Thursday, October 8, 2020

10/8 - WATCHING . . .

Earth watch:

CALIF: A Swarm Of Nearly 600 Earthquakes Rattles Southern California As Speculation About “The Big One” Starts To Rise Again

CALIF: Salton Sea earthquake swarm could be followed by a magnitude 7 or higher

CALIF: The California Fires are a new HELL on Earth

CALIF: It’s worst than a volcanic eruption! Massive chunks of ash fall from the sky across Santa Rosa, California as ‘wildfire’ attacks the area

CALIF: 3 dead, nearly 100 000 evacuate as two massive wildfires explode in Northern California

CALIF: "We Just Don't Have Words" - Wildfires Spread Across California Wine Country

CALIF: 5 of the 6 largest wildfires in California history are burning right now and have already killed over 1,000 with their smoke

CALIF: Creek Fire becomes largest single blaze in California, spawning 2 rare fire tornadoes

GULF COAST: Delta strengthens into a hurricane, forecast to make landfall along the central Gulf Coast
GG: Interesting, Delta will impact our Mississippi delta, sometime on Friday.

CHILE: Millions of locusts devastate fields, crops and pastures in Chile

RUSSIA: Ecological disaster with hordes of dead sea creatures, toxic smell, surfer burns and yellow waters plague the Pacific coast of Kamchatka


Covid19 watch:

'People Are Going To Be Shocked': Bannon Claims Wuhan Lab Employees Have Defected, Are Working With FBI

Refugee Scientist Says Virus Came from Army Lab

Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To 'Disappear' Her

COVID-19 Is 'Unrestricted Bioweapon': Whistleblower Releases Second Paper Alleging 'Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud'

Renowned EU Scientist: COVID-19 Was Engineered In China Lab, Effective Vaccine "Unlikely"

A 3rd Study Has Now Found That COVID-19 Antibodies Disappear Very, Very Rapidly

People With Mild COVID-19 May Experience 'Serious' Brain Disorders: UK Neurologists

COVID and The Escalation Of Medical Tyranny

Last Trumpet Newsletter: Coronavirus And The New World Order


Deep state watch:

CIA Director Gina Haspel And The British Role In The Anti-Trump Plot

DNI Declassifies Brennan Notes; Briefed Obama On Intelligence That Hillary Clinton Concocted Trump-Russia Allegations

D.C. Court Endorses Continued Legal Harassment Of Michael Flynn

‘Get Trump’: FBI Whistleblower On Mueller Team Details Real Reason Flynn Was Targeted

US Attorney Jensen Provides Flynn Defense With Meeting Notes from DOJ-NSD and FBI Meeting Day After Flynn Interview: CTH

Flynn’s Lawyer Seeks To Have Judge Sullivan Recuse Himself From The Case: John Sexton

Hillary Clinton Approved Russiagate Falsehood To Distract From Email Scandal - Report

James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems

John Brennan Digs the Hole Deeper With Transparently False – and Unhelpful – Explanations for His Notes

Why No Durham Activity Before Election — Likely the Interview of Agent William Barnett


Debate watch:

VP Debate Post-Mortem: Pence Trounces "Gaffe Machine" Harris

Nolte: Frank Luntz Focus Group ‘Overwhelmingly’ Says Mike Pence Won Debate

Patriot Retort: That was the kindest evisceration in history

Patriot Retort: Kamala has the Foreign Policy Chops of a Miss America contestant

Pence Mops the Floor with Harris


Election watch:

Dan Bongino: It’s Crucial You Vote Republican Down Ballot This Year

Dennis Prager: To All Those Who 'Vote For the Man, Not the Party'

The Death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Means The Constitution Is On The Ballot

The Election in Black and White, A response to Michelle Obama’s racist attack.

Get Ready for Chaos

If Democrats Take The White House And Congress In November, It Will All Be Over For The Republican Party

Knowing what's at stake, Trump-supporters increasingly refuse to hide in the shadows

The Open Supreme Court Seat Is A Final Test For Trump, Senate Republicans And America’s Conservatives

Peter Schiff Warns Of "Fourth Quarter Fireworks"

TikTok (Chinese Spyware) Launches “Guide To US Elections” To Combat “Misinformation”

UFC Fighter Stuns After Victory: ‘If You Thought That Was A Beating’ Wait Till Trump ‘Landslide’ Over Biden

Wall Street Is Bracing For A “Nightmare Scenario” To Unfold On November 3rd