Monday, November 26, 2012


On Friday, November 16, four main stories were rotating frequently throughout the day: the early morning testimony of former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus, the rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel, the looming fiscal cliff and more information about the train crash in Midland, Texas, that killed four veterans the day before.

In 1976, David Wilkerson wrote Racing Toward Judgment.

Chapter 2: Judgment on America

The judgments of God come in dreadful succession. They are linked together in a chain, each one connected to the other.

So begins Wilkerson in his opening sentences. He then goes on to make 17 points about judgment, the last of which, point 17, speaks directly to this post.

An inevitable sign of judgment is the loss of national will and an unwillingness to defend against oncoming tides. Security systems are the first to fall, as in the days of King Belshazzar. While the leaders of the land, the business tycoons, the armed forces captains all drank and played, enemy armies were just outside the gate, unnoticed and undetected. No security guards, no spies, no warning system to let them know the enemy was diverting the river that protected them. Babylon’s security system broke down in the final hours of the empire.

And I will make drunk her princes, and her wise men, her captains, and her rulers, and her mighty men: and they shall sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the King, whose name is the Lord of hosts. --Jeremiah 51: 57

Babylon was crushed because it lost its will to defend itself. Corrupted by ease and alcohol, the men became “as women” and sought only the comforts of home and the pleasures of the city. All defenses were broken down. She became weaker than her enemies: “Therefore shall her young men fall in the streets, and all her men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 50:30).

December 8, 2011 -- President Obama showed just how much he had in common with the fallen Belshazzar when he took it upon himself to light the menorah even though it wasn’t Hanukkah and then jested to his guests, “And we never need an excuse for a good party.” His cute comment was followed by laughter from his guests.

Like Belshazzar why not take something that respectfully belongs in a synogogue or a Jewish home and use it to amuse some guests? Belshazzar lost his kingdom the night he pulled such a stunt; Obama did not. But it is not even a year later and we have all witnessed some very unusual events taking place among the upper ranks of our military.

Benghazi. Though this should be Obama’s Watergate, so far he has managed to stay above the fray and keep his hemline out of the muck. On the night of September 11, terrorists attacked our consulate in Libya and killed four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya.

We have seen all kinds of headlines and comments about Benghazi. Obama commented that Benghazi was a “bump in the road.”

One could suppose dead men lying in the road could be called that.

Multiple times over and in multiple venues, Obama blamed a barely-viewed YouTube uploaded sometime back in July by a “shady” character that supposedly insulted the prophet Muhammed. Drumming up a measure of indigation, Obama even stood at the podium at the U.N. and with tight lips declared that the “future does not belong to those who insult the Prophet.” (This begs the question of what he suggests should be done to those who do cast a slur.) He sent out our ambassador to the U.N. to five different Sunday morning talk shows to repeat carefully after him -- “It was a spontaneous reaction to a video.” Then, without warning, Obama claimed that he called the attack on the consulate a terror attack as quickly as the next day before going back to blaming a video again.

One can only look away and say, "What a circus."

The real problem with Benghazi is Petraeus. It looks like he fulfills what David Wilkerson was talking about. Wilkerson was telling us that in the final hours of an empire military leaders are unaware. They are taken with other matters, such as banqueting and the comforts of home. They are taken with pleasures of the flesh and sensual diversions. They are interested in parties and social activities.

And that is what brought down Petraeus. Rather than being focused on the enemy that was outside the gate, his attention was turned to that pretty young thing writing down the particulars of his rather important career. At some point pen and paper were laid aside and the book was no longer the more interesting topic in the room.

We know now that the affair had been uncovered some months past and was well known among top officials in the Obama administration. Every effort is being made to be as vague as possible as to when Obama himself knew of it. But what exposed the whole matter was a socialite, a woman who claimed she was receiving threatening emails warning her to stay away from Petraeus. The socialite is well known in Florida for hosting large parties to entertain the top brass in the military, and was a kind of hostess to a nearby military base. (Isn’t it interesting that the “Hostess” company has fallen at the same time?) When the email trail led to Petraeus’ biographer and then to Petraeus himself, collateral damage began to appear as it was discovered that a General Allen had sent an enormous number of emails (some accounts say 30,000) to the socialite, emails that were described as similar to phone sex.

With the affair now exposed, Petraeus resigned as director of the CIA. Allen, who had been on track to become the Supreme Commander of NATO, had to have his nomination put on hold.

But in the last few weeks, these aren’t the only men who have fallen. Within days after the attack in Benghazi, head of AFRICOM Commander Gen. Carter Ham was said to be “apprehended” and then “relieved” of his duties and replaced (though other accounts say he retired).

Swiftly following was Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, commander of the USS Stennis aircraft carrier strike group – MidEast, who was also relieved of his command citing, “inappropriate leadership judgment.”

