Thursday, March 26, 2020

3/26 - CHINESE VIRUS: 65,273 CASES, 938 DEAD

One post today.

NOTE: I have decided to no longer title these posts COVID19 (since that is a WHO designation of sorts) but CHINESE VIRUS because that is what President Trump is calling it, but will use COVID19 in the body of posts since it is shorter to write.

I have restructured the DAY number to have DAY 1 begin with the first U.S. case, which came out of Washington state on JAN 21, instead of how I had been reporting, which I had borrowed from The Big Wobble, who was tracking reports out of China.

I have been reporting cases and deaths each day about noon time. As someone has pointed out, that is giving an inaccurate for the day total, and that person is absolutely correct. I will now report the total from the previous day. I've started with that today. Yesterday's (3/25) total has been corrected to reflect that total for day and not just by noon time.

Information for U.S. COVID19 cases and deaths come from either Johns Hopkins Global Map or from South China Morning Post.

3/25, DAY 66 - 65,273 (938)* America's deadliest day yet.
3/24, DAY 65 - 46,805 (540)
3/23, DAY 64 - 41,511 (484)
3/21, DAY 61 - 23,710 (296)
3/20, DAY 60 - 14,631 (210)
3/19, DAY 59 - 10,755 (155)
3/18, DAY 58 - 7324 (115)
3/17, DAY 57 - 5218 (92)
3/16, DAY 56 - 4138 (68)
3/15, DAY 55 - 3244 (56)
3/13, DAY 53 - 1642 (41)
3/12, DAY 52 - 1323 (35)
3/11, DAY 51 - 1050 (29)
3/10, DAY 50 - 763 (24)
3/9, DAY 49 - 600 (21)
3/8, DAY 48 - 537 (19)
3/6, DAY 46 - 241 (14)
3/5, DAY 45 - 176 (9)
3/4, DAY 44 - 138 (9)
3/3, DAY 43 - 108 (6)
3/2, DAY 42 - 88 (2)
1/21, DAY 1 - 1 CASE (0 DEATHS)

Watching the virus:

ZH: US Reports Largest Jump In New Cases, Deaths As "Apocalyptic" Surge Rocks Hospitals In New York, New Orleans -- Louisiana is on the same trajectory as Italy.
(GG: Louisiana is probably because of Mardi Gras; NYC because their "health official" told New Yorkers to NOT be racist, ignore the coronavirus "fears" and enjoy the Chinese New Year in mass parties.)

Golly, I wonder why New York City is the epicenter

TF:Brides And Grooms Scramble As Coronavirus Ruins Hundreds Of Thousands Of Weddings

POMPEO: The Chinese Government Is Still Lying and Covering Up Information About the Wuhan Coronavirus

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Forensic pathologists beware: COVID-19 lives on in blood after death

HOROWITZ: WHEN did coronavirus begin in the US? And why it matters

Peter Schiff: Hyperinflation Is Now The Most Probable Scenario

Israeli pharmaceutical company pledging to donate ten million tablets of a potential coronavirus remedy to the United States

WHO and UN carry water for the Chinese, claim China is innocent of this virus

Senator Cotton: China Unleashed This Plague On The World


Watching the economic devastation:

A Record 3.3 Million Americans Just Filed For Unemployment Benefits
(GG: The information in this article is stunning. An embedded chart shows how this is greater than the Great Depression. Filings for unemployment are up 20%! So very sobering.)

MS: A Massive Surge Of Unemployment Like America Has Never Seen Before

The Pandemic Is Accelerating The Breakdown That Began A Decade Ago
(GG: We are reaping things that were sown during the Obama administration.)

"Greatest Depression Has Already Started", Celente Warns

Virus Impacts an Economy Already in Decline before the Crisis

SandP Downgrades Ford To Junk - Biggest Fallen Angel Yet


Watching our despicable politicians:

Project 21: Dems' identity politics quite apparent amidst pandemic

Senate Passes Coronavirus Bill, Proving Pelosi Gambled With Americans' Lives and Lost

Coronavirus Unmasks The Worst People In The World

HHS IG Now Investigating Trump Administration Response To Coronavirus Outbreak After Dem Request

Dem Sen. Tim Kaine Outraged Pompeo Used Term ‘Wuhan Virus’ With G-7 Ministers, ‘Trying To Deflect Blame’


Watching our despicable media:

Fauci Joins ‘The Crew,’ Exasperated By The Stupid Media Questions

‘Economist’ Runs Chinese Coronavirus Propaganda Disguised as News

Trump Smacks Down Reporter Who Asks Him How Many Wuhan Coronavirus Deaths Are Acceptable to Him

Seattle NPR affiliate to stop airing live coronavirus briefings over “pattern of false” information

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