Tuesday, October 27, 2020


We have a really big ice storm going here in Oklahoma. We lost power this morning. On a generator now. Have a few more hours to go before this system moves out.


x-Advisor to Steve Jobs Says Facebook is “Destroying the Very Fabric of Human Relationships”

x-British PM: One world government needed to cope with COVID-19

x-Business Partner Tony Bobulinski: Here Are the Politicians Hunter Biden Was Focused on and Why

x-CBS News President says the liberal bias in news is undeniable, and there’s nothing that can be done about it

x-Chicago Bears Coach Has a Message for Kneeling Athletes

X-CIA spook: Trump Is "Exposing The Deep State Like No One Since JFK"

x-Cop to AOC, Pelosi: ‘Defund Your Protection First’

x-DIA analyst who leaked classified material to reporters sentenced to 30 months in prison

x-eBay Execs Charged With Cyberstalking in Bizarre and Terrifying Plot to Silence Online Critics

x-FBI Lawyer James Baker, Who Played Key Role In Probe Of Trump Campaign, hired by Twitter

x-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty in Durham investigation

x-Feminist reveals how abortion, porn are killing culture

x-French PM: Left Has Abandoned Class Warfare in Favour of Race Warfare

x-French President Nicolas Sarkozy Indicted For "Criminal Association" In Libyan Funding Scandal

x-GOP candidate Carly Fiorina endorses Biden, claims he ‘could lead’ on abortion

x-Intel Officials Scramble To Downplay Ratcliffe's Russiagate Releases

x-Joe Biden advisor on Ukraine is Facebook's lead executive on Election Policy

x-Joe Biden staffer lays out the alleged depths of Joe's dementia in anonymous post

x-Judge's Flynn Filing Another Example Of "Irregularity" In The Age Of Rage

x-Mexico Defense Minister Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges By DEA

X-MI6 Boss Says COVID-19 Manmade, Escaped From Chinese Lab

x-NASA astronaut becomes first woman to reach Earth's deepest point

x-NSA Tech Chief: CIA Fabricated Russiagate "Evidence"

x-NYPD Commissioner: I've Seen Hunter's Hard Drive; the Bidens 'Belong in Handcuffs'

x-Obama officials embedded in corporations supporting Black Lives Matter radicals

x-Obama speechwriter one of the questioners at Biden's Town Hall

x-Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson describes brutal reality of abortion during RNC speech

x-President of Poland says Hunter Biden profited off his father's name despite Joe's claims otherwise

x-Social Security Senior Officials Beg Biden: Please Stop Lying About Social Security

x-Trump adviser breaks silence on Russia probe: Iran deal basis for #Obamagate

x-Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Threatens To Put Capitalists Up Against A Wall And Murder Them

x-UK Deputy and anti-Trump Prime Minister ‘Involved’ In Facebook Censorship of Biden Story

x-US Ambassador Accuses China Of Trying To 'Cover Up' Wuhan COVID-19 Outbreak

x-VA Staffer Admits To Killing Seven Elderly Vets Using Insulin

x-Vatican doctrine head: Vote for ‘good Protestant’ over ‘bad Catholic’

x-White House doctor says Biden lacks ‘mental capacity’ for presidency

Monday, October 26, 2020

10/26 - WATCHING . . .

Earth watch:

CO: Cameron Peak Fire became largest in Colorado's history

GULF COAST: Tropical Storm "Zeta" forms in the Caribbean Sea, moving toward Yucatan and U.S. Gulf Coast

OR: The Gales Creek fault is a new dangerous earthquake threat for Portland, Oregon … And there may be many more underground

OR: Yet another warning that makes it clear that we should all be bracing for a major seismic event along the west coast

TX: Jellyfish are washing up by the thousands on a Texas beach and wildlife experts aren’t sure why

DENMARK: 2½ million minks culled Denmark after coronavirus is found on 63 fur farms

GLOBAL: Sharp increase in natural disasters over the past 20 years

JAPAN: Fukushima To Dump 1 Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into Pacific


Economic watch:

15 signs that America’s economic depression is accelerating as we head toward the Holiday Season

The economic implosion of 2020: Job losses ramp up again as millions of Americans continue to slide into poverty

Goodbye Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $34,248.45 Last Year

Nearly Half Of Small Business Owners Expect To Close Down Permanently

Next Up: Global Depression

Putting 2020’s $10-Trillion-Plus COVID “Stimulus” In Perspective – From Ultra-Deflation To Hyper-Inflation

Rosenberg: We Are In A Depression

So Donald Trump just got Joe Biden to admit that he wants to ban the entire U.S. oil industry . . .

