Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Here are some last minute perspectives and commentaries. Are you ready for today?

President Trump:

Democrat Elected Officials In Pennsylvania Are Secretly Planning To Vote For Trump

Conservative European Parliamentarians Nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on Eve of Presidential Election

CTH: Never Underestimate the Resolve of the American Patriot

Donald Trump Praises Organic Parades: I’m ‘Honored’ to Be Part of this Movement

Epic Trolling: Have You Seen the Trump Campaign's 404 Error Page?

I’m A Children’s Rights Activist. That’s Why I’m Voting For Trump

In 2016 Candidate Trump Completed His Campaign With “I Am With You, I Will Fight For You and I Will Win For You. I Promise.” – Early This Morning President Trump Finished His 2020 Campaign With A Proven Record and More Promises

Kurt Schlichter: Zero Hour for America

Ohio, Pennsylvania Bakeries With Track Records of Correctly Predicting Elections Show Clear Winner

Sean Spicer: A Letter to a Suburban Republican Holdout

Sen. Marco Rubio reminds rally of Latino supporters for President Trump in FL: ‘You Lost Your Native Land…to Something Called Socialism’

Tens of Thousands Attend Late-Night Rallies for Trump in Wisconsin, Michigan

Wayne Grudem Responds To John Piper About Voting for Trump

Why Tucker Carlson Opened His Election Eve Program With a Photo

Dennis Prager: Hatred of Trump vs. Hatred of the Left

Raymond Ibrahim: Trump and Biden on Islam

Thread: Was This the Real 2020 Democratic Plan, which got Blown Up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death?


Joe Biden:

Biden Boosted By 'Tens Of Thousands' Of Fake Twitter Followers -- From India

Biden Forgets What Sex He Is: “I Am Finnegan Biden’s Grandmom”

Biden Plans To Create “Equal” And Public Credit Reporting Agency That Would Give Out “Social Credit Scores”

Biden Slurs Speech During Final Campaign Pitch In Cleveland

Biden’s Biggest Fundraisers are Tied to Islamic Terrorists

Democrats are masking Biden’s frailty: Devine

Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America

How Biden is deceiving voters by claiming to be Christian while championing abortion

Joe Biden wept for joy when Roe v. Wade was enshrined as law of land

Kamala Harris Introduced as the Next President at Texas Campaign Rally

Kamala Harris Video Touts Equality of Outcome – Ben Shapiro: That’s Called ‘Communism’

Kamala Marx: Kamala Harris appeals to her Marxist supporters on election eve

Kamala Held Secret Meeting with Planned Parenthood to Target Reporter Who Uncovered Their Harvesting of Late Term Abortion Body Parts

Lady Gaga insults "redneck" PA voters in video . . .

Joe Biden rewards her with invitation to join him at final campaign stop in PA

Mainstream networks neglect to cover Biden family scandals as election nears; As of last week, the major networks devoted less than 22 minutes out of 113 hours of programming to the Hunter Biden affair.

New book by sexual assault accuser Tara Reade reveals how media protected Joe Biden

Twitter CEO Dorsey: 'We Don't' Have Any Evidence That Biden Laptop, Emails Are 'Russian Disinformation'

We just witnessed a clear example of foreign interference in our election – and the goal was to help Biden win

The people who tell us Joe Biden is healthy are the same ones who said RBG was just undergoing routine medical care.

Where’s Joe? A Confused Barack Obama Yells Joe Biden’s Name Several Times Before Biden Trots Out on Stage at Michigan ‘Rally’ (VIDEO)

WSJ Columnist Pieces Together the Whole Corrupt China Scheme Hunter and Joe Biden Cooked Up


The "Tolerant, Love-Trumps-Hate" Left's hate of President Trump and his Trump supporters:

74 Times Leftist Protesters Engaged in Violence, Destruction, or Intimidation — In Past 30 Days

Amish at Trump Rally Trigger the Left (How Long Until They Dox Jedediah Yoder?)

Antifa Attacks Pro-Trump Free Speech Protesters in San Francisco

The Arc of Trump Derangement Syndrome in 3 Minutes

Boston Globe Opinion Columnist Compares Trump Caravan To ISIS

Democrat Mayor Refuses to Resign After Blasting Trump Voters

Horrid Leftists Egg Little Children at Rally for GOP Candidate Lauren Witzke in Delaware

Jim Carrey Suggests 2020 Republican Convention Might Have Driven Abe Lincoln to Suicide
(GG: Considering Jim Carrey's girlfriend committed suicide and he was accused of having a role in driving her to her death, he should be quiet.)

Keith Olbermann Threatens Trump, Says His Enablers Must Be Prosecuted, ‘Removed From Society’

Keith Olbermann Has an Epic Meltdown Because He Wants Trump to Face the Death Penalty

Man Indicted for Firebombing a Women’s Republican Club in California

Maxine Waters Calls Black Trump Voters 'Shameful,' Says She Will 'Never Ever Forgive Them'

‘Monty Python’ Star Eric Idle, Who Raised Money for Biden, Repeatedly Compares Trump to Hitler

The Most Important Video of 2020; The Left calls for terror - on videotape

Music Publicist Says She Was Fired By Email For Attending Trump Rally

Never Trumper Doxxes MAGA Nuns Seen at Trump Ohio Rally

Pennsylvania's Democrat Attorney General Says That @RealDonaldTrump Can't Win His State

Report: Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses

Revolver Exposes NBC’s Designated Doxer

Robert Reich vows purges and show trials of conservatives if Biden is elected

Student Newspaper Condemns Harvard Republicans For Endorsing Trump

Thanks to Dems and their media allies, Trump-haters feel free to physically attack us

Too many Democrats are creepily suggesting Trump voters should be jailed

Trump Supporters in New Hampshire Receive Letters Threatening to Burn Down Their Homes “Should Trump Not Concede Election”

Vindman strikes again, using his wife to make phony claims about Trump

WaPo’s Rubin: Trump’s GOP Is the Party of ‘White Vigilantism of White Supremacy’
(GG: Remember, Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.)

Whoopi Goldberg Compares Trump Supporters In Texas To The KKK

Women’s Marchers Rally for Women’s Rights in Washington DC — Then Stomp, Beat, Choke and Punch Female Trump Supporter