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Let's see if this happens.

Critical planetary conjunctions with Earth on 29 November and 1 December can trigger strong to major seismic activity, most likely 1-3 December, potentially reaching higher 7 magnitude in a worst case scenario. --SSGEOS

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More about that famously 'impartial' Trump prosecutor, Jack Smith

More Arizona 2022 Election Anomalies – GOP State Mine Instructor Received More Votes than Either Biden or President Trump in 2020

More Bearish Market Action Before The Bull Can Run

More holiday shoppers going in to debt to buy gifts as inflation soars

More Idiots Allowed To Damage Priceless Art In Latest ‘Climate Protest’

More Money and Weapons to Ukraine

More MSNBC Slow Death- Chuck Todd Moved To Streaming-Only

More Republicans Support Liz Cheney Than Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley or Larry Hogan for 2024 GOP Nomination: Emerson Poll

More Than 400 Private Jets Flew In For UN Climate Conference

More Than One Million FTX Creditors

More than a year after the FDA added heart inflammation warnings to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines — amid the second academic year of campus vaccine mandates on a demographic at higher risk of severe adverse events — vaccine makers are finally studying the long-term consequences of vaccine-induced myocarditis and pericarditis.

More warnings about glyphosate

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The Great Economic Pretending Has Become Absurd, WSJ Economists Ignore Current Reality and Ponder Possibility of Recession in 2023

‘A Great Error’: How Biden Used a Budgetary Gimmick To Score a Pre-Election Political Win -- 'They did it this way so next year they can say the deficit is lower,' economist says of student cancellation plan

The Great Gaslighting -- The lockdowns of 2020 were very real. And few opposed them.

The great recycling LIE (what really happens to plastic)

The 'Great Reset' should be called what it is—Communism

The Great ̶R̶e̶s̶e̶t̶ Resist is upon All of Us. We All have to chose whether to allow this to happen or stand up against it

The Great Stagnation: thread

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A Global Digital Health Certificate Acknowledged by WHO to Track Vaccination Status proposed by G20

Global dominion through election theft

Global Emissions Set Record as Attendees at Climate Summit Party On

The Global Food Crisis Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

Global Food Import Bill Soars To "Alarming Level" As Poor Countries On Brink Of Crisis

Global Government vs. the People

Global Mayors admit consequences for citizens non-compliant with green world order: C40 Summit

Global Totalitarianism is part and parcel with the Digital Currencies that are being rolled out

The UN-Backed Global Financial Alliance Pushing Net Zero

The UN’s Global Social Credit System

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Dr. Jacob Nordangård: ‘UN, WEF and G20 form the Troika of Global Governance’

Jan 6 Committee Confirms Intent to Transfer Evidence to Special Counsel During Lame Duck to Begin Republican Targeting Operations

Jan 6 Committee staff Angry at Liz Cheney for Her Intense Focus on Trump in Final Report

JetBlue Won’t Hire The Unvaxxed, But Hired Violent Felon To Fly Planes

Jimmy Kimmel: 'I Have Lost Half Of My Fans' Since Targeting Trump

Joe Manchin Discovers Joe Biden Is a Democrat, Proceeds to Whine Incessantly

John Paul Mac Isaac Discusses His New Book “American Injustice” with TGP

Jonathan Turley: Washington Goes to War Against Twitter and Free Speech

Julie Kelly: The ‘Insurrection!’ House of Cards Is Collapsing

Julie Kelly: This lawsuit is making the Deep State squirm

Justin Trudeau Lies Under Oath – Claims He Did Not Call Unvaccinated People “Racists and Misogynists” But Video Proves Otherwise

Justin Trudeau SCOLDED by Chinese President over leaked conversation

Thursday, December 1, 2022


Can you believe it is December already?