Survey finds that one out of every five Americans could be out of money “by Election Day”


Election watch:

Biden campaign calls a lid -- no more in-person campaigning until election!

Big Tech Panicking – Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls

The big Trump rallies you don't see

Byron York: Media Ignore Spontaneous Trump Rallies

Can’t you see I’m tryin to learn edition? Top 20 Bad Blue Tweets

Crashing NBA ratings predict Trump win

The Data in Michigan Should Have Democrats in a Panic

‘Democrats Have Lost Their Minds’: Ben Shapiro Explains Why He’ll Vote For Donald Trump In 2020 For The First Time

Even Ivanka draws a bigger crowd than Kamala

Here are 3 reasons why very few experts are trusting the national polls that show Biden with a huge lead over Trump

Is A Trump 'Surprise' Victory In The Offing?

Kim Klacik Outraises Democrat Opponent in Baltimore

Lifelong Democrat Dov Hikind: Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump In 2020 - VIDEO

The New York Post endorses President Donald J. Trump for re-election

Pelosi: Trump 'delusional' if he thinks Republicans can win the House in 2020

Prager U Video: 3 Things You Should Think About Before You Vote

Texas Reloaded - Greatest joint campaign ad in history

“Today, I went to a Trump rally” In Democrat Majority Greenwich, Ct. “I wanted to see one up close for myself…and it was an eye-opening experience”

The Voters Deserve to Know Now

Will The AMISH PAC Swing Pennsylvania and Ohio For Trump?

Friday, October 23, 2020


Biden scandals watch:

Behind the social-media blackout of Biden family corruption

The Biden Emails Prove Impeachment Was A Sham

Bobulinski holds presser – DEVASTATING EVIDENCE AGAINST THE BIDENS – He has the goods

Here's why Hunter Biden's emails are a HUGE deal

Hunter Biden Is Not The Problem, The Problem Is His Dad

Treating the Steele Dossier as Verified, and Hunter Biden's Laptop as Unverified

Trove Of Documents Detail China's Control of Biden Family


Weekend reading:

Baby Boomers Panic Hoard "Covid Campers" To Escape Big Cities As Second Wave Threats Emerge

Bad Hair Day: The Week in Pictures

Bail Fund Promoted By Kamala Harris To This Day Helped Bail Out A Man Accused Of Penetrating An 8 Year-Old Child

Ban Anti-Semite Rasha Mubarak from the Democratic Party

Barack Obama: How the mighty are fallen

Barack Obama Is the Inspiration for BLM's Cop Assassination Attempts

Barack Obama is Responsible for Racial Tensions in America Today

Barista at Target Starbucks fired after teaching how to make deadly ‘Blue Lives Matter’ drink, wants ‘more dead cops’

Baylor University Adds a Trigger Warning to 2,977 Commemorations of September 11th

The Beginning of the End of Whites in South Africa

Behind Trump’s Surprise Pardon To Black American Who Helps Prisoners Start Life Fresh

Ben Shapiro just gave President Trump a very important endorsement

Ben Shapiro: The Left's Willingness to Tolerate Violence Should Frighten All Americans

Ben Shapiro: Why Democrats Hate Amy Coney Barrett

Benghazi: The Forgotten "September 11th" Attack On The US Consulate In Libya

Bernie Sanders Surrogate Shaun King Calls For Doxxing All The Cops In Kenosha And Claiming They Shot Jacob Blake

The Best And Worst States For Homeschool Freedom

"Bias, Hatred, and Rudeness" - Trump Posts Full Raw '60 Minutes' Interview, Then Posts Pence's

Biden, Ginsburg used term ‘sexual preference’ — only Barrett was attacked for it

Big Tech goes full Pravda on New York Post's Hunter Biden sleaze scoop

'Big Tech Is Out to Get Conservatives,' Jim Jordan Warns. He Gave 15 Examples

Big Tech Removes a Video From Prominent Think Tank For Contradicting WHO on Coronavirus

Big Tech Slept With Communist China And Brought Venereal Censorship Back To America

The Biggest Defenders of Black Americans Throughout U.S. History Have Been Republicans

bin Laden In Iran? Alleged Whistleblower Releases Evidence to Make His Claim

Biologists in WSJ: Only Two Sexes, Male and Female, There is No Sex 'Spectrum'

"Bipartisan" Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan For Chaos If Trump Wins The Election

Bishop awaits word on punishment for standing firm on biblical marriage

Black Man Red Pills His Buddy On Camera

Black Mayors and Police Chiefs are Being Accused of White Supremacy

Blowout for me, but not for thee

“Blue Lives Don’t Matter” Because They Are Not a “Thing” - Gravel Institute

Blue States Take Cops and Firefighters Hostage to Demand Bailouts; Pay us or we’ll fire cops and firefighters

Boiling Point

Bot Reads 1,000 Jennifer Rubin Articles, Produces a Masterpiece

Brennan, Clapper: Hunter Biden Emails ‘Russian Disinformation’ Whether ‘Genuine or Not’
(GG: These two Anti-Trump Deep State operatives come to this conclusion without even examining the laptop. Amazing!)

