adds, “and, by the way, you can take your children with you.”

So here we have it -- Pharaoh is telling Moses he and his people can go but . . . “let your flocks and your herds be stayed.” (Ex. 10:24)

Pharaoh’s own flocks and herds had been decimated by the plague of murrain and the plague of hail; their putrid carcasses lay rotting under the hot Egyptian sun. Pharaoh may have wanted the Israelites' herds for three reasons: for food possibly, to be able to continue the sacrifices to the gods, and to starve the Israelites. See, fresh fruits and vegetables, which were most likely quite scarce because of the hail and locusts would be perishable and not last very long, barely the three days that Moses had requested to go into the wilderness to sacrifice. Also Pharaoh knew that the herds would be used for sacrifice to Jehovah, and he probably feared that the sacrifices would make Jehovah even stronger (a principle for why pagans even today offer the blood of animals, to strengthen the entities they worship).

Pharaoh, now willing to let Moses and the people go just not the flocks, became angry when Moses did not agree. Pharaoh ordered Moses away from him and said, “see my face no more; for in that day thou seest my face thou shalt die,” to which Moses responded with “as you say.”

According to Lockyer, Pharaoh’s rejection of Moses’ demand was “rude, fierce, and uncourteous. “ (5)

A common trait we can still see even today from the heart of arrogant rulers toward those they despise.

The natural disasters that befell the arrogant Pharaoh and his once-prosperous land all came from the quiver of arrows of the Holy God of Heaven. These nine plagues that assaulted Pharaoh in rapid succession over a space of about nine months were meant to show Pharaoh the power of Jehovah, that Jehovah had a prophet here on this earth, that all of nature is at His command, that the fallen evil forces of Satan that work in shadows amidst murmurings and incantations are subject to Him, that Pharaoh had no decree or weapon that could equally challenge or stand before Him, and that this Holy God had long ago made a promise to His friend Abraham that his descendants would not only be as numerous as the sand on the seashore but would be His chosen people. God makes promises that He intends to keep.

Pharaoh chose to be stubborn -- the Scriptures tell us so. In the process of digging in, Pharaoh was turned over to Satan, and as a result, his stubbornness began to take on a life of its own. When a ruler becomes stubborn and defiant to the extent that it is clear that repentance will never take place, then that ruler will be given over to a hard taskmaster. And when that occurs, the bodies of the dead lying in the streets will have no effect upon his heart -- all that matters to such a corrupt leader is the protection of his own pride and his own self image. All can be stripped of him -- his nation’s wealth, his nation’s resources, his nation’s beauty, his nation’s people, but he (or she) will become willfully oblivious to it all for what does not fit the leader’s narrative must be disdained as not existing at all.

And this is the place Pharaoh found himself though he could not, or would not, see it for himself. He looked upon himself as a survivor of the worst that this “desert” God could throw at him, and he remained mostly personally unscathed. Little did he perceive that the very last words hurled out of his own mouth at Moses would truly, undeniably, and earth-shatteringly so, finally rock his world. For as what he wished unto this prophet of Israel would now come upon him.



1. The One Volume Bible Commentary, edited by J. R. Dummelow, 1909, pg 57

2. A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Volume 1, Genesis to Deuteronomy, Matthew Henry, undated printing, pg 313, bold emphasis Henry's

3. All the Miracles of the Bible, Herbert Lockyer, 1961, pg 58

4. Henry, pg 314, bold emphasis Henry's

5. Lockyer, pg 58

Thursday, May 8, 2014


On Monday, May 5, I posted that Susan Rice would be traveling to Israel to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu about the agreement that President Obama has come to with the Iranians concerning their nuclear program. Rice's assignment appeared to be to either get Netanyahu to agree with Obama that the Iranian deal was a good one, OR agree not to strike Iran.

So . . . how did that go?

Not well.

From Haaretz:

The Prime Minister's Bureau did not release details of Netanyahu's own comments to Rice, but an hour after the meeting sent out quotes of the prime minister's remarks on the matter in a meeting with members of Friends of the IDF – U.S. , in which he declared Israel's concern that a "bad deal" in the making.

It appears that Rice was unsuccessful in part 1 of her assignment. The article does not mention part 2 -- if Netanyahu agreed to not strike Iran.

Netanyahu, after meeting Rice: Israel fears 'bad deal' on Iran

Caroline Glick indicates in this opinion piece in JPost that if Israel is to survive, it may very well have to "defy" the White House.

