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Jim McCanney is stating at his website that Comet ISON caused some CMEs to be fired off from the sun.

Jim McCanney website

Suspicious Observers is saying the same thing, AND that ISON appears to be still intact although a former shadow of itself.

Cindy by the Sea has written an interesting post about the rare convergence of Comet ISON with Hanukkah.

A Rare Convergence

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Interesting -- first, Obama gives Americans Obamacare and now many are accusing him of deceit and lying about the details. Then Obama gives the Iranians an "historic deal," and NOW THEY are accusing him of lying about the details. And like the Obamacare website, the Iranians are complaining about information on the White House website.

Via Gateway Pundit, Iranian Fars News reported:

The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday called invalid a press release by the White House alleged to be the text of the nuclear agreement struck by Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany) in Geneva on Sunday.

“What has been released by the website of the White House as a fact sheet is a one-sided interpretation of the agreed text in Geneva and some of the explanations and words in the sheet contradict the text of the Joint Plan of Action (the title of the Iran-powers deal), and this fact sheet has unfortunately been translated and released in the name of the Geneva agreement by certain media, which is not true,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said on Tuesday.

BS meters should always go up whenever the Obama administration puts out a “fact sheet.” They’re understanding of the word, “fact” differs from most peoples’. Often, the word “fact” actually translates to, ”politically expedient half truths”, “inaccurate”, or “out and out lies.”

An Iranian foreign ministry official accused Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public.

Iranian Regime Accuses Obama Regime of Lying

Also interesting -- Saudi Arabia is also accusing the White House of lying.

"We were lied to, things were hidden from us," he said. "The problem is not with the deal struck in Geneva but how it was done."

Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own

President Obama is often characterized as "gloating" and "spiking the football." Well, taking a page from his playbook, the Iranians did just that yesterday in a series of tweets. President Hassan Rouhani boasted that Iran got the best deal -- the loosening of limited sanctions and the continuation of its nuclear enrichment program.

"Enrichment, which is part of our rights, will continue. It continues today and will continue tomorrow."

Iran's Rouhani: Nuke Plan 'Continues Today and Will Continue Tomorrow'

Secretary Kerry, however, is insisting that he and President Obama "drove a very hard bargain" with Iran.

Tough deal, indeed. Jay Leno mocked the Iranian deal using Obamacare terminology -- "If you like your uranium, you can keep your uranium." The audience laughed and the Iranians right along with them; however, I am sure the Israelis did not.

Breitbart has an article looking more into the role Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett may have in all of this mess.

Valerie Jarrett, Chicago, and the Iran Deal

In the meantime, one of President Obama's security advisors publicly advised Israel during a televised event specifically to not strike Iran.

While acknowledging Israel's independent right to self-defense, Rhodes--who rose inexplicably from speechwriter to the highest levels of foreign and military policy--told Israel's Channel 10 that an Israeli military strike against Iran might in fact encourage the regime to develop nuclear weapons.

Note the "self-defense" part, which means just what it means -- the Israelis can react if hit by missiles but it is clear this White House does not want them to prevent the first missiles from coming in. This administration acts as if it's ONLY scuds the Iranians are developing.

Rhodes: Don't strike Iran

Perhaps Rhodes was reacting to  Israel Launches Largest Ever Air Force "Exercise" The Day After Iran Deal.




ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Pelicans dying near lakes around Baton Rouge, Louisiana

FUKUSHIMA: Nuclear Professors: Every engineer is really scared about fuel removal at Unit 4

FUKUSHIMA: Fukushima is absolutely horrifying — Radiation will be entering Pacific for decades, there’s no end in sight — Nobody has a solution, problems are unprecedented

FUKUSHIMA: CBC: Gov’t scientists are now detecting Fukushima’s radioactive plume offshore of Canada — Professor: It’s headed to our coast, I think monitoring rainfall over next couple years would be prudent

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Tension escalates as China sends an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea in response to a dispute with Japan over the Senkakus Islands, Australia summons Chinese ambassador over the incident and the U.S. flew a B-52 bomber into the newly claimed air zone by China, sea floor methane release off Siberia, damaged oil tanker off the Philippines

NSA, EDWARD SNOWDEN: Could Edward Snowden play out the plot of Skyfall?

