Monday, December 9, 2013


LAST TRUMPET NEWSLETTER -- An onslaught of evil on the minds of people!




BILLY GRAHAM: Son Franklin says father's health has been declining rapidly over the past several days

CHINA: Will war break out between Japan and China in January 2014?

CHINA: Experts: China And Japan Are Not Going To Back Down From Each Other Any Time Soon, John McTernan

EARTHQUAKE PRECURSOR? Multiple reports of unexplained sounds of booming

(GG note: We've heard three very loud "booms" out where we live in the past two months. One was so loud that we thought a neighbor's house or propane tank had exploded, so went to check it out, but they were fine. Another neighbor heard it as well, but also had no idea where it had come from. Nothing on the local news to explain.)

EARTHQUAKES: We felt the very strong 4.5 earthquake on Saturday while we were watching the OU-OSU bedlam game. The house shook really hard and shuddered. Definitely got our attention, but, thankfully, no damage.

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Ghost of 1929 re-appears, pay attention to the signals

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Private sector shrank in 41 states under Obama

FUKUSHIMA: BBC: Work at Fukushima Unit 4 a “distraction”; The “real nightmare” is coming from 3 molten cores — NYTimes: Melted fuel is “all over the place… First goal is simply to stop uncontrolled releases of radioactive material”

FUKUSHIMA: Canadian officials estimated Fukushima cesium-137 release almost double Chernobyl

FUKUSHIMA: TV: Officials near San Francisco to monitor Fukushima plume, concerns for environment and food supply — Supervisor: The risks to Californians are concerning — Commissioner: We can’t rely on Japan or Tepco — Will waves of cesium and strontium pollute coast?

H7N9: New cases in Hong Kong

H7N9: Hong Kong officials quarantine 19 people in H7N9 cluster

HUMOR: Video of dogs afraid to walk by cats

ISRAEL: Kerry's gospel of weakness

ISRAEL: Palestinians aren't on board with Kerry's peace plans

IRAN: Geneva Fairy Tales (cartoon)

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Escalating China-Japan tensions, H7N9 in Hong Kong, Californians wants more done to monitor impact from Fukushima

OBAMA'S FOREIGN POLICY: Woe to U.S. allies, Charles Krauthammer

OBAMA'S FOREIGN POLICY: Hoekstra claims terrorism growing by "leaps and bounds" under Obama

OBAMA'S IRS: Update on C. Steven Tucker, audited after helping cancer patient who lost insurance because of Obamacare law

OBAMA'S IRS: Obama dismisses notion that any conservatives were targeted by the IRS, implies any outrage was disproportionate, repeats claim that it was a problem limited to the Cleveland office

OBAMACARE: Hey! What do you know! Some reporters actually asked some tough questions of Jay Carney on the lack of meetings between Obama and Sebelius over the past three years.

OBAMACARE: Politico destroys White House claim of off-the-record meetings between Obama and Sebelius

OBAMACARE: Affordable?

OBAMACARE: An apt metaphor (cartoon)

OBAMACARE: All too soon, Obamacare will give us "standing"

OBAMACARE: Obama stars in the No-Name Law that sunk his party

OBAMACARE: Cruz and Lee are being vindicated

OBAMACARE: Calif. county censors 20-year employee who criticized Obamacare while at work

OBAMACARE: Dem strategist says Obama thinks he has the right to lie to you

PEARL HARBOR DAY: Obama releases pic of him photobombing the Pearl Harbor Memorial

PEARL HARBOR DAY: On December 7, Iranian atomic energy agency's Behrouz Kamalvandi said Iran is taking the next step in uranium enrichment by testing more efficient technology. This includes more advanced centrifuges.

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Brazil land slide, spaceweather

WINTER STORM CLEON: Death toll rises in America's big freeze