Tuesday, January 12, 2021


I am sharing this absolutely crazy conspiracy theory posted on Gab that someone sent to me because it is just soooo crazy. (PS: This will be my only post today.)

IF I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd first consider the following facts:

Trump installed major loyalists at the top of the DoD; they haven't quit.

Pompeo and Ratcliffe both haven't quit either and haven't disparaged the President.

Trump supporters are NOT violent by natue.

Trump loves this nation.

Trump has tweeted "treason" over twenty times in his four years.

Trump has acknowledged that America will be owned by China if Biden wins.

Sidney Powell recommended giving all evidence to Military Intelligence.

Capitol police allowed the protesters to enter the Capitol.

Evidence of corruption in the Biden administration is circulating: Hunter Biden/pedophilia, Joe Biden/China/Ukraine . . . etc.

Evidence of a stolen election by congress with the aid of foreign powers is circulating.

6200 troops have been allocated to DC to "guard" against more Trump supporter insurrection.

The FBI stated that "riots are being organized at all 50 state capitols."

Then I would come up with the craziest theory as to how the Trump administration and it's law enforcement Executive branch would save the Republic from the undeniable, intentional destruction the Biden administration is planning for it:

The Trump administration along with the loyalists at the DoD, State Department and DNI, created a plan to bolster a military presence around the country under the guise of "protecting the nation from Trump supporters": The escorting of Trump supporters into the Capitol by Capitol police was mandated by Trump's DoD via whitehat congressional moles in order to justify staging National Guard troops around the country in preparation for the ultimate plan: dismantle the Biden administration and its traitors.

The DoD only needed to have troops around the country to protect against ANY insurrection -- it doesn't matter who does it: Trump supporters, BLM, Antifa -- whatever, they will be prepared.

If the Biden administration is dismantled, socialist antifa liberals will undoubtedly attempt to riot, burn down cities and absolutely murder Trump supporters -- the Guard (and the Marines who support them) will be ready. It's the ultimate switcharoo.

But since I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I wouldn't think that at all.