Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Lost power yesterday so unable to post. Sorry about that. We are under a winter storm watch as we are expecting sleet, snow and possibly ice beginning after midnight tonight. Electricity can be iffy out where I live, so don't be surprised if postings are hit and miss over the next few days. We are expecting 7 days of temps in the low 20s.

Interesting timing on these two events:

Israel Hayom is reporting that the EU is threatening to punish both the Israelis and the Palestinians if peace talks fail.

Extreme wind storm Xaver is set to "punish" Denmark and Germany. This article from Dr. Jeff Master notes that the anticipated winds from Xaver could rival some of the more serious storms that have battered parts of Europe in the past. Xaver, which is an extratropical low pressure system, will begin affecting parts of Europe on Thursday as winter storm Cleon will being impacting Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Kentucky with ice and sleet.

Scrawny2brawny has a new YouTube pointing out how some of the same symbolisms, such as the pineal gland, which is so central to Eastern mysticism, keeps appearing in different music videos and movie scenes as well as taking a look at some of the similarities between some of the symbols of Catholicism and the ancient worship of Dagon.




ABORTION: ACLU files sweeping suit against Catholic hospitals anti-abortion policies

ABORTION: Professor Claims There’s a Major Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer That Medical Experts Are Concealing

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Starfish die-off worse than thought; now over entire West Coast; coincidence they are all melting at once or something fishy is going on in the water

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Farmers describe worst storm in 150 years

CHINA TENSIONS: China threatens Japan ahead of Biden visit

CHINA TENSIONS: Are things falling apart for US-Asian foreign policy?

COMET ISON: Just dust and rubble

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Brand-new fears for the U.S. dollar

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Obama's deliberate destruction of the economy

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Mold rot affecting Christmas trees, industry could lose millions

EQ WATCH: 4.8 off California

FEDERAL RESEARCH PROJECT: More drivers will be pressured to give blood and saliva for DNA in the upcoming weeks in at least 300 cities

FUKUSHIMA: High risk of nuclear holocaust

FUKUSHIMA: Experts warn about ground sinking at damaged reactor

H7N9: Hong Kong has first case

IRAN: Enrichment capacity grew dramatically once Obama inaugurated in 2009

NEWS IN TWO MINS: H7N9, aftermath of Haiyan in the Philippines, Fukushima 7 times worse than Chernobyl

OBAMA: The schizophrenia of Barack Obama

OBAMA: Expert testifies to Congress that Obama's "ignoring laws" could lead to overthrow of government

OBAMACARE: Notre Dame files latest lawsuit

OBAMACARE: Website costs top $1 billion

OBAMACARE: Public vs. private sector -- oh, the irony!

OBAMACARE: Does Obama think he's lying?

OBAMACARE: Kristol says Obamacare intrusion "galling"

OBAMACARE: DC scandal expert says "Haven't seen 'disaster' like Obamacare in awhile

STRANGE!: Slovakian waterway turns blood red

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: NASA starwater, spaceweather, winter storm Cleon

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