Monday, May 18, 2020

5/18 - 1.5M CASES, 91K DEAD

Two posts today, so keep scrolling.

Chinese virus:

5/17, DAY 120 - 1,532,946 CASES, 91,096 DEAD
5/14, DAY 117 - 1,469,170 CASES, 87,653 DEAD
5/13, DAY 116 - 1,440,427 CASES, 85,991 DEAD
5/12, DAY 115 - 1,408,155 CASES, 83,377 DEAD
5/7, DAY 110 - 1,308,582 CASES, 77,902 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1ST CASE (0 DEATHS)

Watching first named tropical storm:

Tropical Storm "Arthur" forms off the coast of Florida as the first named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season


Watching Mexico:

Mexico registered 49,219 cases of coronavirus on Sunday, with the country’s death toll rising to 5,177

Mexico Is Cremating Bodies On An "Industrial Scale"

Mexico's Economy Is Disintegrating


News updates:

I Know Nothing -- Bad Blue tweets

I Will Provide a Pathway For Legalization of 11 Million Illegal Aliens, says Biden

Identity Politics Lied. New Yorkers Died

If Brennan is outed, so is Obama

If It Has To Pay For COVID-19, US Has To Pay For AIDS, 1918 Spanish Flu

If This Is What “The New Normal” Is Going To Look Like, It Is Going To Be Horrible

“If This Judge has the GALL to Not Throw This Out, He Ought to be Impeached!” – Harvard Attorney Alan Dershowitz on Judge Sullivan in General Flynn Case

Ignored by National Media – 80-Year-Old Veteran and His Wife Were Visiting Son’s Grave When They Were Gunned Down in Cold Blood

Ilhan Omar Endorses Joe Biden After He Confuses Wife With Sister -- Bee

Ilhan Omar's ingratitude to the country that gave her refuge knows no bounds

Illegal Aliens Hope to Influence Super Tuesday Primaries for 2020 Democrats

Illegal Aliens Will Get Mail-in Ballots in California says Eric Eggers

Illinois: Business owners could do jail time under Pritzker's new emergency rules

Illinois: Half Of Illinois' COVID-19 Deaths Come From Retirement Homes

Illinois Shows How Destructive High Taxes Are

In California, the PTA partners with Planned Parenthood for sex ed, and schools also encourage kids to participate in 'sex ed squads.'

In "Decision He'll Come To Regret," Judge Allows Warrantless Aerial Surveillance Of Baltimore

In Easter interview, German bishops’ head calls for changing Church teaching on homosexuality

“In The First 100 Days Of My Administration, No One, No One Will Be Deported At All," claims Biden

In Unprecedented Move, Two Fund Giants Liquidate CLO Warehouses

Increasing Possibility of Explosive Eruptions at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

India Develops World’s First Bulletproof Combat Helmet Against AK-47

Indifference To Illegality Of Illinois' Stay-At-Home Order Is Frightening

The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis Is Here

Infected: Bizarre EU-Funded Comic Book Predicted Pandemic, With Globalists As Saviours

INFOGRAPHIC: Timeline of FBI’s FISA Abuse in Trump Campaign Investigation

The Intolerance Of The "Tolerant" Left: The End Of Liberal Democracy?

Investment of U.S. Federal Retirement Funds in Chinese Companies halted by Trump

Iran Tried To Sabotage Israel's Water Supply In Major Cyberattack: US Officials

The ISIS Plot in Kansas City You Heard Nothing About

If Half the Country's Deaths Were in Montana, Would New York Shut Down?
(GG: I'll help answer this -- no.)

It Is Much Worse Than You Are Being Told

It looks like President Obama ordered up phony RussiaGate scandal

It Sure Looks Like Obama Official Samantha Power Lied Under Oath

It Was Perjury Trap, More Actions May Be Coming

"It's A Weapon For The US" - China Official Renews Calls To Dethrone The Dollar

'It's about control': Franklin Graham sounds alarm on government's true motive

It’s Hard To Take The Left’s Abortion Arguments Seriously When They Betray Them For COVID-19

It’s Heating Up: FBI Questioning Feinstein Over Stock Sales, Burr Steps Aside From Intel Chair
(GG: It could be just me, but I don't think it will go anywhere with Feinstein. As usual.)

It’s on the House: Roughly 2 Million Americans Have Missed Their Mortgage Payments

It's time to address how social media giants are censoring Republicans

It's What You're Not Reading In The News That's Most Important

Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity
(GG: Something else that will go nowhere.)