Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Coronavirus is exposing mini-tyrants all over the U.S. The level of contempt these people have for others is just astounding. Many of these restrictions have nothing to do with the coronavirus but everything to do with the level of hate these so-called "leaders" for the people of their state. What does David Horowitz say? "Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out" So true! And it alarms me how many cops are turning from "serve and protect" to "harass and bully." Are these governors and cops and judges (etc.) wanting civil unrest because this how you get it.

MAY 1: The Peasants Think They Have a Right to Work... And They Turned Out in Droves in New York to Make that Clear

APRIL 30: Knox County, Tenn., Bans Communion, Hymnals—and Even Bibles—at Church
(GG: Alternate headline: Knox County, Tenn, appoints China's Xi to "oversee" local churches)

APRIL 29: Wisconsin Cops Caught On Camera Threatening Mom For Letting Child Play With Neighbor

APRIL 27: Retaliation? Newsom Increases Enforcement of Coronavirus Restrictions After Tens of Thousands Flock to SoCal Beaches Amid Heatwave

APRIL 27: Michigan City Leader Faces Punishment for Protesting Whitmer's Coronavirus Restrictions

APRIL 26: Twitter Suspends Account Of Biotech Company Testing UV Light To Treat Coronavirus
(GG: You know why, don't you? Because President Trump said UV lights might be used to kill the Chinese virus, that's why. Really?)

APRIL 24: California Bans 'Gatherings' On State Properties After Protests Surge Against Newsom's 'Stay-At-Home' Orders

APRIL 24: “This Is Really Happening: Montana County Demands Citizens Wear Government-Issued Arm Bands to Shop at Grocery Stores


APRIL 24: Authoritarian Democrat Party Punishes Two Black Office-Holders for Wrongthink

APRIL 23: Facebook allows protestors against President Trump to use FB to organize, but removes pages and bans those who use FB to organize protests against Democrat governors; those who leave quarantine and "stay-at-home" orders to protest Trump are ignored while those who leave quarantine to let their children play in parks or go for a walk by themselves are arrested

APRIL 23: Charles Hurt: Present Shutdowns Come Close to ‘House Arrest,’ Says A.G. Barr

APRIL 23: CT: "Pandemic Drones" To Fly In Connecticut, Hunting For CCOVID-Carriers
(GG: Don't you wish the Dems hunted down violent criminals as aggressively as they do people who "cough or sneeze"?)

APRIL 22: ID: Mom arrested in front of her child at public park for allowing her child to play in the park during quarantine
(GG: Don't you wish the Dems hunted down violent criminals as aggressively as they do mothers letting their children play in a public park?)

APRIL 22: TX: Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo wants to release 1000 criminals from prisons so she can fill them up with people who are refusing to comply with her decrees during the coronavirus pandemic;in addition, Hidalgo decrees you MUST wear a "banana" as a mask or face $1000 fine

APRIL 22: YouTube says anyone who wishes to post videos commenting on COVID-19 MUST parrot WHO or face removal, NOT allowed to believe that COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab, MUST say it somehow came from an animal until WHO tells us otherwise
GG: Think about that. Our President and several senators are saying we need to look at China's Wuhan lab, and YouTube is telling Americans to So . . . watch this while you can: Epoch Times documentary about likely origin of COVID-19

APRIL 22: Progressive Governors Indulge Their Inner Despot

APRIL 21: While Facebook is removing and banning anyone who used FB to organize protests against state governments not opening back up, FB is NOT removing or banning those who use FB to organize mass protests against Donald Trump

APRIL 21: If You Protest Against Leftist Tyranny, You’re Racist

APRIL 21: MO: COVID-19 snitches in St. Louis were in for a surprise


APRIL 20: NY: NYPD Confiscates Drone Belonging To Freelance Photojournalist Documenting NYC's Mass Burials

APRIL 20: Leftists Don’t Want The Shutdown To End Because They Are Living Out Their Wildest Dreams

APRIL 19: NJ: Tyrannical Governor Phil Murphy Bans Annual Drive Through Tulip Farm — Threatens to Arrest Farmer if ONE CAR Drives Through

APRIL 19: NJ: New Jersey Directorate Arrests Subversive Citizen For Organizing Protest Against The State

APRIL 19: NJ: Police Use Chinese Drones to Enforce Social Distancing

APRIL 19: Sooner Or Later, Americans Will Have To Choose Between Freedom & A Micro-Chipped Vaccine

APRIL 17: Drones Donated By China Now Being Used To Enforce Social Distancing Here In 22 States

APRIL 17: WHO suggests families should perhaps be separated

APRIL 17: Pandemic Panic Has Magnified The Worst Impulses Of The Power-Hungry Elite

APRIL 16: MS - Pastor delivers a powerful one-point 'sermon' -- After a Mississippi pastor and his congregation were forced out of their church on Easter Sunday and cited for gathering there, they all went to Walmart – to prove a point

APRIL 16: TX - Austin Mayor Urges Coronavirus Karens to Snitch on Neighbors for Violating Restrictions

APRIL 16: No, COVID-19 Didn’t Suddenly Empower Government To Do Anything It Wants To Churches

APRIL 15: CALIF - Dozens of Cops in Tactical Gear ‘Aggressively’ Show Up At California Church on Easter, Pastor Now Facing Fine or Up To Six Months in Jail

APRIL 15: NC - GOP Leaders Threaten Legal Action Against Governor After PD Cites Executive Order in ‘Reopen’ Protest Arrest

APRIL 15: MD - Maryland County Says Residents Are Using Shopping As An Excuse To Leave Home, Limits Grocery Days By Last Name

APRIL 17: MI - Whitmer responds to protestors by threatening more days of shutdown

APRIL 15: MI - Many fed-up Michiganders protest Whitmer


APRIL 14: MI - The Worst Governor in America
(GG: Actually there are several governors fighting for this honor, and deserve it! Like VA's Northam.)

