Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Ben Shapiro, editor of Breitbart, has written an op-ed piece challenging John Kerry's use of the word "apartheid" in connection with Israel.

The Anti-Semitism of the Obama Administration

I must confess that since early yesterday I have struggled to write a similar post -- one that examines Kerry's use of the word. One cannot look at Kerry's use of the word as isolated -- it must also be connected to President Obama because President Obama did not immediately issue any clarification or distance or condemnation of Kerry once the remark was made public; therefore, it must be concluded that it did not disturb him enough to address it -- thus, he owns it. President Obama cannot be excused from timeliness since he was on his Asian "pivot" because he was quick to take a moment at a press conference to publicly condemn Donald Sterling's private remarks that were made public. He could have done the same with Kerry's remarks.

As I was struggling yesterday and early this morning to write a post about my thoughts, an observation made by Dave Hunt in his book, A Cup of Trembling: Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy (1995) came to my mind. I think it is so fitting as this administration comes up against Israel and Jerusalem that I will simply turn over the remainder of this post to Dave Hunt and what he had to say about anti-Semitism. The excerpt is from Chapter 9: The Mystery of Anti-Semitism, page 168.

The Only Rational Explanation

Moreover, in addition to God's chastisement, there is another explanation for anti-Semitism: to wipe out the Jews so that the Messiah, who the prophets said would be a Jew, couldn't come into the world to rescue mankind and defeat Satan. God allows anti-Semitism because, up to a point, it fits His purposes for His people. Satan is the instigator of anti-Semitism because he hopes it will result in the extermination of the Jews.

God promised Abraham and Jacob that through their "seed" a blessing would come to "all the nations of the earth." Here was a confirmation of that wonderful promise which God gave to Adam and Eve that one day the Messiah, born of a virgin (the seed of the woman), would come to this earth to bring mankind back to God:

I will put enmity between thee [Satan] and the woman, and between thy seed [those who follow Satan] and her seed [the Messiah]; it [the woman's seed, i.e. the Messiah] shall bruise thy head [i.e. a deadly wound destroying Satan], and thou shalt bruise his heel (Genesis 3:15).

At last we uncover the most compelling explanation for anti-Semitism: Satan himself is the author of this incredible genocidal fervor. He must destroy the Jews through whom the Messiah is to come or his cause is doomed. Moreover, even if the Messiah did come, by destroying the Jews at any time thereafter Satan could still prevent God from fulfilling the many biblical prophecies which declare that the Messiah will one day rule over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel on the throne of His father David in Jerusalem. Obviously, if Hitler had succeeded in his "final solution to the Jewish problem" or if Satan even today could wipe out the Jews, he would have proved that God lied in making such promises as the following:

I have sworn unto David my servant, Thy seed [the Messiah] will I establish forever, and build up thy throne to all generations . . . I will not lie unto David. His seed shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before me (Psalm 89: 3, 4, 35, 36).

Anti-Semitism is clearly too universal and enduring throughout history to have its source in any human agency. The effort to destroy the descendants of Isaac and Jacob has been consistently pursued for thousands of years. That time period is so far beyond the lifespan of any human being that no mortal can be behind it. In confronting this evil, one must realize that its inspiration and strength originates in that very being who has made himself the enemy of good and God.

Those who oppose Israel and her people are on Satan's side against God, whether they realize it or not. This statement is not made out of prejudicial favor toward the Jews. We have shown that the Bible makes it clear that God did not choose them because of favoritism.

Jerusalem stands as a signpost to all mankind. Those who love her and pray for her peace are on God's side. Those who try to take Jerusalem out of Israel's hands are on Satan's side. And God's curse rests upon those who attempt to prevent the Jews from possessing all of the land that was promised to them. So says the Bible in language that cannot be misunderstood. Therefore, those who disagree with this view of Israel have an argument with God and His Word, not with the Jews themselves.

Such is the importance of Jerusalem, as we shall see, that it occupies the very center of a conflict between God and Satan for control of the entire universe. Anti-Semitism is not politics, nor is it religion. While it affects both, it is far more than either. It is a powerful satanic weapon in the battle between good and evil. While anti-Semitism is aimed directly at the Jews, it is designed to pervert the moral character of those who become its advocates -- and ultimately to influence the eternal destiny of mankind.

If this explanation of the mystery of anti-Semitism seems melodramatic, we challenge the reader to provide some other rationale. Remember, anti-Semitism is only part of the package that includes the scattering of the Jews throughout the entire world, their preservation as an identifiable people in spite of repeated attempts at their extermination, their return to the promised land after 2500 years of dispersion, and the importance of Jerusalem for world peace out of all proportion to the miniscule size of that land of which it is the disputed capital. There is no central explanation for these phenomena except the unpopular one which the Bible presents. --Dave Hunt

Monday, April 28, 2014


Heartbreaking . . . the devastation of the tornadoes thru Arkansas from the powerful storm system that set up on Friday. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by this tornado outbreak.

As the storm system began to set up on Friday, interesting to see the comments made by both President Obama publicly and his Secretary of State John Kerry privately.

First, the public remarks.

When this LITTLE country . . .

(North Korea - 46,528 square miles)

threatened this HUGE country . . .

(United States - 3,794,101 square miles)

with nuclear devastation, President Obama claimed that he takes such threats seriously and "'will not hesitate to use our military might.'

Obama warns he will not hesitate to use military force against North Korea as he visits US troops

But when this BIG country . . .

(Iran - 636,372 square miles)

threatens this TINY country (that is approximately 1/5 the size of North Korea). . .

(Israel - 8,522 square miles)

with complete removal from the map, President Obama chides Israel to stop "chest-thumping," and to "take a breather."

Ayatollah: 'Wipe Israel off face of Earth'

Obama to Jewish Leaders: Stop 'Chest-Beating' over Iran

Report: Obama asks Netanyahu for 'breather'

A little bit of disconnect one would think.

In the meantime, Iran is stating that they will be using a "mock American aircraft carrier" for target practice in their upcoming war drills.

Obama: crickets.

Now for the private remarks.

On Friday, as President Obama was "chest-thumping" and hyperventilating over North Korean rhetoric, his Secretary of State went to a dark place and, with (apparently) faux hand wringing, pronounced that Israel could become an apartheid state because of the collapse of the peace talks.

What John Kerry Reportedly Said Behind Closed Doors Has Some Calling It ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Appalling’

Apartheid? Seriously? That term seems extreme and certainly inappropriate. One would almost need to have been a daily consumer of the 6 p.m. news during the late 80s and early 90s to fully understand the context of that term and what it meant to South Africa to realize in 2014, that term is hardly appropriate for Israel. One can only wonder what Kerry's true purpose was for injecting such an inflammatory insinuation as a context into a formal address on the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. And please note -- that so far, no similar reports of Kerry saying something equally inflammatory about the Palestinians has been reported.