Toward the end of September, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair was sent home from Afghanistan on charges that included forcible sodomy, possessing pornography and alcohol while deployed, engaging in inappropriate relationships, and misusing a government charge card.

Something is going on with the upper ranks of the military. William Koenig noted at his site that Petraeus’ fall could be of a divine result for some comments he made about Israel as well as his embracing of the repeal of DADT. Here is a partial screenshot.

It very well could be.

But the reason I noted David Wilkerson’s point #17 in the beginning of this post is because the title of the point is DOWN WITH THE CIA. Wilkerson was noting in his 17 points about judgments that come upon a land taken with her sins and who has forsaken God, the last point is that in her final moments, those in charge of her security, her top intelligence and military leaders, become taken with sensual matters and parties and cause the guard of the country to come down. Wilkerson saw the fall of the CIA.

. . . in the final moments of the empire

. . . leaders don't perceive the enemy.

I am not sure we can see any stronger representation of that very point than the fall of Petraeus. We have to remember that Petraeus wasn’t just director of the CIA, he was also Army. He was not originally an “intelligence” guy -- he was a field guy, a ground guy. In this regard, it seems he fulfills what Wilkerson was writing about -- the fall of our intelligence community as well as the fall of our military officers. And it is so sad that one of the most important men in our country was taken down not by an armed enemy or clever spy but a party hostess of lavish banquets.

As an additional confirmation it seems that several individuals, including Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), have noted that President Obama, also Commander-in-Chief, seems unable to call terrorism terrorism.  Some of our members of Congress are concerned that Obama does not, or will not, recognize the enemy at the gate.

Thomas L. Friedman, writing an op-ed piece for the New York Times, notes that this scandal involving two of our top military and intelligence officers "could not be coming at a worse time."(1)

Writer Mark Steyn (a personal favorite of mine, btw) has even noted, without mentioning David Wilkerson, the distracting role of a party hostess in top military affairs. When the secular comments on the prophetic unaware, then perhaps we should take note and ask . . .

is Wilkerson right? Are we seeing the final moments of our empire?

- - - - - - - - -

(1) Obama's Nightmare, Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


World Net Daily has been posting a series of articles from a doctor Andrew Hodges who is a forensic profiler who analyzes speeches, interviews and notes from suspects in a number of high-profile criminal cases, including O.J. Simpson, Natalee Holloway, Jon Benet Ramsey and Bill Clinton speaking of Monica Lewinsky.

Dr. Hodges has analyzed several of President Obama's speeches, including his September 25, 2012, U.N. speech and a speech that Obama gave at the Apollo Theater. I've included links to those below.

Dr. Hodges looked at Obama's 'Revenge' speech of November 2, given at a political rally in Ohio. Very disturbing and disquieting.





Monday, October 22, 2012


Several days ago, on the 18th, we had a tremendous multi-car pileup on I-35 north of Oklahoma City in Kay County.


Oklahoma has been in exceptional drought for months.

Strong winds swept over a field that is in the extreme drought zone blowing the topsoil over the interstate. The resulting multi-car collision was in our news for at least two days as reporters talked about our drought conditions and took a look back at what the Dust Bowl days were like in the 1930s.

David Wilkerson in his 1976 book Racing Toward Judgment (pg 70):

A second judgment zone will be stricken with drought. Long, tragic drought. Rivers and streams will dry up. Water tables will no longer support irrigation systems. Crops will wither and die in the fields. Winds will carry away topsoil, and this nation will suffer its worst dust bowl in all its history. None has been like it before, and none will ever be like it again. The drought will spread and cover thousands of square miles. Smaller dry zones in various parts of the nation will also develop. Thousands of acres are already in dust-bowl conditions. (emphasis mine)

If David Wilkerson is correct, our drought conditions will not get better anytime soon, and, in fact, will worsen and apparently to the extent that the terrible Dust Bowl days of the 1930s will not compare.

I don't know if we can really comprehend that.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Part 1 to this post here.

Who could have seen that on 9/11, the very day that the US is remembering the terrorist attacks of 11 years ago, that our President would bring to an abrupt halt the relationship between the US and Israel?

It was stunning to see top stories like this all afternoon:

From Haretz: White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama -- The White House's response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama, underscored by the fact that this is the first time Netanyahu will visit the U.S. as prime minister without meeting Obama

From The Times of Israel: “Obama doesn’t have time to meet me later this month, PM says in closed-door meeting

From Fox News: Early frost? White House gives chilly response to proposed Obama-Netanyahu meeting -- Though the White House is citing scheduling conflicts, the chilly reception is sure to be seen as a snub among Israel’s biggest defenders – and it comes amid a state of heightened alert over Iran’s nuclear program and the possibility of Israeli action.

From Breitbart: President Barack Obama has declined a request to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later this month.

The White House denied any snub.