OBAMA'S MILITARY: General claims Obama purposely weakening U.S. military

SINKHOLE: Pond in Bosnia disappears into an "abyss"

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Comet ISON is now seen on SOHO approaching the sun, and it will start its slingshot around the sun tomorrow, the New Zealand earthquakes, fireballs heard over eastern U.S. last night, big sunspots cresting

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11/26 - NEWS LINKS


Interesting wording on this article title -- Dershowitz: Iran Deal 'Cataclysmic Error of Gigantic Proportions'

Former Ambassador Bolton says Iranian nuke deal the opening gun of a NUCLEAR ARMS RACE in the Middle East

Obama chose dishonor

British warn Israel against undermining Iran deal

In A Single Move Obama Abandons Israel And Preserves Iran’s Nuclear Machinery

Iran deal represents another historic mistake by Obama

Gen. Hayden: Iran Deal 'Worst of All Possible Outcomes'

Iran is more than a threat to the Middle East

Iran Nuke Deal Bible Code indicates possible hoax on the part of the Iranians, Barry S. Roffman

Debka reporting an alarming part of the Obama offer to the Iranians leaving Jerusalem, Riyadh stunned: Obama makes Iran 7th world power on regional issues, including Palestinians

Obama rebukes critics, wants "tough talk and bluster" to stop, says “Tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it’s not the right thing for our security.”

Netanyahu Scolded Obama in Phone Call on Iran Deal

Peace, peace – Then Sudden Destruction (GG note: Linked to at Steve Coerper's Homework Page)



UNUSUAL ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Unprecedented concentration of sea creatures near shore in California; Experts baffled, longtime residents astounded — Biologist: “It’s a very strange year… The $64,000 question is why?” — Similar to ‘extraordinary’ events seen recently along Canada’s Pacific coast?

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Underwater footage reveals 'melting' sea star epidemic

CHINA: U.S. Warns China Over East China Sea Maritime Grab

EQs: New Zealand earthquakes weakened earth's crust, new breed of earthquakes

EQs: 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes South Atlantic: strongest to ever hit region

FUKUSHIMA: ‘Particles’ impairing visibility in Fukushima pool — Will try to remove spent fuel Tuesday, said to be “one of most dangerous operations ever attempted in nuclear history” — Tepco concerned about sabotage, warns media about filming

LOUISIANA SINKHOLE: Fluid Movement at 1 A.M. for an Hour – After 7M Faulklands Quake

NEWS IN TWO MINS: fallout from Mt Etna eruptions spreading, world unsure if Saudia Arabia is disclosing all it knows about its MERS cases

OBAMA: Obama seen as "ineffective" and "dishonest"

OBAMACARE: Is this the alarming reason Kathleen Sebelius hasn't been fired?

OBAMACARE: There are death panels

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: New reports on methane - there's more than previously thought, new pic of ISON, hurricane season is now closed

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Guest post by Daniel at Prayers for the People:

The Ambiance of the Hour: Spite
| sun, november 24, 2013|

Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand... Psalms 10:14

The voices that have been so steadily warning of judgment for the past 5, 10, 20 or more years have been seemingly getting quieter. I believe that most of us who understand what is taking place in this world, this nation, and in Israel have come to terms with the reality that judgment is not just a word to describe Yahweh's displeasure, but a word that manifests in reality in such ways that man's narrow scope of comprehension is left bewildered and naked, exposed to the penalties of willful and uncorrectable iniquity.

I am deeply concerned that the current environment we find ourselves in is beyond a post or op-ed about the absurdities of Obama's foreign policy, his cursing of Israel, or his lack of ability to keep a promise about healthcare. The actions we see that have shaped the ambiance of the current environment has just rang the doorbell of tribulation.

I believe the following quote sums up the malicious nature of the betrayal we have just witnessed the U.S. perform against Israel.

