Friday, December 20, 2013


Isn't it amazing what is happening with all the blowback from Christians and outrage from the lgbt crowd? Robertson's words are being repeated often so that many are hearing what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. What happened to Robertson is outrageous, to say the least, but look at how much we are hearing the Gospel in the news now. In an attempt to shut him down, what he said is being repeated so much so that the very reason A and E shut him down, to prevent his words from spreading, is having the opposite effect -- his words are dominating the news cycle. This seems to me to be a clear example that what Satan means for harm, God can turn around for good.

Remember this from this past summer? DESMOND TUTU -- A MODERN BALAAM SPEAKS. Robertson isn't a "Balaam," but I pointed out that it all depends on who is making the comments whether he or she gets a pass or not. Tutu can say homosexuals are going to Hell, and no one blinks an eye; Robertson can disagree with their lifestyle AND say that he doesn't hate them and he is removed from his show in an effort to rebuke him.

I find it very interesting that this controversy with Robertson, who is from Louisiana, is coming at the same time as this new effort by the Obama administration to coerce people into enrolling into Obamacare by enlisting the efforts of a group of DRAG QUEENS that are ALSO from Louisiana.

Drag Queens promote Obamacare

And a quick note about Iran -- apparently there was a meeting in Geneva last night about "how to implement a landmark nuclear agreement."

Iran, six powers to resume nuclear talks after snag (Weds, Dec 18, 2013)

Close with this political ad that speaks volumes about how much Obamacare has come to be associated with lying and deception.

Every Democrat should be scared of this political ad




FLU, H10N8: New flu strain in China takes life of woman

FLU, SWINE: Texas man dies from swine flu

FUKUSHIMA: Gundersen: “The real apocalyptic thing would be an earthquake” at Fukushima — We’ve got to move quickly on Unit 3, it’s by far the worst structurally — Unit 4 a walk in the park comparatively

FUKUSHIMA: Experts: Fukushima is “increasingly critical due to decay of buildings… reactor blocks are sinking… alarming cracks in foundation” — “It was built very poorly, Japan cannot deal with problem alone… it’s a big problem”

FUKUSHIMA: 70 Navy sailors in new Fukushima lawsuit — They rode right into plume, could be thousands more seriously exposed — 1 or 2 sick could be coincidence, but 50-60 people in their 20s off one ship? Variety of cancers, blindness, impotence

ISRAEL: Support growing in Europe to boycott Israeli products if peace talks not successful

LGBT: Dear A and E, congratulations! You just committed suicide

LGBT: Piers Morgan says First Amendment shouldn't protect "vile bigots" like Phil Robertson

FLASHBACK from May 31, 2012: Piers Morgan has been a complete ratings disaster – his 9 p.m. slot clocked in at the lowest CNN rating for that time in two decades.

LGBT: Crush Phil Robertson, crush free speech

LGBT: The Era Of Barack Obama’s Blacklist America – Phil Robertson Edition

NATL GEOGRAPHIC: 2013's Photograph Winners

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Mystery illness in Texas may be swine flu, China's new flu strain (H10N8), Israel's window of opportunity to strike Iran closing

OBAMACARE: Story of the Year, Charles Krauthammer

OBAMACARE: Another deadline abruptly delayed

OBAMACARE: Abrupt change by administration in looming deadline leaves insurers "fuming," and warning of "market instability"

OBAMACARE: Feds fail to send records on 10,000 Iowa Medicaid applications

OBAMACARE: ACA may devastate the real estate and travel industries

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SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Seattle could face significant problems in aftermath of a major earthquake, small solar flare