On 9/12, The Times of Israel was blunt: Jerusalem official accuses White House of lying about requested Netanyahu-Obama meeting -- Despite US denials, senior official insists the prime minister asked to see Obama on sidelines of UN General Assembly

Need I go on?

On 9/11, a definite problem between Obama and Netanyahu came front and center.

Daniel at Prayers for the People* posted on the morning of 9/11 -- A REDLINE ONCE SPARED A HARLOT. He began his post with this observation:

Much has been written about the continued strain in tensions between the US and Israel over the Iranian nuclear program and the means by which it must be dealt with, but it is the latest ricochet of top level statements between the US and Israel that has rung yet another ominous and prophetic tone.

How apparent that strain became on 9/11!

Redlines are important. Ask any mechanic. The redline indicates a danger zone and if the needle of a gauge moves past the redline, it indicates that action needs to be taken. And usually sooner rather than later.

That is what Benjamin Netanyahu is asking the US to make clear. Where is the redline where the needle can’t move past as far as Iran is concerned? What is too far? What is too much? When is it too late?

Tough questions. Apparently too tough for Obama. His answer? Can’t speak with Netanyahu -- might be campaigning. Or meeting with Morsi. Or on Letterman. Or fundraising with Beyonce. Or golfing. Or Vegas. Who knows? Anywhere but available.

Daniel noted that in the book of Joshua a harlot was spared becaused she placed a “red line” in her window. The US won’t even do that much.

The US is in a very tough place right now in our relationship with Israel. Obama might also be in a tough place with voters who support Israel. President Obama is sending very mixed signals not just to the Israelis, but to us common folk voters on Main Street, to the Iranians, to our allies, to our enemies. Does he or does he not have Israel’s back? It is NOT enough to say so when the President won’t even attend his own intel briefings. You would think after what happened on 9/11/2001, that this President would attend briefings at least in the days leading up to the anniversary of that event. By not attending, he makes a mockery of attending the memorial events, signaling that he is all show and no substance.

One can only wonder why Obama doesn’t attend these opportunities to be engaged with our nation’s top officers who deal with the more unseemly aspects of foreign countries. Might one clue be found in Obama’s own assessment he gave of himself to Patrick Gaspard in 2008? "I think that I'm a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I'll tell you right now that I'm gonna think I'm a better political director than my political director."

Perhaps Obama believes he’s smarter at intel than his intel guys?

What signal does this send to the Israelis? Or worse -- the Iranians? If our President doesn’t even bother with intelligence meetings that affect the security of the US -- aides insisting that reading a summary is good enough -- then what about intelligence that affects Israel? How can the Israelis believe that the President is speaking in good faith when he doesn’t even talk to his own officers? Does Obama truly have so much pride that he can “know” without being informed?


And shameful.

As Bill Whittle says, “That just looks bad!”

I am not the only one -- Bill Koenig and John McTernan and numerous other supporters of Israel often quote Genesis 12:3 -- that if we bless Israel we will be blessed, but if we curse Israel we will be cursed.

ON THE VERY DAY, 9/11, news sites attempted to cover three competing events: remembering 9/11, covering the newest open tension between Obama and Netanyahu over redlines and refusal for a meeting, and red alerts about the storming of our embassy in Cairo, and of our consulate in Benghazi. We soon had video, played over and over, of Muslims in Cairo, pulling down the American flag and ripping it to shreds. News followed quickly that our ambassador to Libya, had been murdered, and his body was displayed in the streets.

Embassies are to be safe zones -- their front doors are “redlines” that should not be crossed. Muslims gave little regard to that notion and charged ahead. The US apologized for hurting their “religious feelings.” Even three days later, on 9/14, the White House insists that the Muslims are not angry at the US but at a film maker who insulted the prophet Muhammed.


By 9/14, we are learning there was a credible threat to the embassy in Libya, 48 hours before hand, and our government did nothing! We are even hearing that our Marines were not permitted live ammo.

Did we learn nothing from the death of Brian Terry, our border agent, armed only with beanbags, who was killed in Fast and Furious? Explain to me again why our Social Security Administration can have hollow points for “routine” purposes but not our Marines guarding our embassies?

Can we not see the message this sends to the Israelis? We received a credible threat and did nothing to stop it, and now, people are dead. How can the Israelis take us seriously that Obama will stop the credible threats they are receiving? How can the Iranians?  Closer to home, how can we?

And can we not see the curse that we received swiftly? We denied the Israelis “redlines,” and on the same day, competing for headlines, is that Muslims ignored the redlines of our secure zones -- and they did so with impunity.

It was from Cairo, June 4, 2009, that Obama reached out to the Muslim world and sent a strong message to Israel -- he was the new player on the world stage, and he was going to right some wrongs. It was from Cairo, that President Obama cursed Israel. It is from Cairo, that we are seeing exactly what the Muslim world thinks of his now crashing foreign policy house of cards.