In the infant stages of the Obama administration's push for peace in early 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed the leverage behind the peace agenda when she came before the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee on April 23.

"For Israel to get the kind of strong support it is looking for vis-à-vis Iran, it can't stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts. They go hand in hand." (Link)

I have scratched my head and wrung my hands this past year wondering, what could be so attractive to the Obama administration that they would want to make such a deal with the Iranians? What could this administration possibly find within the deal that would make the years of diplomacy and pressure, years of tension, public and private with regional allies, specifically with Israel, that though small, influences U.S. politics more than any other nation, seem so valuable that it is worth the tension and years of diplomacy flushed down the drain?

It can only be one thing, SPITE.

Netanyahu did not give the Obama regime the feather it sought. Obama is about feathers, the kind one sticks in a cap. Like a drug addict, he must have the next best fix, the next best high, the next best feather. Netanyahu didn't play the "support against Iran" for the "peace with the Palestinians" game that the Obama regime strong armed Israel into playing. Instead, thank Yahweh, Netanyahu stuck to his convictions. I believe that this open blasting of Netanyahu by the Obama regime will force Netanyahu's hand on Iran. It makes me shudder when I think back to the words that I felt so impressed to write just 15 days after Obama was sworn into office and months before Netanyahu was sworn in as prime minister.

Israel and the Obama administration will begin to strain ties, the ties will come to a breaking point. The pride of the Obama administration will be the cause of the split and the trigger for America's fall. She (Israel) will act without the consent of the Obama administration, thus causing the prideful administration to cut her off. She (America) will have lost her saving grace; she will be now as another nation who curses the apple of God's eye. This will be the beginning of her tragic collapse. (Link)

I believe that the ties have been strained for years and that the breaking point came on 11/7. The tension between the US and Israel hit its breaking point on this date. Never before has Netanyahu been so openly critical of the Obama administration. Usually he is reserved, valuing the relationship between his nation and the US far more than the Obama administration views their relationship with Israel. I believe this pride of the Obama admin was enflamed by Netanyahu’s unwillingness to join the peace talks to Iran’s nuclear program. I believe that this pride has forced Israel to reconsider many things, mainly how close they will remain to this admin and how soon they will have to take matters into their own hands. Either Israel is bluffing, or Netanyahu means what he says. I believe that when Netanyahu acts, after months of presenting Israel’s position before the nations, Obama will openly blast Israel and hold Netanyahu personally accountable for Israel’s actions toward Iran. Israel will be left alone, which I have come to believe is ultimately Yahweh’s plan. Israel will be left without an earthly ally and the US - having shed the last bit of blessing with regard to Israel - will be subjected to her debt of immorality, the penalty of which will be so devastating that she will be rendered as useless as a body with no head.

Most of the time we may feel that we are treading water in a sea of uncertainty, struggling to find peace in such messy carnage. However, we can each find peace in the faith that Yahweh has a plan for the days ahead.

Hope to see you soon in New Jerusalem, daniel


Interesting title to the Reuters' article about the "historic deal" reached between the U.S. and Iran.

Special Report: 'Great Satan' meets 'Axis of Evil' and strikes a deal

On November 22, as President Obama's Secretary of State was engaged in "historic talks" with Iran that Israel views as a "very bad deal" to Israel's security, President Obama's personal security was threatened. A man was arrested and charged on November 22 with threatening the life of President Obama. Interestingly, this was the date that End Times Forecaster put as a "watch" for perhaps something of note concerning a threat.

In the past, I have noted on this blog (though I have not noted it each and every time), whenever we have engaged in talks with Iran, Obama's birth certificate has been in the news. The man that was arrested on November 22, was also accused of being a "birther," something sure to delight Obama's adoring media minions. As an added bonus, the elderly man is pictured wearing an American flag.  And he is white.

"Birther" Busted For Threatening To Kill Obama

John McTernan is offering his thoughts on the deal made between President Obama and Iran. . .