Life under the Obama Doctrine

Clifford D. May in his piece for Israel Hayom is concerned that the Iranians will "pretend" to give up their nuclear weapons program, and this President will "pretend" that they did.

Obama's plan for Iran

While Israel is questioning if the U.S. truly has their back, Iran is NOT asking that question of China.

China Calls Iran A "Strategic Partner"

ON THE SAME DAY that Rice is in Israel pressuring Benjamin Netanyahu to accept President Obama's "I know best how to handle Iran" strategy, our House of Reps here in the U.S. voted to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. Lerner refuses to answer questions about how, or why, the IRS targeted conservative and Tea Party political groups who just so happened to hold views opposite of Barack Obama's.

The step, though largely symbolic, is another step in an attempt by Republicans to find out what happened to these political groups. So far, Democrats have refused to investigate, partly because several prominent Democrats in the past have called on the IRS to give extra scrutiny to these groups though it is clear they would never have tolerated similar actions by the IRS on pro-abortion or pro-same-sex marriage groups.

House Votes to Hold Lois Lerner in Contempt

In addition, ON THE SAME DAY that Rice is in Israel pressuring Netanyahu, Senator Ted Cruz released his "Legal Limit Report No. 4",which is a list of "76 lawless actions" taken by President Obama.

Ted Cruz Releases Definitive List of 76 ‘Lawless’ Obama Actions

Cruz once famously said, "The U.S. is a nation of laws, you just have to ask President Obama every day what they are."

John McTernan has long claimed that President Obama is lawless and that his lawlessness and his godless policies are weakening us daily before our enemies -- a dream come true for many in Obama's political party.

Army outlines plan to inactivate 7 brigade combat teams

Jonathan Cann, author of The Harbinger, claims that Obama lawless actions are "removing the smiles of Heaven from America."

'Harbinger' rabbi: 'Smile of heaven' removed from U.S.

I Timothy 1: 9, 10 actually addresses the "lawless" person and the kind of company they keep:

Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,

For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

How appropriate that on the day that Susan Rice was in Israel in an attempt to further weaken Israel, one of President Obama's former IRS officials was rebuked by Congress for contemptuous behavior.

And speaking of former officials, it seems that whenever Hilary is out there trying to lay some groundwork to persuade Americans to let the next President be an elderly "grandma", something about Monica Lewinsky shows up. It was true again yesterday.

Hilary Clinton, in an interview with Robin Roberts, attempted to dismiss the new committee formed to investigate Benghazi where four Americans died under her watch as really just Republicans wanting to not let go -- that all the questions have been fully answered. As Clinton answered the softball questions about Benghazi and with visions of Presidential sugarplums dancing in her head, Vanity Fair released a story about Monica. I have to agree with Lynne Cheney on this one -- I seriously doubt that VF would release such a story unless it was in Clinton's best interests. In two years, we will be hearing Hilary during the debates answer any "Monica" questions with "Dude, that was like two years ago. Why are we still talking about that?" Just you wait and see.

But lest you have forgotten . . . the Lewinsky scandal broke shortly after a meeting Bill Clinton had with Benjamin Netanyahu.  It was an effort to pressure the Israeli Prime Minister to give up parts of Israel's strategic West Bank to the Palestinians.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


In the past few days, there's been a story on the Internet of a woman who filmed her own abortion to show the world "how cool" it is.

Several verses in the Bible address this, starting with Jeremiah 2: 34, 35:

Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these.

Yet thou sayest, Because I am innocent, surely his anger shall turn from me. Behold, I will plead with thee, because thou sayest, I have not sinned.

Ezekiel 16: 35-38:

Wherefore, O harlot, hear the word of the Lord:

Thus saith the Lord God; Because thy filthiness was poured out, and thy nakedness discovered through thy whoredoms with thy lovers, and with all the idols of thy abominations, and by the blood of thy children, which thou didst give unto them;

Behold, therefore I will gather all thy lovers, with whom thou hast taken pleasure, and all them that thou hast loved, with all them that thou hast hated; I will even gather them round about against thee, and will discover thy nakedness unto them, that they may see all thy nakedness.

And I will judge thee, as women that break wedlock and shed blood are judged; and I will give thee blood in fury and jealousy.