Bring Grandma-Killing Governors to Justice

Budget Deficit Tripled to $3.1 Trillion in 2020

Businesses leaving downtown Portland over ‘lawlessness’: report

But for the Coward Culture, Cancel Culture would die

By Destroying History, Liberals Make an Example of Themselves

Thursday, October 22, 2020


An Abusive Relationship With the Democrat Party Edition

Antifa and BLM, the Democrat party's stormtroopers

Beware, America: Democrats are fighting for your soul

Colorado Democratic Committee Member Caught On Hidden Camera Talking Violent Revolution

Democrat Leaders Will Refuse the #WuhanVirus Vaccine to Own the Orange Man Edition

Democrat Mail Fraud Will Take Us to the Brink

The Democrat Party is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Communist Red China

Democrat-Run KKK Burnt Crosses, Democrat-Run BLM Burn Bibles

Democrat-run Teachers’ Unions Will Shoot Their Hostages

Democrat Success Stories Edition

Democrats Dodge the Real Reparations

Democrats Introduce Bill to Repeal Amendment Barring U.S. Funds to Provide Abortion Overseas

The Democrats' Long Temper Tantrum Will Reelect Trump

Dems Killing Americans to Own the Orange Man Edition

Extremist Democrats Take Part In Event Hosted By Blogger Who Declared ‘America Deserved 9/11’

History Keeps Proving Democrats Wrong

How Democrats Recreated the Middle Ages in America’s Cities

How San Francisco's Democrats made Jim Jones, and then made his memory vanish

In 2019, Democrat Candidate In North Carolina Encourages Followers To Kill Republican, Twitter never bothered to delete

IT Guy tweet: Whichever RNC staffer did this deserves a promotion

The Party of Enduring Racism, Bias, and Prejudice

Politico Admits Democrats ‘Dread’ Fast Economic Rebound

Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn't Want Solved

Shattered Norms Started With Democrats’ Fanatical Devotion To Roe v. Wade

So Much for Hoping That Democrats Wouldn't Be Awful Filth During the ACB Hearings

The Vicious Party

While Claiming To Champion Justice, Democrats Are Letting American Cities Burn

WSJ Editorial Board Rips Democrats for Purging Black Police Chiefs

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Dems $3T coronavirus bill has more mentions of cannabis than jobs

Dems and Deep Fakes

Dems and the Big Lie

Dems Are Coming For The Courts (And You)

Dems Are Trying To Engineer An Electoral Crisis In America

Dems Are Waging War Against Tradition and the Constitution

Dems Attack the Country; the Republicans Attack the Dems

Dems Blame a Church 120 Miles Away for Corona Deaths in a Nursing Home Owned by a Democrat Mayor

Dems blame Trump and 'Mother Earth' for CA fires

The Dems' Coup Plot - David Horowitz video

Dems Cut Biden’s Live Feed Before Peter Doocy Exposes Him As A Fabricator

Dems Declare a Jew Ban

Dems Destroy America, Blame Trump

Dems Go Postal

The Dems Have a Catholic Problem

Dems Have Created Scores of First-Time Trump Voters

Dems have directly encouraged violence on the streets. Winding it back won’t be easy

Dems Have Encouraged Political Violence, Beginning With Barack Obama

Dems Have No Intention Of Accepting Second Trump Term - Miranda Devine

Democrats ‘Infected’ with Pandemic of Intolerance, Socialism, Anti-Police Bias - Vernon Jones

Dems Introduce Legislation To Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis

Dems Killed Cannon Hinnant and George Floyd

Dems Leveraged Fear of Virus to Gain Political Power — ‘This Isn’t Science, It’s Dystopia’ - Tucker Carlson

Dems Made the Supreme Court Too Important. Now They’re Panicking and Paying the Price.