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Interesting timing:

Mars closest approach to Earth on December 1 and lunar occultation of Mars on Dec. 7-8

Klaus Schwab spotted in lobby of former Trump hotel in DC AT THE SAME TIME Prince William and Kate are in Boston for 3 days. They are here to visit Greentown Labs, a "climatetech startup incubator."
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New things:

New After School Satan Club in California elementary school

New 'alternative immigration program' will escort migrants in from Mexico, work permits in hand

New Census Shows Christians Now a MINORITY in England

New children’s book helps parents teach kids about Jesus’ love in time for Christmas

The New Collectivism of Big Government Elites

New Congress Must Revisit Postal Reform

New COVID Variant Known as “XBB” – Deemed ‘Most Vaccine Resistant Strain Ever’

New Covid Strains: Dr. Peter McCullough

New Disney CEO Wants people to not be so upset about Disney's Open LGBTQ Agenda

New documentary “DIED SUDDENLY”

New Elf On The Shelf Will Scan Your Social Media Account To See If You Misgendered Anyone: Babylon Bee

New Epstein documents unsealed

New Evidence of Voter Fraud in Brazil's Presidential Election Revealed (Video)

New G20 Agenda 2030 Document calls for Global Vaccine Passports

A New Global Religion -- climate worship

New Hunter Biden Video Raises a Lot of Questions

New Images Emerge From Chinese 'Zero COVID' Techno-Hell

New IRS $600 Threshold Coming Jan 1st (You Won't Like It): Steve Van Metre

A new island has just randomly popped up in the middle of the ocean

The New Mayans

New Memoir from Mike Pence Throws Trump Under The Bus For Questioning 2020 Election — Forgets He Promised Trump Voters, “We’ll Hear The Objections, We’ll Hear The Evidence”

The New Normal: Another Pilot Suffers a Heart Attack Mid-Flight, Results in Emergency Landing

The New Normal: 'Fit and Healthy' Nutritionist Faints on Live TV

New Online Tool Maps Out 867 US Military Bases Worldwide

New Poll Will Frighten You About the Future of America

New quantum tool developed in groundbreaking experimental achievement

New radical transgender ‘pronoun’ mandates from British, Canadian governments

New Revelations About Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop (Twitter) Surface Under New Management: CTH

A new "special envoy" appointed by Biden to the Palestinians to push the two-state solution

A new species of owl was found in Africa, and it's hauntingly beautiful

New testimony reveals US officials pressured Canada to stop ‘Freedom Convoy'

A new tick-borne disease is killing cattle in the US

New Twitter verification system to launch next week

New UK govt ’SitCen’ to track citizens over O2 mobile network

New Universal Flu Vaccine Uses mRNA Technology

New Video of Ray Epps on Jan 6 Uncovered by Jason Goodman at “Crowdsource the Truth” – Epps Brushes Past Another Man Making Hand Signals

New Visa Card Features Personal Carbon Emissions Tracker

The New Voting System that Gave Democrats a GOP House Seat is Dangerous. Here’s Why

The New Wokeist Faith

New York Times Protects Balenciaga Over Pedo Images – Blames QAnon Instead

New Zealand’s Covidians Continue to Lie and Cover up the Very Real Worries About Covid Injections Surfacing in Official Sources

Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Yesterday, I posted a prophetic word from Kim Clement from 2014, about a volcano. I asked if it might be Mauna Loa.

11/29 - BAKER'S DOZEN (scroll down)

Kim Clement said he saw "2 E's." One "E" was for "eruption," the other was for "earthquake." He did not say where the eruption would be, except that it was in a national park and that it would seem routine, and he did not say where or when the earthquake would be.

Since he did not say anything further, I cannot either because I have no idea. But I did come across this interesting video yesterday afternoon. I've watched In2thinair on YouTube off and on over the last 2-3 years, so I'm comfortable linking to him.

NASA - "Terrifying" Incoming Asteroids and RARE Planet Alignment Causing EARTHQUAKES!

Do you remember years ago there was a YouTuber called "ditrianum" who looked at planetary alignments as a cause behind earthquakes? His old website now links to SSGEOS, so I looked to see if this site had any info, and they do. They are also noting November 30 and December 1 for the possibility of a strong earthquake. Will it happen? I don't know. Here is their site in case you want to bookmark it.


