Friday, June 12, 2020


Watching COVID-19, again:

They Are Telling Us That The 2nd Wave Of The Coronavirus Is Here, And The Stock Market Is Totally Freaking Out

Peak Prosperity: Covid-19 On The Rise In 20+ States


Watching Somalia Seattle:

Can you imagine if this were Trump supporters or the Tea Party?

Are You Enjoying the Far-Left Church of Woke?
(GG: She NAILS it!)

It Only Took 2 Days For Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” To Descend Into Chaos
(GG: Sounds like Utopia to me. Who's ready to move there?)

Seattle "Autonomous Zone" Now Has A "Heavily-Armed" Warlord As Crime Spikes 300%
(GG: Gotta love how this group of idiots is calling themselves the "new police." AND put WALLS around their "autonomous zone"!!)

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Covers For Anarchists, Calls Their Seizure Of Streets A ‘Block Party’

Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country

Let Seattle stew in its own excrement


Watching the persecution of Flynn that just doesn't end:

From the First Page, Judge Gleeson’s Brief Against Flynn is a Travesty

This Takes Some Nerve: House Dems File an Amicus Brief In the Flynn Case Against Dismissal, Claim ‘Partisanship’
(GG: Of course they did!)


News numbers:

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2 shocking theories about the target on Flynn's back

2 'Unusual' COVID-19 Features Convincing Scientists It Was Man-Made

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7 Thoughts on the Civil War the Other Side Wants So Badly

7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump

8 ways Pelosi's HEROES Act directs taxpayer money toward abortion

8 Russian Warplanes Intercepted Off Alaska on June 10

9 of 11 statues of Confederate leaders Pelosi wants removed from Capitol were Democrats

9 Signs Of The End Times That Are Unfolding Right In Front Of Our Eyes

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