But in typical Obama pride of placing the blame elsewhere, he blames a nobody film maker.

Barack Obama's Conservative cousin Milton Wolf made a most succinct observation about his progressive cousin's doubious placement of blame via twitter today:  So @BarackObama's entire #MiddleEast policy collapsed under the weight of a single YouTube video?


In February 2009, Daniel wrote a post titled COLLAPSE, DESTRUCTION, OUR BACK AGAINST ISRAEL. In that post he believed that the Holy Spirit had caused him to understand that the ties between the US and Israel would become strained to the breaking point and that Israel would act “without the consent” of the Obama administration.

The beginning is now, the focus is soon upon us, and all will see and know that it is tremendous and terrible.

The shock will be felt as the media tries in vain to capture the grasp of the magnitude; the media that is so used to its own spin, its own stories, and its own topics will be thrown for a loop. The media will be as a stumbling drunk, bumbling over words. Earpieces will be hot with news updates, but their tongues having been split by the years of repeated deceit cause truth to be hard spoken, stammering, panicky, and unguided. She (the media) will be seen in all her glory; this will tip the rage among the nation.

The nation will see true figures of unemployment, lines that have yet to see true numbers, and cities turning people away for lack of staff to accommodate such mass turnouts. Those seeking employment will stand in rain and cold, day and night, days at a time. The anger of the people will begin to swell in the lines, the lines that seem to never move. The riots stem from the lines; the marches of angry unemployed storm the streets and demand help. The Obama administration will be criticized by those who expected a change.

Israel and the Obama administration will begin to strain ties, the ties will come to a breaking point. The pride of the Obama administration will be the cause of the split and the trigger for America's fall. She (Israel) will act without the consent of the Obama administration, thus causing the prideful administration to cut her off. She (America) will have lost her saving grace; she will be now as another nation who curses the apple of God's eye. This will be the beginning of her tragic collapse.

The economy will soon collapse under the failed bailouts and trillions that were thrown to the swine. The economy is her (America) god, her idol of greed, her pathetic replacement to the One and only I AM! Without Israel, (the blessing) she is left to her false gods and idols to support her already decrepit state. These gods are as the air, capable of holding nothing. She has lost her support; the blessing is gone.

Natural disasters unlike any seen to date will begin upon her shores causing immense destruction in its wake. She (America) will shake, she will burn, and she will drown. All will know the name of God, but few will run to His Pavilion. The heart of her will be torn; she will lose the lifeblood of her body, left only with her members barely intact. She will be as a ship with no sail, no rudder, and no captain. Alone she will be, accompanied only by the idols she so passionately held.

Here is the link to COLLAPSE, DESTRUCTION, OUR BACK AGAINST ISRAEL if you wish to read the entire post.

In August of that same year, 2009, Daniel wrote a post titled THE VISION: THE TRIGGER. In that post he related a vision he had had of a person standing on the edge of a cliff. In front of him lay “a huge abyss. . . so large and deep that the opposite side and bottom could not be seen.” There was a huge mountain of mud, rotting flesh and garbage behind this man, and the size of this mountain could not be comprehended. Daniel understood this mountain to be the “physical representation of every wage connected to a sin (debt) not washed away at the feet of Jesus Christ by a repentant heart.”

Daniel wondered why the Person wasn’t falling over the edge into the abyss but then saw the word ISRAEL. He remembered Genesis 12:3, which states that those who bless Israel will be blessed but those who curse Israel will be cursed. Then Daniel saw Israel “move slightly away,” and when that happened, the Person was pushed forward and began teetering on the edge.

Flailing both arms around violently, the Person tried to regain balance. This seemed to last for a moment until the Person surprisingly regained a more stable posture.

Then it hit. Just when the Person regained a sense of stability the word Israel vanished.

As soon as Israel vanished the Person didn't even have time to react, the wages of all the sin stored up against the nation pushed the Person over the edge. This mountain never stopped pouring over the edge it just kept coming. I knew the Person was completely covered under this avalanche of unpaid wages of sin.

The blessing had been removed. With the blessing removed, all the wages of sin stored against this nation of the United States of America came to a head. The result was catastrophic.

Please take what is read here before Yahweh and see what His Holy Spirit directs. Many have been blinded (by the church) to the significance of physical Israel and more specifically Jerusalem. Jerusalem affects everything we should be concerned with in the natural as believers in Jesus Christ. This blindness has caused many to miss one of the greatest signs of judgment rapidly escalating before the eyes of mankind.





Here is the link to THE VISION: THE TRIGGER if you wish to read the entire post.

In 2009, when these two posts were written, who knew then just how prideful this President would truly become? Who knew that a “FINAL THREAD,” a “redline,” a scarlet cord could be the only thing between us and judgment?