The End in Sight? As America Has Done to Israel

as well as his insights on the "Knock Out game" that is spreading across the nation:

Philadelphia -- Be not deceived; God is not mocked

As the "Great Satan" and Iran reached their historic deal on November 23, an interesting "same-day" occurrence -- a new Yellowstone swarm was detected. As the article below notes, these swarms have occurred before. I just found it interesting that it occurred on the same day as the deal was reached AND End Times Forecaster had just posted a post about the next crescent moon and what looks like a connection to Yellowstone. His post was on the 21st, the swarm began the 23rd.

Yellowstone trembles again -- new swarm of relatively stronger earthquakes began November 23 about 12 miles NE of West Yellowstone

End Times Forecaster: Yellowstone Eruption on the Next Friday Crescent Moon Death Day—the End of the World is Just the Beginning

Staying with quakes for a moment, Suspicious Observers notes that Iran had five moderate earthquakes, all within the last 3 days. In addition, it appears that the quakes that troubled Iran moved south and fired off a quake in the Indian Ocean followed by one in the south Atlantic. He notes that as Comet ISON makes her closest approach to the sun on the 28th, we are under a quake watch.


And staying with the Atlantic for a moment, there has been a video titled "231134421 Be Ready" that has gone viral on the Internet. I personally have not known what to make of it, but to be honest, I have not looked at it in-depth. I spent my time keeping up with the talks between the U.S. and Iran as well as a big project going on in my "other" (non-blogging) life and have not studied or dissected this video. End Times Forecaster has and you might want to take a look at his post on the subject. My opinion is this: as the U.S. comes up against Israel, anything can happen, even an event along the coast of the U.S. or with Yellowstone. Or, as McTernan has noted in his insights linked above, another nation rising up against the U.S., such as China.

Difficult as it may be to believe, we must remember what the Bible says, that God will destroy those nations that come against Israel.

And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. --Zechariah 12:9

And He allows great troubles to come upon those nations that turn away from Him, troubles in the form of loss of economy, loss of food, loss of family, and even loss of life. Moses warned of what all can befall a nation that rejects that laws of God in Deuteronomy 28.

So, yes, great trouble can come upon a nation that rejects God or comes against Israel. We see it time and time again in the Bible. We saw it happen with Pharaoh when he attempted to withstand Moses, and we are seeing it again in the "double plagues" that have come upon this President. And with what we just did to Israel, we could see just about anything here in the U.S., and since we just threatened Israel's security, I would think our security will be threatened.

I will close today's post with an article forwarded to me on Saturday from a long-time reader of this blog, Romeo Echo.

For a long time the peace process or peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have often been the topic on the radar -- two nations living side by side in peace and security. But soon after Obama became President, Iran's nuclear program began to dominate. Sometimes the two stories, peace process and Iran, would seesaw each other, one story one day, the other story another day. This is the first time that the two stories have been in tandem, working out at the same time. Daniel, in his post that I used as a "guest post" to accompany this post, addresses how Obama has linked the two together. Basically, Israel needed to give him some land in the peace process and he would help Israel concerning Iran's nuclear program. Obama didn't get what he wanted, so Iran did, which was lifting of sanctions and acceptance to be a nuclear power.  If Israel should happen to surrender land during this current round of negotiations that are supposed to be completed by March, we might also hear specifically the word "peace," as in "peace is now achieved," or something along those lines.  Until now, it's been a goal; soon, we might hear it announced as "accomplished."

Until this time while dealing with the peace process, we've heard the phrase "peace and security." But as Romeo Echo pointed out to me, the emphasis from John Kerry concerning Iran has been the word "safe," that Israel will be "safer" because of the "historic" deal. Though the word "security" implies "safety," the word "safer" is even closer to the exact wording of 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. --1 Thess 5:3

Here are excerpts from the article Romeo Echo forwarded to me:

"But I believe that from this day - for the next six months - Israel is in fact safer than it was yesterday because we now have a mechanism by which we are going to expand the amount of time in which they (the Iranians) can break out (toward making a nuclear bomb). We are going to have insights to their program that we didn't have before," he added.

