Friday, May 15, 2020


MAY 15, NEV: 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Western Nevada

APRIL 11, CALIF: M5.2 Rattles Mammoth Lakes Area In California’s Long Valley Caldera followed by 120 more after quakes

APRIL 4, IDAHO: Earthquake Swarm Continues in Idaho With More Than 170 Tremors Since The M6.5 Quake On March 31 – M7.5 Big One Possible Along Sawtooth Fault

MARCH 31, IDAHO: The Huge Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake That Just Hit Idaho Continues Alarming Trend Of Western Quakes

MARCH 26, TEXAS: Rare M5.0 Earthquake Strikes Texas – Only The Third Quake To Hit M5.0 in The Lone Star State – More Than 1,000 Reports

MARCH 23, OKLAHOMA: Seven earthquakes rattle Oklahoma in 24 hours, geologists say

MARCH 21, NEVADA: M5.0 Earthquake Hits Nevada Near Lake Tahoe Reawakening Memories Of Ancient Gigantic Tsunamis

MARCH 19, CALIF: M5.2 Earthquakes Hits Off Petrolia Where The Cascadia Subduction Zone Meets The San Andreas Fault

MARCH 18, UTAH: M5.7 Earthquake in Utah: Utah Just Experienced Its Largest Earthquake Since 1992 – Tremors Felt in Salt Lake City – More Than 15,000 Reports And Counting

MARCH 14, NEVADA: Earthquake Swarm on Fish Lake Valley Fault Zone in Nevada Prompts Fear About A Big One in Las Vegas

MARCH 11, NEW YORK: Rare M3.1 Earthquake Rattles South Glens Falls, New York – Shakings and Loud Booms Reported Across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Long Island, NY

MARCH 9, CALIF: Earthquake Swarm hits Off Petrolia, California on the Cascadia Subduction Zone and Mendocino Fracture Zone

MARCH 7, BAJA CALIF: M5.5 Earthquake hits Baja California (Mexico) and Shakes San Diego County (CA) Just a Few Days After Scientists Increased Rose Canyon Fault Earthquake Risk for San Diego

FEB 24, ARKANSAS, MAINE: Three Earthquakes Rattle Dangerous New Madrid While Two Rare Tremors Hit Maine

FEB 13, TENNESSEE: Series of 5 Earthquakes Strikes the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone in Less Than 5 Hours – M2.7 the Day After

FEB 8, OREGON: M4.7 Earthquake Hits off Oregon Coast: Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone a Ticking Time Bomb?