I noted in Part One of this post that on 9/11, there were three stories competing for the headlines:  the 9/11 memorials, the increasing tension between Obama and Netanyahu, and Cairo and Benghazi. I also noted in part one of this post that on that VERY day, Bob Woodward spoke with George Stephanoupoulos and gave a very pointed statement about his book about the Obama presidency -- that it was a warning. On 9/11, one other thing happened that flew under the radar but was there to see. At Drudge, on the same page with all this breaking news and excerpts from Woodward’s book about the approaching death spiral for our economy if things don’t change, was a picture of Monica Lewinsky.

There was a question under Lewinsky’s tiny photo -- was she writing a tell-all book?

In my post THE SIGN OF MONICA I noted that as Hilary Clinton was leaving Cairo, in July, her car was pelted with shoes and tomatoes and taunts of “Monica! Monica!”, and what I found so interesting about this particular incident with Hilary is that Monica is “a sign, a sign of ruin. Monica is about secret sexual indiscretion and marital infidelity and lying and perjury and scandal and impeachment and disbarment. . . “

On the same day that Monica is in the news along with Cairo, and Bob Woodward is that Woodward is ALSO associated with ruin and impeachment. It was Bob Woodward and fellow journalist Carl Bernstein who “followed the money” in the Watergate scandal and are responsible for the reporting that brought to the forefront in this nation the depth of the Nixon administration’s involvement in the Watergate break-in and subsequent coverup.

In a “can’t possibly make this up moment,” Monica is also associated with Watergate -- she secluded herself away from public scrutiny in the days following exposure of the scandal in the VERY Watergate complex in which the break-in took place that sunk the Nixon administration.

What are the odds that on the VERY SAME day that the US is refusing to place redlines before Iran, that redlines at our own safe zones in the Middle East are overrun?

What are the odds that one of those zones would be in Cairo, the world stage from where Obama first insulted the Israelis and Hilary was insulted with “Monica! Monica!”?

What are the odds that on the very same day that the American flag is torn down and ripped to shreds in Cairo, that TWO witnesses to ruin and impeachment would be in the news -- one, a man involved in the collapse and impeachment of a president, pointedly stating that HIS BOOK is a warning of economic collapse if this President doesn’t find his way, and the other, a woman involved in the humiliation and impeachment of a president who lost his way, warning that HER BOOK will tell secrets. One, well known as a journalist; the other, well known as the archaic and politically incorrect term of harlot.

Has the US and Israel come to the point that Daniel spoke of? -- that the ties have become strained to the breaking point? Will Israel strike Iran -- will that be the “act” that is done without the consent of the Obama administration? Will this prideful administration cut off Israel? Will natural disasters unlike any seen to date shake us, burn us, drown us? Will the economy collapse? Will secrets be told? Will reporters who have long spoken deceit be stumbling over words as their “earpieces are hot with updates”? Will this presidency collapse like Nixon's?  Will this president face humiliation like Clinton?

A few days after the sandy right arm of Obama was washed away in a rainstorm in Charlotte -- a right arm indicating strength, and amidst the turbulent Middle East news of 9/11, 9/12, and 9/13, among troubling book excerpts and scandalous hints, among the sobering remembrances of those who were ruthlessly killed on 9/11, a good-bye took place that had not these other things been going on, he would have taken the headlines and the scrollers across the bottom of news screens.

The nation said farewell to another "strong arm,"  -- Neil Armstrong. As acknowledgment of Armstrong’s firm place in history, his famous words once said from the surface of the moon were spoken yet once more, “The Eagle has landed.” Shouldn’t we remember once more what Michael Boldea spoke in October of 2004, just a few days before Barack Obama won his race to become Illinois’ senator to the US Senate, about the fate of an eagle that had just landed?

It has been shown time and time again, documented here at this blog along with many others, that whenever the US comes against the land of Israel, we have a consequence back here in the US. In the past those consequences have come in the form of floods, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornado outbreaks, economic turmoil, and scandals, among other things, happening either on the same day or within 48 hours. This time, on the day in which buildings were ordered to be razed to the ground in the "illegal" outpost of Migron, we saw our embassies in the Middle East stormed and burned with our diplomats fleeing for their lives -- on the same day. And the furor has not abated but grown, spreading like a contagion. As of this evening, according to FOX News, protests against the US have spread to 21 countries.

We truly are at the edge of a cliff, the edge of a precipice -- at a place called Migron. It only remains to be seen if we will be able to keep our footing or, with flailing arms, fall to utter ruin.

*Note to new readers -- Daniel at Prayers for the People is my son.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Whenever I see stories, or video clips, like the one I've embedded below, about The Titanic, I am reminded of a cartoon that David Wilkerson once commented on in a sermon and referenced on the back of his book America's Last Call, a book which I have on my bookshelf:

A cartoon appeared in a New York City newspaper picturing the Titanic leaving port. The ship was renamed The U.S. Economy. The caption above it read: "Not even God can sink this ship!"