Dems’ ‘Norm’ Is Brutalizing The Reputations Of Republican Court Nominees

Dems paying for the Mueller Report

Dems Pick the Criminal

Dems Plan to Steal the Presidency

Dems: Riots, Racism, Rot, and Rebellion

Dems Say Only Suckers Will Take Covid Vaccine

Dems See Racism In How Republicans Pronounce Kamala’s Name

Dems See Supreme Court as ‘Auxiliary Legislature’ -- Ari Fleischer

Dems Spend Four Years Fantasizing About Riots, Assassination And Violent Chaos

Dems Summer of Riots, Arson, and Looting in photos

Dems Sure Hate America

Dems’ Threat to Abolish the Filibuster Means the End of the United States as we Know It

Dems Threaten to Burn Down the Republic to Stack the Supreme Court

Dems To America – Vote Biden, Or Die! -- Video Montage

Dems Upcoming Theft of the 2020 Election

Dems Want to Change the Rules Because ‘They’re Not Winning Elections’ - Jordan

Dems Want Term Limits for the Supreme Court but not Themselves

The Dems' War on Blacks

Dems will Disarm You, Empty the Prisons, Lock You in Your Home, and Invite MS-13 to Live Next Door -- Rep. Gaetz

The Dems Will Wreck Everything

‘Dems Won’t Let You Go to Work, but They’ll Let You Riot’ - Rep. Jim Jordan

Dems Would Destroy the Presidency

Friday, October 16, 2020


Debate aftermath:

The Shrew versus Donald Trump

One remark from one woman overhauled the energy at last night's Trump town hall

When it came to the dueling town halls, every eye was on this person

NBC caved to 'enormous pressure' to make town hall a 'nightmare for Trump'

The Democrat partisans running the two town halls had a big effect

Savannah Guthrie disrespected the president at last night's town hall


Biden watch:

The (Social) Media Are the Enemy

The New Hunter Biden Emails From Tucker Carlson Tie Everything All Together

New Biden Email Obliterates Burisma 'Debunking' Over Fired Prosecutor; Giuliani Teases More Devastating Releases

Despicable Media Just Had Its Busiest Day of Carrying Water for Biden Yet


Weekend reading:

"Absurd" "Dangerous" says Obama of Trump's accusation of spying on his campaign

Air Force Boasts New Hypersonic Missile Will Hit 1,000 Mile Target In Under 12 Minutes

Of Amazon We Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

America Has Fewest Cops in a Quarter Century, Data Find

An NBA so woke it cancels itself

Andrew Cuomo Begs Rich Hedge Funders Fleeing NYC: "Please Come Back"

Analysis: Senate Russiagate Report Left Big Stones Unturned – Two Being Mifsud and Assange

Anita Hill Can’t Figure Out Why People Don’t Trust Harassment Accusations

Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative; Berkeley Responds

Another COVID vaccine using aborted baby cell line pauses trials after participant’s ‘unexplained illness’

Another young Republican has another phenomenal campaign video (Joe Collins against Maxine Waters)

Answering a Christian “Never Trumper”

Anti-Trump Indoctrination Reported at California High School; A "Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican" sticker was displayed in the classroom

Antifa: A Relic of German Communism; On a mission to destroy the United States

Antifa – An Integral Part of the Dems' 2020 Playbook

Antifa as 'Merely an Idea, Not an Organization'; A bad omen for Christians in Joe Biden’s America

Anti-Pedophilia is now officially a right-wing position

The Appalling Silence of Mitt Romney

Arab Muslims are People of Color, Arab Christians are White; What the New York Times’ racial list says about the persecution of Christians

Arizona State student suing after being fired over her report on Jacob Blake’s criminal record

Arrest Them Now!

‘Arthur’ Propaganda Episode Teaches Children ‘It’s Not Enough to Not Be Racist,’ They Must ‘Actively Fight Racism’

As Predicted, the Chickens of Gorsuch's Horrible Transgender Decision Come Home to Roost

Asleep at the Wheel

Asset Manager Explains What May Spark The Collapse Of The Dollar

ATF Reversal Could Turn Millions of Gun Owners into Felons

'The Atlantic' Continues Its TDS Tantrum, Calls for End of Nobel Peace Prize After Trump Is Nominated

The Atlantic: Vote For Joe Biden Or Democrats Will Lose Their Minds And Burn The Country Down

Attorney who warns about Big Tech and Big Brother sees big problem

Austin: Police Union Puts Up Billboards Warning Travelers to “Enter At Your Own Risk”

Australian Doctors Want to Rename 'Irrelevant and Misogynistic' Body Parts Named for Men

Australian researchers see virus design manipulation

Axios Admits Joe Biden Gets No Scrutiny and Then Everything Goes Off the Rails

Ayatollah Khamenei and the Unhinged Mind of a Religious Zealot

Thursday, October 15, 2020

10/15 - WATCHING . . .