Since I am interested in how stories are physically placed near stories about Israel in newspapers or on websites, I think it is interesting that The Blaze is actually reporting that newspapers in Israel carried articles about Kerry's remarks NEXT TO articles about The Holocaust, as Israel is remembering at this time the six million killed by Hitler's Nazis in WW2 in their annual remembrance of the horror.

The Blaze points out that Kerry's use of the term "apartheid" is NO gaffe -- it was deliberate, and that Kerry warned, once again, that since the U.S.-led peace talks have collapsed, Palestinian violence against Israel could become a real possibility.

As if that were not enough, Kerry even hinted that perhaps change in Israeli, or Palestinian, leadership would be helpful to achieve U.S. goals.

Oh, dear! As we do unto Israel . . .

Perhaps, then, we should look closer at this story?

Obama hires top criminal defense attorney, Neil Eggleston, a lawyer who has made his living "defending those involved in serious political scandal."

Kerry made his remarks to "senior European, Russian and Japanese officials with the Trilateral Commission."

Wait . . . Kerry is making his remarks to RUSSIAN officials? I thought we weren't engaging with Russia much out of protest over Crimea and Ukraine. Once again, it looks like such "chest-thumping" against Russia is really just mere cheap political theatrics, doesn't it!

Kerry appears to have concluded with his thoughts on the peace talks with ". . . You would say this thing is going to hell in a hand basket, and who knows, it might at some point, but I don’t think it is right now, yet.”

The Daily Beast also has reported on Kerry's comments. You can Google -- Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State,’ Josh Rogin -- if you want to read their article.

President Obama had to take a moment during a press conference in the Philippines to address the tornado destruction in Arkansas, destruction that may not be done yet as the storm system is taking aim at Mississippi and Alabama today.

Friday, April 25, 2014


One of the sites I check out daily is the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle. A few days ago they linked to a documentary on Yellowstone (45 mins) that I found quite interesting. About half-way thru the YouTube, the narrator mentions that on average, up until early 2009, Yellowstone had about 12 earthquakes a day, almost all of which were too small to be felt. However, beginning in early 2009, the number of earthquakes occurring daily began increasing, to 4 times as many, and the number occurring has not settled back down. In addition, since early 2009, many of the earthquakes can be felt by visitors to the park, with some earthquakes as high as 3.9.  Don't get me wrong -- I am not saying that prior to early 2009, NONE of the earthquakes were felt because I am not saying that.  The narrator is saying that more earthquakes began occurring in the park in early 2009, and in addition more of these earthquakes could be felt.  Okay?  Okay!  Moving on.  It was the "early 2009" part that caught my attention.

Let's flashback, courtesy of Obama 111 website, and read the captions under two photo montages:

Yes -- you read that right. By early March (3rd and 4th), 2009, the Obama administration was already stating as an objective to obtain was the creation of a Palestinian state. And Hilary was already hot on the job.

A short Google search didn't reveal exactly when the earthquakes began their uptick, and I wish the narrator had been more specific, but interesting time frame nonetheless.

Yesterday, on FOX News, Bret Baer interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu, and they discussed the unity pact just formed between Abbas of the Palestinians and Hamas. With this pact, Netanyahu declared that the peace talks are effectively "dead." This morning, this article from Arutz Sheva indicates the Israelis are actually furious with the U.S. for their rather "feeble" statements about the situation.

Look at this one particular quote and then sit back and really think about it for a minute.

"Four times (PA Chairman) Mahmoud Abbas refused to advance the talks in recent weeks," a diplomatic source said. "He refused the American paper (framework deal), he refused to recognize the Jewish state, he refused a meeting with (US President) Barack Obama, and refused to receive the prisoner (release) deal and going to the UN institutions."

Wait a minute!  Did I read that right??  Did President Obama offer to meet with Abbas and Abbas refused? If that is true, what does that say for any "clout" this President is supposed to have? What does that say when a non-elected leader of a terrorist organization that just puts on lipstick occasionally to look acceptable can tell supposedly the most powerful man on the earth to take a hike?

America's Pitiful Response

Again, let's flashback to early 2009, via the Obama 111 website.

Yep, you read that right. Apparently, in early 2009, Obama seemed to indicate, at least publicly anyway, that any money that flowed into Gaza was not to end up with Hamas.  So does the lack of a strong reaction from Obama or his State Dept indicate Hamas isn't really a problem now?

During his interview with Bret Baer, Netanyahu also discussed Iran's nuclear program and that the deal the U.S. was brokering was not acceptable to Israel. JPost is also reporting more on that.

Israel can’t accept the emerging US-Iran accord

I find it interesting that the talks are declared pretty much dead while President Obama is in Japan, trying to shore up assertions that the U.S. really does have Japan's back when it comes to China, the very same assertion that Obama has publicly made to Israel repeatedly with regard to Iran. In a country that puts a high premium on saving face publicly, Obama is learning that he is coming home to yet another foreign policy failure for him -- the MidEast peace talks. It is also interesting to me that while Obama is in Japan, where the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor continues to NOT make the news here in the U.S., we are also learning that the Israelis are not putting their stamp of approval on the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement.

Speaking of foreign policy disasters, ZeroHedge made this observation:

"Obama's life is about to become a living nightmare"

And speaking of living nightmare, let's hope this weekend does not turn out as dire as some might think it could be.

Massive tornado outbreak predicted for this weekend across the South

If you get a chance to watch this Yellowstone YouTube, I recommend it. The structure of the park is explained, and some of the changes that have been taking place since early 2009, including the rising of the bottom of Yellowstone Lake, are, I think, interesting.

Yellowstone National Park and the Caldera Super Volcano

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Here we go again -- Oklahoma will be under the threat of tornadoes this weekend.

Accuweather is keeping an eye on things as is The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is giving us a a TorCon of 5, meaning 50 percent chance of tornadoes this weekend.

Makes me wonder if something is going on with the peace process behind the scenes. Or with Iran.

I noted in Monday's post that whenever the P5+1 meets with Iran, Obama's birth certificate comes up in the news somehow; I gave two examples. Well . . . his "origins" are still in the news with two more stories.

One of Obama's aunts recently died. Apparently she was the "key" to his memoir, Dreams from My Father.

Obama's Aunt Zeituni Was Key to His Kenya Memoir

The other story comes from Japan, AS PRESIDENT OBAMA IS VISITING THERE. A member of Japan's Parliament, who wrote a book titled Who is Obama?, is making the claim that President Obama and Michelle are headed for divorce.