Nahum 3:5, 6:

Behold, I am against thee, saith the Lord of hosts; and I will discover thy skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame.

And I will cast abominable filth upon thee, and make thee vile, and will set thee as a gazingstock.

Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

There are more verses, but I think these suffice to show that Jehovah considers the unborn to be children and their blood shed to be innocent blood.   He knows them, even in the womb.

Interesting that Jeremiah 2:34 says, ". . . I have not found it by secret search . . . ", How literal -- in this instance, no one had to go looking for this story, this woman put it out there on the Internet for everybody to see. As Ezekiel says all her lovers and those who hate her will gather round about so that they see, discover, her nakedness. ANYBODY, friend or foe, who knows this woman can now watch and see what she has done, and that she feels no shame for what she has done.

Nahum tells us that her skirts are pulled up to her face so that she shows the nations of the world her nakedness and her shame. How literal, again -- for this woman, just off camera has her skirts (surgical drape) lifted up and she shows the nations her nakedness (bares her genitals) so that a child's life could be taken.

And, by the way, "child" is HER word, not mine though I certainly agree.  In the article linked to below, the woman says she did this because wasn't ready to have "children." She doesn't say she wasn't ready to have "fetal tissue," she says she wasn't ready to have "children." And where is the rape? the incest? the health of the mother? -- the arguments that pro-abortion advocates always try to use against those who are pro-life? It's missing here because that isn't why this woman was having her unborn child's life ended -- she ended it because she just didn't want it. She even admits she became pregnant because she was "irresponsible."  And her goal is that other women will do the same and to not feel bad about it -- it's nothing.

Ezekiel says that women who "shed blood" are judged, and abortion is the shedding of blood.

Yes, save the hate emails -- I know that these verses are symbolic, but even Ezekiel was to lie for so many days on his right side then his left to physically illustrate a spiritual time span. (Ezekiel 4) It seems to me that in some ways that this woman's abortion seems to be a parable of where we are at spiritually in this country; we are at a place where women are now putting their abortions on the Internet and proclaiming, and many cheer and agree, that they have done nothing wrong, that they are innocent of shedding blood.

The Bible says otherwise.

It is difficult to write a post about this because the woman's cavalier attitude towards ending the life of her child is very difficult to fathom. She needs prayer because she is in a very dark place and completely oblivious to it. May she come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I've written it before and I will write it again -- a woman who comes to the place where she understands that abortion is murder CAN BE FORGIVEN if she repents of her sin and accepts Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. And yes sin is always "cool," even the sin of murder, until one sees the sin as Jesus sees it, and then it becomes a source of deep shame and remorse. It's what brings us to the "old, rugged cross."

Woman Films Her Own Abortion To Show World How ‘Cool’ It Is

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Did not expect to find this when reading Jack Cashill's article about President Obama's timeline the night the Benghazi terror attack was taking place.

This blog often looks at events that happen on the same day or within 24-48 hours of the U.S. (Obama, Kerry) interacting, shall we say, negatively, with Israel. Usually it is concerning the peace talks (in which land is expected to be ceded), or Iran (in which acceptance of Iran being a nuclear power is expected). However, this is the first time I've actually found two events taking place simultaneously.

Jack Cashill reports that on the night of the terror attack, President Obama is said to have made two phone calls. The second phone call was to Hilary Clinton at 10 p.m.

The first phone call?

To Benjamin Netanyahu, at around 7 p.m.

The purpose of the phone call?


About 7 p.m. he called Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss a perceived snub of the Israel prime minister. This perception, reported Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, presented “a political problem to a president who is wooing the Jewish vote.”

What Obama Did on September 11, 2012

So . . . while Americans were being attacked and murdered, President Obama chose to take that time to call Netanyahu and rebuke him, believing he had hurt his chances with Jewish voters.


If you were dying, is that the phone call you would want your President to be making?

Andrew Malcolm is also looking at what the President was doing that night.

What was Obama really doing during Benghazi?


Thank you to all who sent the report that the first ever "rare" earthquake warning has been issued for Oklahoma.

Rare Earthquake Warning Issued for Oklahoma

I caught this screenshot from Drudge as well.

Scientists believe the earthquakes we are experiencing here in Oklahoma are related to fracking and deep water injection sites. Many of those sites have been shut down, but the earthquakes have continued. We have them everyday, though I don't feel them but maybe one or two every few days. The house briefly shutters or something will rattle, but nothing frightening (unlike the 5.6 two years ago). Dutchsince has a YouTube about some of the earthquakes taking place not just in Oklahoma but throughout the U.S. He even includes some info about Yellowstone.