Kim Clement also said that the eruption of this volcano and the subsequent earthquake (again, no word on when, where or if it would even be devastating) would be signs that things hidden would be brought to the surface, would be revealed. Kim does not say anything else about the secrets. I found it interesting that last night, CTH, whom I link to often, had this somewhat cryptic post:

Prepare . . . #The Big Ugly

Odd, no?

Lastly, I've seen a lot the past few days at multiple sites and on Telegram about a Supreme Court case that could overturn the 2020 election. Ummm, I'm not sure that's going to happen, but I did listen to a very interesting interview by one of the brothers (Loy) involved in the case and Nino Rodriguez. Nino also had on to comment a man who goes by "Juan O Savin" and another man dubbed "Ghost." I thought Loy did a great job explaining the case and how it came to be. Personally, I'm not "this is it," but I did like having it explained to me step-by-step what happened and what could happen. Again, not betting the farm here.


Tuesday, November 29, 2022



Americans Are So Racist Michelle Obama says she Couldn’t Wear Braids In The White House

Americans aren't really Worried About COVID anymore: Poll

Americans Died Because Of Biden Admin - Fauci Lies And Blocking Ivermectin To Treat COVID - Biden Administration Gaslighting Machine Gets Kicked Into Overdrive

Americans Haven’t Suffered Enough

Americans Living under Communism

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Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week Vol. 20

Biden’s America: People Turning Off Their Heat as Prices Skyrocket, ‘Like Living in an Igloo’

Biden's Pentagon adopts anti-white, 'anti-racist' initiatives for military: report

Biden’s Weird Written Instructions From Handlers

Biden's Odd and Confusing Phone Call Into Thanksgiving Parade Sparks Concern

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Rep. Roy Goes Off on Inaction on Border Security

Biden Administration Expanding Illegal Immigration at Southern Border

Watch: Thermal Drone Footage Shows Army Of Illegals Entering US

Texas Gov. Declares Southern Border Crisis An “Invasion”

WH Insists They Have A Plan To Secure The Border, Republicans “Do Nothing”

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College Faces Backlash for Its Anti-White Cis Man Paint Night

Space Force Promotes ‘White Rage’; “Only whites can be racist."

San Francisco Election Commissioner’s Term Not Renewed Because He’s White

UCSB Black Student Union Holds Segregated Movie Screening: White People Not Welcome

Whites to Blame for Blacks Who Hate Jews

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Biden Agrees To Pay Climate Reparations—And China, the World’s Top Carbon Emitter, Could Profit

Biden Turns Over American Sovereignty to China

Sen. Rick Scott Demands Answers About Biden Admin Giving Taxpayer-Funded Intellectual Property to Communist China

Senators alarmed over potential Chinese drone spy threat

Does Xi Own The White House?

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DoJ Argues that the Intelligence Community Overrides the Judiciary

The DOJ Is Hiding Information About Biden’s Attempts To Interfere In U.S. Elections

WaPo Quietly Admits FBI Found Nothing Nefarious or “For Sale” in Raid of Trump’s Home- CONVENIENTLY After the Election; FBI Removes “Empty Folders With CLASSIFIED Banners” From Mar-a-Lago Inventory List

Special Counsel Investigating Trump Was Key Figure In IRS Targeting Scandal: Larwyn's Linx

Wife Of DOJ Special Counsel Leading Trump Investigation is Biden Donor, Produced Michelle Obama Documentary

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Counting the FTX 'Boy Wonder's' Dirty Money

FTX, Debt, Derivatives and Margin-The Things Done in Darkness Will Soon be Brought to Light-An Interview With Financial Expert Bill Holter

FTX Funded $27 Million PAC Led By Democrat Campaign Consultant In Arizona Who Supported Katie Hobbs

FTX crypto bro SHOWERED media orgs Vox, ProPublica, Intercept, Semafor and more with investment money

Disgraced FTX Founder Donated To Six RINOs Who Voted To Impeach Trump

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If GOP Takes the House, “The American People Have Made it Clear: They Expect Republicans to Work with Me”: Joe Biden (VIDEO)