Lots of news in the past 48 hours, no?

Watching ACB:

ACB Is The First Big Potential Supreme Court Victory For Republicans In 90 Years


The Barrett Rule: How Democratic Members Are Creating A New And Dangerous Standard For Confirmations

Dems Make Losing Arguments Against a Judicial Star

Mazie Hirono Asks Judge Barrett If She’s Ever Raped Anyone Before
(GG: C'mon, Hawaii, is she really the best you can send to DC?)

Why Dems Hate ACB


Watching Biden:

Which Biden? Pick one.

Which rat jumps first? Who looks out for his/her political career? Kamala was fast to say she was exposed to covid, so we won't be seeing her for a few days.

There is suddenly A LOT out there, so I picked 8 articles I found interesting.

Are the big social media companies literally trying to determine who wins the presidential election?

The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY’S Payoff Scheme | Rudy Giuliani’s EXCLUSIVE Reaction

Bookmark Today’s Date – Big Tech Has Crossed The Event Horizon to Protect Joe Biden

Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm

Giuliani Reveals Texts Allegedly From Hunter Biden Saying ‘Dad’ Got Half of His Contracts

Joe Biden Lied: Emails Show Hunter and Joe Met Together With Ukraine Energy Executives

Tucker Carlson unpacks the Hunter Biden email scandal

Twitter Cites ‘Hacked Info’ Policy to Defend Censorship of New York Post Biden Bombshell


Watching Benghazi:

Is there something to this? Will it go anywhere?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

10/14 - WATCHING . . .

The approaching election:

A 9 hour wait? Early voting is shattering previous levels as voters flock to the polls in droves

Charles Hurt: If the Democrats Are Really So Far Ahead, Why Are They Acting So Desperate?

Fake-Poll Alert: Proof Biden Is Not Winning

First Time EVER, Florida Police Chiefs Announce Their Endorsement for President

How to Steal an Election: Mail-In Ballots

I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016, But I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For Him Now

I Was Wrong About Trump. He Didn’t Destroy the GOP, He Saved It

Looking beyond the polls, there continue to be signs that Trump will win

Miami, Florida: 30K Cars Show Up For “Latino Anti-Communist/Pro-Trump Parade”

Only Trump Can Keep America Together

Pay Attention To Local Elections, Because Whoever Wins Can Make Your Life Miserable

The Planet's Not Angry, But Stockman Warns The Pelosi/Newsom/Harris Climate-Howlers Are Truly Dangerous

Prediction: Biden won't concede under any circumstances

President Trump’s Florida Rally: 16% of Attendees Were Democrats, 24% Didn’t Vote in 2016

Read it and weep, Liberals: Trump will win in 2020

Shy Trump Voters or Fed Up Trump Voters?

Signs That Trump Isn’t Going to Win on Nov. 3

The stage has been set for a historic national meltdown . . .

Swing voters in Michigan focus group say Biden choosing Harris pushed them to Trump

"This Is Straight Up Election Interference" - Furious Conservatives Slam Facebook For Suppressing Hunter Biden Expose

WATCH: Over 1,000 Texomans Join Two-State Trump Parade

Rubino: Well Played, Mr. President. Sorry To Have Doubted You


The malevolent Left:

‘When somebody says they want to kill you, you should believe them.’ --Holocaust survivor

When I vote for President Trump on November 3rd, EVERYONE of the following haters can thank themselves for giving me a reason to do so. There is no way in hot Hades I would ever join their team.

Alyssa Milano: ‘The Entire GOP Should Be Tried for Treason’

Anand Giridharadas: Trump Supporters Are ‘People Who Like Fascism’

Chris Hayes: Tweets that he wants a ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ to Punish Trump Voters

Claire McKaskill: Trump supporters should realize Trump is too dumb to lead this country

Dan Rather: In November We Will ‘Find Out How Many People Are Dumb Enough to Believe’ Trump

Debra Messing: Tweets President Trump is a "rapist" and a "pedo" and mocks Trump supporters wanting to know "their limits"

Jennifer Mosher: Hopes All Trump Voters Die Before Election

Joy Reid: Compares Trump Supporters to Islamic Extremists

Keith Olbermann: Trump Supporters Are ‘Maggots,’ Must Be ‘Prosecuted’

Michelle Obama: Scolds President Trump for calling the riots that have burned cities and destroyed businesses "violent"

Nancy Pelosi: Labels Republicans ‘Enemies of The State’

Tom Arnold: Demands Liberals Enter Armed Confrontations With Trump Supporters

Valerie Jarrett: Trump’s Embrace of White Supremacists ‘Fueling Anger’ of Protesters

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Catherine Herridge: Memo Indicates Peter Strzok Approved His Own Draft To Open The Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Alleged Role with the Deaths of Seal Team- Claims to have Documented Proof

Coup Who?