Japanese MP who was angry that Michelle didn't join president on Tokyo trip makes extraordinary claim that Obama CHEATS and their looming divorce is 'an open secret'

Interesting that both news items reference "books" in some manner.

At the same time as these two articles about Obama's origins, two editorials bob to the surface taking a cold, hard look at Obama as a liar. The first comes from Israel, which notes that as a FOX News poll reveals that 61 percent of Americans (which includes 33 percent of Democrats) believe President Obama is a liar, allies abroad are probably arriving at the same conclusion.

Obama's credibility is gone

The second opinion piece gives some insight as to WHY so many Americans (including a probably substantial number of Americans who were NOT polled) believe Obama is a liar.


And speaking of a "big lie," how about Hilary's?

First . . .

A 6.7 earthquake off British Columbia this morning reminds us of the Cascadia faultline that runs off the coast of northern California, Washington state, and Oregon.

6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes S of Port Hardy, Canada

Lifesitenews gives us a possible reason as to why the Cascadia may catastrophically slip someday.

Canadian aborted babies incinerated in Oregon waste-to-energy facility to provide electricity

Now to Hilary . . .

Abortion is an evil that will be answered for some day. Just as feminists and those who want their votes vehemently deny that a pregnancy is a baby, of all things Hilary Clinton has to come out happy that her daughter Chelsea has announced that she's pregnant. Clinton's joy that she's finally going to be a grandmother is not only the height of hypocrisy, it also exposes the big lie that Hilary has maintained for years. On the one hand I am happy for her -- it's wonderful to become a grandmother. On the other hand, I grieve for how many women she has emboldened (not to mention deceived) to end their babies' lives because she maintained that that clump of fetal cells was nothing -- it could be discarded without any further regard . . . or consequence.

Her very own husband, when he was president, signed legislation that allows for a 9-month old baby to have the back of its skull punctured with scissors and the brain sucked out and still not be called murder because that is the price he was willing to pay to have women vote for him. I can assure you of this -- Bill Clinton sanctioning such an abomination and assuring women that it is "perfectly legal," therefore NOT murder, DOES NOT make it so. It is murder, and Hilary Clinton has done her part to spread the message around the world. Much has been said lately that no one can name one accomplishment (besides the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi) that she accomplished during her tenure at the State Dept, but many forget that her main goal once she became Secretary was to encourage the spread of abortion around the world.

This from April 2009:

Secretary of State Clinton Admits Obama will Work to Dismantle Abortion Laws around the World

I can also assure you of this: I seriously doubt Hilary would stand by and allow someone to puncture the back of Chelsea's baby's head and suck the brain out and not intervene in some way. (Although, I will concede that Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans might disagree, justifiably, with my assessment.) Nevertheless, one would hope that Hilary would feel some touch of horror in her soul should she witness this procedure on her own grandchild.

Now that fetal cells have been found in her daughter, she's quite happy to call it a baby even though it has not been delivered -- the time when Hilary, and other feminists like her, insist that post-delivery is the ONLY time "it" can truly be called a baby. Women who have had abortions because they were encouraged by Hilary Clinton to not be afraid to do such a thing should feel quite uncomfortable now that Clinton declares, since her own daughter is now in their situation, that it really is a baby. To say otherwise is a lie.

As Hilary famously screeched during a committee hearing, "What difference does it make?" apparently when it's her daughter, and the fact that she really wants it, well . . . it does make a difference whether it is nothing but fetal "phlegm" or a baby.

If you have had an abortion, and you repent of it and confess that sin to Jesus, I believe you can be forgiven.  In Mark 3:28, Jesus, Himself, said, "Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men . . . (except) he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost". In fact, I believe your testimony can be used to help women who find themselves pregnant and afraid of what it means to them and their lives to reach out to Jesus and have Him help them thru a very uncertain time. God forgives the repentant sinner. But I believe it is "woe" to those who encourage others to sin by deceiving them into believing that there is no consequence for their actions. We learn early on in Genesis that God heard the cry of Abel's blood from the ground. We are not to be deceived -- He hears the cry of the slain. He hears the cry of the baby that is murdered in the womb. He has heard the cry of those babies as they are being incinerated in Oregon.

And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?

And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground.

And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand; --Genesis 4: 9-11

By the way, have you noticed that President Obama's initiative to help minorities here in America is named "My brother's keeper," which, when you think about it, was the rather snarky reply of a murderer to God when asked a question?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The Turbulent Characteristics Of This Age! --Last Trumpet Newsletter

America’s Fall, the Last Eight Years: A Parable in Pictures --Chozeh and Nabiy

Mapping More Than a Century of Major Earthquakes --John Metcalf

U.S. Supreme Court to decide on the status of Jerusalem --Israel National News

WW3 --John McTerna (Financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the U.S. (i.e. President Obama) has now allowed two "unfreezings" of substantial sums of assets to the Iranians since they have been cooperating so beautifully on restraining their nuclear program. President Obama has seen to it that over $1 billion has been released to Israel's enemies.

The dates of the two "unfreezings" are interesting. The first date was April 10, the second, April 15.

As President Obama gives this financial aid and comfort to Israel's sworn enemy, his own enemy has continued to loom larger and larger -- Putin. On April 14, four days after the first tranche of assets was unfrozen, President Obama had a "tense" phone call with Vladimir Putin. Apparently Obama warned Putin that he really does have red lines that can't be crossed. Koenig's top headline today indicates just how tense the relationship between Obama and Putin really is.

The second tranche of assets was unfrozen April 15. On April 20, David Brooks, journalist with the New York Times, publicly stated that it appears that President Obama has a "manhood" problem when it comes to dealing with "leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad."


As President Obama comes up against Israel, it would appear that the tensions between Obama and Putin are becoming more and more personal.

Ummmm, very personal.

And the "manhood" comment is made all the more interesting as it did not come from Putin or someone associated with him, but from a newspaper that has been quite frank in its adoration of President Obama, adoration to the extent that it refuses to even look at Benghazi and the murders of four Americans, or Fast and Furious and the murder of border agent Brian Terry, or the IRS targeting of conservative groups, or the collection of 100s of phone records of journalists.

Nope, not gonna look.

As President Obama emboldens Israel's sworn enemy, President Obama's own enemy, Vladimir Putin is becoming quite emboldened. And a journalist said so.

What do you bet he got a phone call?

I've said it before and I will say it again, when a nation is under judgment, its foreign policy is mocked. Make no mistake, equating President Obama's efforts with Putin as a lack of manhood is a very personal mocking, whether the journalist meant it that way or not. Diane Reidy declared on the floor of the House during the government shutdown last October that "God will not be mocked." Keep in mind that in addition to the unfreezing and release of assets to the Iranians on the 15th, on the 14th Obama "preached" at the Easter prayer breakfast then "unexpectedly" called on the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson to close the "service" with prayer. Robinson promptly took the Lord's name in vain.

