Monday, June 1, 2020


Chinese virus:

5/31, DAY 134 - 1,839,119 CASES; 106,241 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
4/2, DAY 74 - 245,573 CASES, 6058 DEAD
3/2, DAY 42 - 88 CASES, 2 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1 CASE, 0 DEATHS


News updates:

Nadler In 2004: ‘Paper Ballots Are Extremely Susceptible to Fraud … I Can Show You Experience Which Would Make Your Head Spin’

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Endorses Violent Assault Against Senator Rand Paul

NARAL Pro-Choice President Takes Issue with Coronavirus Protestors Using 'My Body, My Choice'

Nation's Political Class Perfectly OK With Your Financial Death

The National Debt Clock Is Flashing A Major Red Alert!

"NATO Go Home!"

Naval War College Prof: Trump Is ‘Unmanly,’ Supporters ‘Trapped in Perpetual Adolescence’
(GG: Don't you like how this professor paints everyone with a broad brush and yet there's a good chance he hasn't talked to everyone who supports President Trump?)

Navy Releases Video of High Energy Laser Weapon Destroying a Drone

NBC Bans Reporters From Using The Word “Riot” In Coverage Of Minnesota

NBC Never Had a Problem With Hillary Clinton’s Pay-to-Play State Department but With Mike Pompeo Different Rules Apply

NBC: ‘Transgender Men’ Experience ‘Pain of Menstruation’

Nearly 100 Hollywood Celebs Smeared Brett Kavanaugh But Won’t Condemn Joe Biden

Neil Howe: Expect Creative Destruction In This Fourth Turning

Neiman Marcus Strikes Bankruptcy Deal With Creditors As 'Rona Rout Claims Latest Victim

New Mexico Governor Quarantines Entire City, Closes All Roads That Lead Into Town

Newly released 60-page report details US bishop’s predatory sexual behavior, reckless spending

The Next Spider-Man May Be Bisexual

Ninth Circuit Court Rules Against the President and Churches

No Matter Who Biden Picks, His Running Mate Will Be A ‘Karen’

No More All-Female Pageants? Transgender Suing Beauty Pageant For Barring Biologically Male Contestants.

Nobody Ever Imagined That The Job Losses Would Get This Bad So Quickly

Nobody Sells Guns Better Than Democrats Running For President

Norma McCorvey From Roe v. Wade Didn't Reject the Pro-Life Cause, Former Lawyer Says

North Carolina: 570 Workers Test Positive For COVID At Tyson Plant

"Not A Bluff": White House Might Pull US Military & Intelligence From UK Over China's Huawei

Not A Deterrent, But Massive Provocation: Russia Blasts US Ambassador's 'Move Nukes To Poland' Remarks

Not Pushing Back Fuels LGBT Tyranny

'Nothing Improper, And FBI Knew It': Flynn Transcripts Released

Nothing small about abortion giant's business

The NSA's New "Contact Chaining" Tool

NSA's Social Network Mapping is More Vast, Omnipresent, & Horrifying Than Snowden Revealed

The Number Of Jobs Lost In April Was More Than Double The Total Number Of Jobs Lost During The Last Recession

Numbers. Don’t. Lie! Brit Hume’s back-and-forth with COVID-Karens about lockdowns is BRUTAL (then he shares GREAT thread)