Thursday, May 7, 2020


Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. --Matthew 24:9

. . . and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. --Matthew 24:9

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service --John 16:2

National Day of Prayer: Remembering Those Suffering Worldwide for Their Faith

Watch List: 260 Million Christians Experience ‘High Levels of Persecution’

World edges toward zero-tolerance for Christians

'Christians Face Hatred and Discrimination Even after Their Death!'

Christian Children 'Burned Beyond Recognition'

“Exterminate Christians!"



Cruelty To Animals Gets More Media Coverage Than Beheaded Christians in Africa

BURKINA FASO: At Least 14 People Killed In Burkina Faso Church Attack by Islamists

EGYPT: Egypt Ushers in New Year With Murderous Assaults by Muslims on Christian Copts

KENYA: 9 Christians Murdered in Kenya for Refusing to Recite Islamic Creed

KENYA: 11 Christians killed by Islamic militants in Kenya

HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of locusts are swarming through parts of East Africa and South Asia as a new generation of immature groups are forming from KENYA all the way to PAKISTAN

NIGERIA: Christian bride and her entire bridal party BEHEADED on way to wedding by Islamist group

NIGERIA: Some 1,300 have been slaughtered in the past year, in addition to the more than 6,000 deaths since 2015

NIGERIA: 350 Nigerian Christians killed in first 2 months of 2020: NGO report

NIGERIA: 'The Evil Called Barack Obama' and the Genocidal Slaughter of Nigerian Christians



Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New “Anti-Hate” Proposal

Canada to deport Christian refugee family back to jihad-plagued Nigeria



Several watchmen on the wall have noted that as China is working hard to become the top persecutor of Christians in the world, COVID-19 has emerged from China.

China catching up to NK as worst persecutor in 2020

China's Religious Persecution In The Age Of COVID-19

Chinese Communists Demolish More Crosses on Christian Churches

China Orders Christian Church to Discontinue Online Worship



NOTHING anti-Islamic tolerated. NOTHING anti-LGBT tolerated. NOTHING anti-abortion tolerated. Period.

EU: EU human rights court rebuffs Swedish midwives punished for refusing to do abortions --The human right to freedom of conscience, the court declared, is trumped in Sweden by an employee's obligation to do whatever an employer demands of him.

FINLAND: Finnish police investigate Lutheran cleric for publishing book calling homosexuality a ‘disorder’

FINLAND: Christian MP faces 2 new investigations for comments on Jesus, homosexuality

FRANCE: Police Arrest Man for Desecrating Church with Islamic Qur’an Verses

FRANCE: France Quietly Reintroducing the Crime of Blasphemy, even for children

FRANCE: 120 knife attacks reported per day, linked to mass Muslim migration

FRANCE: Migrant Areas Of Paris Hit With 4th Consecutive Night Of Riots

N. IRELAND: Wedding vendors will be forced to participate in gay ‘marriages’ under new N. Ireland law -- "This legislation is being used to send a message to wider society that no one will be allowed to dissent from the tenets of the sexual revolution,' warned a Northern Ireland pro-life activist.

SWITZERLAND: Switzerland votes to criminalize ‘homophobia’; Offenses will result in fines and up to three years in jail.

UK: Missionary Franklin Graham blackballed from multi-city UK tour for views on homosexuality

UK: Hospitals to Deny Care to “Racist” or “Homophobic” Patients -- First it was deplatforming people from social media websites, then it was deplatforming people from bank accounts and mortgages. Now it’s deplatforming people from hospital treatment. Literally eliminating people’s right to basic health care because of their political or social opinions.



Who's Attacking Palestinian Christians?



Two More Christian Martyrs in India

Report: India Suffers ‘Record Number of Violent Attacks Against Christians’

Tribal animists beat pastor, threaten to destroy vocal cords to halt further evangelism



US ‘troubled’ by report Iranians want to raze tomb of Mordechai and Esther



Christian teen kidnapped, raped, married; Pakistani court OKs

Christians yet again denied food aid, coronavirus relief distribution for Muslims only; Jihad Watch reports Christians forced to make Islamic profession of faith to get food aid.


United States:

Christians in the US have faced increased hostilities since President Obama took office in 2009, with Obama himself often attacking Christians and Christianity. He emboldened many to not only come out of the closet with their homosexuality, but to also come out of the shadows and to be openly hostile to Christians. I think Obama's presidency will be viewed in retrospect as a turning point for approval for increased persecution against Christians not just here in America, but around the world. The turning point came with the signing of his "hate speech" legislation, which really is directed towards Christians and tries to end run around the Constitution by claiming some speech should not be allowed in the name of "hate." Look at how the social media platforms have taken that and run with it so that anything can be deemed "hate speech," to even include speech that supports President Trump.

92-Year-Old 'Ten Commandments' Plaque Removed From School After Atheists Complain

Atheist group bullies US elementary school to shut down ‘illegal’ retelling of Jesus’s birth

California Court Arraigns David Daleiden On 10 Felony Counts For Exposing Abortion Industry Secrets

CNN Cuts Away From My Pillow CEO as He Announces Mask Production, Praises God for Trump

The Democratic Cold War on Christianity Heating Up

Dems Kill Amendment Protecting Americans from Credit Discrimination Based on Politics, Religion

'Empire' Proudly 'Denounces' Church and 'Christian Values'

Fuller Seminary sued for expelling two students over SSM

Google employee hits pro-life activist on video, then countersues him for $5 million for ‘injury to feelings’

Harvard shows itself as grotesquely greedy, hostile to parents and faith

HBO: Vicious to Christians, Silent on Muslims

HuffPost Demands ‘Dangerous’ Christians Give Up Their Faith For LGBTQ Groups

Illinois Muslim slashes tires of 19 cars at churches, explains he did it because he doesn’t like Christians

Joe Biden Wants Christians on Terror List for Opposing LGBTQ Agenda

MI pushing pro-LGBT law that punishes 'discriminating' Christians

Middle school hangs LGBT flag in cafeteria, bans flag of traditional family

Muslim Cleric Says: 'Animosity Towards Jews is Obligatory Religious Duty'

New York mosque still open for daily prayers while churches across the country face mandatory shutdowns

Pope Francis: 'Rigid' Conservative Christians are Creating a 'Minefield' of 'Hatred'

Pro-abortion activist threatened to ‘slit throat’ of girl at March for Life, gets led away by police

A School in New York Tells a 14-Year-Old She Can’t Start a Christian Club – Don’t ‘Talk About Spreading the Hope of Jesus’

Senate Democrats Assail Another Catholic Judicial Nominee for Pro-Life Views

Seven Years Later, Christian Bakers Still Fighting to Reverse $135K Fine Over Same-Sex Wedding Cake

Sotomayor: How Can Gov’t Function If It Can’t Make People Do Things They Believe Will Damn Their Souls?

Spokane Prosecutes Pastor For Trying To Pray For Kids At Public Library Drag Queen Show

Taylor Swift pushes "Equality Act" petition even though it is loaded with "poison pills" against Christians

Todd Starnes: LGBT Activists 'Want to Shut Down Every Church in America' and Burn the Bible

Vimeo Categorized the Christian Faith as 'Hateful,' Blacklisted Group Says

Virginia House Democrats Storm Out As Black Pastor Prays Against Abortion and Gay Marriage

YouTube silences teenage girl with 1M followers after she blasts LGBT ‘pride’