First openly gay Episcopal Bishop delivers closing Easter prayer

Within the week, President Obama's manhood is openly and publicly called into question, interestingly enough, on Easter Sunday. And by a supposedly reliably friendly ally.

Keeping with money for a minute . . .

There are two reasons why I watch the dollar and what is happening with it.

First, the Antichrist.

There are those who have studied end-times prophecies and who believe that the events in Revelation have yet to be fulfilled, and believe that the Antichrist will come to the forefront during a time of economic collapse. We see hints of this in Revelation where it speaks of food prices being sold at incredibly high prices and the specter of famine is present. The U.S. dollar has long been the world's reserve currency. Should the dollar collapse or no longer be accepted as the reserve currency (a move that Russia, China and Iran have been openly speaking about for over a year now), it's removal could certainly throw entire economies into instability and, in some regions, possibly chaos.

Second, the New Madrid.

Several prophetic words out there have noted the collapse of the dollar just prior to a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. These prophetic words include one by Pastor John Kilpatrick, who noted a "storm" against the dollar," and one from Pastor Shane Warren, who noted the dollar became "worthless."

I've written about these here.

Since the two asset releases to Iran, these two videos have appeared.

The first is by Gregory Mannarino. He did an interview with "Reluctant Preppers" on April 18. I have listened to the entire interview. I link to his interview, not for his advice on getting into certain assets, because frankly the Bible tells us that "gold and silver" will not help us in that day (Isaiah 2). However, if someone wants to invest in precious metals, that is up to them -- this post isn't about debating whether Christians should buy assets or not. This post is about watching -- watching for signs of Jesus' soon return. And Mannarino is seeing some real trouble with the dollar, and it may behoove us to be aware of any "storm" against the dollar.

U.S. dollar is going to die

The second video is by Casey Research. They are asking if the U.S. military is preparing for the collapse of the dollar. Please note, I have only watched the trailer and not the 30-minute video. If I have time today I will try and watch it.

Is the U.S. Military preparing for the collapse of the dollar?

When Daniel at Prayers for the People wrote The Vision: The Trigger back in 2009, about a man standing on the edge of an abyss and then the name 'Israel' appeared in front of him, and when that name 'moved' then a mountain of rotting trash came down upon the man and swept him over into the abyss, Daniel's vision was clearly symbolic. But how interesting that today, on Earth Day, President Obama is going to the site of the worst mudslide (in terms of lives lost) in U.S. history, a mudslide that occurred after he tweeted an image of himself standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. And the mudslide occurred on the day the peace talks brokered by the U.S. between the Israelis and the Palestinians broke down. As the talks broke down, and the U.S. has placed the blame at Israel's feet, the U.S. has begun releasing over a billion dollars in assets to the Iranians. One can't help but wonder if the asset unfreezing and release was retaliation against Israel for not "bleeding" a little more for the sake of peace (or is it for the sake of Obama's supposed place in history?). If so, Obama's appearance at the mudslide today might indicate that the time is at hand where we will see something happen where Israel will clearly 'move' away from the U.S. in such a visible way that whatever happens next will be . . . well, you fill in the blank. Should we wonder what President Obama means by, as Koenig's top headline notes above, the time is down to "days, not weeks"?

Monday, April 21, 2014


Since I've been out of the loop for several days, today is catch-up day.


The deadly Washington mudslide occurred on March 22, the same day that the peace talks began collapsing. I wrote about it here.

The L.A. Times is reporting that President Obama will be visiting there tomorrow, April 22. Since I won't link to the Times, you can Google for the article:  President Obama to visit site of deadly Washington state landslide by Maria La Ganga

Since the peace talks have collapsed, are we really surprised at the title of this next article?

White House secretly plotted to blame Israel for collapse of peace talks

As Obama goes to the site of the mudslide tomorrow, tomorrow will be April 22, Earth Day. NASA chose 'Earth Day' to release a report about asteroids.


This Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, three former NASA astronauts will present new evidence that our planet has experienced many more large-scale asteroid impacts over the past decade than previously thought… three to ten times more, in fact. A new visualization of data from a nuclear weapons warning network, to be unveiled by B612 Foundation CEO Ed Lu during the evening event at Seattle's Museum of Flight, shows that "the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a 'city-killer' sized asteroid is blind luck."

Quote from Ed Lu:

"This network has detected 26 multi-kiloton explosions since 2001, all of which are due to asteroid impacts. It shows that asteroid impacts are NOT rare—but actually 3-10 times more common than we previously thought. The fact that none of these asteroid impacts shown in the video was detected in advance is proof that the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a 'city-killer' sized asteroid is blind luck."

Astronauts to reveal sobering data on asteroid impacts

Interesting, as President Obama has mocked asteroids in the past. I wrote about it here, and about other instances where Obama and asteroids have occurred together here.

Earth Day isn't just about learning about the environment, it is also about "honoring" the Earth and promoting world peace, according to wikipedia. Ironic as multiple articles the last few days have asked if Russia's actions in the Crimea, and President Obama's reluctance to become more engaged, are bringing the world to the brink of WW3. John McTernan has some thoughts about that.

“Russia tests Obama’s ability to stop its advances”


I have noted before that whenever the P5+1 is meeting with Iran about their nuclear program, something about President Obama's birth certificate comes up in the news. When the last meeting was held this past November, his birth certificate came into the news because the state official who released it happened to be the only person killed when a plane crashed off the coast of Hawaii. This time, the 2-day meeting concluded on Wednesday, April 9. On Friday, within 48 hours of the meeting's conclusion, President Obama brought up the controversy himself while speaking at an event hosted by Al Sharpton.

Obama Revives Birther Controversy to Rally Supporters

And then, a few days later, this drama surfaced in a courtroom in Great Britain:

Obama's origins resurface at intel expert's trial, British figure defends claim on DNA disproving president's mother

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Severe weather, space weather

Monday, April 7, 2014


VERY, very happy to see a posting by Seventhvial213 over the weekend! I've been checking every day since October 1 of last year, and it's good see him (her?) back.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Interesting timing: the peace talks collapsed on Tuesday, and the 6-month interim deal between P5+1 and Iran ended yesterday.

But first, the first story I saw this morning from Yahoo when I logged on is that because of "negative steps from both sides," the peace talks appear to have collapsed.

Most of us had already gathered that. But Secretary John Kerry commented on the talks earlier today. Speaking from Morocco, Secretary Kerry says the U.S. will be "re-evaluating" what the U.S. will do about the talks, and then he cautioned that there is only so much the U.S. can do.