"I believe that Israel in fact will be safer, providing we make sure that these ... sanctions don't get lifted in a way that reduces the pressure on Iran - and we don't believe they will be, there's very little sanctions relief here - that the basic architecture of the sanctions stays in place."

"The comprehensive agreement will make the world safer ... and Israel safer." --John Kerry, on the deal the U.S. struck with Iran, excerpts from Kerry:  People Have 'Right to be Skeptical'




ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Die-offs of mammals, birds, reptiles in Western U.S. — “So many diseases afflicting such a wide variety of animals” — Names out of sci-fi thriller: hemorrhagic disease, sylvatic plague — Studies now underway to find out why

COMMON CORE: Required reading states "white voters would never vote for a black president"

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Prepare For What’s Coming: “The Largest Financial Collapse This Planet Has Ever Seen”

EPA: Pols, states claim new water reg could bring feds into your backyard

FUKUSHIMA: Oregon Official: Reports coming in of seafood with radioactive contamination, “They’re kind of secretive, they don’t want to give up their sources” — Locals concerned about impact Fukushima disaster is having on area fish

FUKUSHIMA: First try to remove spent fuel from Unit 4 could be next week — Nuclear Engineer: Everyone’s nervous about pulling out used rods that are corroding; Will zircoloy tubes break and spill fuel pellets, leading to a criticality?

HARRY REID'S NUCLEAR FALLOUT: Aftermath of the Harry Reid's historic rule change this past week

IRAN: We still don't know how history will judge Netanyahu, but we can already predict that Obama will be seen as a new Neville Chamberlain

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Dangerous benzene spill in ravaged Philippines, dead and deformed birds and animals washing ashore in Alaska, fuel rod pool in Fukushima that should be clear contains debris and sludge

OBAMACARE: Many Americans learning they will not be allowed to choose the plan of their choice, the gov makes it for them and it is Medicaid

OBAMACARE: Mark Steyn: Obamacare ‘the greatest act of punitive liberalism’ Democrats have imposed on America

PEDOPHILIA: Pedophiles call for same rights as homosexuals; argue their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: The sign of apostasy

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Looks like President Obama has made a deal with Israel's mortal enemies, enemies who have sworn to wipe Israel off the map. Israel has been left "with few options."

As John McTernan reminds us regarding Israel, as we do unto Israel, it shall be done unto us.

For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.  --Obadiah 1:15

Friday, November 22, 2013


This is the "worldwide" cover of The Economist for November 23-28.

Reminds me of the first part of Revelation 13:1:

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea . . .

The Apostle John saw a beast "rise."

The word "Rise" is also occurring today with the release of the Xbox game -- RYSE: SON OF ROME.

President Obama will be meeting with the King of Morocco at the White House today. In the movie The Dark Knight Rises, the prisoners chant deshi basara to Christian Bale; deshi basara meaning "Rise" in Moroccan.

50 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, killed by a shot to the head in Dallas, Texas.

Interesting "same day" event: Winter storm Boreas is bearing down on Dallas, Texas.

Boreas is one of the Anemoi. In Ancient Greece the Anemoi were the four chief winds, each assigned a cardinal direction. Boreas was "chief of the north wind and bringer of the cold air." (Anemoi, Wikipedia) Sometimes they were personified as "winged men," other times as "horses." Combine the two depictions and we see that Boreas was one of the four "horsemen."

End Times Forecaster has a post about why he is watching today.

Geneva Talks:

Fox News reported last night that the talks in Geneva hit a "roadblock." Apparently Arak is off limits in the discussions -- the Iranians will negotiate nothing about Arak. That does put up a roadblock. In the meantime, the Iranians held "massive military drills" codenamed "Towards Jerusalem" across nine provinces as they met with the P5+1 group.

Of course, neither President Obama nor John Kerry said one word in condemnation. However, we all know that had the Israelis held "massive military drills" codenamed "Towards Gaza" while their leaders were meeting with John Kerry in peace talks, Obama would have taken to the Oval Office to issue a statement to openly condemn such a despicable move.

