Friday, October 16, 2020


Debate aftermath:

The Shrew versus Donald Trump

One remark from one woman overhauled the energy at last night's Trump town hall

When it came to the dueling town halls, every eye was on this person

NBC caved to 'enormous pressure' to make town hall a 'nightmare for Trump'

The Democrat partisans running the two town halls had a big effect

Savannah Guthrie disrespected the president at last night's town hall


Biden watch:

The (Social) Media Are the Enemy

The New Hunter Biden Emails From Tucker Carlson Tie Everything All Together

New Biden Email Obliterates Burisma 'Debunking' Over Fired Prosecutor; Giuliani Teases More Devastating Releases

Despicable Media Just Had Its Busiest Day of Carrying Water for Biden Yet


Weekend reading:

"Absurd" "Dangerous" says Obama of Trump's accusation of spying on his campaign

Air Force Boasts New Hypersonic Missile Will Hit 1,000 Mile Target In Under 12 Minutes

Of Amazon We Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

America Has Fewest Cops in a Quarter Century, Data Find

An NBA so woke it cancels itself

Andrew Cuomo Begs Rich Hedge Funders Fleeing NYC: "Please Come Back"

Analysis: Senate Russiagate Report Left Big Stones Unturned – Two Being Mifsud and Assange

Anita Hill Can’t Figure Out Why People Don’t Trust Harassment Accusations

Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative; Berkeley Responds

Another COVID vaccine using aborted baby cell line pauses trials after participant’s ‘unexplained illness’

Another young Republican has another phenomenal campaign video (Joe Collins against Maxine Waters)

Answering a Christian “Never Trumper”

Anti-Trump Indoctrination Reported at California High School; A "Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican" sticker was displayed in the classroom

Antifa: A Relic of German Communism; On a mission to destroy the United States

Antifa – An Integral Part of the Dems' 2020 Playbook

Antifa as 'Merely an Idea, Not an Organization'; A bad omen for Christians in Joe Biden’s America

Anti-Pedophilia is now officially a right-wing position

The Appalling Silence of Mitt Romney

Arab Muslims are People of Color, Arab Christians are White; What the New York Times’ racial list says about the persecution of Christians

Arizona State student suing after being fired over her report on Jacob Blake’s criminal record

Arrest Them Now!

‘Arthur’ Propaganda Episode Teaches Children ‘It’s Not Enough to Not Be Racist,’ They Must ‘Actively Fight Racism’

As Predicted, the Chickens of Gorsuch's Horrible Transgender Decision Come Home to Roost

Asleep at the Wheel

Asset Manager Explains What May Spark The Collapse Of The Dollar

ATF Reversal Could Turn Millions of Gun Owners into Felons

'The Atlantic' Continues Its TDS Tantrum, Calls for End of Nobel Peace Prize After Trump Is Nominated

The Atlantic: Vote For Joe Biden Or Democrats Will Lose Their Minds And Burn The Country Down

Attorney who warns about Big Tech and Big Brother sees big problem

Austin: Police Union Puts Up Billboards Warning Travelers to “Enter At Your Own Risk”

Australian Doctors Want to Rename 'Irrelevant and Misogynistic' Body Parts Named for Men

Australian researchers see virus design manipulation

Axios Admits Joe Biden Gets No Scrutiny and Then Everything Goes Off the Rails

Ayatollah Khamenei and the Unhinged Mind of a Religious Zealot