I bet.

Interesting that he spoke from Morocco. In the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman rose up out of a pit to chants from prisoners (no less!)of "Rise! Rise!" using the Moroccan word.

Such strange things are in our movies nowadays, no?

It appears that the Israel National News also has concerns about that meeting on March 28, between President Obama and the Saudi Arabians. Mark Langfan's opinion piece suggests that there may be some dots to connect on what really went on in that meeting. Like . . . the Saudis didn't hear what they wanted to hear from Obama concerning Iran.

President Obama's interactions with Israel since taking office in 2009, has consisted of two main efforts: pressure Israel into giving up the West Bank and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, and prevent Israel from interfering with Iran's nuclear program. President Obama has made it abundantly clear throughout his presidency that any Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities is completely unacceptable.

However, Langfan concludes his piece with his thoughts on precisely that scenario:

For Obama, after he creates a “West Bank” Palestinian state and/or if Iran develops a nuclear bomb, saving 6 million Jews will be outside “the United States’ limits.”

Israel is going to have to face Iran without the U.S., and possibly with Obama defending Iran by giving Iran a head’s-up warning when Israel launches any attack.

Obama's Kiss of Death to Saudi Arabia

Keeping with Iran, debka is noting that Russia apparently tossed a hot potato into Obama's lap yesterday, making good on a threat about any sanctions coming from Obama. Read it fast; debka doesn't keep its articles up for long.

Russia to back Iran in nuclear talks - Moscow’s “April surprise” for Western sanctions over Ukraine

The debka article goes on to note that an Iranian official openly boasted of how the Iranians took advantage of the six months to work on certain areas of their program that were not addressed in talks with the P5+1. AND the official seem to take a swipe at a boast from President Obama.

Referring to US President Barack Obama’s public statement last November that Iran had agreed to halt the Arak reactor project, Saleh pointed out: “The Arak reactor was never in operation for it to cease.”


Not only is Russia now openly backing Iran in the nuclear talks in defiance of certain Western powers in general, and probably President Obama in particular, the Russians also gave the U.S. some advice about their take-over of Crimea.

Russia to U.S. on Crimea annexation: Accept it and move on

Yep, they told us to "get over it."

Obama is either mocked (relentlessly, no less) over Russia or Obamacare. We all have seen cartoon after cartoon after cartoon. It's always interesting, however, when someone out there manages to effectively combine the two.

Obama’s Foreign Policy. . .

And it's always interesting to see how the peace process and Obamacare are often intertwined. For instance, when I clicked on this article about Julie Boonstra, the cancer patient who lost access to the cancer medications she had been taking because the insurance offered to her thru Obamacare didn't cover the meds, I noticed the embedded video from FOX News. Though Bret Baer is reporting on Boonstra, you can see that the collapse of the peace talks was scrolling underneath. Remember, when the government shut down back in October over protests from certain House Representatives over Obamacare, Benjamin Netanyahu had been here in the U.S. to meet with President Obama about the peace talks and Iran. And later, when Netanyahu spoke at the U.N. General Assembly, he spoke from the podium while the U.S. government was officially shutdown. An incredible sign, indeed!

AFP Cancer patient getting death threats

Screen shot of the embedded video:

In the meantime, scientists are saying that there is nothing to the quakes in Yellowstone. In fact, Peter Cervelli, a scientist who has this REALLY long title (associate director for science and technology at the U.S. Geological Survey's Volcano Science Center in California), claims, ". . . neither the quake, the largest among hundreds that have struck near the geyser basin in the last seven months, nor the uplift suggest an eruption sooner than tens of thousands of years." (emphasis mine)

And that the video of bison running was just the bison feeling "frisky" that day.

Scientists Dismiss Claims That Yellowstone Volcano About to Erupt

Take from that what you will.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


March 28th, our watch day, President Obama travels to Saudi Arabia.

The House of Saud has NOT been happy with President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, especially where Egypt, Iran, and Syria are concerned.

Presumably, Obama’s trip was to “smoothe” any concerns that the King may have had. We know that President Obama does care for the King because when Obama was first elected President in 2009, one of the first things he did was go on an “apology” tour and was photographed bowing to the King.

Now comes this curious event from the Obama-Saud meeting that indicates something went, shall we say, awry.

Let’s look at the curious parallel to an event four years ago, almost to the day!

One of the blogs I check out pretty much every day is Nice Deb. Nice Deb has this post dated April 1:

The Curious Case of Obama’s Cancelled State Dinner In Saudi Arabia


The official word from the State Dept. is that the president’s trip to Saudi Arabia to “ease tensions” over US foreign policy in Egypt, Syria and Iran, brought the Americans and Saudis closer together, but there are indicators that things did not go terribly well. Reportedly, King Abdulah did not dispatch ”top royals” to the airport to greet Obama when he came in, nor were any sent to see him off. A state dinner that was planned, was called off, and after only a two hour talk, Obama left the king’s desert oasis outside the capital of Riyadh.

This “called off” state dinner occurred March 28.

Let’s flashback to March 25, 2010.

Reports: Netanyahu 'Humiliated' by Obama Snub

Remember? It was reported that President Obama walked out of a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and went to eat with his family leaving Netanyahu standing there.


For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Benjamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip viewed in Jerusalem as a humiliation.

And why did President Obama do this?

After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements, Obama walked out of his meeting with Netanyahu but invited him to stay at the White House, consult with advisers and “let me know if there is anything new”, a U.S. congressman, who spoke to the Prime Minister, said.

“It was awful,” the congressman said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages”. . . “ (See Footnote)

That’s right! President Obama wanted some concessions, written concessions, right then and there on no more housing being built in Jerusalem, and when Benjamin Netanyahu did not comply, President Obama “humiliated” him.

By denying Netanyahu the opportunity to dine with his family.

This incident was not alone. A prior incident had occurred with Joe Biden, in which, during a visit to Jerusalem, he had been invited to dine with Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife at their residence, but Biden made them wait almost two hours in a very public snub of the Netanyahu’s cordiality.

I wrote about these two incidences.


Now, four years later, we are hearing of a snub from the Saudis to Obama involving food. Nice Deb writes in her post that the State Department is denying that they ever mentioned a state dinner for President Obama, although it is clear that it was tweeted (tweet now deleted), and that hard copies of Obama’s schedule that were handed out to the press had to be returned.


On March 28, Bill Hennessy reported that the White House did not downplay the schedule change – they tried to deny that one took place at all.

The White House is now denying there was dinner scheduled. They’ve scrubbed all references from the White House web site, they’ve demanded return of printed copies of the schedule (and the state media complied). They’ve even deleted a State Department tweet about the dinner.