Interesting "same day" event: as the P5+1 are meeting with Iran and the U.S. is looking for any way to LIFT the current economic sanctions impacting Iran, China makes an interesting move that amounts, interestingly enough, to sanctions against the U.S. Apparently, on the 21st (Thursday), the first day the P5+1 met with Iran in Geneva, China made this move:

China just dropped an absolute bombshell, but it was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media in the United States. The central bank of China has decided that it is "no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves". During the third quarter of 2013, China's foreign-exchange reserves were valued at approximately $3.66 trillion. And of course the biggest chunk of that was made up of U.S. dollars.

For years, China has been accumulating dollars and working hard to keep the value of the dollar up and the value of the yuan down. One of the goals has been to make Chinese products less expensive in the international marketplace. But now China has announced that the time has come for it to stop stockpiling U.S. dollars. And if that does indeed turn out to be the case, than many U.S. analysts are suggesting that China could also soon stop buying any more U.S. debt. Needless to say, all of this would be very bad for the United States

China Announces That It Is Going To Stop Stockpiling U.S. Dollars

In the meantime, the White House claims that Israel's proposal that Iran totally dismantle its nuclear program could lead to war. Strange insinuation considering that we've actually seen Saudi Arabia move toward acquiring nuclear weapons if Iran is going to, something they would not be attempting had Iran been forced to back off.

Charles Krauthammer notes that the deal President Obama is offering to Iran is absurdly asymmetric: The West would weaken sanctions in exchange for cosmetic changes that do absolutely nothing to weaken Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.


Interesting "same day" use of the word "nuclear" -- as the P5+1 are meeting in Geneva to discuss Iran's NUCLEAR program, Senate Leader Harry Reid used the NUCLEAR option on Republicans. He changed a 200-year old rule on how filibusters are conducted in the Senate. The vote to do this was mostly along party lines but it is worth noting that three Democrats crossed the aisle to stand with Republicans in opposing the rule change while no Republicans crossed the aisle to agree with the Democrats.

President Obama issued a statement that he agreed with the change because Republicans have been "unprecedented" in their obstruction of his agenda. President Obama forgets three things. (1) the Republicans represent constituents, many of whom DO oppose the President's agenda, and (2) President Obama as Senator took to the floor of the Senate to oppose Republicans when they considered doing the same thing back in 2005, saying it was a "raw power grab." And (3), the only thing "unprecedented" about opposition is that President Obama has a tough time believing anybody would disagree with him, after all he is the only adult in the room and clearly smarter than all of them. There is nothing new about the opposing political party, well, opposing. When Reagan and W Bush were presidents, they had to deal with opposing Democrats. When Clinton was president, he had to deal with opposing Republicans. It is not unusual in our politics.

Senate Dems weaken GOP power with major filibuster rule change

Charles Hurt at Breitbart notes that with Obama agreeing to Reid's nuclear option, he is mocking the Constitution.

In this video, President Obama defends the "majority" view saying, “If you’ve got a majority of folks who believe in something, it should be able to pass."

However, we all know he has an unspoken caveat -- "Except if you like your traditional marriage laws, you can keep them. No matter what the majority of Americans think about traditional marriage, the minority view counts in this case."

Consider carefully, then, this article about how FEMA denied assistance to one of the communities devastated by Super Storm Sandy because the community earlier had refused to allow a same-sex marriage between two lesbians. The entire community was punished by the Obama administration.


Obamacare continues to dominate the news. ZeroHedge has a short post up, Obamacare - The Neutron Bomb That Will Decimate The U.S. Economy. Tyler Durden presents several points as to why Obamacare will drag then sink the U.S. economy. This is exactly what Larry Burkett wrote about in his book, The Coming Economic Collapse. I've written a couple of posts about his position that once the U.S. adopted "universal healthcare," the economy would last about a year after it is enacted.

Obamacare was signed into law March 2010, but in a graduated fashion. Parts of the law considered to be more popular were enacted early to help the populace adjust, but now the not-so-popular parts began October 1. Beginning October 1, insurers began canceling millions of insurance policies in order for Americans to transition into the Obamacare exchanges. Perhaps that's the "real" meaning of the word "exchanges" that this administration likes to use -- the regulations of Obamacare force Americans to "exchange" the insurance policies they wanted to keep for ones from the government they didn't want.