Declassified FBI Spreadsheet Exposes Steele Dossier Farce: Media Reports On FBI Reports Of Media Reports
(GG: The MSM were/are in so deep in the lies! Read to the very end.)

Deep State General H.R. McMaster on 60 Minutes Shows He’s Still Part of the Rolling Coup

Document Released to CBS Shows Circular Reporting and Links Between Obama’s Deep State and Fake News Media During the Trump-Russia Coup

Documents Show Former Officials "In Real Trouble" In Durham Investigation: Meadows

Durham’s Investigation Has Taken an Interest a Person Named Daniel Jones — The Implications Are Uncertain at This Point

Evidence Surfaces of John Durham Grand Jury – Team Following Deep State Rabbit Hole Leading to Senate Intel Committee Corruption

Expanding Scope Of Inquiry on “Unmaskings” To Include “To/From/About Queries” of NSA Databases Would Be a Huge Development

Flynn targeted for destruction because he wanted to investigate Brennan's 'off the books' billions of dollars at CIA?

If No Indictments Prior to the Election, What Is Durham’s End Game?

The latest revelations show Team Obama invented the whole RussiaGate scandal

The Mueller Probe, Part 1: A Recusal and Comey’s Notes

The Mueller Probe, Part 2: Comey’s Firing

The Mueller Probe, Part 3: Mueller’s Band of Misfits

The Mueller Probe, Part 4: Results of the Investigation

The Mueller probe, Part 5: Key Questions and Omissions

‘The Plot Against the President’

Powell: The Obama Admin Was Complicit – “They Pushed the Disinformation” Against Trump and Flynn

“Somebody needs to go to jail … This is a slam-dunk” – Ric Grenell

Turning the Tables on Democrats’ Russia Hoax, Director of National Intelligence declassifies startling info about Obama, Hillary and Brennan

‘Unacceptable’: Johnson and Grassley push FBI to hand over all of Andrew McCabe’s texts


Interesting connection:

Hillary’s Law Firm that Paid for Dossier Also Recruited CrowdStrike to Probe DNC Hack

Who is Hillary's law firm? Perkins Coie.

Look at this:

Twitter Fined For Multiple Campaign Finance Violations

Who is defending Twitter? Perkins Coie. It's right there in the article.

Friday, October 9, 2020


A 1930s Communist Spy Can Help Explain What’s Motivating The Riots

AARP to Seniors: We're Not Accountable to You

Abandoned’ NYPD Officers Are Retiring Like It’s Going Out of Style

ABC report PERFECTLY ECHO Chinese Communist state media EXACT WORDS on Trump Covid diagnosis

Above the Law: The Inside Story of How the Justice Department Tried to Subvert President Trump

Absurd: Arizona Schools Not Opening in the Fall Plan to Charge $200/Week for Childcare

ACLU Official Attacks University For Admitting Nick Sandmann While Professor Promises To Monitor His Conduct

ACLU Exploits Pandemic to Promote Abortion

ACLU Sues Due Process Champion DeVos

Across the Wide, Growing American Divide

Added Benefit of the Trump Presidency Is Better Ads

The Adverse Effects of Obama’s Executive Order 13583 and the Purge of Generals and Admirals Are Now Obvious

A Deplorable Moment for Every Black American in This Country

After Jen Rubin Goes Bonkers Against Walter Reed, She Gets Checked Hard by Military Member Being Treated There

African Cardinal: BLM Seeks ‘Destruction of the Nuclear Family’

After Backing Massive Police Funding Cuts, De Blasio Blames In Part Lack Of Police For Jump In Crime

‘AI, ML and quantum computing to cement position in 2020’

AI-Written Editorial Warns "I Will Not Be Able To Avoid Destroying Mankind"

Air Force One Is Going Hypersonic

Air Force Reveals Six-Gen Stealth Jet Has Been "Built And Flown"

Albuquerque to Start Sending Unarmed Social Workers on Some 911 Calls in City

"All About Money, Not Human Rights": Hong Kong Activists Slam LeBron James' BLM Hypocrisy

All Of The Coronavirus Models Were Wrong

All The Chips Are On The Table Now - Pat Buchanan

All Passengers on Epstein’s Flight Logs to Be Named – Epstein’s Rich and Famous Pals Panicking