It is clear we are not to know that Obama was denied an honor, that of having an official meal with the King.

We have noted a pattern, repeatedly, that what is done to Israel is done unto us, and many a time that “done unto us” part has been exact. President Obama denied food to Netanyahu and Biden publicly snubbed his dinner invitation, and now it was done to Obama by the Saudis.  It appears that an invitation to a state dinner was rescinded.

Nearly 4 years to the day!

But there may even be more in this mix.

The visit between Obama and the Saudis occurred March 28. On Monday, April 1, we heard that Abbas walked away from the peace talks by doing something he, as a concession for peace talks, had agreed prior not to do -- appeal to the UN before the end of April in a bid for a Palestinian state.

Could there be something to this timing considering it came with 48 hours of the Obama-Saudi meeting?

Could there be something to the fact the breakdown occurred on April "Fool's" Day?

Was April 1st as good a day as any to send a message that someone was a "fool"?

Flashback to October 2013.

The world from here: Will the Saudis now derail Palestinian Israeli peace talks?

Excerpt (emphasis mine):

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is fuming over Washington’s Middle East policies. The recent public rupture between Riyadh and Washington may be the worst crisis in relations with America’s top Arab ally since the close relationship was established more than 80 years ago. . . .

Saudi exasperation may also derail Palestinian and Israeli peace talks. . . .

According to a source close to the Palestinian leadership, the Saudis told visiting Palestinian Authority senior officials during the Haj pilgrimage that the Saudis expect the Palestinians to distance themselves from the US in support of the Saudi rift with Washington.

The Saudis annual contribution of tens of millions of dollars to the PA budget should ensure that PA President Mahmoud Abbas honors the request.

The source close to the PA leadership also indicated that it would be reasonable to expect hard line Saudi statements and pressure against any Palestinian concessions or compromises.

. . . the Saudis also realize how important solving the Palestinian problem is for the Obama administration.

And with the Saudi leadership realizing that it has no current replacement for its critical Middle East partnership with Washington, Abdullah may be more than ready to torpedo the Middle East peace process and sacrifice the Palestinians in a desperate effort to get the Obama administration to save the Middle East.

So . . . it is clear that for some time now the Saudis have been ‘fuming’ over the way President Obama has been handling situations in the Middle East. That “fuming’ has led them to be willing to publicly humiliate President Obama in the peace talks for no other reason than because the talks are important to him.

Really think about that.

We, here in the U.S., have seen on more than one occasion how President Obama handles those whom he considers adversaries (polite word for ‘enemies’), particularly in the GOP or the Tea Party, who don’t agree with him. He has no problem publicly being contemptuous,condescending or snarky. And those are the polite words.

Don’t like Paul Ryan’s budget plan?

Invite him to hear you speak, sit him on the front row, then publicly “b****h” slap him.

Don’t like Eric Cantor’s reluctance in debt ceiling talks?

Invite him to the White House, sit him at the table, and then publicly remind him that “elections have consequences.”

Don’t like John McCain’s attempts to resolve budget differences?

Invite him to the White House, sit him at the table, and then publicly remind him ‘who won’ and ‘who lost’ in the last election.

Don’t like that certain Iranian scientists have died?

Invite the New York Times, or some media like that, to the White House and then publicly publish that the Israelis ‘need to stop that.’

Don’t like it that the Israelis have slowed the nuclear program with a computer virus?

Get the NY Times back in the Oval House and once more publicly publish that the Israelis “ain’t all that,” the U.S. came up with that virus.

Don’t like U.S. citizens, or as President Obama frequently refers to them, folks, complaining to their representatives about Obamacare to the point that said representatives shut down the government in protest?

Then demand the formerly helpful and friendly National Park Service officers put on their black boots and erect barricades in front of an open-air WW2 memorial so wounded vets in wheelchairs can’t pay their respects to their fallen buddies, put up cones in front of Mt Rushmore, put tourists at Yellowstone under a form of house arrest where they don't dare watch Old Faithful erupt and make sure that that “old” couple who has lived in Yellowstone Park for about 20 years vacate their home.

And, oh, yeah! make sure funds to help children with cancer stay put in the bank because as Obama’s faithful ally Senator Reid made plain in so many words, “Why would we want to give funds during the shutdown that help children?"

That will teach said citizens to complain to their representatives!

All that to say this:

We can almost guarantee that President Obama went into that meeting with the Saudis with the view that his opinions on Iran, Syria, Egypt, Crimea and the peace talks were the only right opinions in the room. We have seen him do this time and time again. He is convinced that he is the only one in the room who has got it right. Never mind that he’s never lived in the Middle East, and that region has many unique problems.

Whatever happened, he was sent off without dinner and without any top level diplomat to escort him.

Almost how Benjamin Netanyahu was left to leave the White House on his own, right?

NEXT THING WE KNOW, the Palestinians have imploded the peace talks.

What did our debka article tell us yesterday?

debkafile’s sources report that the US Secretary’s plan to visit Ramallah and Jerusalem Wednesday, April 2, to tie up the last ends of his new package, is now up in the air, the subject of frantic consultations in Washington.

The purpose of Kerry’s visit was to “tie up the last ends of his new package.” It appears that he went there with the belief that he was now on the 1-yard line to having this done. Who knows, but some printer back in Washington, D.C., may have been putting the final touches on the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

Right along with the Obamacare "7 million!" banner.

But what happens instead?

Abbas presents Kerry with a whole new list of demands of Israel, if peace talks are to continue. Impossible demands. Demands that could possibly collapse Netanyahu’s coalition, and would have certain members of the Knesset in an uproar, not to mention the Israeli public.

And as ridiculous as the demands are, Kerry still presents them to Netanyahu AND spends valuable time PRESSURING Netanyahu to concede to them!

After meeting with Obama, did the Saudis make a phone call? Isn’t the timing of this just a little suspect? It was clear back in October, before even meeting with Obama, that the Saudis were so ticked off at him that they were willing to have a hand in derailing the peace talks simply because they understood how important this matter is to Obama.

The Saudis may have withheld pressure from Abbas at that time simply so the terrorists that Israel promised to release would be released. That is simply a guess as we don’t know for sure why they didn’t go ahead and collapse the talks back in the Fall when it is clear there were murmurings about doing such a thing.

Now, they met with Obama on Friday, March 28, and spoke to him about situations that matter to them very much. By the end of that meeting, dinner had been cancelled and Obama was out the door with no one from the House of Saud accompanying him, according to the report.

And by Monday, the peace talks are completely derailed.