In September 2008, our economy struck an iceberg. Hard.

Thousands have lost their homes. From time to time news stories have appeared about homeowners committing murder-suicide over losing their homes or the threat of foreclosure. Some homeowners have admitted to living in their cars when they have been unable to get help from their relatives.

It is estimated that most Americans have lost approximately 40% of their worth since that Fall.

Overall unemployment has hovered in the 8% to 9% range with subsets of individuals experiencing much higher unemployment, meaning -- unemployment for the black community is substantially higher, especially among black teens than overall unemployment . . . upwards of 39%! Hispanics are not faring much better.

Many women are unemployed, the latest figure being over 800,000. Many of these are women who are single parents, so there are youngsters involved, and daycare needs.

In 2008, 10% of the unemployed had been unemployed for 52 weeks or longer -- now, it is 30%.

Some people have given up looking for jobs altogether, and these people are no longer listed on the rolls of the unemployed, so the jobless rate is much higher than government reports are actually showing.

Many people are underemployed, meaning they cannot find a job that is at the pay level that could be expected for their degree or experience, or are being offered fewer hours than they would like.

Our economy is hurting, and we are limping toward port. We have not sunk, and many economists insist that we are not going to -- that the dollar will never die.

And that may be the case.

But the Titanic never made it home, and many souls perished.

Two men that I have listened to concerning the economy are David Wilkerson and Larry Burkett.

I have referenced Larry Burkett’s book, The Coming Economic Earthquake (1991) before, in December 2010.  At that time though I knew of his book I had not read it myself, but since then I have obtained a copy and finished it about six months ago. It is prescient in every conceivable way -- monetizing the debt, out-of-control spending, forcing the rich to pay “their fair share,” politicians afraid to tackle entitlement programs, but especially telling is Burkett’s warning that once a “national health care” law was passed, the economy would be doomed. He estimated that the deficits created by such a law would immediately exceed the government’s revenues by trillions within a short time, within the first year or two of enactment, and that would be a millstone about America’s neck. He explains why he thought so.  Curious as we have just hit $16 trillion in debt on the first day of the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, an amount that exploded exponentially under President Obama.


Both men, Wilkerson and Burkett, have passed on, so we are left bereft of their wisdom and insight in our current condition, but their books are still worth obtaining and reading. Written years ago, they are today’s headlines.

Neither man claimed to be a prophet, and each stated so. These men would only say they were watchmen, who were watching the signs of the times from their places on the wall.

The Ark Haven website has provided some quotes from Wilkerson and Burkett about the conomy, as well as from other sources.

Those who follow endtimes prophecies know that the time for the man of sin, the Antichrist, to be revealed is drawing near. The Bible indicates that there will be a time of great upheaval the world over, and the world will clamor for a man to come forth to lead the way out of the crisis. It is unclear as to what will cause the crisis, and many scholars believe the crisis will be economic in nature. What is clear is the Antichrist and his False Prophet will institute a system in which no one can buy or sell without their permission (Rev. 13:17), meaning they will have a mark, which must be placed on the forehead or right hand (Rev. 13:16), and only those who have the mark can buy or sell.

Arguments have been made that this mark will be some sort of barcode branded onto the skin of the forehead or right hand, or it could be an RFID chip embedded in those areas. I personally believe whatever the mark is it will be very visible so that those who accept the system of the Antichrist will be proud to show they are part of the system.  It will be very hard for those who are trying to “fly under the radar” to be inconspicuous. One thing is clear -- those who don’t accept the Beast, die (Daniel 7:21).

Revelation tells us that there is an abyss in which centaur-like “locusts” are held. Revelation also tells us these creatures will be released for a time during the Tribulation. Rev. 9:11 tells us that the leader of these creatures is Apollyon, a name for the “god of light,” a epithet of the Greek god Apollo and his counterpart (or quite possibly Apollo in another form) of Helios, a sun god of ancient Greece who predates Apollo. Homer called Helios simply Titan -- thus, Titanic means “pertaining to Titan,” or “pertaining to Apollo.”

The New York newspaper that published the cartoon was bold indeed to boast that not even God could sink this economy. Considering that God has already sunk Apollo, I would say that He can sink this economy. Perhaps that we have not sunk yet is a testimony to His graciousness -- allowing as many as possible to learn of the lifeboats -- His grace (John 3:16).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Short timeline here:

Drought map from January 20, 2009.

Drought map from April 6, 2010.

Drought map from June 26, 2012.

Drought map from July 10, 2012.

Drought map from August 7, 2012.


January 20, 2009 -- President Obama took office.