Craton Plate moving from fracking

Some have wondered where I am located with respect to the wildfire here in central Oklahoma that has been reported in the news. I am about 30 miles south and east of it. It is headed away from our property, and we are not in any danger. The fire started as a "controlled" burn. "Controlled" does not necessarily mean "approved"; the term is used to differentiate from a fire that started from something like lightning, or train sparks in dry grass along a railroad, or a car accident causes a car to catch on fire and then nearby grass or brush catches on fire -- something along those lines. It is believed that this fire started on Sunday afternoon when someone decided to either burn some trash or a pile of brush and the fire quickly got out of control. Winds were blowing at 30-35 mph, which is actually not all that unusual here in Oklahoma. When we first moved here in 1988, I told a friend of mine in Arkansas that yes, the winds really DO come sweeping down the plains. We are supposed to have rain on Thursday, and it is hoped that that will finally stop this wildfire. In the meantime, numerous homes and buildings have been destroyed, and one man lost his life. And concerning that man, the news reports I've been hearing have been a little misleading -- the man DID NOT refuse to evacuate. He gave his pickup truck to the family next door so they could get some of their belongings out of their mobile home (along with their several children). He had a semi parked in his yard and it appears he was going to use that to leave but was overcome by smoke before he could do so. Several family and friends have spoken to news crews here in OKC, and they all have said the same thing -- he was trying to get out of there -- he just cut it too close.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers -- we are not in any danger.

Monday, May 5, 2014


I apologize for the length of this post up front, but there is a lot of ground to cover.

Well . . . that was fast!

On Friday, this blog wondered which views might be ferreted out next in the NBA.


The NBA proudly notes that ALL the other team owners are on board with the punishment of what this man said in private. If Sterling had gone on a rant in a public venue -- I could entirely understand. But what is next? Pro-life views? Disagreement with using the IRS to target Obama's political opponents? Wanting an investigation of Benghazi? For not following President Obama's example of saying "InsyAllah"? For being pro-Israel? Against dividing Israel much less Jerusalem? Believing radical Islam is responsible for 9/11? Going to the next Dinesh D'Souza movie? Supporting traditional marriage? Not contributing a significant portion of your income to LGBT causes? Eating at Chick-fil-A? Praying to JESUS in public? Tebowing? Believing the Bible is God's Holy Word? Not convinced that global warming is man made? What privately-held or privately-expressed view is next? The NBA put us all on a slippery slope. Make no mistake -- it is highly likely other views will now be ferreted out and met with the same severity. What view is no longer acceptable? Who decides? Who determines the price? And now that members of President Obama's political party want to "scour" the Internet looking for "hate speech," watch out if you own anything, right?


In this article about Floyd Mayweather, Twitter was ablaze with outrage over a tweet from Mayweather about his girlfriend killing her (and his) unborn twin babies and suggested that his "pro-life" views should disqualify Mayweather from being allowed to buy the LA Clippers.


"Mayweather posting that announcement (basically called her a baby killer) plus ultrasound photos on FB is abusive behavior," Sports on Earth writer Jessica Luther tweeted. She labeled Money Mayweather and his online followers "anti-choicers." Another writer sees the Tweet as a potential disqualification for buying the Clippers, an idea the sports world's highest-paid athlete floated earlier this week. "Reminder that Floyd Mayweather is interested in owning the Los Angeles Clippers," Michael Katz wrote at SB Nation. "That seems like a bad idea." (emphasis mine)

Mayweather: Abortion Caused Breakup, 'I'm Totally Against Killing Babies'

And this article:

Ex Shantel Jackson Says Anti-Abortion Tweet Should Kill Mayweather's Clippers Ownership Bid

The second taboo "view" came in this next article, and it is about, surprise! an NBA owner who supports traditional marriage.