Note in the article that Netanyahu and his team did not wish to use the telephones at the White House because they were concerned that their conversations would be listened to. Now, we know that concern was totally legitimate.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Because of the length of this post, I am breaking it down into 3 parts. Part 2 is now posted (below), and Part 3, which will cover a specific event with President Obama from exactly 4 years ago in 2010, that I guarantee you he did not see coming back to haunt him in 2014, will be posted tomorrow. 


As I compose this post this morning, Oklahoma is watching the weather. Central Oklahoma will be coming under a moderate risk for tornadoes later this afternoon and evening. That means keeping the local news station on should they switch over to wall-to-wall coverage of storms approaching the metroplex and having a plan to vacate to the storm cellar should the situation warrant.

I have used that very scenario dozens of times to explain why I blog about some of the situations in the news. Some news events bear watching because they involve Israel. Anytime a U.S. president (not just President Obama, but any U.S. president) has pressured Israel to divide the land promised to Abraham in Genesis, “things” have happened back here in the states, either on the same day or within 24 hours. There are a number of us who have documented such “same-day” happenings time and time again. (see footnote 1)

A few days ago, we heard rumors that the peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians broke down. As this storm system sets up across the Plains States, we are learning, via Debka, just how badly the talks have not just stalled, but disintegrated. More on that in Part 2.

It was Saturday, March 22, that we learned that Abbas had said “No,” to Obama on three core issues.

TV report: Abbas said ‘no’ to Obama on 3 core peace issues

Strangely enough, it was on the same day, Saturday, March 22, that the horrific Oso mudslide occurred in Washington state.

Wikipedia notes:

Excluding landslides caused by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or dam collapses, this is the deadliest single landslide event in United States history.

Oso, Washington, mudslide

This reminded me of what Daniel at Prayers for the People had written in The Vision: The Trigger, about a giant garbage slide hitting a man on the edge of a precipice and the name “Israel” being in front of him. (see footnote 2)

Curiously, President Obama tweeted a selfie on February 26, of him looking into the largest abyss we have here in the U.S., the Grand Canyon. He did this shortly before meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel about the peace process on March 3.


Then we started watching March 28, because that was the day the “Obama-Kerry framework” was rumored as the day to be revealed.


And March 28 turned out to be quite an interesting day.

First, the movie Noah debuted, and 20 seconds after the “end of the world scene” began, a strong 5.1 earthquake rattled throughout Los Angeles down to San Diego. The time -- 9:11. Over 100 aftershocks have been felt since then.

Second, earthquakes have not been limited to L.A. Mt. Hood in Oregon has registered over 100 small earthquakes, and Oklahoma has had several earthquakes strong enough to be felt over large parts of central Oklahoma.

Third, Yellowstone had a strong 4.8 earthquake. While Yellowstone has often had earthquake swarms, sometimes numbering in the thousands, many of those quakes are too small to be felt. However, the 4.8 earthquake alarmed a number of observers, not just because it was the strongest in Yellowstone in 29 years (some sources say 34 years), but because of the location -- on the western edge of the Yellowstone caldera, an area which has seen over 10 inches of uplift since 2004.

What Would An Eruption Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Look Like?


The peace talks the the U.S. had been brokering between the Israelis and the Palestinians appear to have collapsed. Utterly.

There is a reason why the U.S. should not negotiate with terrorists, which is what the foundation of Yasser Arafat’s PLO is founded upon, and that’s because terrorists, once they are convinced they have the upper hand, will ALWAYS up the ante, no matter how much is already going their way.

And that’s exactly what Abbas did.

Debka has an article today outlining what led to the collapse. (Emphasis in excerpts mine)

Abbas dumps another US-led peace effort, Kerry gives up on shuttle, Pollard release recedes

First, Abbas did not walk away from the negotiations. Instead, according to debka, Abbas “simply turned his back on the commitment he made ahead of the talks to refrain from unilateral applications to UN bodies while they were in progress. As soon as the US Secretary flew off to Brussels, he sent out applications for “the independent Palestinian state” to join 12 UN agencies as members.”

Understand -- as soon as Kerry boarded a plane and was off on his merry way to Brussels, Abbas did what he said he would not do -- made unilateral applications to various UN bodies.

What a boomerang upon this administration, which is often accused, particularly where Obamacare is concerned, of doing just that -- doing what they said they would not do (publicly, no less!).

Did Kerry know Abbas was going to do this? Was this all for show? Possibly. A number of my readers, and I certainly agree with them, never believed Abbas had any intentions of signing a peace deal with Netanyahu. Abbas’ intentions were to get as many concessions and prisoners freed as possible then walk.

And President Obama and Secretary Kerry certainly made it easier for Abbas to make such demands as they, particularly President Obama, have communicated on a number of occasions strong empathy for the “plight” of the Palestinians and their staunch belief that Israel is the “bad guy” in this neighborhood.

Team Obama Considers Israel a 'Hostile Power'

Debka further notes:

This was after the Palestinian leader upped his price for meeting Kerry’s request to extend peace diplomacy from April up until the end of the year. He demanded that Israel raise the number of 26 Palestinians due to be released from jail this weekend, to 1,000. They must also include Israeli Arabs.

He was not satisfied with Israel’s offer to free another 400 terrorists and accept a partial settlement freeze; Israel must release the same number as it traded for Gilead Shalit, the Israeli hostage held by Hamas, he said. . . .

When he landed in Israel Monday night, Kerry brought Israel the fresh Palestinian demand for a tenfold increase in the number of Palestinian security prisoners listed for the fourth round of releases – 420 instead of the original 30 – to include also Israeli Arabs, which a large number of ministers oppose.

This is why it is dangerous to negotiate with terrorists -- they always want more. Many in Israel have been angered by and have protested against the release of dangerous prisoners, many of whom committed acts of terrorism that resulted in the deaths of Israelis, as a “gesture of goodwill” toward the Palestinians.

Debka makes clear that Netanyahu was hesitant. His coalition might collapse under such a strain.

Perhaps that is a “side effect” that Obama and Kerry are hoping for. Who knows?

In addition to a 10-fold increase in the number of Palestinian prisoners to be released, Abbas had an additional “requirement.”

Israel was also required to accept a freeze on settlement construction on the West Bank as well as Jerusalem.

These concessions were the Palestinians’ price for accepting the extension of talks up until the end of this year.

. . . the Palestinians, fully conscious of Kerry’s objective and his pressure on Netanyahu, saw their chance to continually up their stipulations for more Israeli concessions as the price for keeping the talks afloat.

Let’s remember that until President Obama came to office, not building in Jerusalem had never been a condition for peace talks -- HE was the one who injected THAT into the peace talks and the Palestinians slapped themselves on the forehead and said, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

To counter obvious reluctance, Secretary Kerry was willing to backtrack on a subject that he has, at least publicly, held strong objections -- the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

Yeah, Secretary Kerry was against Pollard’s release before he was for it.

