Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Cry havoc!

Chris Wallace’s Debate Performance Was Absolutely Disgraceful

The debate? Trump was great, Chris Wallace was a dreadful disgrace

Chris Wallace's Impartiality Questioned Due To His Giant Foam Finger Reading 'Biden 2020'

DISGUSTING! Joe Biden Calls Trump a “Racist” then Lectures Americans on How Insults are “Demeaning” in Same Answer (VIDEO)

Hilarious and Great Moments When Trump Laid Biden Low in the First Debate

Kurt Schlichter: The Debate Post-Mortem

The Morning After: Observations of First Presidential Debate from Attorney Lin Wood and Actor James Woods

MSM inadvertently declare Trump the winner last night — by urging Biden to boycott next 2 scheduled debates

OUTRAGEOUS! Chris Wallace Calls Out Trump to Tell His Supporters to Not Riot!! WTH? After BLM-Antifa Rip Apart the Country! (VIDEO)

Patriot Retort: Did Chris Wallace replace Biden as the Democrat nominee?

Two crucial things emerged from the first presidential debate

Trump Battered Biden So Bad During Debate That CNN’s John King Forced to Admit Hunter Biden a ‘Swamp Creature Using His Family Name to Make Money Around the World’ (VIDEO)

The Worst Moments From the Debate Came From Moderator Chris Wallace

Flashback: Chris Wallace Mocked Trump in 1988 Interview


Hell hath no fury:

Bombshell Allegation: Hillary Orchestrated Collusion Hoax to Distract From Her Emails, According to Russian Intel

How Hillary introduced Americans to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Josh Hawley Exposes James Comey Under Oath... and It's FIRE

Ringing Comey's Bell

Russia Believed Clinton Was Planning Anti-Trump Collusion Campaign In 2016, And U.S. Officials Knew It

Russia Was Trying To Hurt Trump? Impending Declassification To 'Flip Collusion Theory On Its Head': Solomon

Sen. Cruz to Former FBI Director Comey: Under Oath, Who's Telling the Truth, You or McCabe?