Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Two posts today, so keep scrolling.

Chinese virus:

5/18, DAY 121 - 1,558,175 CASES, 92,478 DEAD*
5/17, DAY 120 - 1,532,946 CASES, 91,096 DEAD
5/14, DAY 117 - 1,469,170 CASES, 87,653 DEAD
5/13, DAY 116 - 1,440,427 CASES, 85,991 DEAD
5/12, DAY 115 - 1,408,155 CASES, 83,377 DEAD
5/7, DAY 110 - 1,308,582 CASES, 77,902 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1ST CASE (0 DEATHS)
*I have read several articles that some states are fudging the numbers of deaths for various reasons, mainly for additional federal funds. For instance, I read one person was killed in a motorcycle accident but tested positive for COVID-19 post mortem, so the death was counted as a coronavirus. Yeah, that's not right.


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