If Murder Rate Continues, One Out of Every 179 Americans Will Be Slain

If We Can’t Have Babies, We Need Illegal Alien Workers: Chuck Schumer

“IF” We Have a Recession It Will Be a Small One: Joe Biden

If You Have Not Been Taught to Think for Yourself, Then Disinformation is Scary

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Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii started erupting on 11/27. Mauna Loa is located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The volcano is considered the largest volcano on earth, "dwarfed only by Tamu Massif," a massive volcano on a seamount in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

Is this prophetic word from Kim referring to Mauna Loa? He specifically says an erupting volcano in a national park would be dismissed as just as another eruption, but it would actually be a sign. And a sign which would be followed by an earthquake. Kim said nothing further on the earthquake, such as location or time, just said an earthquake would follow, but both are signs, and signs that things hidden would be brought to the surface and revealed.

Kim Clement Prophecy | Volcanic Eruption, Summer, Exposures in Fall, Dems and Republicans

After 38 years of silence, Hawaii’s Mauna Loa is erupting: Strange Sounds

So the last time Mauna Loa erupted was 1984. Interestingly enough, Joe Biden was also in the news in 1984.
In 1984, Biden cosponsored the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984. This legislation gave law enforcement the authority to seize money and property from those suspected of drug trafficking—without ever having to charge them with a crime. This resulted in the decades-long practice of civil asset forfeiture that has incentivized law enforcement to police for profit and steal from the same individuals they have sworn to protect.
Joe Biden: The Architect of America’s Disastrous War on Drugs

If this is the volcano Kim Clement is referencing, what "will be exposed"? What "will be revealed"? What "truth" will be brought out?

Kim said there are "two E's," one for "erupt," the other for "earthquake."

I recommend following Dutchsinse for earthquake information. He's pretty accurate. A week before Mauna Loa began erupting, dutch called for a strong earthquake for Hawaii within 7 days. On the last day of his watch period, Mauna Loa started erupting after 38 years of quiet. That's pretty interesting.


11/29/2022 -- Large volcanic fissures (cracks) open on the North Side of Mauna Loa in Hawaii

Something to watch?

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“I Wonder What Would Happen If” . . .

This country must awaken to the realisation that we are being taken for fools

“Don’t Pee Down My Back and Tell Me It’s Raining”

Every Elite Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face by The People

Don't be fooled into thinking this disaster movie is coming to an end

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New study confirms COVID ‘Vaccine Shedding’ has been occurring with shocking and dangerous consequences

New study sees one-in-three teenagers who took the Pfizer jab suffer cardiovascular side-effects

New Study Reveals COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Organ Rejection Among Transplant Recipients (VIDEO)

New study finds Babies Born In Lockdown Less Likely To Speak Before First Birthday

New Study Confirms Vitamin D Provides Protection Against COVID Death

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We Are Witnessing the Rollout of Agenda 21’s Depopulation and Undermining of Society: Prof. Dolores Cahill

We found the one email message Kives hopes the world has forgotten about: Revolver News

We Have Flesh Eating Bacteria, Open Air Drug Markets, Millions Of Rats And Lots Of Fentanyl

We Just Witnessed A New “Lehman Brothers Moment”, And It Threatens To Unleash A Frenzy Of Panic On Wall Street

We live in the Twilight Zone... Anyone else feeling the same way?: Strange Sounds

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You Can’t Have a Red Wave with a Blue Dam

'You Killed 83,000 Danes With the Covid Vaccine,' Danish Prime Minister shamed publically

"You Murderous Hypocrites": Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests 'Amnesty' For Pandemic Authoritarians

You were badly conned and now you are ALL damaged

You Will Shiver in the Dark and You Will Be Happy

Monday, November 28, 2022

11/28 - THE NEWS

The Aftermath and After That: Kunstler

The border invasion about to get even worse when Title 42 ends

The Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro… is prepared to invoke Article 142

The Case For Booting Adam Schiff From The House Intel Committee

The CDC has a losing hand

The Consumer Economy Has Completely Collapsed – "It's A Ghost Town" For Holiday Shopping Everywhere

The Core Battle Within the Republican Party

The CORE issues I see: Covid killed the red wave: thread

The Covid conspirators’ house of cards is tumbling down, says MEP

The COVID/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga Of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