If Burkett is right, give it about one year from the time "universal healthcare" goes into effect, then by this time next year we may not have much of an economy.

Larry Burkett posts

Apparently Obama and his Democrats are no longer using the term "Obamacare," but "Affordable Care Act." Too late. I use the term because he owns this. He wanted (and wants) this "signature law" to define his legacy. And it will. And though some Democrats and supporters of President Obama defensively argue that it is a derogatory term to put his name on it, I disagree. Many laws that have been enacted over the years have been titled by the names of the Congressmen who initiated the legislation. For instance, recent regulations to "reform" Wall Street are popularly known as the "Dodd-Frank Act." Another one would be the Gramm-Rudman Act of 1987. I could go on -- the point is, it's not uncommon. So . . . for many Americans this disaster that has been imposed upon them will always be called Obamacare, even if that isn't the formal name of the law.


News Links:


ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Deadly new circovirus is killing dogs across the country

BILLY GRAHAM: Back home after brief hospital stay

FUKUSHIMA: Magazine: Fukushima released up to 100,000 times more cesium-137 in surface ocean waters than Chernobyl or nuclear weapons testing

ILLINOIS TORNADOES: Terrifying videos

LGBT: FEMA denied assistance to Sandy devastated community because they denied two lesbians a same-sex marriage ceremony

NEWS IN TWO MINS: New island off Japan, U.S. drone strike kills 6, Israel met with Russia over Iran's nuclear program, mystery illness taking lives in Africa

OBAMACARE: 100 million more could lose their insurance

OBAMACARE: California will not enact the "fix" proposed by President Obama; will not extend cancelled insurance policies

OBAMACARE: Insurers cut fees, restrict networks

OBAMACARE: Obamacare and liberal cruelty

SPACE: Massive gamma ray burst, scientists don't understand it

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Very strong Gamma ray burst, Comet ISON obscure for now, eruption of Mt Merapi in Indonesia

Thursday, November 21, 2013

RYSE 1 - The Dark Knight of the Soul

XBox is releasing RYSE: SON OF ROME tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 22.

Though the game is about a “renowed Roman warlord, Marius Titus,” the title of the game will serve as the launching platform into a study of the word “Rise” and its connection to the spirit that may accompany the Antichrist, the “son of Rome.”

We begin our study of “Rise” and the Antichrist with Batman. To understand where I am going to go with this, you will need to watch this 8-minute YouTube by scrawnytobrawny. Full credit is given to this YouTuber for this work. I have embedded it here, but in addition, because YouTube videos occasionally “vanish” or are “disabled,” I have transcribed the video and captured appropriate screenshots as needed to accompany the transcript. This has been placed below the YouTube and will make for easier reference as s2b puts in a good amount of information.


The BATman Rises - Dec 21 by scrawnytobrawny


Thruout all of history cultures have personified celestial bodies as gods. In Ancient Egypt the sun was personified as Horus-Ra.

In Greece each of the planets were assigned to deities and likewise for cultures all over the globe.

The Egyptians personified the Milky Way as a horned cow goddess.

Her name was Bat.

Her name was derived from the word BA, which was the element of the human soul that was temporarily submerged in darkness and suffering, which the ancients often referred to as the “dark night of the soul.”

The BA was submerged in the dark night of the soul because it had fallen from heaven down to Earth thru the celestial Silver Gate.

To re-enter Heaven, the Ba needed to travel back to Heaven thru the celestial Golden Gate.

The goddess of the Milky Way was named Bat because Bat is the feminine form of Ba.

If we add the word MAN to BAT, we neutralize the feminine “T” and form a new, androgynous title for the Ba, BATMAN.

we see that BA and BATMAN are the same word. They represent the ancient Egyptian notion of the “dark night of the soul.”

This is exactly why Batman is also called “the Dark Knight” because he is the “Ba,” the temporary dark night of the soul.