April 6, 2010 -- President Obama said the following, mocking those who questioned his healthcare legislation that he signed into law on March 23, 2010:

For as long as there has been a White House, a healthy tension has existed between the president, who seeks to convince the citizenry with calibrated messages and images, and the middlemen of the Fourth Estate, who traditionally convey, interpret, rebut, deride, and otherwise filter those messages and images. Every so often, the president takes his revenge, as Obama did on Friday, mocking skeptical reporters who have been questioning the positive impact of health-care reform. "Can you imagine if some of these reporters were working on a farm and you planted some seeds and they came out next day and they looked—Nothing’s happened! There’s no crop! We’re gonna starve! Oh, no! It’s a disaster!" Obama told a town meeting in Maine. “It’s been a week, folks. So before we find out if people like health-care reform, we should wait to see what happens when we actually put it into place. Just a thought.” --excerpt of President Obama's remarks at a press conference and noted in this post -- NOW OBAMA MOCKS . . . FAMINE! (emphasis mine, and what is emphasized is what I originally emphasized)

June 28, 2012 -- Supreme Court upholds President Obama's healthcare law that is now generally called Obamacare. Within 48 hours of the Court's decision, a "super derecho" begins in Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' home state (Roberts was the deciding vote on Obamacare) and an intense heat wave with temps hotter than Death Valley recorded in Kansas, the state of which Kathleen Sebelius was the former governor (Sebelius will be responsible for implementing Obamacare).

July 11, 2012 -- President Obama declares the largest natural disaster declaration ever, with the total land area involved larger than the land area involved with Hurricane Katrina of 2005, admittedly one of our greatest natural and historic disasters.

August 13, 2012, President Obama stands in front of a drought-stricken corn field in Ohio, and pledges support to farmers hurting from "historic drought" and widespread crop failure. (Screenshot from Drudge Report.)

Deuteronomy 28, known as the "Blessings and Cursings" chapter because Moses taught the Israelites what the blessings would be if they followed Jehovah and what the curses would be if they turned away to other gods. Many scholars and researchers agree that these blessings and cursings are not limited to Israel but have shown up as patterns in other nations.

Many believe that America was founded on Christian principles while other researchers say not so fast -- there are a lot of symbols from Freemasony encoded in many of the cities of the original colonies and especially in Washington, D.C.. That argument is not for this post. The point of this post is that this country, America, whether you believe it is Christian or not, is suffering through what President Obama called an "historic drought" and widespread crop failures, which is one of the curses that Moses pronounced.

And thou shalt not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day, to the right hand, or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them. But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee: Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field. Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store. Cursed shall be . . . the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. . . . And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron. The Lord shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed. --Deuteronomy 28: 14-18, 23, 24 (emphasis mine)

Like I said, there are more curses -- we may be in store for more. Deuteronomy 28.

In Genesis 40 and 41, we read the account of Joseph, the son of Israel (Jacob), who was sold into slavery by his brothers and was now living in Egypt. Because a woman had falsely accused Joseph of trying to rape her, he was sentenced to prison. While in prison he met two men imprisoned because the Pharoah was displeased with them, one a baker and the other a chief butler. Each man had a dream that Joseph was able to interpret and the interpretations came to pass -- the baker was beheaded and the chief butler restored to his position.

About two years later the Pharoah had not one but two dreams that greatly disturbed him and he sought an interpretation, at which time the chief butler remembered how Joseph had interpreted the dreams he had had while in prison as well as the baker's, so he told Pharaoh. Joseph was hastily brought before the Pharoah and was told the two dreams.

Pharoah had dreamed of 7 fat cows that were eaten up by 7 emaciated cows. Then he dreamed of corn.

. . . behold, seven ears of corn came up upon one stalk, rank and good. And, behold, seven thin ears and blasted with the east wind sprung up after them. And the seven thin ears devoured the seven rank and full ears. . . --Genesis 41: 5-7 (emphasis mine)

Joseph told the Pharoah that the two dreams were actually one and the same -- famine was coming. And then Joseph added this:

And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass. --Genesis 41:32 (emphasis mine).

A "doubling" of an event can be a sign that something has been established by God. The "doubling" that is noted here came from the Pharoah, the ruler of Egypt.  It is perhaps important to note here that God "spoke" to Pharoah via his dream although Pharoah was not godly and apparently was not even seeking Him on the matter, and that this prophetic word did not come from a prophet.

President Obama mocked those who opposed his Obamacare in context of famine. Now, on August 13, 2012, he is shown standing in front of a field of withered corn, barely 6 weeks after the Supreme Court upheld his legislation, and pledging support in the face of "historic drought" and massive crop failures. The picture is not photoshopped -- it was his choice to be pictured in this way!  And it is incredible to me that of all the crops that are failing in this country, like wheat and soybeans as well, he chose to be photographed in front of WITHERED CORN!  What an allusion and reminder of Pharoah in the above noted Genesis account.  What a sign of his own words!