The COVID Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury

The DARK WINTER has only just begun: Prepare for YEARS of economic collapse, rigged elections, censorship and government tyranny

The Dilemma of the Vaccinated

The disappearance of the remnants of the Spanish Flu: Eugyppius

The FDA Wants You to Forget It Told 'Y'all' to Stop Taking Horse Dewormer

The gods of diversity are killing the ‘golden age’ of medicine

The GOP’s Hunter Biden Probe Is Legit

The greatest trick the lizard people ever did is to make their existence a joke: Strange Sounds

The “Hacker” of FTX Is Now Multimillionaire in Ethereum Crypto

The Intercept that funded Government/Big Tech Censorship begs for Donations after FTX Grants are put on hold

The Irony of All Ironies

The Long History of China’s CCP and Biowarfare; The role of biological warfare in China’s hegemony

The market is worried about Coinbase's solvency

The Maskparade Charade

The Most Disgusting Country In All Of Europe

The MSM clearly shows that they fear FREEDOM of SPEECH: Strange Sounds

The Nefarious “One Health” Ideology coming from Peter Daszak, Jeffrey Sachs and Anthony Fauci

The Opening Of The Hunter Biden Laptop Could Expose The Cottage Industry Of Influence Peddling

The Outlook For After Thanksgiving Is Not Promising At All

The Overthrow Of America Is Going Just As The Globalists Planned In This, Barack Obama's 3rd Term, America In Freefall While American Taxpayers Pay The Bills Of Our Foreign Invaders

The rabid hypocrisy of the Democrats

The Real Globalist ‘Mastermind’ behind the Great Reset, Jacques Attali, boasts he “invented” France’s current president, Emmanual Macron

The ‘Respect For Marriage Act’ Is An Exercise In Tyranny, And Everyone Knows It

The Science Behind Covid Explained

"The truth of TikTok; Here's why you need to delete it ASAP"

The 2022 Mid-Terms Exposed the Existence of Two Americas and the Overwhelming Importance of the 2024 Election

The Unspoken Genocide of Christians in Nigeria; The black lives that don’t matter.

The Untold Story Of Poll Worker Data, Chinese Servers – Only The FBI Knows The Truth: Larwyn's Linx

The vaccinated now account for a majority of COVID deaths: Techno Fog

The Verdict Is in on the ‘Top Secret’ Documents Seized by the FBI From President Trump’s Home

'The View' Mixes in Some Old Fashioned Heresy During Its Usual Ranting

The Voters Hate Her, But Ronna’s Friend$ Still Love Her

The ‘Whiteness’ Smear Is Really An Attack On Private Life, Relationships, And Universal Values

The Wrath of Nancy: NBC Correspondent Miguel Almaguer Suspended After Viral Report on Paul Pelosi and David DePape

Friday, November 25, 2022


I Can't Believe the Big Banks are Doing This: Steven Van Metre

ICE Issues Smartphones to 255,602 Illegal Border-Crossers; Cost Is $89.5 Million a Year

Idaho grocery shelves could be bare in weeks

Idiots React to Trump’s Twitter Return

IMF Chief says Central Bank Digital Currency should be used alongside Social Credit System to control what people can and cannot buy

Impeach Biden for Saudi Election Quid Pro Quo

AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE: TX Governor Abbott Declares Joe Biden “In Violation of Constitution” for Open Border with Mexico

In Completely Unforeseeable Twist, January 6th 'Conspiracy Theory' Turns out to Be True

In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, October 24-October 31, 2022

In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, November 7-November 14, 2022

In a World First, Two People Received Transfusions of Lab-Grown Blood

The incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis in post covid-19 unvaccinated patients

Iconic Business Declares Portland 'Unsafe' City and Accidentally Outs Biden's Open-Border Insanity

Indiana 5th-Grade Teacher Had Kill List of Staff and Students. Police Not Called for Four Hours.