To “sweeten” the pot for Netanyahu, debka is reporting that Kerry dangled the prospect, not promise, but prospect of releasing Pollard in exchange for Netanyahu accepting Abbas’ far-reaching demands.


Kerry agreed to put the squeeze on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yet again. He even dangled the ultimate inducement of the possible release (no promises) of Jonathan Pollard, who has served 30 years of a life sentence in a US jail for spying for Israel.

Netanyahu has been fighting for Pollard’s freedom for more than 16 years, hoping that repeated US-initiated peace negotiations with the Palestinians would provide an opening. He came close to success in 1998 when President Bill Clinton promised to release him, but then recanted in the face of furious CIA objections. . . .

Administrations sources in Washington confirmed that the Pollard case would be open to discussion on certain conditions – i.e. further and bigger concessions to the Palestinians.

And here is something that is really disturbing (again, emphasis mine):

Appreciating the high value of the Pollard card, the US Secretary tried using it as a lever to extract a really major Israel concession, beyond even the latest Palestinians demands. He pushed Netanyahu hard for a far-reaching step capable of generating a dramatic breakthrough for the US peace effort he is leading. . . .

So instead of shuttling back and forth between Jerusalem and Ramallah, Kerry spent most of Monday night and again Tuesday morning leaning heavily on Netanyahu for an ultimate concession for the ultimate prize of a freed Pollard.

We are not told what the “really major Israel concession, BEYOND even the latest Palestinians demans” is. WHAT did the administration ask for? WHAT did they push for? WHAT was BEYOND EVEN what the Palestinians had asked for?

We are not told.

Debka offers two answers as to why Kerry was pushing Netanyahu so hard to concede.

1. President Barack Obama, unwilling to be associated with the imminent collapse of yet another US-sponsored Middle East peace effort, made it clear that he has not made up his mind about Pollard’s release.

2. He (Kerry) turned to Netanyahu because Abbas is frozen immovably in demand mode.

Jonathan Pollard, in the meantime, has put in his two cents worth -- while he would like to get out of prison, he does not want his freedom if it means that Netanyahu will cave and let 100s of Palestinian terrorists go free.

So here we have it.

The talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians have broken down, in a big way. The terrorists did what terrorists do -- make bigger demands, demands too big to meet.

And then our Secretary of State, most likely with the President’s knowledge, pushed for “something” from Netanyahu, we are not told what that “something” was that BEYOND EVEN what the Palestinians had asked for.

Debka concludes where the situation is now, and uses some interesting words to summarize.

Those obstacles were still in force when the US Secretary flew out to Brussels Tuesday morning after a second round of talks with Netanyahu. What he managed to do was to shift the focus of US-Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to new terrain – American.

We have the words “shift” “focus” “terrain” and “American.” Those words are used to describe where the peace process is now. But those words can also be used to describe earthquakesEven the "10-fold" increase in prisoner release is intriguing, because on the Richter scale, each magnitude is a "10-fold" increase in power. An 8.3 is ten times stronger than an 8.2.

As I close part 2 of this post, reports are still coming in of the incredible 8.2 earthquake that struck off Iquique, Chile late last night. The earthquake struck 60 miles off the coast and generated a tsunami that has already struck the coastline wreaking havoc with fishing boats and homes and buildings close to the waterline. There have been numerous reports of collapsed buildings, fires, damage to the airport and several casualties.

Thousands of earthquake-hit Chileans return home as country calls off tsunami alert after 8.2 tremor leaves six dead and forces evacuations along the entire coast

Chile had already experienced a strong 6.7 earthquake on March 16. Many were hoping that that was the main quake and any further earthquakes would be less in intensity. That turned out not to be the case.

Interesting that Drudge noted that 300 prisoners escaped following the Chile earthquake.

L.A. experienced a strong 5.1 on the 28th. Like Chile, there had also been a strong quake a few days before -- a 4.7 earthquake on March 17. And even prior to that, on March 10, there was a strong 6.9 just off Humboldt, California. On March 13, a rare whale event occurred in which nearly 100 rarely seen false killer whales were observed in a giant pod.


March has been busy for notable earthquakes in both North, as well as now South, America, as Obama and Kerry exert tremendous pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israelis to make “far-reaching” concessions in the name of peace.

Earthquakes occur because of pressure -- pressure that builds until something gives.  That is what we are witnessing with the peace process -- Obama and Kerry are exerting pressure on Netanyahu until he gives.

President Obama is leaving behind in his wake one foreign policy blunder after another. Debka makes it clear that he does not want to be associated with failure where the peace talks are concerned. What pressure is he willing to exert to get his legacy? What is it that he wants, even BEYOND what the Palestinians demanded?




I know, I am a broken record here. Sorry. But some of my readers would be shocked by how often I am accused of witchcraft and divination for trying to “predict” the future by scanning headlines and trying “to read” them like “tea leaves” or “animal intestines,” or throwing the headlines like “runes” and trying to fortune tell.

If that’s the case, then there’s no point in looking both ways before stepping out in traffic, and there’s no point in telling the grandkids not to play in the street, and there’s no point in watching the weather BECAUSE I MIGHT anticipate something bad could happen, and since that is the same as PREDICTING, then that is the same as fortune-telling, so better not pay attention.

I understand the real point of such trolling is to discourage me from posting. Not gonna happenI have stated time and time again that the purpose of this blog is to note events that happen on the same day or within 24-48 hours of peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians or talks or events with Iran's nuclear program.  And that's exactly what I am doing.

Pastor John Kilpatrick, who has stated that he believes that there is coming a day when a great storm will come against the dollar (which that certainly may be underway) and the New Madrid will rumble to life again, has said that when we come against Israel, it is not prophesying, you can plain predict that something will happen.

Too many people who stop and study the matter see this is true time and time again.

So it’s not divination. It is stating there is a pattern and it can be seen repeatedly.

Also, I don’t know who said it but it appears to be true: God judges individuals in eternity; He judges nations in real time.

Footnote 2:

By mentioning The Vision: The Trigger, I am NOT saying that the mudslide that occurred is fulfillment of what Daniel saw, because it is not. What I am saying is that the mudslide reminded me of what Daniel saw, and I was noting the timing of Obama tweeting a picture of him on a abyss just ahead of talks with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and the occurrence of the mudslide, which occurred on the same day that Abbas said, “No,” to Obama on three core issues. Abbas’ “No” surely meant that Obama would increase pressure on Netanyahu to salvage the situation that Abbas was damaging.