APRIL 14: NC - Police Arrest ‘Reopen’ Protester; Say Constitutionally Protected Rights ‘Non-Essential’

APRIL 14: CALIF - You Might Go to Prison for Singing in a Livestream Church Service in This California County
(GG: CALIF is taking potential saliva droplets VERYYYYY seriously.)

APRIL 14: China Virus: We Need Our Rights Protected from Big Government and Big Tech
(GG: Great list of links to some of the things tyrants are doing right now using COVID19 as their excuse.)

APRIL 14: FLA - Florida Judge Revokes Doctor’s Parental Rights Because She Works with Coronavirus Patients

APRIL 13: COVID-19 Chaos: Perfect Cover For Mandatory Biometric ID?

APRIL 13: AZ - 71-year-old man arrested in Winslow, AZ, for opening his store

APRIL 13: Now They Are Telling Us That Life In America Will Definitely Not Be Returning To Normal “For The Foreseeable Future”

APRIL 13: Unprecedented: Disaster Declaration in All 50 States, Over 95% of U.S. Residents Ordered to Stay Home

APRIL 13: Government Officials Use Pandemic As Excuse To Attack Christianity; Declaring religious services to be ‘non-essential’ is beyond the rightful role of government

APRIL 13: The Coronavirus Is Exposing Little Tyrants All Over The Country

APRIL 13: The Rise of Karen-ism Means This Lockdown Nonsense Needs To End Soon

APRIL 13: VA - Virginia Is Reborn As a Leftist Enclave, Following Governor's Easter Weekend Bill-Signing

APRIL 13: OHIO - Ohio authorities investigate Amish group for holding a wedding

APRIL 13: MI - Greenie Gretchen's great war on garden seeds

APRIL 12: Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates' Vaccine Agenda In Scathing Report

APRIL 12: Google and Apple Team Up To Track Coronavirus Infecteds; Phone App Will Warn Others When Near Infecteds

APRIL 12: Seen on Facebook

APRIL 12: Have You Noticed How Much Delight They Are Taking In Shutting Down Churches All Over The United States?

APRIL 12: KY - Churchgoers Show up for Easter Services, Met With Nails and the Police After Kentucky Governor Forbid Public Gatherings

APRIL 12: MI - Wal-Mart’s MI Lobbyist Retaliated Against Woman Who Posted Pic of Store Refusing to Sell Car Seats

APRIL 11: PENN - Philadelphia Man Dragged Off Bus By Cops For Not Wearing Face Mask
(GG: And like that a recommendation from the CDC turns into Gestapo decree.)

APRIL 11: Welcome To Your New Freedoms: GPS Trackers, Mandatory Selfies, and 'Obey Or Die'

APRIL 11: "Papers, Please!" Fauci Agrees Gates' "COVID Immunity Card" Idea "Has Merit"

APRIL 11: Snowden: Governments Using Pandemic To Build "Architecture Of Oppression" Surveillance

APRIL 11: ARK - In Social Distancing Frenzy, Little Rock Suburb Takes Little Girl’s Basketball Hoop

APRIL 11: KY - Kentucky's Democrat Governor Recording License Plates Of Easter Sunday Churchgoers, Ordering Them To 14-Day Quarantine

APRIL 11: MI - Dem Gov Wins the Prize for Orwellian Overreach, Banning What Citizens Can Do During Pandemic

APRIL 11: MI - Ban-happy Michigan Governor Blasted For ‘Insane’ Overreach In Response To Coronavirus Outbreak

APRIL 11: VA - Gov. Northam won't allow church services but removes abortion restrictions to make it easier to get an abortion during pandemic

APRIL 10: FLA - Mike Huckabee Sues Florida Sheriff For Threatening 'Social Distancing' Arrest On Private Beach

APRIL 10: “Order Out of Chaos”: How the Elite’s Plans Were Foretold in Popular Culture

APRIL 10: IN Indiana Governor To Churches: Worship As I Say Or Be Shut Down

APRIL 10: MI - Whitmer's new Order Bans ‘Travel Between Residences,’ With A Few Exceptions

APRIL 10: Ron Paul warns that Fauci wants "total control over people"

APRIL 9: KY - It's not SAFE to sit in your car outside a church and listen to a sermon claims Kentucky mayor

APRIL 9: MISS, Mississippi Police Slap Christians With $500 Fines for Attending Drive-In Worship Service

APRIL 9: SC - Pro-life activist cited for violating stay-at-home order… that wasn’t in effect yet

APRIL 6: Benham Brother arrested for sidewalk counseling at abortion center during COVID-19

APRIL 5: For A Glimpse Into Your Dystopian Police State Future, Just Visit Your Local Walmart

APRIL 2: "Pandemic Drones" Can Now Detect Fever and Coughing

MARCH 28: Pandemic Response: Just How Evil Are the Democrats?