All That Is Wrong With The US Healthcare System In One $18,415.00 Coronavirus Test

Already-Broke Colleges Being Bullied Into Hosting Costly "White Privilege" Workshops Amid Virus Crisis

Alyssa Milano’s Mask Says Everything About The Left

Amateur Jared Kushner vs. Pro John Kerry

Amazing Ad: ‘Say No to the Mob’ Rips Dems Apart for BLM Riot Violence

Amazing New Science Finds Thousands Of Tiny Preemies Can Survive

Amazon Is 'Expressing Public and Open Hostility Toward Conservative and Religious Organizations'

Amazon Doubles Down on Excluding Some Conservative Nonprofits from Customer Donations

Amazon One lets you pay with your palm

America’s Chris Wallace Problem

Amid Riots, Washington and Lee University Offers a Class on 'How to Overthrow the State'

Amy Coney Barrett and the Zealots

Thursday, October 8, 2020

10/8 - WATCHING . . .

Earth watch:

CALIF: A Swarm Of Nearly 600 Earthquakes Rattles Southern California As Speculation About “The Big One” Starts To Rise Again

CALIF: Salton Sea earthquake swarm could be followed by a magnitude 7 or higher

CALIF: The California Fires are a new HELL on Earth

CALIF: It’s worst than a volcanic eruption! Massive chunks of ash fall from the sky across Santa Rosa, California as ‘wildfire’ attacks the area

CALIF: 3 dead, nearly 100 000 evacuate as two massive wildfires explode in Northern California

CALIF: "We Just Don't Have Words" - Wildfires Spread Across California Wine Country

CALIF: 5 of the 6 largest wildfires in California history are burning right now and have already killed over 1,000 with their smoke

CALIF: Creek Fire becomes largest single blaze in California, spawning 2 rare fire tornadoes

GULF COAST: Delta strengthens into a hurricane, forecast to make landfall along the central Gulf Coast
GG: Interesting, Delta will impact our Mississippi delta, sometime on Friday.

CHILE: Millions of locusts devastate fields, crops and pastures in Chile

RUSSIA: Ecological disaster with hordes of dead sea creatures, toxic smell, surfer burns and yellow waters plague the Pacific coast of Kamchatka


Covid19 watch:

'People Are Going To Be Shocked': Bannon Claims Wuhan Lab Employees Have Defected, Are Working With FBI

Refugee Scientist Says Virus Came from Army Lab

Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To 'Disappear' Her

COVID-19 Is 'Unrestricted Bioweapon': Whistleblower Releases Second Paper Alleging 'Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud'

Renowned EU Scientist: COVID-19 Was Engineered In China Lab, Effective Vaccine "Unlikely"

A 3rd Study Has Now Found That COVID-19 Antibodies Disappear Very, Very Rapidly

People With Mild COVID-19 May Experience 'Serious' Brain Disorders: UK Neurologists

COVID and The Escalation Of Medical Tyranny

Last Trumpet Newsletter: Coronavirus And The New World Order


Deep state watch:

CIA Director Gina Haspel And The British Role In The Anti-Trump Plot

DNI Declassifies Brennan Notes; Briefed Obama On Intelligence That Hillary Clinton Concocted Trump-Russia Allegations

D.C. Court Endorses Continued Legal Harassment Of Michael Flynn

‘Get Trump’: FBI Whistleblower On Mueller Team Details Real Reason Flynn Was Targeted

US Attorney Jensen Provides Flynn Defense With Meeting Notes from DOJ-NSD and FBI Meeting Day After Flynn Interview: CTH

Flynn’s Lawyer Seeks To Have Judge Sullivan Recuse Himself From The Case: John Sexton

Hillary Clinton Approved Russiagate Falsehood To Distract From Email Scandal - Report

James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems

John Brennan Digs the Hole Deeper With Transparently False – and Unhelpful – Explanations for His Notes

Why No Durham Activity Before Election — Likely the Interview of Agent William Barnett


Debate watch:

VP Debate Post-Mortem: Pence Trounces "Gaffe Machine" Harris

Nolte: Frank Luntz Focus Group ‘Overwhelmingly’ Says Mike Pence Won Debate

Patriot Retort: That was the kindest evisceration in history

Patriot Retort: Kamala has the Foreign Policy Chops of a Miss America contestant

Pence Mops the Floor with Harris


Election watch:

Dan Bongino: It’s Crucial You Vote Republican Down Ballot This Year

Dennis Prager: To All Those Who 'Vote For the Man, Not the Party'

The Death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Means The Constitution Is On The Ballot

The Election in Black and White, A response to Michelle Obama’s racist attack.

