Friday, October 9, 2020


A 1930s Communist Spy Can Help Explain What’s Motivating The Riots

AARP to Seniors: We're Not Accountable to You

Abandoned’ NYPD Officers Are Retiring Like It’s Going Out of Style

ABC report PERFECTLY ECHO Chinese Communist state media EXACT WORDS on Trump Covid diagnosis

Above the Law: The Inside Story of How the Justice Department Tried to Subvert President Trump

Absurd: Arizona Schools Not Opening in the Fall Plan to Charge $200/Week for Childcare

ACLU Official Attacks University For Admitting Nick Sandmann While Professor Promises To Monitor His Conduct

ACLU Exploits Pandemic to Promote Abortion

ACLU Sues Due Process Champion DeVos

Across the Wide, Growing American Divide

Added Benefit of the Trump Presidency Is Better Ads

The Adverse Effects of Obama’s Executive Order 13583 and the Purge of Generals and Admirals Are Now Obvious

A Deplorable Moment for Every Black American in This Country

After Jen Rubin Goes Bonkers Against Walter Reed, She Gets Checked Hard by Military Member Being Treated There

African Cardinal: BLM Seeks ‘Destruction of the Nuclear Family’

After Backing Massive Police Funding Cuts, De Blasio Blames In Part Lack Of Police For Jump In Crime

‘AI, ML and quantum computing to cement position in 2020’

AI-Written Editorial Warns "I Will Not Be Able To Avoid Destroying Mankind"

Air Force One Is Going Hypersonic

Air Force Reveals Six-Gen Stealth Jet Has Been "Built And Flown"

Albuquerque to Start Sending Unarmed Social Workers on Some 911 Calls in City

"All About Money, Not Human Rights": Hong Kong Activists Slam LeBron James' BLM Hypocrisy

All Of The Coronavirus Models Were Wrong

All The Chips Are On The Table Now - Pat Buchanan

All Passengers on Epstein’s Flight Logs to Be Named – Epstein’s Rich and Famous Pals Panicking

All That Is Wrong With The US Healthcare System In One $18,415.00 Coronavirus Test

Already-Broke Colleges Being Bullied Into Hosting Costly "White Privilege" Workshops Amid Virus Crisis

Alyssa Milano’s Mask Says Everything About The Left

Amateur Jared Kushner vs. Pro John Kerry

Amazing Ad: ‘Say No to the Mob’ Rips Dems Apart for BLM Riot Violence

Amazing New Science Finds Thousands Of Tiny Preemies Can Survive

Amazon Is 'Expressing Public and Open Hostility Toward Conservative and Religious Organizations'

Amazon Doubles Down on Excluding Some Conservative Nonprofits from Customer Donations

Amazon One lets you pay with your palm

America’s Chris Wallace Problem

Amid Riots, Washington and Lee University Offers a Class on 'How to Overthrow the State'

Amy Coney Barrett and the Zealots