Wednesday, June 8, 2011


June 4, 2001, tropical storm Allison formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Though never reaching the level of hurricane status, Allison became known to meteorologists as the worst tropical storm in history because of the historic level of urban flooding that hit Houston, Texas. (1)

Allison was one for the record books. First of all, she lasted at least 15 days as a tropical or subtropical system. In addition, she dropped 40 inches of rain onto Texas alone. (2)

Allison eventually turned southward and re-entered the Gulf of Mexico and then headed eastward. She delivered a blow to Louisiana causing tremendous flooding before coming aground in Florida. Allison then turned northward, heading up the east coast, causing flooding and weather related problems all the way to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, like Texas and Louisiana, suffered tremendous flooding problems as well. (1, 2)

The economic damage was high. In Texas, 30,000 were homeless, 70,000 homes flooded, 2,000+ homes destroyed. Allison caused over $5 billion in damage and 41 deaths. President George W. Bush declared 75 counties in Allison’s path disaster areas. (2)

Allison is the only tropical storm to have her name retired, a procedure usually done only for particularly devastating hurricanes. (2)

During the latter Clinton presidency, then President Bill Clinton assigned George Mitchell to head up the peace process in the mideast between Yasser Arafat of the Palestinians and the Israelis. In October 2000, Mitchell created a report in which he outlined ways that the Palestinians and the Israelis could advance the peace process.

At that time George Tenet was director of the CIA under Bill Clinton. When George W. Bush became president in 2000, Tenet continued as director.

In April 2001, Tenet took the recommendations in the Mitchell Report and began to implement them. Tenet proposed a ceasefire and security plan which was to take effect on June 13, 2001. (3) On June 4, Tenet met with Yasser Arafat. (4)

That same day, Allison developed in the Gulf of Mexico. As noted above, Allison slammed Texas, which happened to be the home state of George W. Bush.

Channeling Coronado in his quest for Cibola, Obama is on his own quest -- to make the Israelis bend and break her land into chunks for the Palestinians. In his breast beats a heart empathetic to all things Palestinian, and Obama longs to accomplish what no other president before him has accomplished -- a peace treaty, and one fashioned according to his own will.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornado outbreaks, raging wildfires, terrorist threats and attacks, solar flares and “random” shootings and incidences of violence have not been perceived as warnings to not move against Israel; they have not been perceived in their correct setting as frequently occuring in tandem with the peace process. That lack of perception may well be Obama’s, and yes, America’s undoing.

The tornado outbreaks this year have been fierce and deadly. Unnerving as this is, it is no indication that our hurricane season will be just as fierce and deadly. But with the Weather Channel reminding viewers today of the worst tropical storm to ever hit the U.S. ten years ago, and seeing the same day parallel to the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, Allison serves as a reminder that disasters occur when the U.S. government messes with the plan and promises G-d has made towards Israel which will bring the future reign and rule of Jesus Christ. Israel is the apple of G-d’s eye.

And it appears that Obama is not through sticking his finger in G-d’s eye.

For more on the correlations between disasters and Israel, I recommend William Koenig’s book, EYE TO EYE:  FACING THE CONSEQUENCES OF DIVIDING ISRAEL, and John McTernan’s book AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL.

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