The reason it may be important, this photo of Obama standing in front of withered corn and speaking of historic drought and crop failure is that Obama didn't just mock famine with his healthcare legislation, but he also mocked  "asteroids falling" and the "ground opening up," and not once, mind you, but twice!

Is this President Obama's "Pharaoh" moment? I hope not with everything I have within me, but it has to be noted that "crop failure" and "asteroids falling" and "the ground opening up" were not events "prophesied" against him for his healthcare legislation --instead these events were the very words that came out of his mouth, mocking those who questioned his healthcare -- his own words.

Perhaps he shouldn't have mocked . . . and perhaps we should truly take heed and pray for I believe a serious sign has been given us -- President Obama in front of withered corn, the very thing he mocked.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The meeting between President Bill Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House was an effort to restart peace talks that had been stalled for a year. Clinton’s hope? That Netanyahu would retreat, even a little, from the West Bank.

The date - January 20, 1998. The next day the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Faced with reporters, Clinton adamantly denied that anything had happened between him and the White House intern -- “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Two days later, on January 22, Clinton welcomed PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat to the White House, and through a public press conference, both men exerted pressure on Netanyahu for concessions. That same day, Clinton again had to fend off questions from media about Lewinsky. By the next day, he was attempting to reassure his Cabinet that nothing inappropriate had happened.

It was too little, too late. Several key people close to Clinton, including his personal secretary, were being subpoened to appear before a grand jury. And Lewinsky was already in negotiations for a possible immunity agreement. Unlike Nixon, evidence damning to Bill Clinton wasn’t caught on tape but on a blue dress. The gig was up -- everybody knew then he had been lying.

The ensuing fallout and ugly consequences stained the rest of Bill Clinton’s presidency. He was impeached by the House for perjury and obstruction of justice, but the Senate fell short of votes to have him removed from office. Furthermore, Clinton, who had had a law license, was disbarred from arguing any cases before the Supreme Court, even though it was unlikely he would ever have found himself doing so.

Fast forward to a city in Egypt founded by Alexander the Great, c331 B.C.

The whole sordid affair was thrown in Bill Clinton’s wife’s face yesterday, along with tomatoes and dirty shoes. Egyptians took to the streets of Alexandria to taunt Hilary Clinton with chants of “Monica, Monica.”

Our Secretary of State was in Egypt to attempt to put a good face on a bad situation -- Islamists that hate Israel, passionately, have come to power. The new ruling powers’ intentions, like those dirty shoes, don’t smell so good. Obama sending Hilary over there was an attempt to look, what? gracious? professional? in control? supportive? (Good grief -- the Egyptian president reportedly wouldn't even shake her hand!)

More importantly, what does the visit look like to our important ally Israel?

Leaving Alexandria Clinton went to Jerusalem with exactly the same intentions for Mr. Netanyahu that her husband had fourteen years earlier -- to restart a stalled peace process.

“ . . . officials in Jerusalem said Clinton is pressuring the Israeli government to offer a new package of incentives to entice Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to return to the negotiating table . . . “ --Clinton warns Iran during Israel visit

Once again, the US, this time via the Obama administration, is putting the onus back on Mr. Netanyahu to come up with reasons to get the Palestinians back to the negotiating table. Never, ever, ever, ever are the Palestinians ever held responsible for their recalcitrance. And with Obama, they never will be.

I’ve noted on this blog many times that the very day or within 48 hours of the US pressuring Israel concerning the peace process or, more recently, when this administration has engaged in talks with Iran, something has happened. Sometimes it’s weather related, or stock market related, or sometimes it is more personal.

For instance, in the personal category, whenever the Obama administration has engaged in talks with Iran over their nuclear program, Obama’s birth certificate has been in the news.

That’s why I find this particular incident with Hilary so interesting -- the chanting taunt of “Monica, Monica”  -- because Monica is a sign, a sign of ruin.  Monica is about secret sexual indiscretion and marital infidelity  and lying and perjury and scandal and impeachment and disbarment, and this incident was reported on the eve of a press conference to be given today by Sheriff Joe Arpaio about Obama's birth certificate, and he is promising that the information will be "shocking".

That remains to be seen, how "shocking" the information actually is, but one thing is for sure -- shocking information could prove to be scandalous.

The Lewinsky scandal broke to reporters the day after Bill Clinton tried to restart a stalled peace process. Strange, huh? That we have something very similar the next day here as well after another Clinton tries to restart a stalled peace process.

“They” say history repeats itself. Yesterday’s redoux -- a Clinton, Mr. Netanyahu, a stalled peace process, Monica (i.e. scandal, ruin) brought up again -- does seem to be an odd entry in that category.

By the way, Hilary said she wasn’t offended by the Egyptian protestors.


And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. --Genesis 12:3