DeVos, the co-founder of Amway, has donated to Focus on the Family, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and other traditionalist groups. He also has generously supported measures aimed at maintaining marriage as a one-man, one-woman institution, calling “respecting marriage” a “sacred issue.” This outrages SportsGrid writer Jake O’Donnell, who wonders whether holding this opinion—codified into law by the majority of states—should be grounds for disqualification in the NBA’s club of owners. “Hey, this isn’t nearly the same thing as Donald Sterling’s recorded hate-rant,” he concedes. “It is, however, food for thought when discussing the NBA as a place for everyone, vis-a-vis the opinions held by the owners.” (emphasis mine)

The NBA’s Slippery Sterling Slope: Haters Target Christian Owner

I have a question: If it is wrong to SUPPORT traditional marriage, when does it become wrong to be IN a traditional marriage? After all, isn't there a bit of a disconnect to be in a relationship that society is now trending towards not allowing support of that relationship?

Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more articles like this to come.

In the meantime, Debka reported something really interesting over the weekend about Iran and their acknowledgement that their ancient Persian leader, Cyrus the Great, did indeed call for the Jews to return to Israel and decreed that they would be allowed to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. The Bible addresses this, but when the Ayatollah took over Iran in the 70s, this part of their history was apparently repudiated, and Cyrus was declared some sort of heretic, or something along those lines. So it is interesting to note that they are reversing course and allowing this admission, and they did this in a Jewish synagogue. Huh??? Read it for yourself.

The same Debka article notes that Susan Rice will be traveling with Wendy Sherman to Israel later this week to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu. Debka notes there are two goals to this visit.


Tehran is pinning high hopes on the visit to Israel this week by US National Security Adviser Susan Rice and the senior US negotiator Wendy Sherman on a twofold mission:

1. To try and talk Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu out of his absolute conviction that the accord to be signed, which will acknowledge Iran as a nuclear threshold state, is bad and harmful to Israel’s and world security.

2. If that doesn’t work, Rice and Sherman will try and obtain an Israeli pledge not to resort to a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, an action that would scuttle the Obama administration’s entire Iran strategy.

The coming visit by these two senior American officials has caused few ripples in Israel. However, for the Iranians, so much is at stake, that Rouhani sent a prominent cleric to stand up in a Shiraz synagogue and underwrite Cyrus the Great’s acknowledgement of the Jewish homeland in Judah and their temple in Jerusalem. He considered it was worthwhile for the sake of an international accord that accepts Iran’s nuclear threshold status and averts an Israeli attack.

High-ranking Iranian cleric visits Shiraz synagogue, confirms Biblical version of Jewish homeland

So we see that the purpose of this visit is to either get Benjamin Netanyahu to accept that Iran will be on the threshold of being a nuclear state but not to fear this or worry that this status will endanger Israel, OR, if Netanyahu won't accept President Obama's position then gain a concession that Netanyahu will not strike Iran, something that would "scuttle the Obama administration's entire Iran strategy."

This blog has made mention before that whenever President Obama pushes the P5+1 talks with Iran, his birth certificate comes up in the news in some way. The last time, which was just a few days ago, President Obama, himself, brought up his birth certificate. Well . . . he is the one who brought it up again, this time at the White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday night.

But he would go on to eviscerate his foes, bring up Kenya and "birthers" not once but twice, delight in charging Republicans with racism . . .

Obama: "While we are talking sports, just last month, a wonderful story. An American won the Boston Marathon for the first time in 30 years. [Applause] Which was inspiring and only fair since a Kenyan has been president for the last six. We have to even things out."

Obama: "Let’s face it, Fox, you’ l miss me when I’ m gone. [Laughter] It will be harder to convince the American people that Hillary was born in Kenya."

Obama Skips Self-Deprecation, Lashes Out at Republicans in Vicious WHCA Dinner Monologue

Funny, right?

As Rice and Sherman head to Israel, there are five events to make note of as the U.S. comes up against Israel.

1. Severe weather.  A storm system is setting up over the center part of the U.S., including Oklahoma, which the Weather Channel has already said may be "ground zero" for severe weather. Though this system is not expected to produce a tornado outbreak such as the system from last week, the Weather Channel has issued a TorCon of 5 for central Oklahoma.

2. Benghazi. Benghazi has really taken on a life of its own. I found a timeline of events involving Judicial Watch and when the "smoking gun email" was obtained and released. The following article indicates that the email was obtained April 18, and Judicial Watch made the announcement on April 29 that they had it. The article then goes on to note that President Obama hired Neil Eggleston, a lawyer who helps the rich and powerful involved in political scandals.

Four things of interest:

a. Carlos at Chozeh and Nabiy posted this on April 18, WITHOUT knowledge of the email as that was not made public until April 29.

