Friday, March 6, 2020

3/6 - COVID19 UPDATES - 101,000+

Two posts today, so keep scrolling. Also a post on Sunday about the economic impacts of Wuhan virus on businesses and the economy, if you care to stop back by.

Timeline of Cases (Deaths):

New format: Worldwide cases (worldwide deaths); US - cases (deaths) plus any country with more than 50 deaths.

Information from either Johns Hopkins Global Map or from South China Morning Post.

3/6, DAY 67 - Worldwide - 101,701 (3,460); US - 241 (14); Iran - 124; Italy - 197
3/5, DAY 66 - Worldwide - 97,840 (3,347); US - 176 (9); Iran - 107; Italy - 148
3/4, DAY 65 - Worldwide - 94,261 (3,214); US - 138 (9); Iran - 92; Italy - 137
3/3, DAY 64 - Worldwide - 92,315 (3,131); US - 108 (6); Iran - 77; Italy - 52
3/2, DAY 63 - Worldwide - 89,839 (3,062); US - 88 (2); Iran - 66 deaths


Xi has PUBLICLY PROMISED the COVID19 will have beaten the virus by the end of March, and that the overall economic goals for 2020 are still in place.
GG: I will leave this link here until the end of March and let's see if Pharaoh XI is right or wrong and if his Chinese people can make bricks without straw.


The Big Wobble: Day 67: Mar 6th: Cases approach 100,000: Slowing down? US lacks enough test kits: 'Fake, Fake': senior Chinese leader heckled: 142 Britons are on coronavirus cruise ship: Man with coronavirus went to a packed rock concert.

The Big Wobble: CORONAVIRUS AND MOSQUITOES – DO THEY SPREAD IT? There is no evidence that coronavirus is spread by mosquitoes, CDC: (But there is no evidence that it doesn't!)

Breitbart: All of Italy’s Regions Infected with Coronavirus

Mac Slavo: WHO: Coronavirus Is More Deadly Than Originally Thought

Michael Snyder: Shocking New Study Concludes That The “Best Case Scenario” For A COVID-19 Pandemic Is 15 Million Dead

Lifesite: VP Pence prays before meeting of coronavirus task force, left goes insane

One News Now: VP Pence ridiculed for praying with coronavirus task force
(GG: Humbling oneself and praying for mercy is always good, but repentance is a key part of that. Nevertheless, I think this is very encouraging. See the picture.)

Peak Prosperity: A Crisis Within a Crisis


Pompeo calls COVID19 the "Wuhan virus" because "that's where it came from"; China "demands" apology from the rest of the world for the "sacrifices" it claims it made concerning the Wuhan virus

New York State Total Hits 33 As Cuomo Confirms 11 New Cases In Westchester: Live Updates

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