He is the Egyptian god BAT of the Milky Way.

This is also why Batman’s logo is a giant image of the Milky Way.

And that is why we project it onto the night sky.

It is also no coincidence that Batman himself, or Ba-man, is characterized by his un-ending suffering, torment and personal demons.

Bruce Wayne is different from other super-heroes in that he is a tortured soul, which is why he prowls the darkness to fight. This is very appropriate considering he is the personification of the “Ba,” the dark night of the soul that had fallen from Heaven down to Earth thru the celestial Silver Gate.


What is so significant about the winter solstice sunrise of 2012?

Every year the sunrise on the day of the winter solstice marks a reversal of the declining daylight hours.

It is the end of the cycle of darkness for the year,

and it is the beginning of the cycle of light for the year.

This light and dark cycle exists on a smaller, micro-cosmic scale as well in that every day there will be a period where the sun is rising followed by a period when the sun is in decline.

Just as there is a smaller microcosmic cycle of light and dark, there is also a larger macrocosmic cycle of light and dark, and according to the mythos of ancient cultures, humanity is exiting that larger cycle of darkness and entering into the cycle of light.

For obvious reasons a cycle of darkness is synonymous with pain and suffering while a cycle of light is synonymous with prosperity and joy.

The morning sunrise is the beginning of a cycle of light for a single day. The morning sunrise on the winter solstice is the beginning of a cycle of light for an entire year, so it makes sense that when ancient cultures sought to identify the greater macrocosmic cycle of light, they looked for greater cycles relating to the winter solstice sunrise.

This is the dark rift.

It is a cloud of particles, and it obscures our vision of the glowing stars of the Milky Way, and seemingly splits the Milky Way with a river of darkness.

To ancient cultures like the Egyptians, this dark rift in the Milky Way was the portal to the underworld.

Rising out of it symbolizes resurrection, epiphany, self-realization and joy. The sun does this periodically where the morning sunrise coincides with rising out of the dark rift of the Milky Way.

During the years surrounding 2012, it will rise out of the “dark rift” but on the winter solstice.

During this exact time, the sun will also rise inside the celestial Golden Gate, which was said to be the pathway that the “Ba” must travel in order to end the “dark night of the soul.”

So we can see how this sunrise would seem to indicate the start of the larger macrocosmic light cycle.

Winter solstice in the era of 2012 is a convergence where these three cycles simultaneously rise from darkness into light.

When the “Ba,” or “Bat,” ascends back thru the Golden Gate and ends the “dark night of the soul.”

That is why “Ba-man,” or “Bat-man,” aka “the Dark Knight,” rises in 2012.

It is referring to the rising of the sun, the ending of the “dark night of the soul.”

This is why the slogan for the movie is, “A Fire will Rise.”

The sun will rise inside the dark rift of the Milky Way. Batman is the god of the Milky Way. And his logo is an image of the Milky Way.

This is why the 2012 movie poster shows the fire of the sun inside his symbol surrounded by the words “Rise.”

(scene of Christian Bale in the underground prison)

Men are chanting a deshi basara, and Bale asks, “What does that mean?”

A man answers, “Rise.”

Deshi basara is Moroccan for rise. (1)

Bale begins climbing up the sides of the steep pit. The men (remember, they are prisoners) below in the pit are still chanting “Rise.”

As Bale finds a narrow ledge, bats fly out of a crevice in the pit side and fly around him.

He waits for the bats to clear out and then focuses on a nearby ledge, then, mustering an inner strength and determination, he leaps for the protruding ledge and makes it.

The men cheer and Bale climbs out of the pit.

Scene in the YouTube flashes to the 2012 London Olympics in which a group hail the sun with raised arms, just like the men in the pit who chanted for Bale who is symbolic of the “rising sun” entering the dark rift of the Milky Way on December 21, 2012.

to be continued . . .


1. That deshi basara is Moroccan for "Rise" is found at the Ra's Al Ghoul entry at Wikipedia. You can perceive the phrase more clearly in the YouTube embedded above if you focus on the blind man's lips.