America's Fall, the Last Eight Years: A Parable in Pictures

b. This blog wondered on April 28, that because Secretary Kerry in a speech before the Trilateral Commission "hinted that perhaps change in Israeli, or Palestinian, leadership would be helpful to achieve U.S. goals" if the President's own presidency might become imperiled should we pay attention to the fact that President Obama hired Neil Eggleston right before he went on his Asian trip?

Catharine Evans is wondering the same thing.


The timeline is interesting on this one. Judicial Watch has fought for two years to get documents from the State Departments specifically pertaining to the talking points used by former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on talk shows. A federal judge finally ordered their release two weeks ago. Three days later, Obama hired Eggleston. Eight days later, JW went public with the e-mails.

Did President Obama lawyer up in anticipation of Judicial Watch’s release of the Benghazi e-mails? . . .

c. On April 29, THE DAY that the Benghazi email was made public was THE SAME DAY Caroline Glick took issue with Secretary Kerry's "apartheid" remark and strongly labeled it "anti-Semitic." I addressed her remarks in my May 1 post.


d. Before the week was done, John Kerry was issued a subpoena to explain why Judicial Watch obtained an email that was not given to members of Congress when they asked for emails related to Benghazi.

BREAKING: John Kerry Subpoenaed Over Benghazi Stonewalling

One of the questions some have asked is where was President Obama when the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate took place? We learned in Bret Baer's interview with a former White House staffer, Tommy Vietor, that Obama was NOT in the situation room. Oh, boy! Then where was he?? Biff Spackle gives his take on what he thinks was happening in the White House.

Benghazi Comix

Obama may, however, still have a lifeline.

The mainstream media is Obama's first and last hope on Benghazi

Tragically, we are not done with remarks from Secretary Kerry. A member of Kerry's team, "bitter" that negotiations failed, said this to an Israeli newspaper:

“I guess we need another intifada to create the circumstances that would allow progress...”


Intifada means "armed uprising" by Palestinians against the Israelis.

Think about that.

How would President Obama react if, say, Vladimir Putin got tired of dealing with Obama and called on U.S. citizens to take up arms and rise up against the U.S. government? Probably not too well. Yet, that is what a member of Kerry's team is suggesting: that an armed uprising by the Palestinians against Netanyahu might bring the results Obama wants. Team members further hinted that the Palestinians are going to get their state whether Netanyahu is onboard with that or not.

Remember, as we do unto Israel . . .

In what is surely a full-circle event, Susan Rice, who is deeply connected to Benghazi because she went on five morning talk shows and told the American people that a video caused a spontaneous protest, which led to the deaths of four Americans, will be the one sent this week to Israel to convince Netanyahu to get "on board" with Obama's plans for Iran and Israel.

3. IRS's Lois Lerner faces contempt hearing.  Some members of Congress (Republicans, not Democrats) want Lois Lerner to give more information about why certain conservative groups were singled out for extra scrutiny and questioning, an event that did not happen to groups involved with promoting issues important to Democrats. Lerner has refused on two separate occasions. Now the committee investigating these complaints from conservative groups may be willing to vote to hold Lerner in contempt.

Remember, originally, officials at the IRS said the problem that some conservative groups received extra scrutiny came primarily out of Cleveland, Ohio. However, it's been discovered since then that this does not appear to be accurate. So far, Lerner is not willing to do for Congress what she may have demanded from conservative groups: answers to extra questions.

Note that the date of the article is May 1, just a few days after Kerry's "apartheid" remark.

Lois Lerner Faces House Contempt Vote Next Week

4. Obamacare. This Thursday Washington D.C.'s Court of Appeals will hear arguments about whether the ACA (Obamacare) adheres to the "origination clause" of the Constitution or not.

George Will: Obamacare 'Doomed' Under Constitution's Origination Clause

And 5. Obama to receive "humanity" award.   Kerry's "apartheid" remark was revealed on the day that Israel was taking time to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Several Israeli papers placed Kerry's remark next to pictures of the Holocaust remembrance.


In a certainly strange twist of events, President Obama will be in California this week fundraising for his Democratic party (and maybe a golf game or two?), and while there, he will be accepting an award while at a "Holocaust Memorial event."