Get Ready for Chaos

If Democrats Take The White House And Congress In November, It Will All Be Over For The Republican Party

Knowing what's at stake, Trump-supporters increasingly refuse to hide in the shadows

The Open Supreme Court Seat Is A Final Test For Trump, Senate Republicans And America’s Conservatives

Peter Schiff Warns Of "Fourth Quarter Fireworks"

TikTok (Chinese Spyware) Launches “Guide To US Elections” To Combat “Misinformation”

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Wall Street Is Bracing For A “Nightmare Scenario” To Unfold On November 3rd

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


The VP debate is tonight. Time to revisit some bookmarked posts about Kamala Harris.

First, this woman is ALL about abortion, which, actually, is the standard position for anyone in the Democrat Party.

Kamala Harris: ‘We Cannot…Live in a Country With Any Level of Pride When Our Babies Are Being Slaughtered’

GG: Wow! Just wow! This is the woman who shut down David Daleiden and brought charges against him for revealing that Planned Parenthood has been SLAUGHTERING unborn babies for their organs.

David Daleiden explains how Biden VP pick Kamala Harris abused police powers for Planned Parenthood

Kamala Harris -- Planned Parenthood's Choice

The Fascist America That Kamala Promises

Undercover pro-life journalist Daleiden fights Planned Parenthood with federal defamation lawsuit


Second, this woman does not believe those who oppose abortion or the LGBT agenda should have any public rights to religion.

Here’s Where The Biden-Harris Ticket Stands On Taxpayer-Funded Abortions, Religious Freedom


Third, despite being California's AG, law enforcement isn't really her thing:

Kamala is proud of a rapist

Kamala Harris And Biden Staffers Contributed To And Promoted Bail Fund For Those Arrested During Riots

Kamala: "It's critically important that the protests continue."

AG Harris allowed sex offenders to live near schools

Kamala Harris Endorsed California Lawmaker Behind ‘Pro-Pedophile’ Bill SB145

Kamala Harris Denied Black Supremacists Existed, Then They Killed 4 People


Fourth, if Biden wins, Kamala will be President Harris:

Choose wisely.

The Trojan Donkey

Kamala Harris Accidentally Reveals Her Dagger for Biden's Back

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Both Refer To 'Harris Administration' During Public Speeches

Kamala's Lies

Video: Kamala’s Shockingly Rotten Road to Biden’s VP Pick; A disturbing odyssey into a moral sewer.

Kamala Harris Nod Tells Blue-Collar Workers Democrats Are Done With Them

Kamala is a Hillary Clone


Fifth, it's NOT racist if her family did it:

Kamala Harris ancestor was slave owner in Jamaica, her father says

GG: President Trump's family history has not revealed any slave holders (because our despicable media would be running that story 24/7), but Trump's the racist! Ban Aunt Jemima pancake syrup. Ban Uncle Ben rice. Kamala's family owned slaves - no story here, move along.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Azerbaijan and Armenia:

Now we can add “a major war” to the list of things that have happened in 2020

Azerbaijan's Authoritarian Regime Has 'declared War' On Armenia, Says PM Nikol Pashinyan

Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes kill at least 16, undermine regional stability



China Moves Away From US Dollar, Ahead Of Digital Yuan

China is Killing the Dollar

China Initiates 5 Simultaneous Military Drills 'Directed At Taiwan'

Taiwan Asserts Right to ‘Counter-Attack’ Against Chinese ‘Harassment and Threats’

US Pushes Unprecedented 7 Major Weapons Systems Sales To Taiwan At Once

Violent Clashes Between Chinese and Indian Troops

China seeks nuclear weapons and bases 'to support offensive operations' against US

US-China Military Conflict Deemed "Highly Likely" To "Almost Certain" Over Next 3 Years

India Test Fires 'NextGen Hypersonic Weapon' As Border Tensions With China Surge

India Seeks Rapid Purchase Of 33 Russian Fighter Jets In Response To Chinese Border Fight

World War 3: China vs India



Iran Blocks Access to Nuclear Sites, IAEA Says in New Report

Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missile Named After Soleimani Days After UN Vote To Drop Arms Embargo

Iran Conducts Annual War Drill To Thwart "Foreign Threats And Possible Invasion"

Watch: Iran Test Fires Ballistic Missiles From 'Underground Missile City'


Turkey and Greece:

Are Turkey And Greece Heading For War?

Turkish and Greek Naval Forces Face Off in Tense Eastern Mediterranean Confrontation

Turkey threatens Greece and Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea

Turkey on the Warpath