Indonesian earthquake kills more than 160

Insane Narrative Shift Occurs After Bombshell Revelation Q-Club Shooter Is ‘Non-Binary’

International Criminals Get Waved Across the Southern Border With 'Squeaky Clean' Records

Inside Big Tech’s Voting Manipulation Algorithm

Inside the US facility where 199 ‘legally dead’ humans and almost 100 pets await being revived

"Invasion Clause" Triggered In Texas As Migrants Overwhelm Border

Investigation into Record Levels of Excess All-Cause Deaths in New Zealand

Investigative journalist says Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby tissue to communist China to develop bioweapons

Investigative journalist who was writing a critical book on Biden admin mysteriously vanishes

An invitation to your own demise. Diabolical... At least they are asking this time...

Iowa Crop Tour Reveals "Underwhelming" And "Disappointing" Cornfields Ahead Of Harvest

Iranian Supreme Leader Mocks Biden As Demented As Nuclear Deal Negotiations Stall

Ireland Considers Enacting A Bill Criminalizing The Possession Of Hateful Material

Iran Admits It Has the Technical Capabilities to Construct a Nuclear Bomb

IRS: Gestapo in the Making

IRS Joins Push to Turn Over Trump Tax Returns to Democrats

Israeli Rabbi Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Messiah

Israel’s Jewish population passes 7 million on eve of Rosh Hashanah

2022 Ivermectin Research Study Shows Modern Medical Research Can Be Propaganda, Not Science

Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Dear RFB readers: Thank you so much for your faithfulness in following this blog. You are appreciated! I will take tomorrow to be with family but plan to be back on Friday with Weekend Reading. I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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The US Accounts For Nearly Half Of Global Diabetes Drug Sales

US Air Force Contract To Launch Hypersonic Vehicle From World's Largest Plane

US, allied billionaires follow the same agenda on fascism

US Boots Are On The Ground In Ukraine

US Cattle Herd is dwindling and Implies Supermarket Beef Prices May Rise Even More

U.S. Consumers Are Doing EXACTLY What They Did Just Prior To The Crash Of 2008

U.S. Consumers Will Be Spending Much Less This Holiday Season Because Many Of Them Are Already Tapped Out

US defense dept. secretly controls COVID vaccine production process that ‘cannot be traced’: researcher

U.S. Democrats Deploy European Globalists' Great Replacement Scheme (Video)

US Diesel Shortage Increasingly Likely Until Economy Slows

US Drops Experimental 'Parachuted' Missile In Arctic As Warning To Russia

US Existing Home Sales Are Crashing At Their Fastest Pace 'Since Lehman'

U.S.-Funded Military Research Goes to Chinese Institutions

US gov’t developed video game to help foreign nations fight ‘disinformation’: memo

59 years ago today, the US govt killed its own president in broad daylight...

BONUS: Something weird going on with JFK assassination files; Biden being sued over it

US has suffered shocking 350k Excess Deaths in 2022 so far; evidence suggests COVID Vaccination is to blame

US Health System Cash Reserves Plummet

US Hospitals On Track For Worst Financial Year In Decades

US, Japan To Start Large-Scale War Games On Heels Of Xi-Biden Meeting

US Manufacturing and Services Surveys Plunge "Deeper Into Likely Recession"

The U.S. Medical System is Collapsing after Mass Exodus of Doctors and Nurses

U.S. military created secret prohibited “digital tool” to swiftly deny covid “vaccine” mandate exemption requests

US Naval Forces Snag Large Shipment of Explosive Material en Route to Yemen From Iran

US Non-Military Satellites Are "Legitimate Targets" warns Russia

US Park officials: Please don’t lick psychedelic toads

US Population Displacement Proceeds

US Postal Service is suspending services in parts of Louisiana and Tennessee “due to safety concerns”

U.S. Reverses Course, Now Says It Will Pay Climate Extortion Money to Poorer Nations

US Sanctions External Network Supplying Russia With Military Tech

U.S. Space Force X-37B Space Plane Ends Its Record-Breaking Orbital Mission

US state to legalize ‘magic mushrooms’

US, UK Governments use Purpose Built Twitter Portal, created in the UK, to Directly Access and Censor Twitter Users