Wednesday, January 13, 2021


4:15 p.m.:

What is the goal of impeaching?

To remove.

Let's see if that happens before the 20th.

Here is someone I watch on YouTube.

Monkey Werx US

I plan to see you tomorrow.

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2:15 p.m.:

IF President Trump was given to symbolism, what would I think of his speech yesterday in Texas?

President Trump went to Alamo, Texas, (named after the famous Alamo Mission in San Antonio) to speak about the border wall. It wasn’t a MAGA rally. Only a few were there, mostly border agents in their green uniforms (our watchers on the wall), and probably about 100 or so.

He talked about how important it was to keep out those who would do harm to this nation. He spoke of the murderers, MS13 gang members, coyotes (human traffickers) and drugs that have come over our southern border, and particularly how bad all this was during the previous administration (the Obama-Biden administration).

He spoke about Joe Biden’s stated belief that this wall needs to come down, that it is actually harmful to the nation.

When we hear the name “Alamo,” we are immediately drawn to the early Texas history of the Alamo. It’s a place where three men (Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and William Travis) led nearly 200 men to withstand a siege of 13 days from a Mexican army of nearly 2,000. On the last day of the siege, the Alamo was overrun and the men in the Alamo died. Their deaths became a rallying cry for future battles for the independence of Texas from Mexico.

Remember the Alamo!

It is still a cry today to never forget those who have died and to fight on in their memory and with everything you’ve got, even if means you “die on this hill.”

We’ve all seen the old western movies where there is a fort with cavalry on the inside and a few women in long dresses and bonnets clutching babies and running for cover while the natives are gathering in massive forces to ride horses around and around outside the fort as the soldiers line up on the inside of the walls at the top to start defending. Right? Seen those movies?

While there, President Trump wrote his name on the wall.

The first time a hand wrote on a wall, it was to Belshazzar, a Babylonian king who was arrogant and contemptuous toward God. He wasn’t particularly interested in honoring God nor in protecting his citizens. He was, however, quite interested in being a party animal. He held this massive party for his lords and those who should have been watching the country. Bels decided to not use the cheap plastic stuff from Party Warehouse but went for the gold goblets taken from the Temple in Jerusalem. Just when the toasting to their gods was getting good, a giant hand appeared and brought the party to a screeching halt. Bels was so shaken, his knees “smote together.” Worse, his beer-blurred eyes couldn’t figure out what the words were on the wall, so he had to go find someone smarter than himself. Daniel the prophet was brought in and told he could have some gold bling for his neck and a big chunk of his kingdom if he could figure out what was going on.

Daniel took a look at the words and said to the king that he didn’t want the gold for his neck or the kingdom because it was ALL COMING TO AN END. Judgment was about to fall! The borders of Babylon were about to be breached by the Persians. It happened that very night, and Belshazzar was dead by morning.

See, President Trump could have signed this wall at any time in the last four years. But he did it yesterday.

An outgoing gesture? A simple signing of the wall? After all, it’s not all that unusual to see a President write his name on something.

Speaking of signing, on Jan 11, President Trump signed the following, which is in effect until Jan 24. Interesting that Washington, D.C. is preparing for a possible "siege" that will last 13 days."

President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration

If there are two expressions that most people in America know it’s “Remember the Alamo,” and “handwriting on the wall.”

So IF President Trump was a man of symbolism, it seems to me he might be saying that he is here to defend this country. There may not be many with him, but he, like those few men at the Alamo, are here to fight to the bitter end against overwhelming odds. And the handwriting on the wall is that judgment is coming to those inside the wall who are no where loyal to God or to this country. And he's preparing for 13 days, just like the Alamo.

That’s IF I thought President Trump was a man of symbolism.

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1:15 p.m.:

They KNOW what is now out there, they just have NO idea how it will be used.

That's why they MUST remove him. Don't just assume it was Dems who had their stuff taken.

Hundreds of unauthorized people entered the US Capitol last Wednesday. Many of them entered the offices of several members of Congress, some of whom are members of Congressional committees on intelligence, armed services, defense, and other sensitive matters. According to Gewitz, “there is absolutely no knowing what actions were taken against digital gear inside the building” by the intruders. . . . In addition to stealing electronic equipment, foreign spies could have stolen sensitive documents, access codes and passcodes, says Gewitz. He adds that more sophisticated efforts could have included loading malware onto Capitol computer systems, or plugging surreptitious USB drives into the internal ports of tower PCs —a process that takes less than two minutes for someone who is equipped with an pocket-size electric screwdriver. Foreign actors could also have left dozens of “generic USB drives in various drawers and on various desks” around the Capitol, hoping that members of Congress or their aides will make use of them in the coming days or weeks. For all we know, says Gewitz, the place could now be riddled with USB chargers with built-in wireless key-loggers, devices that look like power strips but actually hide wireless network hacking tools, fake smoke detectors, electric outlets or switches that contain bugs, and many other surreptitious spying devices. --Analysis: Potential espionage aspects of attack on US Capitol must be considered, Intelnews, Joseph Fitsanakis, Jan 12, 2021

THAT's what you call a really bad day.

We are watching the future, wondering how this will all shake out. They are watching the people, wondering how to get rid of their leader.

The Year of Fear - Don Surber

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12:15 p.m.:

Feel safer?

An estimated 3000 National Guard personnel are so packed into the Halls of Congress that there is no room between them.

Caught On Video: National Guard Gearing Up With Rifles, Riot Shields At The Capitol

An estimated 15,000 more are stationed throughout D.C., some possibly armed with M-4 rifles and Berettas.

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11:15 a.m.:

Nancy chasing Trump and Pence. They just won't do what she wants!

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10:15 a.m.:

Your guess is as good as mine:

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9:15 a.m.:

Why do I think God has a plan?

Because I think He told Kim Clement.

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8:15 a.m.:


Is that what the House thinks they are doing today to President Trump?

Hmmm . . .

HE is the one who plays chess. They just play Chinese checkers.

Have you seen what is going around out there in messages? It was in my Inbox before the day had even dawned:

There were more righteous in Sodom than in the Senate.


Yes, I will be posting throughout the day. See you in about an hour.