Friday, March 6, 2020


Lots of weekend reading.

Saks Manhattan Flagship Store Crashes 60% In Value
(GG: This was in Dec, prior to the coronavirus outbreak.)

Scarborough: Evangelicals ‘Turned Their Back on Basic Core Beliefs’ Just for a WH Photo Op

Sciutto Spreads Disinformation on Coronavirus Because Hurting Trump Is More Important Than Public Health

School In Brooklyn Hands Out "Drag Queen In Training" Stickers To 4-Year-Old

School officials stifle students' resistance to LGBTQ flag

Schumer Did Not Get Away With His Supreme Court Threats Thanks to National Review Reporter Alexandra DeSanctis
(GG: ONCE again, MSM did not report on this though they were there. It took someone who read a tweet to track down what Schumer said!)

Schumer to Kavanaugh and Gorsuch: ‘You Will Pay the Price’ – ‘Won’t Know What Hit You’ if You Make ‘Awful Decisions’

Schumer threatens Kavanaugh and Gorsuch as Supreme Court hears abortion case

Schumer's Abusive Tantrum

Stop Blaming Kavanaugh For Schumer’s SCOTUS Threats

Science professor calls for fewer humans to ‘strengthen human rights’

Science Says There Are Only Two Genders, No Gender 'Spectrum'

Scientists Discover Hotspot Track Cross-Cutting the New Madrid Seismic Zone

Seattle To Make Math Instruction All About Race, Downplay Right And Wrong

The Secretive Strategy Behind the Transgender Assault on Parental Rights

The SECURE Act: It's Reality and What You Need To Know

Security Council calls for 'two-state solution' to be respected

Senate Democrats Insist Babies Born Alive After Abortions Should Be Left To Die

Serial Sex Offender in Iowa No Longer Viewed as Threat Because He Now Identifies as a Woman

Sex-Offender Identifies as 8-Year-Old Girl and Claims Illegal Porn Is Free Speech

SERIOUSLY? Anti-Trump Treasury Staffer’s Criminal Case Is Being Prosecuted by Jim Comey’s Daughter and Other Deep State DOJ Attorneys

She Scolded His Parking, 3 Years of Stalking Followed

The Shocking Truth About Trump’s “Trade Deal” With China

‘Slash Republicans’ Throats! Slash Fascists’ Throats!’ Guy Screaming At ASU ‘Students for Trump’

Smaller Restaurants Forced Into Bankruptcy As Foot Traffic Collapses

So I Am Supposed To Take A Shot From The Same Schmucks Who Allowed WuFlu Into North America?

So much for diversity! Very diverse field of candidates now down to two old white guys

Soccer Stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Are Married!

Some people take tranquilizers for anxiety, but not Bill Clinton

Southern Poverty Law Center Silent on Domestic Terror Attack Against Jews

Spare me the indignation over Trump's commutation of Blago's sentence

Sprite Transgender Ad Proves There Is A War On For Children's Hearts, Minds, and Bodies

St Louis: 15-year-old Muslim teen attacks woman, brutally beats her, stabs her in the head with a screwdriver but case dropped because any attempt to stop him would be ableist, racist, and “Islamophobic.”
(GG: More of this to come across this nation. Muslims are a protected class to the hateful Left.)

St. Louis County Reaches $10.25M Settlement with Officer Told to ‘Tone Down’ His ‘Gayness’

State AGs Condemn Schumer Threats, Demand Censure

Steele Is Not Happy That Trump Slammed The ‘Fake Dossier’

The Steele Trump-Russia Dossier Was "Completely Fabricated", Leading British Spy Expert

Student Choir Singing a Capella in the Bell Caves in Israel Sounds Like a Church Chorus

Student Leftist Has Violent Meltdown Over "All Lives Matter" Sign

Study: Peers, as Much as Faculty, Responsible for Harassment of Conservatives at Colleges

Stupid White Man

Supervolcano in Utah: The Eruption of Wah Wah Springs and 20 Others Ancient Supervolcanoes Discovered Near the Utah-Nevada Border Was 5,000 Times Larger Than the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption

Supreme Court Gives Hope to Adoption Agency Targeted for Its Religious Beliefs

Supreme Court hears arguments in major abortion case that could overturn Roe

Surveillance Of Carter Page Was Illegal admits FBI Director

Swamp in Panic: Trump In Danger.

Sweetwater, Texas Museum Director on Super Tuesday: 'I Hope Every Single One You "expletives" That Votes Republican Dies Today'