Obama to Visit California to Raise Money, Receive Holocaust Award

It is clear that as Rice and Sherman go to Israel this week to "deal with" Netanyahu, several issues pertaining to President Obama's presidency are going to be front and center in the news. Who knows how things will turn out. At this point, all we can do is watch.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Two similar, yet two different, incidents occurred this past weekend, both involving race.

The first involved LA Clippers owner who was secretly recorded making disparaging remarks about black people to his "girlfriend." For some reason, this "girlfriend" released the recording and now everybody is calling for the guy's head. I've heard a clip of the recording, and I think his attitude is uncalled for. He could apologize, but it's doubtful it would be considered sincere since he apparently was saying it like he really feels (and apparently been saying it for a long time). Notice, though, he was not recorded (at least on the clip I heard) using the "n" word. Keep that in mind. And the point of this post is not to debate whether or not the guy should have said what he said or the condition of race relations in America.

The second involves Secretary of State John Kerry who was secretly recorded using a disparaging word about Israel to the Trilateral Commission. While the Trilateral Commission did not record Kerry's remarks thus did not release them, someone did, but in this instance, only one person has called for Kerry's resignation -- Senator Ted Cruz. I've heard a clip of the recording, and I think Kerry's remark was uncalled for. Kerry has since apologized, but it's hard to believe he is sincere because he probably really said what he thinks, especially since he thought his remarks about Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu were off the record. Notice, though, that even though Kerry used the word "apartheid," and it is not exactly equivalent to the "n" word (which is considered even too taboo to write out, even in this context), the word "apartheid" still has strong connotations associated with it so that it has come to mean nothing short of a slur.  And that is the point of this post -- to primarily contrast the two incidents.

Here are a few things about these two incidents that I find interesting.

1st, BOTH secret recordings were revealed on Friday, April 25th. Sterling's remarks were alleged to have been recorded April 9, but released on the 25th. Kerry's remarks were made on Friday and revealed on Friday.

2nd, BOTH men made remarks that are considered unacceptable. Sterling's remarks disparaged black people BUT he did not use the specific "n" word. Kerry used a very specific word, "apartheid," which is strongly considered a slur.

3rd, BOTH men had very different public reactions. MANY have said Sterling should not even be allowed to own an NBA team and should resign; an apology would not be enough. ONLY one person called for Kerry's resignation, several called for him to apologize.

4th, President Obama took time out while visiting Malaysia to publicly condemn Sterling's attitude towards black people and called him "ignorant." However, President Obama said NOT ONE WORD about John Kerry's slur against Israel.

Let's go one step further: Sterling did NOT publicly justify his private remarks about black people to his "girlfriend" . . . not one word. BUT Jen Psaki, John Kerry's spokesperson at his State Department did make public remarks in which she intimated the use of the word "apartheid" (even though it is considered a slur) was not totally unacceptable because "others have used it."

Stop and think about that.

What would have happened IF Sterling had used the "n" word? Would ANYBODY have accepted his justification if he had claimed he used it because others, like Paula Deen . . . and, of course, rappers, have used it? Or that people used it 60 years ago? Of course not! But Obama's State Department claims that since Secretary Kerry's use of the word was not meant to mean the current situation but intimated that since other officials (Israeli, not American) have used the term, then it isn't really that shocking. I think that's what Psaki, who can get rather miffed when being questioned by those rascally reporters, was trying to say. With her, who knows? (Her vagueness is probably the point.)

5th: Sterling is being condemned for expressing, in what he thought was a one-on-one conversation, his FEELINGS, not for any particular ACT towards another person. There is a distinction, nonetheless, he is being forced to pay a heavy price for not thinking like other people. Kerry, on the other hand, made his comments to a group of people in what he believed was a confidential session BUT NOT an exclusively private conversation -- it was not one on one in a non-official setting. Indeed, even if Kerry was expressing what he believed an outcome might be, he was still speaking in an official capacity, therefore, he should have been mindful of the impact of that particular word.

Kerry has since apologized, sort of. He said he would have chosen a different word -- meaning, he would have chosen a different word had he known that his remark would have been made public. Here we see very clearly what we often suspect -- this administration throws different slop out for public consumption than what it delivers for more important counterparts.

Kerry's apology was also delivered with an additional (indignant?) statement that he would not allow anyone to "question his commitment to Israel."

Really? I question whether his commitment is to Israel or to establishing what he and President Obama thinks is best for Israel -- a 2-state solution. There is a difference.

