Saturday, January 9, 2021

1/9 - WATCHING . . .

As mentioned yesterday, I've been thinking (and praying) about all that has transpired, not just since JAN 6, but since the election.

An epic battle is waging right now between President Trump and the Democrats and their allies, which now includes many Republicans.

I believe it was Antifa that entered the Capitol on Wednesday and caused havoc. I won't bother to link to all the videos and arguments because 1) there are plenty of sites out there that have that already, and 2) that's not what this post is about today -- I'm not going to spend time arguing whether it was Antifa or Trump supporters or not. I'm just not.

I am keeping the following things in mind:

1. It is clear, and has been for some time, that MSM HATE President Trump and his supporters and are going to say whatever they can on air to absolutely demoralize President Trump's followers. I DON'T listen to them. I DON'T link to them. They HATE me with everything they've got, and they are going to LIE to me. I DON'T listen.

2. I don't care who calls on President Trump to concede. I don't care if it is Tom Cotton or WSJ -- I. DON'T. CARE. One of the reasons they are calling on him to concede is because he did not concede in his video address. He did not say, "I've called Joe Biden and have congratulated him on his win." Until those words come out of President Trump's mouth, I am believing he has not conceded.

3. I am watching General Flynn, Rudy G and Sidney P. IF THEY come out and call for him to concede, then it is game over. They have had several opportunities to do just that, but instead Flynn sent a tweet thanking Italy. Why?

4. I will tell you why. There's a story being carried by a major newspaper in Italy that details how the election votes were stolen from President Trump in November from Trump to Biden. It gives the name of who funded this (Barack Obama), who carried out the steal (an Italian general on the board of an Italian defense contractor and assigned to NATO), how it was done (via military satellite), who assisted (CIA agents, Gina Haspel perhaps??), and between which locations (Rome and Frankfurt, Germany). The article says this information was given to President Trump on Christmas Eve. This possibly explains why two events occurred -- 1) why Trump went back to D.C. right after Christmas, and 2) possibly why Pence's overseas trip to Israel for the 6th was canceled. Why? Because the article says the vote steal on the night of the election was also assisted by members at the HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, but these "members" were not named in the article. Could it have been Pence? Don't know. Further, this information about the election steal and Italy playing a role in this crime came not from some blogger in his mom's basement but from ITALIAN INTELLIGENCE. So until Mike Flynn tells President Trump to stand down, I am not going to consider it over.

5. President Trump DID NOT interfere with the electoral college vote. He let it play out, and NOW, WE THE PEOPLE, know where our elected politicians stand on claims of fraudulent election!

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Don't you just love it? All these REPUBLICAN politicians saying, "Well, uh, we are going to set up a commission and study this election and see how we can make the next one better." IDIOTS! THEY DON'T GET IT! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO FIGURE OUT THE NEXT ELECTION, THEY WANT TO FIGURE OUT THE LAST ELECTION! THESE GUYS AREN'T EVEN GOING TO BE RE-ELECTED IN THE NEXT ELECTION!

6. Lin Wood. What a wild card! He says every lie is going to be exposed. I'll leave it at that.

7. We all have to process the data we get and try to fit it in with what we know about our world and our beliefs. Right now, EVERYTHING is being shaken! 75 MILLION people are being berated, banned and threatened with arrest and even death for voting for President Trump. That is our right under the Constitution, to vote for the man we wish to be President. And now we are enemies of the state for having done so? It is unbelievable what is happening to our country!

A Holocaust survivor once said, "When someone says they want to kill you, believe them."

We are in an EPIC battle for the SOUL of this country and HOW we are going to be as a nation going forward. There will be a winner, and there will be a loser. Socialists CANNOT tolerate Conservatives (hence the calls for their removal from society and even for their deaths), and Conservatives will not accept socialism. There is no common ground that can be found.

If Democrats and their Leftist allies were willing to steal seven states this time in order to steal power, then what is to stop them from stealing 15, 20 or 30 states next time? This is what President Trump is revealing to the American people -- that if we don't stop this now, with this election, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER HONEST ELECTION AGAIN. Look at what he has shown us about the system -- that it is UTTERLY CORRUPT. If Conservatives passively swallow this bitter pill this time, WE WON'T BE HERE FOR THE NEXT ELECTION.

8. Most who have followed my blog know I am a Christian and a Conservative. I have been with the Republican Party since I cast my first vote 40 years ago in 1980, at the age of 18, for Ronald Reagan. I have stayed with the Republicans because they have been pro-life and pro-Israel. The Democrats murder babies and can't figure out which bathroom to use. They scream, "Science! Science!" but it's clear none of them took 10th grade Biology.

Thursday, I went to the Oklahoma Election Commission website, navigated their portal and requirements and switched from Republican to Independent. I am NOT here to help them pick up the pieces of this election. I have hated being part of the same party as Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell, but I stayed because of President Trump and my OK Senators. But I will NOT stay with this party because they turned their backs on me and 75 MILLION other voters, so I have no problem walking away from them now.

By not arguing against states that KNOWINGLY submitted fraudulent votes, those squishy, spineless Republicans don't get it yet (but they will), they cut their own throats. Trump voters didn't want a bone (two hours of debate), they wanted it to be recognized that President Trump won this election in a landslide. They wanted it to be recognized that seven swing states were KNOWINGLY submitting fraudulent vote counts.

So who will vote for these guys now? The Democrats? The Leftists? Ha! Good luck with that!

9. Mike Pence. Is he a traitor? Is he a good guy playing a role? I have no idea. I cannot get a feel for what's going on with him just yet, and I don't want to call someone a traitor without really good evidence. I think I will know one way or the other by the 20th, so I am content to wait and see.

10. So . . . here is where I am: Until President Trump says, "I have called Joe Biden and conceded," GardenGirl is going to watch and wait and pray. MUCH is at stake. I think President Trump is fighting for the 75 MILLION who he KNOWS had their votes stolen. We will know by the 20th, maybe even sooner.

We are in days of darkness right now. That's what dark days are, days of uncertainty. Days when there is so much news and noise that it is hard to process it all and then there are days where there is no news at all and we can find nothing that tells us where we are at.

These are the days when we need to pray and call out to God and ask Him to help us. When it is hard to find peace in the world around us, we need His peace, which passes all understanding. When we don't know what to do, that's when we need His wisdom, which is "meat in due season." When we don't know where to turn, then turn to the Bible -- there is wisdom and guidance for every situation. Amen? God is in control. Nothing takes Him by surprise.

That's where we are at in this difficult time for our nation. IF President Trump concedes to Joe Biden, it will be a different trouble that will threaten us -- we will be nowhere close to out of the woods on this. It will just be a different set of troubles AND without a captain.

So this makes our choice binary: Stay with Trump OR accept Joe Biden. I am staying with President Trump until he concedes to Joe Biden.

I will be humble. I could have much wrong in my thinking and in my perceptions that I have noted above. Several of you are NOT shy about helping me be as smart as you.

So watch. Wait. Be vigilant. Be prayerful. We are in some dark days. We will know where we stand by JAN 20.

I love my readers! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I leave you with Psalm 34. I plan to see you Monday.