Unlike Sterling, who is not being condemned for taking certain ACTS against black people, only voicing his FEELINGS about black people, Kerry has not limited his views about Israel's policies to stating FEELINGS; Kerry is believed to have undertaken certain ACTS against Israel, including encouraging, albeit behind the scenes and very low-key, boycotts against West Bank products from Israel.  I wrote about that in yesterday's post.

Not too long ago, Kerry was really offended by the FEELINGS of some in Israel that the U.S. was projecting weakness -- SO offended that he INSISTED upon an apology.

Officials in Israel have expressed shock that Kerry would use the word "apartheid" as the dire prediction for their future if they do not implement Obama's peace plan for them but I have not seen any DEMANDS for an apology at the same heated level as Kerry's demand of just a few weeks ago.

So look who's having to apologize now.

As the Obama administration continues to direct the NSA to collect records of both U.S. citizens here at home as well as world leaders abroad in what many consider an invasion of privacy, it's interesting to see a bit of that boomerang upon a top official so that what he thought was private is broadcast on the 6 o'clock news.

The contrast between these two incidents is stark. One man, an NBA owner, expressing private feelings in a private setting in a one-on-one conversation is being stripped of an asset he has owned since 1981. The other man, a cabinet-level Secretary to the President of the United States, expresses a belief in a non-public, but not exclusively private, setting with multiple high-level officials his belief that Israel will become apartheid (a harsh slur) if Israel doesn't embrace President Obama's framework for peace is stripped of NOTHING.

Is it because it is said against Israel? Is it because it is said against the Jews? Is it because the popular thinking is that Israel shouldn't be in Palestine in the first place -- that the Balfour Proclamation was a mistake, that 1948 was a mistake? Is it because the popular thinking is that the Israelis are "oppressors" therefore they deserve the slur? Can the word "apartheid" be used because deep down inside Secretary Kerry knows that any protest against the term will be isolated and probably not rigorous -- that there will be no strong reaction against it because "that's what we are all thinking anyway?"  Look at the news stories since last weekend -- EVERYBODY knows about Sterling because the controversy has been in the news EVERY day.  Good luck finding 25 people who know what Kerry said. Dave Hunt observed well when he wrote in 1995, "The American media's bias against Israel and for the Arabs is demonstrated almost daily." (1)

I've been stunned by the contrast in reaction to these two instances. The NBA would hound Sterling out of the country if they could, but they will have to be content with the efforts to strip Sterling of his team. Kerry -- nothing.

The NBA proudly notes that ALL the other team owners are on board with the punishment of what this man said in private. If Sterling had gone on a rant in a public venue -- I could entirely understand. But what is next? Pro-life views? Disagreement with using the IRS to target Obama's political opponents? Wanting an investigation of Benghazi? For not following President Obama's example of saying "InsyAllah"?  For being pro-Israel? Against dividing Israel much less Jerusalem? Believing radical Islam is responsible for 9/11? Going to the next Dinesh D'Souza movie? Supporting traditional marriage? Not contributing a significant portion of your income to LGBT causes? Eating at Chick-fil-A? Praying to JESUS in public? Tebowing? Believing the Bible is God's Holy Word?  Not convinced that global warming is man made?  What privately-held or privately-expressed view is next? The NBA put us all on a slippery slope. Make no mistake -- it is highly likely other views will now be ferreted out and met with the same severity.   What view is no longer acceptable?  Who decides?  Who determines the price?  And now that members of President Obama's political party want to "scour" the Internet looking for "hate speech," watch out if you own anything, right?

Meanwhile, while he was in the Philippines, President Obama, who publicly condemned the disparaging remarks by the LA Clippers owner towards black people but said not a word about his Secretary of State's offensive use of the word "apartheid" in connection with Israel, was burned in effigy by protestors.

Hmmm, let's think about that for a minute.

Who doesn't know that President Obama is a huge basketball fan? Much ado is made every year about his bracket. He is a Miami Heat fan, and it is clear from official White House photos that he seems a little in awe of NBA players when they are his guests. Loves to shoot the hoops with them, etc. etc. etc. What does it say about President Obama that he was quick to denounce the remarks made by a team owner in a sports genre that he is quite passionate about but not a word about the remarks by one of his top officials about a key Mid-East ally that President Obama frequently, publicly, claims to be a strong supporter of?

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1. A Cup of Trembling, 1995, pg 212.